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  1. I will need to ask my tuner, but aren't you in a different state?
  2. Yeah, heard 95% of his tuning work is on SR20s - not sure why he wants to tune this shit box Not yet, just ironing out some small issues, need to finish off the exhaust then fit a 100mm Plazmaman cooler - then it's show time. I think I'm getting massive fuel pulsation at around 3500rpm which is causing a misfire, however the fuel pressure (logged) doesn't show any fuel pressure fluctuation. Will move the Radium FPD higher up towards the rail and see if that helps.
  3. Hasn't seen any dyno time, but I'm sure no rods will bend #becausebuiltmotor Has pretty relaxed timing of 13 at peak torque and 16 up top at 1.3bar boost. Rev limiter set at 8500rpm 😂
  4. Going to SMSP next Thursday Dori Dori battles.
  5. I've been told by several people multiple times that Haltechs make motors turn backwards and that you need a pile of boxes to make it work.
  6. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Don't worry man, good things take time. Took me 1.5 years to build my motor and now there's a leak with the sump, probably be another 1.5 years till I fix that.
  7. Yeah but it's still shit, because I didn't use Pierburg and an Emtron. Nah, it's not race pedigree enough. Doesn't have an BW EFR and a PPG/Samsonas.
  8. No exciting update besides me trimming up the carpet this morning lol. Will get another piece and redo it, this was just a trial run. Kind of tempted to make a new false floor and use marine carpet but yeah a project for 2021.
  9. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Family and Life comes first, cars come somewhere ninth or so.. no need to be sad. I bought a Tiguan instead, forgot I even had a project car.
  10. Exciting when you buy new parts, then try to fit them and realise they don't work LOL PRP R35 Coil Kit - loom doesn't work, Herman changed the design for the kit but didn't get his wiring team to update the harness 😂 All good, top bloke is sending me a new harness this week.
  11. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Herman's design (Platinum Racing Products) fit under the OEM covers as you're supplied with new insulators. Haven't fully fitted mine yet because the harness made was cocked up lol. He reversed one coil but didn't leave enough slack on the harness lololol.. All good, replacement harness out this week.
  12. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Pretty much, I would just run the stock plenum with a Plazmaman style or genuine plenum (if looks is what you're after) and spend that money on a decent turbo setup and cams.
  13. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    if you want response you're going to need a twin scroll, twin gate, divided rear housing setup. ITBs don't just magically give you unicorn response, what you do get is a tiny bit better transient response. Also On a RB20 going to a RB26 ITB you're going to actually degrade your mid range torque as well, and the bonus a laggier turbo.
  14. A little bit yesterday, they seem to be pretty grippy when not even warm and the noise is still much quieter than how the car was before with cooked wheel bearings all round. Has all new wheels bearings, new traction rods, new ball joints, new alignment so yeah - it's pretty quiet. Should be exciting once it's running properly, just spent all of yesterday night working out why the A/C wasn't triggering and when I earthed the input pin going into the ECU the FICD relay kept clicking and why that pin was actually drawing current. Turns out I didn't connect up the A/C thermister and for whatever reason that affects the entire A/C circuit. I was so tempted to just hook up an AVI into the Haltech and use a flick switch to enable the A/C lol Race Car life, needs AC Oh yeah, alignment specs for those wondering Front 7 degrees of caster 1mm toe out each side -2.5 degrees of camber (turned out that way due to height) Rear 5mm extended traction rods 0.5mm toe in each side (didn't go 2mm like before, as I'm hoping the traction rods will stop the ramp) -1.5 degrres of camber
  15. Should have not built the car lol