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  1. GTX compressors generally only make truck/bus style dose, you need the old school 6+6 blade design, they dose sick. So downgrading your turbo might be the only solution. And to get decent dose, you need long AF FMIC pipe work. If you look at the best dosing cars, their pipe work is super long.
  2. Not too sure, been so busy as I've started a new job, finished renos at home, trying to spin up a new e-comm, etc. Car is definitely right down there on the priorities list. I would like a new 100mm Plaz cooler first before I send it's mum and yeah been following Benchmark and having chats here and there with Ben and he's getting 400~440kW on these turbos (depending on rear housing). He did say he prefers the larger rear housings than the 0.83 divided ones.
  3. I don't believe it does, nor have I had such experience. I generally just trim fuel based on IAT but that could be an ancient way of doing things. Quick Spool feature, pretty much just sets the DC on 100% before you reach within say 50kPA of your targetted boost threshold before it accesses the base DC table followed by enabling closed loop boost control. It's a bit hard to get it to not spike, just need a bit more time on the street and dyno.
  4. In the right spot GM IAT sensor, post intercooler BUT not inside the engine bay to avoid heat soak.
  5. No real updates, just been driving it here and there and slowing dialing in the tune. Looks like I need a new FMIC, after a few 3rd gear pulls the IATs are going well into the high 40s, low 50s. Last night, did a light touch up because I now need to daily the R33 to and from work whilst the Tiguan is in for hail repairs from last year. Here's a log of a somewhat "large" rear housing and setup, nearly 1.3bar by 4000rpm in 3rd! I think I can get it to come on even earlier by lean spooling it a tad, but it's a bit hard to dial on the street. Once I'm happy with it, I'll go hire a dyno and finish it off on 98RON, then one day I'll go and do the flex tune. I suspect I'll hit 330~350kW on 98RON
  6. Keeping the GTX flame alive, nearly 1.3bar in 3rd @ 4000rpm on 98RON and pretty low timing. She's a bit rich, but we'll get there. Haven't quite got the IAT compensation table right Also found out there's a Quick Spool function with Halalkebab Elite, I like it.
  7. If you have that much oil filling up and running out of the cam breathers then you have bigger issues to deal with to be honest. I think the name "head drain" is a bit misleading.. they're put in place to allow an equilibrium of pressure between the crank case and the head so you don't go blowing out dip sticks OR build up too much crank case pressure thus making it hard for oil to drain back down into the sump through the OEM channels.
  8. I would get both Spool gears & collar just to be super safe, however a Nitto pump and their collar would be ideal. I somehow destroyed the first revision of the Spool N1 gears. Currently running the 2nd revision of them, so let's see LOL. Also spend your money on proper modern stainless steel injectors.
  9. Mad, will PM when the time comes. Was being a mad tight arse and sprayed everything in high temp engine enamel just the other week because you didn't reply in time lol
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