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  1. R33 Gtst ECU Engine Control Unit RB25DET ECU MT (23710 21U01) Skyline R33 front grill S1 Nissan skyline R32 Upper lip boot interior boot trim Nissan Skyline R33 brake Master Cylinder ABS Skyline R33 S2 A.B.S UNIT Skyline R33 Quarter Trims S2 Skyline R33 Quarter Trims S1 Skyline R33 Cam angle sensor Skyline R33 TailShaft Skyline R33 wiper and indicator stalks S1 Skyline R33 wiper and indicator stalks S2 Skyline R33 washer Bottle Skyline R33 centre console Skyline R33 ignitor with bracket RB25DET Skyline R33 Rear Bar (grey) Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T Auto updated shifter from 1997 model Nissan Skyline R33 Power Steering Rack Nissan Skyline R33 RH Half Shaft Nissan Skyline R33 C-Pillar Trims Nissan Skyline R33 Rear Seat series 1 Complete Skyline R33 Boot Lid & Fuel Flap Release Handle with Cable Skyline R33 Alternator Skyline R33 Power Steering Pump Skyline R33 Ac Compressor Skyline R32 Bonnet Release cable Skyline R33 Bonnet Release cable Skyline R33 Handbrake Lever Skyline R33 S1 RH FOGLIGHT Skyline R33 Power Window Amp Relay Skyline R32 Manual clutch master cylinder Skyline R33 Manual clutch master cylinder Skyline R32 Brake Pedal Assembly M/T skyline R33 rear taillight left hand side Skyline R33 Stock Intercooler OEM (side mount) Skyline R32 Clutch Pedal Assembly M/T skyline r33 single din dash pocket with a working lid Skyline R33 2 Door Genuine Seatbelts (complete set) Skyline R32 Door Glass (Genuine) RH AND LH Side Skyline R33 S1 Rear Garnish Skyline R33 S2 Rear Garnish skyline R33 Starter Motor RB25DET Skyline R33 boot interior lining Skyline R33 Rear Quarter Glass And Seal Skyline R33 Steering Column Skyline R33 front Reo Series 1 (UNCUT) Skyline R33 Rear Reo Skyline R32 Rear Reo Skyline R33 Rear Antenna Skyline R33 Front guard LH Skyline R33 Front guard RH skyline R33 coupe glove box skyline R33 S1 passenger seat skyline R33 S2 passenger seat skyline R33 coupe Mirrors LH and RH side in black skyline R33 coupe window motor with regulator LH skyline r32 coupe window motor with regulator RH skyline r32 coupe window motor with regulator LH Skyline R33 original left hand side weather shield Skyline R33 climate control Skyline R33 GTST stock exhaust manifold Skyline R33 front fuse box cover Skyline R33 door Scuff Panels Skyline R32 Door Scuff Panels Skyline R32 Front Guard RH Skyline R33 Passenger Airbag Skyline R33 Door Glass LH and RH Skyline R33 Hicas Unit Skyline R33 Ashtray Skyline R33 Rear view Mirror skyline R33 Fuel Door “FOR ALL ENQUIRES INBOX ME”
  2. Well my build has begun...GTR life Bought a brand new coolant bottle, bonnet cowl and rubber, new clips for the front grill. Also got a new GTR badge for the boot, original GTR key and a nice little Nismo key ring Will start fitting things this weekend, also going to wire in my sub and amp and tune the stereo. I've also changed the steering wheel to my mono 'race' wheel. When I got time I'll post my list of things I have decided to do. Love this car, love driving it, love playing with it,
  3. Shed clean out. Located in Mount Gambier, SA. Call Don on 0467 333 642. Looking to sell everything together for $3000. Don’t ask to post or part out, it won’t be considered unless there isn’t a buyer within a couple of months. Almost everything is OEM and in reasonable condition. Every part in the photos is included (except my feet) even if it isn’t listed below. PARTS: Brake master cylinder Clutch master cylinder Clutch slave cylinder Wiper arms - set Heater core A/C cabin condenser A/C fan and airbox L&R doors - white, straight with about 75% of the interior Rubber weather shield- boot (good condition), doors (ok condition) Shifters - short and normal Plastics- bottom or windscreen, rear screen and door sills Various interior plastics Wheel bearings- front and rear Drive shafts - complete car set Steering rack - front and rear Front chassis member Front strut brace Handbrake- shoes and cables Hub carriers - front and rear Pod air cleaners Pistons - standard size, used for approximately 1000km Coils / struts - front and rear Sway bars - front (x2) and rear Suspension components - front and rear (see photos) Power steering and ATTESA pumps, oil cooler, and plumbing Brake callipers and backing plates - front and rear Front diff Bonnet latch bracket Brake and clutch pedals and mounts Electric fan and mount Floor mats - 2 sets (ok condition) Greddy Rebic III & simulator
  4. Hi all Am about to do a digital dash swap in my 32 GTR, and am currently investigating the speedo signal issue. I'll be converting the car to run an electronic speed sensor using an R33 GTR unit, and wiring that into the ECU to give it a speed signal. My question is, will I also have to do something with the atessa system, since the OEM speedometer will no longer be fitted? Am struggling to get clarity anywhere as to whether the R32 Atessa system uses the OEM speedometer output for any of the stuff it does. Any insight will be appreciated!
  5. Hello, names Kyle long time reader of these forums as ive been looking for a r32 for a while now and I am finally a happy owner so thought id make an account haha ! Here is my 89” R32 gts-t (RB25det NEO) Few basic modifications/upgrades coil over suspension, exhaust, fmic, injectors, coils, TD06-20G Kinugawa turbo w/ external gate, powerFC having car tuned in the next week as it is running slightly rich and will have some numbers to share?
  6. Hi all, I've been recently getting back on track in the 34 and figured it was time to take the plunge and upgrade the gearbox. I bought the car late last year, it was originally an auto, though the previous owner (or one of) swapped the gearbox with the less-than-adequate RB20det box. This month I have been accumulating parts to convert it to the 30A transmission; bought the 34 tailshaft from the UK for pretty cheap as they're going for 100,000JPY ($900-ish) here (Japan) and this week placed an order for a new 30A from Nissan. The good news is, a lot of the harder to source parts I already have from the previous swap. However, I'm not 100% clear on what I can keep and what needs replacing. I know there's some funny business involved with getting the 32 mechanical speedo to work with the 34 one, but am not clear on what modifications would have been made and how to reverse them if necessary. From what I've read, the modifications take place on the sensor side. Although, I have come across information regarding calibration of the tachometer. Will the master cylinder / lines be reusable for the new transmission? I've put together the following list, and it would be great if someone could point out anything I'm missing. Component Part Name / Number Unit Price Shipping Total Transmission FS5R30A 32010-AA520 ¥214,000 ¥15,000 ¥229,000 Propeller Shaft Nissan 37000AA500 ¥39,313 ¥30,000 ¥69,313 Clutch EXEDY ER34 Clutch 3-piece set 30210-AA001 30100-AA068 ¥42,350 ¥880 ¥43,230 Flywheel NA     ¥0 Spigot Bush NA     ¥0 Shifter Nissan 32839AA501/32839AB000 ¥5,387   ¥5,387 Clutch Master Cylinder ?     ¥0 Clutch Slave Cylinder Nissan 3062012U20 ¥10,753   ¥10,753 Clutch Master - Slave Lines ?     ¥0 Pedal Assembly NA     ¥0 Transmission Oil       ¥0 Clutch Fluid       ¥0 Labour   ¥100,000   ¥100,000 Resale (old parts)       ¥0 Total   ¥411,803 ¥45,880 ¥457,683
  7. Hi All, Been a while since i was on here and in a skyline, but im pleased to say that im now the proud owner of this R32 engineered with an RB25DET NEO and heaps of fruit! Spec is as follows:- Engine & Drivetrain:- 105,000km’s Engineered 365kw Rb25det neo Set up with Boost by gear. As follows 18psi 1st, 2nd and 25psi 3rd, 4th, 5th on e85 18psi on 98 Gtx 3076 .82r garrett with speedflow fittings and braided lines ATP catch can with speedflow -10 braided lines and fittings 50mm gen V turbosmart external waste gate Spitfire coils Custom 3 inch dump into 4 inch HKS exhaust ARP head studs Bosch 1250cc injectors Turbosmart fuel reg Turbosmart fuel filter Walbro 460l fuel pump with relay Haltech elite 2500 49mm Koyo type r copper radiator Brand new Rb25 gearbox, exedy sports tuff HD clutch with upgraded pressure plate and one piece tailshaft 4.3 diff gears 1.5 way nismo diff Interior:- Haltech racepack street dash Aem oil pressure gauge Aem wideband Turbo smart boost gauge on pillar Suspension & Handling:- Cusco street zero adjustable coilovers R33 Front lower control arms Adjustable castor rods Exterior:- Genuine N1 headlights Genuine GTR bonnet, Genuine GTR front bar Genuine GTR grill Genuine 17x9 3 Piece BBS LMs wrapped in Hankook rs4s ICE:- Alpine Double DIN Headunit Kicker Amp Kicker 6x9's Kicker Front Speakers c/w tweeters and crossovers Current plans are:- raise it up a little bit 10-15mm remove some camber from the front, buy some new rear tyres wire up the wipers carbon front lip (to replace the flaking stock one) enjoy driving it!! Now for the pictures!
  8. R32 GTR Shuts off driving I'm having an issue with my '89 R32 GTR. Twice now it has shut off completely while driving and after about 25 or 30 minutes it will finally start up again. This has happened after taking a hard pull and then coasting with the clutch pushed in. After pushing in the clutch the rpms blip a thousand or so and then go down to normal and then a mile or so down the road the car just shuts off. I can continually try to start the car and it will try to turn over but won't start until about 25 or 30 minutes later it will just start up. After it happens the car drives normal and reaches full boost and full power no problem. It was about a week or so between the 2 issues. Originally I thought it was an issue with the alternator which was found to be bad, so that was replaced with an upgraded Nissan Quest unit. Even with the boost turned all the way down on the ebc, it will fluctuate between 19psi and about 21psi. Is that normal to not have a dead on reading all the time? It was at 20.8 psi when it shut off the last time. It is frustrating because I was doing hard pulls earlier and had no issues. I had done hard pulls in the week or so between the 2 instances and didn't have a problem. If anyone have any suggestions I'd appreciate it. Car has: HKS GTIII SS turbos Tomei Expreme Outlet Pipe HKS Front Pipe R33 Catalytic Converter HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhaust Apexi Power Intake Kit Nismo Fuel Pump with rewire Injector Dynamics 725cc Injectors R34 Coilpacks and conversion on Wiring Specialties harness to remove Ignition Module Link ECU using built in map sensor with mafs disabled, o2 sensor removed and tuned for wideband HKS Vcam HKS 264 Exhaust Camshaft Greddy Profec B EBC
  9. Hi All, I was after some racing seats for my R32 GTR. Not too picky about the brand (Recaro, Bride, Sparco etc.) and has to be in reasonable condition. Would prefer rails specific for a 32 gtr but can source them separately if you have rails for a different car. Currently got the stock seats bolted so the Nismo seat cover if any are available, I also would consider. Thanks
  10. Hey all, Due to some recent upgrades and to sell a couple of unused items, I have the following gear for sale. All items are in working order (except where noted) and were removed from a 1990 R32 GT-R making just over 300KW. But....in some cases they are 28ish years old so "caveat emptor". Please consider this if you are interested. Collection in Melbourne. GT-R Stuff 1. SOLD R32 GT-R OEM Intercooler Price: $50.00 Reason for sale: upgraded to a new Plazmaman cooler 2. SOLD Apexi Power FC (no hand controller) Price: $200.00 Reason for sale: replaced with Nistuned OEM ECU 3. SOLD R32 GT-R Twin Turbo Pipe Price: $30.00 Reason for sale: replaced with a wrinkle black painted pipe 4. SOLD R32 GT-R OEM Coilpack, igniter etc. Price: $50.00 Reason for sale: upgraded to Alpha Omega Racing ACDelco Coil setup 5. GONE R32 GT-R Gearbox - SUIT A REBUILD Price: $270.00 Reason for sale: replaced with a brand new R33 S3 gearbag Note 1: I don't have any pictures of this as it is in storage. Note 2: Early model push type box Note 3: I believe that the gearset is OK but synchros are knackered Note 4: It was very difficult to engage 1st gear but the clutch was also on death's door Note 5: Did I mention that it it needs a rebuild? Note 6: Comes with free oil 6. SOLD 6 x RC Racing Injectors Price: $25.00 Reason for sale: replaced with new injectors to support E85 Note 1: I don't believe these are very good so "caveat emptor" as per above. Note 2: I think they are 850cc Other stuff 7. 2 x Philips Xenon D1S X-tremeVision gen2 (BNIB) Price: $100.00 Reason for sale: I was going to use these in another car but went a different route. They are brand new and have not been removed from packaging. I think that I paid about $350.00 for these. 8. SOLD Pioneer TSWX305B Bass Reflex Subwoofer (BNIB) Price: $45.00 Reason for sale: TBH, I don't know why I bought this. Possibly drunk. It would never have fit in anything that I owned at the time. Stock pic below I am open to reasonable offers and will ship via E-Go. If anything is way over priced, then please don't sledge like you are David Warner (when he was allowed on the pitch); just let me know or - if you are interested - send me a link to a realistic price. There is also a bag with some additional screws / bolts / etc. so if something appears to be missing, let me know. Cheers Rob
  11. I am looking for a pair of r32 skyline gtst indicators. Would shipping to us be available? And how much?
  12. 1989 r32 gts-t Black Rb20det 150,000km 5 spd manual R34 turbo R34 radiator 3" dump back exhaust (as quiet as stock, have blast pipes to be fitted) New waterpump New clutch slave New clutch master 5 Puk Ceramic Button clutch Pedders coilovers all round Rear sway bar Hicas Lock Bar Front Camber arms FMIC Turbosmart Supersonic BOV Greddy turbo timer Constant 12v to walbro 255 pump 3.5" dish steering wheel Can put 3 months act rego for $250 (currently runs out 17th August) Car comes with x4 Starcorps (shown on rear) & x2 Work Eurolines and 2 spare tyres Bad: Paint is rough as Crack on passenger side if windscreen Rears tyres on markers (can supply new tyres) Probably forgot things.. Located Corrimal NSW 2518 NO time wasters OR Low-ballers 5k ono 0421442932 [email protected]
  13. Hey, got some parts up for sale. Some are from my personal r32 and others from one i have stripped down to a shell. Pick up preffered, located in SE melbourne. Best to msg or call me on 0421845461. Refer to pics at bottom of post. R32 skyline sunroof. Complete with motor and brackets. Left 2 of the brackets outside and there is a little surface rust on them, but sunroof itself is in good working condition and did not leak in car. $350 Cusco full rollcage. Missing bolts but still works (see pic lol). Not sure what these are going for, $750 ONO RB20 manual gearbox. In average condition. Slight crunch into 3rd under high revs. Could be alright with some fresh oil. $250 Type M headlights. Drivers side has one broken clip. $70. Passenger side has 2 broken clips. $50 Front passenger side indicator. $50 Autotechnica bucket seat with welded rails to suit r32. $100 Carbon canister. *2. $50 each. Standard rb20 turbo. Minimal shaft play. $100 Cluster surround with all the switches. $50 Dash. Has no bubble but has 2 small cuts. Centre vent is not broken. $100 Standard external manifold. Has 2 broken bolts where the heat shield screws on. Easily removed. $50 High mount exhaust manifold, heat wrapped. Have been told it's steam pipe but not sure. $150 Ebay 38mm wastegate. $20 Rb20 timing belt covers. $20 AC pump with lines. $70 Ebay ASI twin core 52mm radiator with working fans. Never used. some fins are bent from moving it around, nothing major. $100 Rear flared quarter panels. GTR style. $100 Bonnet latch. *2. $50 each Scuff plates. $50 for the pair Upper control arms with nolathane bushes. $100 Front wiper motor. $40 Rear wiper motor. $40 6 rb20 standard injectors. Working fine and not leaking. $10 each. 3 inch second hand cannon. $50
  14. Hey looking to put a cam in into my r32 gtr just wondering is there a difference in quality between tomei hks and jun cams and which lift should I get. Thanks
  15. Have a Working GTR gearbox was pulled from a R32, had No issues was going to keep as spare. but sold clutch and have r34 box in car. $900 ono Hks Accuators for stock/n1/hks/garrett turbos (Pair) $220 Braided lines for stock/n1/hks/garrett turbos. was bought from Uk about 4 years ago still new never installed. $150 Evo Rs Lsd rear end. includes everything required to remove the Ayc shit out of the rear end and install Lsd. Fits 4-5-6-7-8-9 $1900 firm.
  16. hey guys, long story short, bought this car for the motor. pulled the motor out, and some guy left me a deposit on the rolling shell. but 5 weeks later hes no where to be found. parents cracking shits wanting this out of the garage as its been sitting there for 2 months now. car is missing the complete interior. (all plugs etc are there, all parts would be plug and play) no motor. and the front end is missing because it was in an accident. (so no headlights, radiator support is mangled, no bumper, no bonnet) fenders are still there. this is the link for the gumtree add so you can check out the pictures Car has NO accident history, and can be re-registered. have been tempted looking at half cuts to get it back on the road, but i have 3 cars and bike atm. so it would never get done. http://www.gumtree.c...king/1023442744
  17. hey guys, long story short, bought this car for the motor. pulled the motor out, and some guy left me a deposit on the rolling shell. but 5 weeks later hes no where to be found. parents cracking shits wanting this out of the garage as its been sitting there for 2 months now. car is missing the complete interior. (all plugs etc are there, all parts would be plug and play) no motor. and the front end is missing because it was in an accident. (so no headlights, radiator support is mangled, no bumper, no bonnet) fenders are still there. this is the link for the gumtree add so you can check out the pictures Car has NO accident history, and can be re-registered. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/dianella/cars-vans-utes/1996-r33-gtr-rolling-shell-good-paint-sell-wrecking/1023442744
  18. selling my wheels, check out gumtree add for info and pics. was going to keep them, but need to make room in the garage http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/dianella/wheels-tyres-rims/rays-engineering-nismo-lm-gt2-s-brand-new-tyres-18x9-5-14/1025684880 $2000 ono
  19. Selling cause no longer needed anymore. Items are in Newcastle west NSW. All items are BRAND NEW sealed in their boxes. will ship at your expense or welcome to pick them up from newcastle Genuine Nissan Skyline R32 GTR (RB26DETT) Complete Engine Gasket Kit(paid $399 + Delivery) $350 Turbo N1 Upgrade Kit R32 R33 GTR RB26 RB26DETT (Paid $299) $250 ARP HEAD STUD KIT NISSAN SKYLINE GTR RB26DETT ( Paid $350) $300 not in a rush to sell them so no stupid offers would be appreciated. i have reciepts for all of the items which were purchased 2 months ago
  20. I have for sale in Melbourne (inner East) a very clean example of an R32 GTST, 1993 model. This car is sensibly modified, still 100% legal (I believe), drives really well and very straight, the doors line up perfectly, no history or sign of accident damage or rust. I purchased the car late last year for enjoyable drives, but circumstances have changed and it has to make way for something more family oriented. When I purchased it, I was told that the following maintenance/mods had been done: New head gasket kit, valve springs, head polished, new timing belt kit, everything was cleaned inside the block and head. Brand new brake pads and rotors were just installed. Custom built turbo came out of an r34 and was rebuilt using ceramic washers, it’s a bit bigger than a stock r32 turbo so it comes on a bit later. Blitz FMIC with full proper piping. GGreddy dual solenoid boost controller Greddy dual stage turbo timer Upgraded fuel pump A lot of bushes were replaced including steering tie end rods GT-R Aluminium Hood Cusco bars front and back Since then I’ve continued to improve it to become a really nice, all round machine. Changes / additions have been: Added a 3” Fujitsubo exhaust with a stainless steel rear muffler – great sound but still legal (although still have the std system as well). AVS model 17 inch wheels, 8” at rear, 7” at front which fill out the guards perfectly. Brand new Bilsteins all round with King springs, all to Sydneykid group buy specs. Professionally installed and set-up to just the right height for maximum handling – absolutely fantastic ride/handling result. Brand new Whiteline front & rear anti-roll bars to suit this set-up, but not currently installed. Brand new Splitfire coil packs Brand new oxygen sensor, AFM, K&N filter (in std airbox), auxiliary air control valve, NGK iridium spark plugs. Good second hand rear subframe installed. New JVC double din head unit – all the functionality and great sound, even over the pathetic speakers current in the car. Other stuff that comes with the car includes a Nismo 260 kph cluster, spare boot lids, one with std GTST spoiler, std springs and shocks, very stiff coilovers for rear, GTR side skirts, a broken GTR style fibreglass front bar. As per the photos, the car looks great. The interior is also good with no tears or problems other than some dash bubbles. The paint job shows its age close up but is still very passable except for the front bar & the boot lid where the spoiler used to bolt on. The car runs really well except that I have still not been able to get the idle quite perfect. It varies a bit between 800 and 1100 revs depending on its mood. Seems perfect as soon as you move off idle, is quite responsive at a bit over 2,000 revs, more so in the 3,000 rev range and then fantastic from around 4,000 revs. Someone tried to steal it recently, so I’ve had to replace the ignition lock. All now fine but I haven’t had time to get the keys matched up, so now there is one key for the doors and a separate one for ignition. Car is registered in Victoria until March 2014. Selling without RWC as I have time difficulties at the moment, but believe there are no significant rwc issues. Would like to get $7,500 for it but will listen to reasonable offers. Call me anytime on 0414 892 222.
  21. (QUEENSLAND) WTB: long or shortblock rb20det need to know km's and condition would be appreciated need engine ASAP cheers
  22. I recently wrecked a 4 door Gts-4 and have a few parts left over. I need all this gone hence the cheap prices. Located lower Blue Mountains Sydney, happy to post or ship most items unless stated otherwise. Front passenger drive shaft $100 Sedan doors $40 each pick up only (all four available, more pics on request) Side mirrors $20 pair (paint is faded) Gtr/gts4 tailshaft $40 pick up only Resistor pack $20 Accelarator and throttle cable $10 each Brake pedal $10 Front brakes (calipers/lines) $100 Brake master $sold Brake booster $40 Carbon canister $10 Washer bottle $10 Engine bay body loom $50 Power steering cooler $20 G- sensor $80 Steering column $20 (excludes ignition and indicator stalk) pick up only Interior parts: Sedan driver's window switch $50 Passenger and rear window switches $30 each Steering wheel plastics $30 Sun visors $10 Pair Interior lights $20 each including postage
  23. okay. ive been looking for months. cant find shit whos dick do i have to suck to get some?
  24. Hi all, I decided to sell my R32 Skyline. I bought it in October last year (2012) with the idea of it being a project car. With having a 2 year old child plus another one on the way I'm finding it harder and harder to find time to do anything and i wanting to make a return to 2 wheels which i gave up to buy this. I reckon i've put 1500-2000 klms on it since I bought it. Since i've had it I've done the RWC which required a new windscreen, front rotors pads and tyres. I fitted a set of DBA slotted rotors with QFM brake pads which for a 20+ year old car, pulls up better than my wife's brand new SV6 Wagon on even my brother brand new FPV GS!!!! I have since fitted a set of 18 inch rims but still have the original R34 GT rims i bought it with. Have also fitted a HID head light kit which has made a massive improvement over the originals. It has a few performance mods but needs to be tuned for them all to work to full potential. Have recently discovered that it has a chipped ECU. This is pretty much the original advertisement on this webiste i've copied and pasted over with some of the original pictures. and some new ones since i've fitted the new rims xterior Looks wise its fairly standard, has the factory type m skirts, rear pods and I have recently sprayed and fitted a genuine Gtr front bar. Also have fitted a rear lip from viva garage which is fairly unique and in my opinion looks great. Currently rolling on r34 gt stock wheels all round with good rubber. The car sits approximately 1" lower than stock height on bilstein shocks, nice and stiff ride but not to stiff for daily driving (height is still very roadworthy). Interior The interior is nice and clean for an 89 model with no cracks or bubbles in the dash, only let down is a tiny rip on the drivers seat. Only interior mods are a boost gauge sneakily installed where the drivers air vent should be which I still have. Also the factory head unit has been replaced with an alpine head unit with an iphone/ipod cable neatly tucked away. Engine mods Most of the engine mods have been professionally fitted by the previous owner which include an r34 op6 turbo, nismo 555cc injectors, z32 afm, hks pod, blitz return flow intercooler, splitfire coilpacks, 3" turbo back exhaust currently with twin drift pipes at rear but I have 3" blitz rear muffler to make it quieter. The engine bay appears completely standard due to the return flow cooler and hks pod being mounted inside the shell of a standard airbox. Have had a hwy patrol officer look over and did not pick a single thing out. The car runs fine and appears healthy but is in need a tune as it runs very rich and has alot more power potential. estimating power figures at around 165rwkw at the moment. Have recently done a little service which included and oil and filter change using motal 4100 and installed new ngk copper spark plugs. An oil change has been completed every 5000km's by me since I have owned the car. bad points -rear guards have had the lips rolled for bigger wheels -slight weep of power steering fluid coming from hicas lines but doesn't drip has been like this since I have owned the car (will not be a roadworthy issue) -small scratch on rear bumper (hardly noticable) $8,500 ono Can be viewed in Healesville Call Trav on 0438-217-644
  25. Hey everyone, I am currently doing a r32.4 build, but just doing the front end conversion, Im just wondering if anyone has done this before as I need some advice. Ive got my self the front end of the body kit, veilside 34 gtr bonnet, 34 xenon headlights and nismo side indicators.. all i have to get now is the front indicators, but the problem I have at the moment is I dont really know how to hook up the indicators etc. Do I have to get my hands on a 34 indicator loom or something.. any advice will be appreciated if people are interested in this thread I willl upload pictures etc as time goes on.
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