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  1. are those the cylinder head to block bolts that go on the outside??
  2. you know a well thought out S15 will destroy a R33 GT-R (any series) on most race tracks
  3. No I SR20 more lol... where exactly????
  4. That's how the NBN is being rolled out lol
  5. Must be my Asian eyes, but I can't see any photos or images, even when I try open them with my fingers to get roundaeye
  6. So close yet so far, typical NBNish delivery lol.. Over budget and project schedule blown out of the water. Got the hot side on, then found out drain doesn't fit lol... Fine, eBay some dim sim goodness, should arrive soon. Then go and fit the coldside, started to look good.. Then yep, just my luck all thr injector boss o-rings are cracked from prolong exposure in my tool box. Decided to Yolo and ordered 1550cc Bosch injectors, Plazmaman rail and now will remove the R33 plenum and fit the R34 NEO plenum instead, this means I no longer need any injector bosses. Another delay sigh... Oh yeah these are the two bolts that came back with my head when I got it machined and tickled, anyone have any idea where it goes? Lol
  7. *fap*
  8. I've actually injured my back several months ago... these days I'm deadlifting what my missus does at the gym and it's a struggle
  9. Man I'm getting tired of putting this croc of shit together. Constantly sleeping late, skipping gym and smelling like a degreaser meth lab lol. Tonight's effort: cam baffle plates, half moons, cam covers, cas bracket and sealed up the sump. I ended up with 2x 10mm dark bolts that have rounded ends after the thread finishes. Not too sure where they go lol.
  10. but did they call Johnny Tran? ** in seriousness, those type of people are the ones that drive up the price of insurance for everyone.
  11. In other words twins are gay, the money you've blown and time you could have gone with a modern single, plus you would have change left over for hookers.
  12. hahaha admin wins, gets mad prices lol and if my car is ready he can take it for a skid too ololol
  13. Le Siet Bok never stands down a challenge, this heap of shit barge is made for the straights! *cough* Powercruise, Roll Racing, WSID lol In seriousness, should be able to be competitive at Wakefield, hopefully dip into the 1m5s~6s with a proper driver.
  14. Get better pads and you'll be sweet Also shameless plug, can get you decent deals on DBA stuff