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  1. big dollar setup, will go like a cut snake!
  2. Amazing, just proves RB20s are shit LOL
  3. Baller! Owns a skyline (not a bicycle or an eco car) and can brunch on activated lentils with pink Himalayan salt 😂😂😂
  4. For good measure, car went to Mexico for stress testing.
  5. Some updates, after pulling out my flex sensor I've been able to command the injectors to do what I want but when I drop say I set the IPW at 1.5ms or under they still don't like it too much. Probably has to do with the fact they're 1550cc and I'm running a batch fired ECU. So solution? I drained the tank and poured in E85 and set the ethanol concentration to 85% when the flex sensor is not detected. Here it is now with 26 degrees of timing on idle, 14.7:1 AFR (gasoline scaling), 1.7ms IPW and idle at 900rpm.
  6. And Nistune, although "old" still supports flex, reverse flex, launch control and very rudimentary engine protection such as cutting RPM when coolant temp is exceeded, OR cutting fuel when the TP Load limit is breeched. PFC (for me personally, this is my personal opinion) should be a last option.
  7. Ball bearing will have much better transient response, you can alleviate surging with lower DC when coming onto boost.
  8. Or get a Toshi remap, he sockets the ECU and pops in his own tunes which are made for Australian fuel and climate. He pulls out timing and moves the TP Load cut higher up so you won't get that dreaded "rich and retard" as many call it.
  9. hey mate - I don't ship overseas also I've stopped supplying parts to SAU members, sorry mate
  10. Skids keep Australia moving, provides jobs for Australians. Vegans and bicycles don't.
  11. Didn't see any geo tags in Mexico
  12. Bid Turbo setup
  13. Pistons and rods are well priced! Try pop them on those scumbag filled Facebook group pages. Don't meet at your house meet like at a petrol station to do the sale and come in a shit car.
  14. You'll find the HC+ are better than the HC800, although all the Australian resellers will say "they're the same", yet when you look at the HC+ it is made in Japan and the HC800, well are made in Thailand And yes, the HC+ perform better too. Have used both HC800 and HC+ so yeah, good choice on the HC+
  15. RB25 NEO > RB26