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  1. Install a R35 card style AFM, Z32 is "great" back in its days but suffers from reversion also eBay fakes. Convert to topfeed, even 875cc Siemen DEKA V injectors are amazing.
  2. I'm running in this car a shitty Laser branded dash cam. It's the same as the G1W you see on OzBargain. Also isn't the first time it has corrupted a memory card. Instructions clearly state only use memory cards in this list, clearly I'm not lol.. Have a SanDisk SD card in there it doesn't like.
  3. So late arvo yesterday, dropped the oil and put in fresh 15W50 Penrite Racing and decided to check the base timing. It was a whole 4 degrees off. Explains why the car had a bit of a boost creep running stock gate pressure. Fixed that, then took it for a spin (in between that fixing the fuel table which didn't require much change from the old motor setup). Got the AFRs a bit leaner so now its hitting 11.7 and flat lining. And yep, I raised the boost too haha.. Running it in at 1.2bar of boost with crap all flat timing it's baking shitty 245 section Dunlops. Took it to Mexico and wound out 1st 2nd and 3rd, think I'm starting to hate the car less. Followed by that ended up at my mate's shop in South Mexico followed by a session of donuts to bed in the motor further. Gave the keys to the other boys at for a spin too. One didn't mind the lag as the motor revved out to 8.3k the other said was a bit too laggy for his liking but nevertheless still put a smile on everyone's face. Late last night thought I would try to download the footage from my dash cam, turns out the memory card is corrupted
  4. Haha its got some decent audio, Vifa splits and a DD ported sub. At the back there is a 4 channel and a monoblock to power the speakers lolol.
  5. Haven't driven the car since but installed a modern head unit with bluetooth for hands free life Some modern features for an prehistoric car.
  6. hahahah depends on the user, some want instant boost for the head snaps, some what linear and flat torque to minimize wheel spin and get good lap times Customer is always right!
  7. You can always pull out timing so the EGTs are hot "turn" the turbo on, but torque with low timing at that load point vs. the torque with less boost at that load point with more timing could be drastically different.
  8. I would honestly sell the -9 and just get a nice single, if budget is a concern look at the GTW3884R range. Plenty of Supra boys on them making 450kW with decent boost response. Also their BB version is only a few hundred bucks more than their journal bearing turbo.
  9. not VL dose, but it is because running low boost and also has a stainless intake..will take the car and get some fab work soon ish
  10. Bringing some life into this thread and some basic data since my car is back up and running. Some quick details on the motor & turbo ATR45SAT Ceramic BB EWG Havoc Modified Stock Manifold (retains factory divider and separates pulses till about 10cm from the gate) Turbosmart 45mm Hypergate R34 NEO Motor CP Pistons Manley Rods 260 Poncams / 9.15mm Lift 85lb Performance Springs/ & Titanium Retainers R33 Intake Manifold (gay) 1550cc Bosch Injectors + usual shit 3.5" dump into a 100cell cat -> 3" axle back EWG plumb in after gate before mid muffler As per the timing map, it's pretty flat and pretty retarded (literally no timing). This map trace is from putting around and hammering the car in 1st and 2nd. Didn't load up 3rd because didn't want to put too much strain on a brand new motor with 0 kms on it. Will dump the oil this weekend and push it a bit more before I throw it up on the dyno. AFRs on boost ranged from 11~10.5:1 AFR lol... very very rich, probably not doing a new motor any favours either. Will fix that up before I punish it. Summary: Running gate pressure 0.8bar by 3600rpm in 2nd gear Boost creeps a bit due to super low timing Dose is ok for now, much more than the ATR43SS2 but not VL dose..
  11. Mamba turbos are good, I wouldn't be surprised if their parent company is actually making parts for Garrett as well.
  12. Drove it tonight, gave it a bit of a squirt on the new motor. Does feel strong, but haven't given it a beating yet as it's still the 1st batch of oil. Will dump out the oil then drive it harder this weekend Not a bad turbo, comes on (gate pressure) about 4000rpm, from the trace you can see 0.8bar of boost by 3600rpm. Mind you this was all in 2nd gear. No 3rd gear squirts yet hehehehe @Piggaz told you I was going to give it not pussy it around!!
  13. Close to it so many times, believe me. However if someone walked up right now and asked to trade for a N55 335i I would swap straight up.
  14. hahah that's good mine is "stock" *cough*