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  1. Car was mainly used for track, skid pan and some street duties, however since the old motor (built myself, bar the rotating assembly) let go I decided to transform the car into more of a street car and make it something fun for roll racing, maybe drags, Powercruise and the odd skid pan/track day. I want it to all come in by 4200~4400RPM and spin it to 9000rpm, delivering a wide, usable, fun powerband. Pretty run of the mill setup, RB25 NEO with forged pistons/rods, ARP hardware, ACL bearings, etc. I did have Tomei Poncams in there, but they snapped and took the motor out too (cracked a block lol). So now Kelford 264/272 are going in, oversized exhaust valves, Plazmaman intake manifold/plenum and converting to DBW. Will still use the same Garrett GTX Gen 2 3576 with the 1.01 divided rear housing though, on a Sinco twinscroll manifold merged into a single 50mm Gen V Turbosmart gate. Should be fun for sure, but let's see how we go. I believe 500kW on a hub dyno is possible. Been talking to Alex at Birrong Automotive and a few things have popped up here and there. What started off as a simple refresh, has now turned into something stupid. Oh yeah, you probably didn't noticed, but the car got a make over LOL. Also sorry @khezz for the high jack lol... I say go Precision, but run an Oil Pressure Regulator and an inline oil filter.
  2. 500kW+ at the wheels, might try drag racing and roll racing so I break less things According to this exaggerated chart by Garrett, we could "assume" it is possible, given we've seen the Gen 1 GTX3582 do close to those numbers in a real world scenario. Nah, you're cool, you actually tune cars so respect what you say. It's when internet mechanics or internet faux tuners start pushing their agenda on others is when it's not cool, especially when they've never tuned a single thing.
  3. I will at first, to see if I can get what I want out of it.. I have a suspicion I "might" get there but all the SAU internet mechanic/tuner experts don't think I will get there. If not, then hello Precision lol.
  4. and 0 times on the track. At least I gave it a go, thrash the shit out of it at a few events and killed it. Now it's going to a proper shop to be built. Anyhow, ignore list you go.
  5. Run an OPR and an oil filter and they will last, at least they won't shit out turbine wheels if you accidentally over speed them
  6. I really hate talking in HP, please kW, this is an Australia forum and in Australia we use the metric system like most of the world. If we want to talk in HP sure, please fk off to the US of A..
  7. Did someone say reno? Semi gut, most of the wall tiles still remain. Relocated drains, waste and water. Added additional GPOs for washer/dryer stack and broom/Dyson cabinet next to it.
  8. Very true, this is what happened when I blew my motor and somehow respraying the car was part of fixing the motor. Or at the very least more renovation photos.. which I've already started doing so on a brand new house that we bought in November last year. Typical Bankstown special duplex build, put in 3x bathrooms, and decide to squash the laundry into the butler's pantry so you can sell the place for more. This is when form > function doesn't work, clearly the design, build of this house was by people who have their wives OR mums do their laundry and cook/clean for them. Anyhow, we're turning the brand new, unshowered in bathroom into a proper laundry with toilet and leaving the pantry so it can be a pantry and not smell like a Laundromat.
  9. That's easy with DBW and torque management.
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