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  1. Yes correct, however just seeing if it makes any difference to relieving crank case pressure. You would at least imagine it's doing something at the very least (as Nissan had it on the R33 motor). If this doesn't work out, motor out and welding on a couple of 12AN fittings to the sump and also will run a head to sump vent too.
  2. @Jasoncauser hitting up Wakefield, try get sub 10s with the shitty AR-1 tyres. Then will get better tyres afterwards @mlr let's see, if the next place is big & has a shed will make doing silly swaps much easier
  3. I actually just used the unused VCT head drain/breather as the R34 NEO motor doesn't use it. Fitted up a 3/4NPT to 10AN fitting, and ran that to the catch can. As circled in blue (not my photo). With R33 RBs that is attached to the head to that blank flange next to exhaust of Cylinder 1. However, I feel that it's still pushing out some oil. I handed the keys to my friend to go thrash it around "Mexico" after we fitted everything and there's still a decent amount of oil droplets forming in the catch. Find out soon enough, decided to go track day on the 14th of September LOL.
  4. Freeing up some money to upgrade the house and hopefully find a place with either a double garage or a shed 30mins from Sydney CBD. Wish me luck lol, maybe BMW afterwards 😂 @Unzipped Composites should touch base with Ben at Thirdstrike Fabrications. He's ex-Hypertune and he uses the same cores too.
  5. The subframe bushes are a touchy subject. I have the Hardrace hardened rubber set on mine, but with heaps of track days, skid pans etc. they're starting to deform and thus misaligning the rear end. I personally recommend straight up solid, but really depends on vehicle usage. If it's a streeter with the very odd track day or strip, then pop in the harden rubber bushes.
  6. Crank collar, Nitto oil pump, restrictors, sump vent, bearings, new seals all round, and Samsonas 😂
  7. See what comes up @robbo_rb180 right now going to squeeze in a few track days in between finding a new place. ANZ has royally fked up our plans too, still waiting on our refinance to settle and it's been nearly 3 weeks. Not to mention it took over 2 months for our application to be approved! In too deep now, so yeah. Stay away from ANZ, bunch of flogs.
  8. To keep @iruvyouskyrine happy 😅 I really need to find a new R33 shell and move everything across. So much rust and shit on this one.
  9. There's too much fuel vs. oxygen for combustion to occur. You could put a spark plug in there connected to your ignition system and it won't ignite.
  10. There was actually a massive shop light across the bonnet, made the photos look like IG sex spec
  11. Okay, 2 months later I decided to fit the FMIC, also turns out my old HDi bok choy FMIC was leaking. Explains why boost was hard to control and also why the car always felt a bit flat off boost. That's the blow by oil weeping through the core lol Anyhow, fitted crank case vent to catch can, also fitted the Plazmaman Pro Series core. Car actually drives better now as it comes onto boost, much more down low and looking at the factory boost gauge I'm getting positive manifold pressure starting at 2700rpm. Big improvement, will go back and dyno it again soon and see what I can achieve with the combo. (Please ignore those potato hoses from the cam covers to the catch can, all temporary until I go FFP and fit nice fittings and lines)
  12. Put it this way, putting twin turbos on an inline 6 is stupid and putting a single turbo on a V6 is stupid. Also comes down to practicality. To make twins work on an inline properly you would want twin plenums, twin ICs, twin throttles so there are issues with shuffling, flow disturbances, etc. No-one has ever really attempted that hence all twin setups on RBs and 1/2JZ all suck balls. Its like trying to put two cocks in one bum.
  13. At OP, what's with the list of dinosaur parts? Surely if you're going to spend money and least modernise the car.
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