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Found 1,082 results

  1. Set (4) of Bridgestone Potenza RE003 in 225/50R16. Near-new (less than 1,200km). Tread depth ~5.5mm to indicators. Pick-up from Blacktown, 2148. $500 neg.
  2. R32 GTR welded rear diff My rear diff is welded. If I want to get rid of it what is the best course of action? Not saying I will asit doesn't really bother me. I just want to see options and price here. - buy oem parts and Bring it back to what it was from the factory? or - buy aftermarket because there's better stuff out there? And what do you guys recommend? Car is basically stock and is pretty much only used to have fun on backroads on the weekend. Cheers!
  3. Hi all newbie Hi guys how are things? New fella from Ireland driving a R32 gtst type m. Site looks good and will probably be picking some of your brains while trouble shooting the dodgy headlight problems.
  4. R32 GTR? Hi all, I was an active member here 10 years ago, had an R32 GTR, loved that car, did basic bolt on mods, made 300awkw, best car I've ever owned! Got a good offer on it so let it go, i know the new owner, he took it straight to CRD and threw 20k at it. Got a proper built motor now, anyway, I've been cruising around in a supercharged LS3 R8, it goes well with bucket loads of torque in the lower rev range but doesn't have that same 'rush' you get from a well tuned GTR 🤔 So ive been trolling car sales looking st what's around and keeping an eye on prices. Ideally I'd like to get back into a 32, I liked the GUN metal grey one in ACT but it's sold. Anyway I'll be keeping an eye on the for sale section on here!
  5. R32 GTR Squeaking noise under dash Hi, I've had my R32 GTR for a while now and suddenly it's started to make a squeaking noise form the dash area, or underneath, when driving. I've taken the dash off and checked everything (and removed the famous bubble) and put the car back together, but the noise is still there (bummer). I guess the only was now to find it would be to drive the car without the dash and get someone to listen. The sound is as if you cut styrofoam with a blunt knife. As there isn't really too much under the dash my thoughts are that it is likely to be the heater unit... Has anyone experienced this? Also, if I take the dash off and drive the car, would there be a technical issue (I know it won't be legal) to drive it without the instrument cluster? Any help would be appreciated!!! Cheers, Chris
  6. R32 GTST rb25 neo rebuild So thought I would start a build thread for my 1993 nissan skyline r32 gtst. As the Vic regulars may know, having owned her for 10yrs, the mighty rb20 had never let me down. Always waving the rb20 propaganda flag!! Previously running a hks2530 with all supporting mods, the little '20 was putting out a respectable 230kw atw in its daily trim. Until recently, with 250,000km on the clock, the car started to feel a bit hesitant. A compression test/leak down test revealed a low-compression/leaking cylinder So the first step was to pull off the head in the hopes it was a valve issue... Off with your head.... Sent off the head to be inspected but it showed up all fine??? my options were to either bolt it all back together & hope for the best, or start fiddling with the rb20 block... Decided that the easiest option would be to retire the long-serving rb20 & drop in a rb25 NEO and be on my merry way. RIP rb20 Having found & purchased a wrecker rb25 NEO, I felt it would be best to inspect & freshen up before fitting into the r32... Sent the Head & Block off to be inspected & with any gamble in buying second-hand motors, the news wasnt good... Number 1 conrod bearing had spun & caused a bit of damage to the crank. Oil pump drive on the crank nose was also damaged which would indicate the oil pump gears could be damaged as well... Fortunately the seller of the engine was a top-bloke & offered a partial refund as I was still committed to rebuild the engine! So the engine build continues with a freshen-up of the Head with 'Performance Spring' valve springs & retainers on their way from QLD... & for the block - new goodies have been purchased. For the oil pump, I have opted for Lewis Engines oil pump spline gears - controversial? mysterious? - lets see what happens and for the block, my arm was twisted into buying CP forged pistons & Manley rods So this is where we land today - a couple of other things happening in the background - rb25 gearbox rebuild & Nismo LSD - but will update once I receive updates myself. Wiring, on the hand, is something i'm putting off at this stage as its not as simple as a r33 rb25 drop-in. The rb20 loom is out & I have a Neo loom to mix/match/hack into...or I might just opt for a Wiring Specialties new loom & save the headache? Only time will tell, watch this space & thanks for reading
  7. Xtreme HD Organic Clutch Kit, Suit RB Push Type (R32, R33) New (still in box with brochures) Xtreme HD Organic Clutch Kit. Comes with Friction disk, Pressure plate, and Flywheel. hasn't been used, I bought as part of a conversion kit but I need a more aggressive clutch. Costs about $600 new with a flywheel according to google. This is Xtreme's "Stage 1 kit" which is rated to about 250KW max, and it's a sprung centre organic which will be very very VERY easy to drive on. Pickup preferred, can ship at buyer cost but as it's heavy it'll cost a bit to post! Would prefer not to seperate the kit/flywheel! Send me a PM if interested or lowballing!
  8. R34 / Skyline parts + wheels Selling the flowing parts off my R34, have no need for them so need them gone. 1. King of vertex rep steering wheel - $150 2. Gktech 20mm spacers (pair) - $70 3. AF racing 30mm spacers (pair) - $90 4. Riverside zepter mesh wheels, 17x8, 5x115.4, average condition, tyres only really good for skids/track - $900 5. Pirelli Cinturato p1 tyres, good tread (pair, 215/45/R17) - $200 6. Custom coilovers (pair, eyelet type); 10kg - $1000 7. Bilsteins Springs and shocks (pair, fork type) - $250 8. Stock R34 suspension (pair, fork type) - $100 Located Lower North shore Sydney. (can post at buyers expense) Any questions just pm me
  9. enkei rfp1's on an r32 gtst Hello, i'm in the market for rfp1's and is wondering if anyone is running them on their gtst. I found this car (see attached picture) and i really like the look and fitment. The guy said it has 17x9.5+15 in the front and 17x10+15 in the rear.. I'm pretty sure they don't sell the 17's with 15 offset only 18, which i'm assuming would still be good? Anyways if anyone is running a similar set up please let me know the dimensions and maybe some pictures too? cheers.
  10. Rocket Bunny R32 / 180sx Not sure if anyone is interested but i made a page for my build. Its a r32 im putting a rocket bunny 180sx kit on. will be repainted and trimmed.
  11. Anyone else running a tomei ecu? Dyno results Put my R32 on the Dyno this past week. Put down some good numbers, though underfull boost the afrs are super rich. Running a tomei Ecu. IMG_1779.MOV
  12. Would love to see everyone's GTR's So i'll start it off. hrere's mine "99 BNR34 in Bayside Blue
  13. clutch kick junkies hey there and welcome to our channel where you can see us go through crap building our cars! feel free to subscribe and comment. lots of videos to come with our builds,track days etc vids. cheers
  14. r32 GTS coils Hi guys, I'm about to purchase a set of coils tomorrow for my 92 GTS I just wanted to check these struts will fit as they're out of a 32 4 door. Cheers
  15. R32 with RB25DET Legal Issues - VIC Hey Guys, I've had a good stalk through the past topics but can't seem to find anything that hits the nail on the head. Im going to purchase and R32 soon and I am pretty obviously keen on getting one with an RB25DET. However I'm not sure on the legalities/ insurance issues of this. I wanted to get some feedback from people who are running the engine conversion in their 32. I've heard that the R32's can be registered with the RB25, however i'd need an engineer's cert to avoid cop trouble ? If so, how much did it cost you to get your engineers cert? How did you go about insurance? Thanks all and apologies if this seems like bit of a noob question James
  16. 'sgoin on Been lurking for a while. From South East of Melbourne. Picked up my '92 GTS (N/A p plate life) about two months ago now. Has had the engine swapped from a rb20de to a rb25de out of a R33, but that's about it as far as mods go. That won't last long as (unfortunately) I'm a stance fag so wheels + coils + camber arms + other suspension pieces are coming in over the next few weeks. Ft. Chaser
  17. Nismo cluster up for sale is a 320kph nismo cluster to suit early r32 excellent condition ( 77,267 km ) all in working order when pulled out of the car located is in hills district Sydney happy to post Australia wide asking $600 ono
  18. Opinions for Porting Factory Manifolds to Support Garrett -9s My engine is out and while it's out, I'm pondering how much to port the factory exhaust manifolds. I want good responding characteristics and reliability, and I don't care for top end output. So I get the Garrett -9s and pair them with Tomei Poncam Type A and Tomei dumps. My factory exhaust ports measured at 38mm x 41mm, and I know OEM N1s are 38mm x 47mm. I am thinking just 2mm and make them 38mm x 43mm, so it doesn't lag too much at the low end. I know this is perhaps unnecessary minutia, but I still appreciate your opinions!
  19. WEDDING CARS REQUIRED!!! Does anyone have any R35, R34 or even tuff R32 gtrs available too do a wedding in gippsland victoria, in late januray next year?? happy too negotiate fees, or even if anyone has connections with anything jap or euro, any help would be appreciated cheers guys
  20. Blow through MAF My R32 GTR smells aweful everytime I change gears (exhaust smell in the cabin). So I Phone up a reputable skyline tuner and he said it's because of my aftermarket bov. (I read a lot on r32 before so he confirmed what I thought) He recommends going blow through MAF and then tuning or finding oem piping and oem bov. I want to get a tune anyways, so should I try to find the oem stuff somewhere or go with the blowthrough set up? [My car is pretty darn stockish apart from HKS green pod thing intakes, what looks like a 3'' full exhaust and a 20 something year old tune from japan with the stock ECU] check out my newbie intro tread if you wanna see what it looks like Cheers!
  21. Built RB26 Set up, Motor, ECU, TURBO EOI Considering selling my set up. (Motor, ECU, COOLER, COOLER PIPE KIT, Fuel SYSTEM) AS A PACKAGE (motor, cooler and pipes, fuel system, and ECU $21,000) - Fully built RB26 motor + ECU + Cooler and PIPING + Fuel System (About 1500KM, Made 353KW @ 21psi only, cams still dialed at 0. Have majority of receipts.) ****Comes with Power FC J Jetro (Mafless) with 353KW tune*** HEAD (R34 Head) HKS 272 Cams 10.8MM lift Tomei Dual valve springs, retainers & buckets Tomei Metal intake gaskets Tomei Head gasket Tomei Exhaust manfiold gasket Tomei Fuel Reg Adjustable Cam gears Reshimmed Head 3 Angle Valve job Delphi 1650CC E85 injectors New intake valves All new guides Head drain kit Stock Ports Custom billet highflow Garrett GT3582 TOG steam pipe manifold (lifetime warranty) 45MM Turbosmart wastegate Splitfire coilpacks BLOCK Balanced Ross Pistons 86.5MM and H Beam Rods (HPC coated skirts) Crank Collar ARP 2000 Head Studs Grub Screwed Crank New timing belt kit Reimax Oil pump Gear Tomei Sump Baffle Tomei head restrictor Extended sump FULLY Balanced rotating assembly Less then 1500KM NPC Ceramic Button clutch ALL new gaskets and hoses INTERCOOLER 100MM cooler rated to 800HP (Autobahn 88) FULL custom stainless steel piping Fuel System - Intank 040 - 2LT surge tank with twin 044 to dual filters
  22. Some one ask me what a TD27T looks like in a R32 So some one got a little drunk and made a bet that a TD27T in a skyline wouldn't be sick........ so here's the project so far just because I wanted some were to share my progress started off with a Hcr32,hicas all removed and swapped out with factory non-hicas lines and subframe, welded diff, as much weight removed as cheaply as possible 700kg chassis as it sits without a motor. picked up a factory as frig TD27T out of a terrano, 2WD Navara turbo gearbox and a S14 SR20det cross member. Not sitting in her final resting spot yet. Just waiting on engine mounts to turn up. But hopefully over the long weekend I'll get some more done
  23. New R32 GTR owner Hey! What's up ya'll? My name is Antoine and I'm a proud new owner of a 1991 R32 GTR. Now unfortunatly I don't have any pictures for you all today but I would like to eventually post some. Maybe even start a build thread/fix thread?? dedicated to fixing the few things wrong with the car.. I currently live in Quebec/Canada and here in Quebec we are the only province that banned RHD vehicles. Yep that's right nor more rhd vehicles since 2009 in quebec. I'm lucky I managed to buy one road legal. I have a few things that need to be fixed on the car. 1. Horn doesn't work. 2. The back side windows are painted black. Makes it real ahrd seeing upcoming traffic. 3. Now it's not really an issue for me, but worth asking. When the engine is still warm and I start the car again, I need to give it some gas or else it won't start. 4. The sorta not big deal but annoying problem that I'd really like to eventually get fixed is this : Everytime I change gears it smells like burnt gas all over the cabin for a few secs then it goes away. It has HKS blowoff valves (external) and I think this might be the issue. I read somewhere that the car was factory tuned with recirculating valves?? Need your opinion on this. I'm thinking that the car shoots more fuel into the mix because it's expecting an air return but never gets one resulting in a crazy rich mixture. and to keep on the subject of burnt fuel smeel, I swear I'm not imagining this, but when I was cruising back home on the highway (motorway?? that how you guys say it?) I think I saw fume coming out of the heand break once and a while. Now the fuel smell doesn't really bother me, what bothers me is that I smell like arse when I'm done driving the car and need to wash my clothes and take a shower oh and that my GF complains about the smell lol. Cheers!
  24. The search for a stock exhaust - R32 GTR Hi everyone, I picked up an R32 GTR a few weeks back and I've been putting it back to stock and preparing it for a NSW blueslip ever since. The part that's really proving to be an even bigger pain in the arse than the rest of the process is finding a stock exhaust. Nissan quote $2300, Justjap hung up on me (pricks) and my want ads go without reply. So as one last hail Mary before I just get an aftermarket exhaust I'm asking on here, anyone know where I can find one? Any leads on who might have one? Anyone gotten one recently? Anything!?
  25. nsw/act 

    R32 GTR - T-shirts Hey guys - im planning to get some T-shirts made for me and my friends - wanted to see if any of you are interested to have it. I can take some orders - if you all are keen... Designs done by my photographer friend... Looking at around $25 - $30 depending on amount of orders... let me know if interested and i can get a confirmed quote... Once confirmed amount of orders and price - it will take about 2 weeks to complete... just letting everyone know in advance... Ill leave this here till New Year to collate orders - also let me know how many you are interested in... pieces and size...