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  1. Z32 + Z32 ECU + no BOV = fail. Get a new ECU that calculates load using a MAP sensor and an IAT.
  2. Do this for the rear, if you want some stability. -1 degree camber (these things camber in hard when they squat) 1mm toe in each side (2mm total toe in, on squat these shit boxes toe out)
  3. and all the headaches of building it already done lol.... These days I'm all in for bought not built LOLOL...
  4. Very tidy car, also great price! I saw it up for sale on FB. If you need brakes pads to stop that beast, PM me
  5. Mishimoto radiators belong in the bin, put a stock one in OR get a Koyo or PWR. Nothing wrong with China or Indonesia built (Koyo uses China & Indonesia) - however it's the tech, material and QC that makes all the difference.
  6. Has same motor as new ToyMW Zedpra https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2016-bmw-3-series-340i-m-sport-f30-lci-auto/SSE-AD-6363551/?Cr=3
  7. Yeah man, wifey is a commercial analytics manager, great for helping the business grow and find ways to increase revenue/profits... but during this period of uncertainty most companies won't be even making profits so yeah. R33 is also a form of luxury, so that needs to go.
  8. Tough times ahead, and if either my wife or I get laid off I will start to strip the R33.
  9. nekminnit, recession starter kit: Samsonas Nitto oil pump 3.2L stroker
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