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  1. Need Elig or Intima pads? 😚 I can help with either and also DBA rotors and Turbosmart stuff. Most of the time the brakes aren't too bad, but it's the choice of friction material that is the real let down. What times were you lapping at Wakefield?
  2. It doesn't modify shit, it applies a compensation/trim in either short term and/or long term trim. The fuel table stays as is. However in aftermarket ECUs it stores the trims and you're able to apply it to the base table. This is the only time it "modifies" the fuel table.
  3. If I had to pick, I'll get the GFB as it's piss easy to use. Plus you can change the colour of the controller to suit your interior. I've used an eBoost once and didn't find it very intuitive. At the end of the day, these things do the same thing with the same type of solenoid, yes the eBoost will allow you to boost by RPM however does your car/setup even need it? So save your money, get the GFB and spend the change on your missus.
  4. Nice work, be good to see your data with sump baffling. When I reassembled my motor, I had to bin the 2WD windage tray as it doesnt suit the 4WD motor with an ASR sump modded for that motor. How good are those NZ cam triggers? Car runs so much nicer and those random misfired are non-existent now for me. Had so many trigger count errors and what not with 2x Nissan CAS units. Planning for more power or just jamming it with stronger parts so you can thrash it's mum without a care in the world?
  5. Might as well bring back leaded fuel, for the extra octane
  6. The fk? I pull out spark plugs on certain cars to see if there are any variations between each cylinder to see if the combustion is consistent across all cylinders on cars that run a single bank wideband o2. Without additional data, this another approach to determine consistent fueling and burn. I don't use colour to judge or assume the air to fuel ratio, that is done with a wideband o2 sensor. Also not sure what you going on here, please elaborate on the following: If there is a minor injector flow rate difference using a single o2 wideband , closed loop fueling it for long enough to change the entire injector fueling to read right but be wrong (optimal cyl(s) over or under fuel the correction) would be the time to do it accuratley Using load maps to check would be wrong as it would have hurt your engine but is the most probable time for people to notice.
  7. Calm down @Lithium you clearly don't get a joke, also that turbine snapped because my motor exploded and put chunks of metal through the motor, not because it was oversped. It was a joke, same way you and your buddies tell the world Precision turbos are junk and you need 15 oil filters.
  8. Could have saved money and not run any BOVs, more money for bags and bitches lol. Also dose is better than whoosh noises, and you're not running a BW, it's it going to explode with the wrong shaft RPM or a bit of pressure against the compressor when the throttle is shut 😂
  9. This also happens when you find water gets into the fuel, hence you'll find ethanol that is sitting around for ages and not sealed properly ends up reading a bit higher (ask me how I know) Started up my car on 9 month old ethanol, read 87~88%
  10. That's if you're buying E10 or 94RON All the 95/98RON stuff has no ethanol - how do I know? I run an Ethanol Content Sensor and it's fed real time to my kebabtech ECU (previously to my Adaptronic and also Zeitronix controller). BP, Mobil, Caltex (of which all I've been running lately because cbf with E85 economy) has 0% ethanol in their 98RON.
  11. Mine's about the same, but I've popped in about 3 degrees extra timing into the zero throttle demand table. It still is always about to stall on engagement, I think the IACV (even with an additional 15% base DC) may be a bit slow to react to the sudden changes OR my AC compressor is cactus, because there's a massive strain each time it comes on.
  12. Splitfire coils (direct drop in) or R35 or 370Z coil conversion kit. Don't install any coils that aren't black or blue in colour.
  13. More so he used thin wiring, that was the cause of the smoke, not the ignition barrel not being able to support the draw from a wideband o2.
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