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  1. fair enough.. Just worried that I'm paying all this money and it's just a scam! One of my mates fought and fought with Just Cars to pay him out when his car got hailed on. Was insured for an agreed value, however they kept on insisting to pay him out the price he paid for the car according to the transfer papers. What's the point of agreed value then? Anyhow they eventually paid him after he got the ombudsmen involved.
  2. Has anyone actually made a claim with Enthusiast? Paying insurance is one thing, having an agreed insured amount is another, but do they actually payout? I'm just scared of being a in a situation where they find every excuse under the sun not to pay you. E.g. oh you're running E85, not paying you soz.
  3. It feels like the "only" option at the moment. I used to be with NRMA Vintage (they grandfathered my policy so had it until Jan this year) then moved to Enthusiast after I accidentally resprayed the car and accidentally cut/welded the guards. NRMA Vintage wouldn't budge from the $12k cover.
  4. haha I have a plan to do something like that one day, maybe not regional but semi regional
  5. @Toshi can help, he's located near Ryde However in 2021, there are far too many options out there not to ignore... Don't want to name brands as too many people here will get butt hurt however money spent on getting the Gameboy FC to run right is better spent on a modern speed density ECU.
  6. Should be interesting to see the yield increase! My mate recently got a solar system also installed at his place, albeit on two different roof sections with different pitches. His panels however do face North. You would think because of this he would yield less compared to a North facing house with a flat roof (all panels get East/West sun all day), but everyday he is consistently getting 5kWh more than I am. Geographically we are about 10km apart and his house is west facing. We both have 17x 390W JA Solar panels, but he is running a Fronius 5kW inverter where as I'm running a GoodWe one.
  7. To me 745kW sounds impressive, because you rarely hear anyone say I make 745kW at all fours.
  8. why do you go between hp and kW, it's so painful lol.. just stick to kW.. this is Australia - we use the metric system.
  9. I had a 300000+ km motor, put 1.65bar of boost into it and made 372kW for 1.5 years of track abuse till it exploded. Don't waste your money, throw in ARP headstuds and keep sending it at your power goals.
  10. Prick lol... More lockdowns for us Sydneysiders
  11. Why go through the process of rebuilding a motor and reuse the pistons and rods? No offence, but what a waste of time, money and energy. Also your turbo choice, and flange choice is odd. If I was in your position and really wanted to rebuild a RB20DET (said no one ever) I would get a Garett GTX3071R Gen 2, with a divided rear housing, proper twin scroll manifold (split all the way to a single gate OR twin gates) put E85 into it and send its mum into space.
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