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  1. Is this for a street driven GT-R or will you be doing track as well? DBA luckily supplies the rotor to suit the OEM hats, so you don't need to replace the entire thing. However some people prefer to replace the lot 2x DBA52320BLKS (fully assembled, 2-piece, cross drilled/slotted, black hats) $1160 2x DBA52320BLKS (fully assembled, 2-piece, cross drilled/slotted, gold hats) $1160 2x DBA52320.1XS (rotor only, new nuts, cross drilled/slotted) $720 2x DBA52320.1S (rotor only, new nuts, slotted) $710 Pads for street use I would go Elig Sports($449), for mainly track some street I would go Elig Racing ($584) Hope that helps Freight should be about $35 for the lot.
  2. Looks about right, diagram is giving me a headache lol. Essentially you want the boost source from your plenum (only applies to RB26 as throttles are post plenum).
  3. Honestly doesn't matter as majority of alarms are wired the same way, unless you've done it yourself and disabled non conventional circuits and hidden everything. At the end of the day it's just a deterrent device from opportunists.
  4. Just as long as your manifold design still keeps the pulses separated then you'll be still good. Still gains to be had on any I6 with a proper twin scroll manifold into a single scroll, this is evident with people grinding out the split in the RB25 manifolds because broscience tells them it "flows" more and losing heaps of low down.
  5. If I binned a BMW motor, I would probably just set the car alight, call it quits in the car scene and then buy a hybrid Camry
  6. Don't worry brah, I heart BMW too. On the fence between stripping the R33 shit box, adding a bit of cash and getting either a M2/3/4
  7. Why hasn't anyone done the following to shut up the haters? twin turbos twin plenums twin ICs some form of 2x way dildo balance tube between plenums
  8. Plural not possessive, and added to the facts.
  9. I'll chime in, AR-1 tyres are good for 1~2 hot laps, but they don't progressively fade and just go from grip to shit in half a lap.. For the beginner however I would say they're a pretty good budget semi, I personally preferred Nitto NT01 over them and of course if budget can be stretched further Hankook Z221 would be preferred. Hit up Taleb Tyres or St George Tyres - they seem to have old stock (approx 2 year old) Z221 at a reasonable price.
  10. Don't tempt me lol. I need to tear down my motor and see what's cooked and what's salvageable first.
  11. ECUs have come a long way, there's no need to stress running higher than factory compression just as long as you have all your compensation strategies in place to pull timing and/or add fuel for (minimum): IAT Fuel temperature Fuel pressure Baro Water temp and you'll be fine.
  12. Stock fuel pump belongs in the bin. You'll need a programmable ECU to use larger injectors so put aside some money for that too.
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