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  1. Very jealous indeed! Can't remember the last time the A/C worked properly with the new motor LOL... tempted to go DBW too, but more tempted to just sell the car LOL
  2. tempted to go, but post op and bouncy car for a long drive probs not a great idea LOL
  3. Yaas! Big build GT-R with A/C and doesn't stall when the compressor goes on/off/on/off. DBW is sex
  4. Lol well I did a Christmas too. On the wrong car 😂
  5. Might take the GTX3576R Gen 2 TS and make a jet engine.. that would dose mad
  6. Should have many thing, such as never getting into cars and putting that money aside for another property, sigh
  7. Beast mode, best part of the build is that the sunroof works.
  8. Find a unicorn NEO AWD block, apparently stronger and cheaper than the N1 business. I was lucky to get mine so cheap 🥰
  9. Hopefully this is the issue why I keep throwing belts and NOT because of crank harmonics *fingers and testicles crossed*
  10. I recall back close to 15 years ago, I used a VL speed sensor and wired it up for the RB20 box in my 180SX. Probably not useful info lol.
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