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  1. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Why not tiguan r? Nearly 10k more, for mechanically nearly the same car. I have nearly all the driver aids except the bird's eye camera and the fancy dash. Still has launch control, AWD, adaptive dampers and 20s lol
  2. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Has no features, can't do flex, doesn't even have basic engine protection Nistune is the only way for a budget set up.
  3. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    If your head and block has not been machined then it won't seal. Cometic HG, although a pain in the arse to get right are actually very good. Just wrong application in a slapper job. You need a Tomei o-ring head gasket or a Nitto one if your block hasn't been machined.
  4. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    How about a Golf R wagon? I just bought the wife a Tiguan 162TSI Sportline and I can tell you it handles amazing, not so much a wagon but close to it. I would have gotten a Golf R wagon if she didn't have a thing against wagons lol.
  5. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Throw that eManage into the bin.
  6. In other news, my heater core split. Explains why I was losing coolant and not being to work out where it is was going...... Until I removed the ECU to sell it, found a nice Olympic sized swimming pool in the passenger foot well. Massive karnt of a job, maximum aids. 0
  7. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    So...... when is the 1JZ-GTE or 2JZ-GTE going in?
  8. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Ports were mismatched to the gasket, valves ever so slightly kissed the pistons, low use motor but scoring on bearings....
  9. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    then nitrous
  10. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Your setup would have been great, if the motor was assembled properly 😉
  11. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Before motor went kaboom, stock sump overfilled by 1L Now, 7L ASR baffled sump because I am stupid and spent too much money on my R33 and should have just bought a fast stock car.
  12. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    same, fresh build, larger oil cooler (19 row to 25 row) However in the past, oil would be about 85~100 on the street, and hard out at Wakefield on a 35 degree day would peak about 120 degrees after 6~8 hard out laps.
  13. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    GREX plates all have thermostats in them, so it's not that bad, I also run a 25 row Setrab oil cooler (overkill, was like $50 to get the larger one, so why not? LOL) What you can do on cruise/idle areas of the map is run heaps of ignition advance to warm up the motor quicker. Many OEM cars do this to speed up warming up the coolant (do it within moderation).
  14. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Your method would work but say if the centre bolt gets loose you're going to be in a world of trouble. I did this, seals 100% JHH Racing oil block, has 2x 10AN outlets, 2x 1/8NPT for gauges and 1x M10 for the OEM oil temperature sensor.
  15. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    HG makes them in external version too, I have one. Get a Good external gate and run a 1bar spring with a 4 port MAC valve, go from 1 to 2 bar whatever makes you horny.