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  1. You cannot bolt the VCT onto an adjustable cam gear, however you'll be silly to delete VCT. I understand it's a VK, and you don't care too much about lag because I assume it would be comboed with a sex spec auto box with a transbrake. How I see it, people with big coin GT-Rs spend thousands to fit V-Cam to their motors to get essentially a better VCT setup. If you want something different, I reckon fit in a Barra into your VK and go even a bigger turbo
  2. Put it this way, you don't see many fast cars (Drag/Coota/Roll Racing/Circuit/WTAC) using a PowerFC, but if a shop insists on using a PowerFC then yeah. Yes it might make the power, but there's no engine protection, no spare I/Os, no closed loop strategies, no anything really.
  3. Wiring was checked, but was the voltage checked? Why would they pay for dyno time? it's like DeWalt sells you a drill, then replaces it with the new Dewalt XR series and you ask them to build you a new garage (bad analogy but you get the idea).
  4. Sounds like the car "was" running, then after five days these unlisted issues appeared. Gut internet mechanic feelzzzz say electrical issue.
  5. sweet, come out to a Putty Road cruise with @PLYNX @mlr and I soon. (we aren't young kids either)
  6. Use a multimeter and check your voltage. Old Nissans, could have a bad alternator /regulator and voltages could be through the roof and cooking electronics
  7. Come do mine, will pay with BBQ, beer and Japanese whisky in the 12 year old variant.
  8. Get a GTX3576R, you've got a 3.0L Walbro 460 or 525 Haltech Elite 750 https://www.haltech.com/overview-elite-750/
  9. Shop around, those prices seem awfully high - esp since it's in USD. You can save a bit of money on the Haltech sensors by getting OEM GM Continental sensors for both the Flex & IAT. Get a FPR1200 or FP2000 Turbosmart FPR, cheaper - dare say better too - also since you're in the US, get a Tomei HG - proven amazing and cheaper too.
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