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  1. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Fuuark looks so good And fk Hypertune, if you were all over MotiveDVD or all over the internet then you'll have your intake months ago.
  2. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Also if you have a thing against Asians, maybe go through your belongings and throw everything out that's made in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Japan into the bin - that includes your car too. Looked at your profile, I think you meant Nissans not Nissan's. Plural vs. Possessive.
  3. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Not sure what that was suppose to mean, but judging from your responses you're not a very receptive person.
  4. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Yeah and there's a chance those coils are causing the issue too. Go borrow a set of stock coils or Splitfires and if the problem goes away you owe me a beer lol
  5. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    I would buy him a safe car, a 1992 Corolla has no ABS, no airbags no seatbelt pretensioners or anything of the like. Get a Golf GTI or a Jetta MK5. Wait till he is old enough and has enough driving experience before you give him some form of high performance vehicle.
  6. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    They are sold to unsuspecting people. Seen any high powered RBs with them? Nope. I ran then before, brand new set. 2 died, then a 3rd. Had 2x coils replaced then gave up. Money better spent on strippers and cocaine. Mind you it was breaking up at 1 bar boost, pathetic. Bought brand new Splitfires and put 1.7bar through it no worries. A poor man pays twice. Also try stock boost.
  7. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    If a motor has zero comp on a cylinder why the hell would you go and point the finger at injectors? Sounds like you've been taken for a ride. Also I suspect bent valves.
  8. Sorry before I answer your question, let me ask you why you need another tacho?
  9. SOLD Blitz Dual SBC (Grey Version, dual solenoid) - $200  R33 GTS-t S2 Dash, has 148xxx on it, tacho doesn't work properly $50 Manifold, Gate, Turbo Water/Line/Drain kit - Available R34 RB25DET GT-t (SF-DIS-008) Splitfire Ignition Coil Packs with OEM Harness - $350 GReddy Catch Can with Bracket, Replaces OEM Charcoal Canister - $100 Hypergear ATR45SAT Ball Bearing Version with 0.82 rear & 3" v-band outlet - $1000 4" Stainless Steel Dose Pipe with breather for catch can - $100 Hotside pipe from turbo to most generic FMIC kits - $50 (free if bought with turbo) Complete Exhaust system - $500 3.5" Stainless Dump -> 3.5" Venom Cat -> Hurricane 3.5" Mid Muffler -> 3.25" HKS Priest Axle Back (all stainless) 2 1/4" external gate outlet merged AFTER 3.5" cat (mild steel)
  10. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Get a Jetski
  11. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    LOL... fuark, this is why I don't want to work on cars anymore
  12. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Going to be honest, they're pretty poor performing turbos. If you look carefully at them, they're just rebadged turbos.
  13. Tao at Hypergear can supply the OEM housings but at a small fee. Make sure you also buy their oil feed line, easier as it's off the shelf and stops you stuffing about finding the right fitting. Water lines and oil drain bolts/connects up to the stock lines.