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  1. I don't even own a comp tester (well I did, but one of my mates borrowed it, moved houses and has lost it). When in doubt, add boost.
  2. What? No idea what scotty cam is. And if you're trying to be funny, I clearly didn't get your joke.
  3. Give me the car, and after a session of Wakefield I will cause that sump will split open.
  4. Just get a 100cell Venom cat from Australia, 5" body, 3" flanges. Those Apexi ones are junk and overpriced.
  5. I would avoid 2000/2200cc injectors, they're terrible. They're actually CNG (natural gas) injectors! FWIW, you can do 372kW/499hp rear wheel on 875cc injectors on E85 at about 90% DC with AFRs in the mid 11s. Personally would get Bosch 1480cc aka 1550cc aka 1650cc (everyone calls its something else), if money wasn't an issue straight up ID1300X^2 and run them at the required base pressure to get the desired fueling.
  6. Looks like you're nearly ready for our challenge at Wakefield Park I better get a new gearbox lol
  7. It's the best isn't it when you come to play with less power, less everything and deliver piles of choppage
  8. Then there's the whole 1000nm army too (when clearly RPM input is missing and derived torque isn't used).
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