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Found 1,260 results

  1. moving radiator back Hi all, I noticed there is around 45mm (give or take 5mm) gap between the back of the radiator and the fan and I'm wondering if I can pull back the radiator closer to the fan so I can have some room for intercooler pipes. Does anyone have ideas what effect that will have on 1) cooling efficiency and 2) whether there will be interference when the fan is spinning at max rev and 3) any other issues? It's an R32 GTS25 but I suppose the idea is the same for any car in general. Cheers
  2. R32 GTST rb25 neo rebuild So thought I would start a build thread for my 1993 nissan skyline r32 gtst. As the Vic regulars may know, having owned her for 10yrs, the mighty rb20 had never let me down. Always waving the rb20 propaganda flag!! Previously running a hks2530 with all supporting mods, the little '20 was putting out a respectable 230kw atw in its daily trim. Until recently, with 250,000km on the clock, the car started to feel a bit hesitant. A compression test/leak down test revealed a low-compression/leaking cylinder So the first step was to pull off the head in the hopes it was a valve issue... Off with your head.... Sent off the head to be inspected but it showed up all fine??? my options were to either bolt it all back together & hope for the best, or start fiddling with the rb20 block... Decided that the easiest option would be to retire the long-serving rb20 & drop in a rb25 NEO and be on my merry way. RIP rb20 Having found & purchased a wrecker rb25 NEO, I felt it would be best to inspect & freshen up before fitting into the r32... Sent the Head & Block off to be inspected & with any gamble in buying second-hand motors, the news wasnt good... Number 1 conrod bearing had spun & caused a bit of damage to the crank. Oil pump drive on the crank nose was also damaged which would indicate the oil pump gears could be damaged as well... Fortunately the seller of the engine was a top-bloke & offered a partial refund as I was still committed to rebuild the engine! So the engine build continues with a freshen-up of the Head with 'Performance Spring' valve springs & retainers on their way from QLD... & for the block - new goodies have been purchased. For the oil pump, I have opted for Lewis Engines oil pump spline gears - controversial? mysterious? - lets see what happens and for the block, my arm was twisted into buying CP forged pistons & Manley rods So this is where we land today - a couple of other things happening in the background - rb25 gearbox rebuild & Nismo LSD - but will update once I receive updates myself. Wiring, on the hand, is something i'm putting off at this stage as its not as simple as a r33 rb25 drop-in. The rb20 loom is out & I have a Neo loom to mix/match/hack into...or I might just opt for a Wiring Specialties new loom & save the headache? Only time will tell, watch this space & thanks for reading
  3. Xtreme HD Organic Clutch Kit, Suit RB Push Type (R32, R33) New (still in box with brochures) Xtreme HD Organic Clutch Kit. Comes with Friction disk, Pressure plate, and Flywheel. hasn't been used, I bought as part of a conversion kit but I need a more aggressive clutch. Costs about $600 new with a flywheel according to google. This is Xtreme's "Stage 1 kit" which is rated to about 250KW max, and it's a sprung centre organic which will be very very VERY easy to drive on. Pickup preferred, can ship at buyer cost but as it's heavy it'll cost a bit to post! Would prefer not to seperate the kit/flywheel! Send me a PM if interested or lowballing!
  4. R32 GTR Shuts off driving I'm having an issue with my '89 R32 GTR. Twice now it has shut off completely while driving and after about 25 or 30 minutes it will finally start up again. This has happened after taking a hard pull and then coasting with the clutch pushed in. After pushing in the clutch the rpms blip a thousand or so and then go down to normal and then a mile or so down the road the car just shuts off. I can continually try to start the car and it will try to turn over but won't start until about 25 or 30 minutes later it will just start up. After it happens the car drives normal and reaches full boost and full power no problem. It was about a week or so between the 2 issues. Originally I thought it was an issue with the alternator which was found to be bad, so that was replaced with an upgraded Nissan Quest unit. Even with the boost turned all the way down on the ebc, it will fluctuate between 19psi and about 21psi. Is that normal to not have a dead on reading all the time? It was at 20.8 psi when it shut off the last time. It is frustrating because I was doing hard pulls earlier and had no issues. I had done hard pulls in the week or so between the 2 instances and didn't have a problem. If anyone have any suggestions I'd appreciate it. Car has: HKS GTIII SS turbos Tomei Expreme Outlet Pipe HKS Front Pipe R33 Catalytic Converter HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhaust Apexi Power Intake Kit Nismo Fuel Pump with rewire Injector Dynamics 725cc Injectors R34 Coilpacks and conversion on Wiring Specialties harness to remove Ignition Module Link ECU using built in map sensor with mafs disabled, o2 sensor removed and tuned for wideband HKS Vcam HKS 264 Exhaust Camshaft Greddy Profec B EBC
  5. Hard Brake Line Query R32 GTS-T Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of dismantling my old engine bay and transferring it over to my new shell, i've stumbled across this hard brake line that had nothing attached to the end of it. Please can someone enlighten me as to what its for? is it a to do with the HICAS system? I haven't traced where it goes underneath the car yet, however the car that it is on has had the hicas removed and an eliminator kit fitted if that is any help. First image shows the hard line - situated near the power steering pump on the passenger side of the engine bay, second and third pic show where the hard line goes. Cheers,
  6. R32 GTR Stock Dyno Curve Are there dyno curves available for stock R32 GTR? I am curious what stock setup makes at 4000 and 5000 rpm, or even at 3000 rpm if that's possible.
  7. R32 Gtr Has Constant AWD Hi guys, 4WD light is on but my car is constantly awd, I pulled out both awd fuses and it was still sending power to the front wheels, (I had the car on a hoist). I have found that the awd bleeder connector in the driver side kick panel is there but there is no plug or wires coming from the boot into it. There is also a small loom cut before the pump in the boot. I noticed when the car was on the hoist on the front right wheel was spinning the same speed as the rears but the front left was stopped. Also when I took the car around the shop it would shutter when turning and if you accelerated a little and backed off it would clunk harshly. Any ideas?
  8. Some one ask me what a TD27T looks like in a R32 So some one got a little drunk and made a bet that a TD27T in a skyline wouldn't be sick........ so here's the project so far just because I wanted some were to share my progress started off with a Hcr32,hicas all removed and swapped out with factory non-hicas lines and subframe, welded diff, as much weight removed as cheaply as possible 700kg chassis as it sits without a motor. picked up a factory as frig TD27T out of a terrano, 2WD Navara turbo gearbox and a S14 SR20det cross member. Not sitting in her final resting spot yet. Just waiting on engine mounts to turn up. But hopefully over the long weekend I'll get some more done
  9. Have for sale aircon ducting for an R32 GTR. All ducting from under the carpet and behind the dash is included, except the one duct that goes to the drivers side round vent. $100 plus postage. Located in Wollongong NSW
  10. FS: R32 GTR ABS Unit and Brake Lines For Sale:R32 GTR ABS unit and brake hard lines from engine bay.Used but in good condition, no kinks in hard lines.$300 ono plus postage.Or pick up from Wollongong NSW.
  11. haltech platinum pro rotational idle switch hey guys i have a haltech platinum pro plugin on my gtr and im going to wire up a switch for rot idle on/off i have the pinout and have used avi 3( pin 10 black aux plug) (analogue input) and pin 9 +5v i turned it on in ecu on haltech software but it doesnt work when i supply 5v to the avi3 input . i have set turn on 5volts and turn off 0 volts, do i need something extra to activate it ie, another aux input box ?
  12. New to the #nissangang from Washington! Couple ?'s Hello all, the names Mike! im taking the plunge and having a fresh, 46xxx mile '92 gts25 sedan brought over seas for me. Theres a few things id like to have clarified as I've done a fair bit of searching and either find vague answers, deleted posts, or opposing answers. First off, the rb25 and re5r that is coming in my car, same engine trans as the r33 or an earlier rendition of the two? is it possible to do a simple r33 lsd swap into the 32 assuming the trans is the same? I've also come across a couple threads of some seriously modified auto's to handle massive power. Will a stock trans with an upgraded converter hold on to 300 or so whp? What does everyone do about tuning when having an auto? I assume in these the ecu/TCU are one unit? Guessing that kills the possibility of using a haltech or some standalone? last Q! Yes or no, the gtr front bumper fits right up? I've seen both yes and no answers. Some say you need the fenders others say it fits right on the gts.
  13. Garage clean out r32 GTR parts Hey there! Have some spares I want to get rid of: R32 standard computer $50 R32 standard BOV's $50 R32 standard twins - one good and one blown with no exhaust wheel. Have standard dumps as well $150 Set of 4 rims that came with the R32 measuring 17inch x 10inch with 255/40/17 Falken tyres which need replacing $600 R32 GTR cam angle sensor $50 RB26DETT Yellow jacket igniters $100 for set Brand new black leather gear stick boot and leather handbrake level boot $30 Greddy boost gauge and controller $50 Greddy air fuel gauge reader but no gauge $10 RB26DETT standard igniters $40 for set RB26DETT standard AFM x 2 $50 for pair Greddy gear knob $25 2JZ standard 440cc side feed injectors $250 RB26DETT standard igniter $50 R32 standard intercooler $100 Standard R32 GTR Radiator in top come only used for 6000 kms $120 Any questions shoot me a PM or give me a call 0four11 six59 zero6one (Simon). Happy to post at buyer expense so give me suburb and postcode and I will give a quote. Pickup is available from Canberra in Belconnen area. Thanks for looking! Simon
  14. R32 GTR won't start, please help So I am running short on ideas to get my car started, part of this thread is copied from another question I posted about the CAS which was answered (thank you!). I have searched around for similar issues and I feel like I have attempted all the solutions people had success with when having similar issues. The car is a 1991 GT-R was delivered to me back in February in partially running condition. It would miss sporadically at partial throttle and would die out the moment I let off the gas. Since then the car has stopped running altogether. The last time I took it around the block to test a repair it was extremely hard to get restarted and keep running. Each time it died I had to crank on the starter for 15-20 seconds before it would fire up and then I had to keep my foot on the gas so it wouldn't die. I limped it into the garage and it has been sitting there since. The car will turn over but will not start. Sometimes I get a backfire. The only code the car was throwing was for "ignition", I think it was a 12 but it has been a few months since I checked it. I do not know all of the modifications aside from what I have found by visual inspection. The engine mods include: RSR 4" cat-back Greddy downpipe R34 GTR stock turbos (not N1's) Mine's intake Blitz BOV's The intercooler has NISMO on it but I haven't checked the plates on the core to see if it's legit Work done so far: Opened both MAF's to check for loose solders (all connections were good), cleaned both MAF's Cleaned air filters (Mine's intake with K&N's) New NGK BCPR7EIX Iridium plugs (it had some ngk race plugs installed when it arrived) New battery New coil packs New coil pack wiring harness New fuel pump (aeromotive 340) New fuel filter New ignition module (the old one tested bad and I really hope this would solve the issue haha) Tried to start the car with starter fluid (sprayed in behind one of the mafs to avoid messing it up) New CAS Thanks in advance for any feedback, suggestions, or input! Brock
  15. Cars For Sale (3rd Party Sites) Ebay, Carsales etc.. Stole this thread idea from the Aus Z Car forums, I thought it'd be a good way to track sell prices and values for current and prospective owners of Skylines. Some house keeping; • If possible, post a few photo's/screenshots in addition to the link from the auction and post them here. This is useful because it gives everyone an indication of current values and what you get for your money if you are looking to buy or sell.This will help us all, for insurance reasons we have some proof of current values. For selling it helps us gauge our cars true worth and for curiosity sake we can compare year on year the values of our cars etc..If anyone has further suggestions to this, please feel free to share them here.
  16. FOR SALE - AUSSIE DELIVERED R32 GTR SKYLINE Hi All, For sale is my Aussie Delivered R32 GTR Skyline in Black Pearl. 4th owner, original factory matching powertrain to VIN, chassis number can be matched to the Nissan bulletin released in 91', complete registered with 187K on the clock. 10K old completely rebuilt motor from the ground up, with fully forged internals, and bigger twin turbos, very subtly and tastefully supported by a genuine Apexi exhaust, the relevant supporting mechanical modifications to make 330 AWKW. Featuring an upgraded genuine Nismo cluster valued at around $4,000 this black pearl example is original in all other cosmetics, including wheels & interior minus the radio. Fair and normal wear on the seats, as per a 26+ year old car, & drives like an absolute dream. #notbent, with the exception of a minor bumper/fender which resulted in a bent rad support - I replaced the entire front end to make sure it was as straight as an arrow. Drives like a brand new car, having had a full service history, however like 1/2 Aussie delivered cars, there are no books. Chassis number matches & the compendiums which are really what is worth the extra 5K are probably missing from the entire series as the service book alone is simply a re-hash of the JD import examples. The car is a beautiful car and my only reason for selling is simply to invest my equity into real estate. Sadly, we all have to grow up sometime - Cheers Simon
  17. Over two years of ownership I thought I'd make a build thread as i don't have enough procrastination in my life as it is. up until this car I hadn't owned a car more than 6 months before selling it due to being bored of it or finding something else. Originally bought this car back in November 2012 as a means for a quick profit. The plan being to fix the little problems, swap the wheels and sell it. However as with most thing in life it did not go to plan... This is how it was when i bought it coilovers with chopped springs 1/2 turbo converted lenso D1r 18x11.5 +12 with 235/40/18 Horrible interior missing parts. First thing to go was the enormous wheels which just were not to my taste and did not suit the car in my opinion. in the mean time i put the lenso on my trike haha Bought some old school work wheels for $70 to roll on while I sold the lensos and bought another set. also put some stock struts with lowered springs in. Swapped the lensos for a few sets of wheels and cash my way. Included in the swapped sets was a set of R32 GTR rims Due to the excessive guard rolling that had been required to “fit” the 18’s and the ill-fitting +30mm vented fiberglass guards the gtr wheels sat a fair way inside. which is kinda funny on 4 door here is where i will leave it for the first post and will steadily update to present day over the next weeks
  18. WTB R32 GTR (in Melbourne) Have a budget up to $43000, Looking for something modified, Prefer it to have been professionally done. Anything below 130kms on the body, any color, body should be decent (please no rust on chassis). Clean history, maintenance log, and receipts, would be great. Contact : Josh : 0403677341, or PM me
  19. R32 ISC Suspension Top mounts Hey Guys I have these Brand New never used R32 ISC top mounts. I no longer need them. For some reason I seem to have lost 1 nut for the top. Im asking $150 including postage to anywhere within Australia. They are $200 brand new not including postage. Located in Brisbane Call or text me on 0468778939 Cheers Ben
  20. Well my build has begun...GTR life Bought a brand new coolant bottle, bonnet cowl and rubber, new clips for the front grill. Also got a new GTR badge for the boot, original GTR key and a nice little Nismo key ring Will start fitting things this weekend, also going to wire in my sub and amp and tune the stereo. I've also changed the steering wheel to my mono 'race' wheel. When I got time I'll post my list of things I have decided to do. Love this car, love driving it, love playing with it,
  21. MAD SKYLINE GARAGE CLEARANCE Righto, long story short, sold my business and now I have a heap of parts to clear. SUBSCRIBE for updates cause this post will be regularly updated. Located in Fairfield NSW, small items can be posted, large items pick up preferable or can freight at a cost. R34 Cabin Filters - To suit all R34 Models, BRAND NEW aftermarket - $35 R34 GT-R V-Spec Differential - $900 R33 GTS-T S2 Grille M spec - needs mesh (Supercheap Auto has meshes, cut to fit) - $80 R33 GTS/T Series 1 Passenger Side Headlight, good condition - $150 R33 GTS/T Coupe Boot Trims Set - $200 R33 GTS/T Series 2 Front Fog Lights/Indicators - $300 R32 GT-R Parcel Shelf - $100 More to come as I dig through my house.
  22. R32 GTR centre heater vent replacement Hi everyone. After looking all over I couldn't find any information about removing the centre heating vent from the R32 GTR other than "just pull it out, it's easy" or " its best to take the dash out and remove from the back" so I have done a quick vid showing how I removed it with some bicycle tyre levers I have. I hope it helps. Click the link. Cheers
  23. FS: Genuine R34 GTR Rims 18 x 9 +30 These have had all marks/rash removed and have been repainted/coated in custom platinum/gold/metallic. $1650.00
  24. BNR32 GTR 90 WHITE BNR32 GTR 1990 (White) 17psi (Garret 2860-5’s) Full engine rebuild at EAS Performance KM’s: 125,000 km’s on body, < 25,000km’s on Engine. Price: $32,000 firm. Location: Victoria. PM me if you’re genuine and financial. Dreamers and scammers ignored. This R32 GTR was purchased from JSA exports in Melbourne/Preston over 10 years ago. I was the first to register this car in Australia when it had 87,000 kms on dash. There was slight amount of rust occurring within the inner drivers side rear guard when I went to purchase this car. Which I had them cut out rust and fixed professionally before purchasing it. I can see a slight amount of bubbling in paint from more rust in the same lower part of the guard 10 years later. Since owning this car there has been a lot of money spent on it. There has been no cheap parts put into this car. As I have purchased all the top of the range parts when rebuilding this motor. The motor was rebuilt by EAS Performance in Melbourne/Airport West, the engine machining and blue printing was down at Williamstown Engine Rebuilds. I have added three new electric 'Mirror Drift' gauges to the original cluster on the interior console, the original 'air vents' have fallen apart. I will arrange for the three new vents to be replaced before purchase. Apart from that the interior is pretty good. Ok, so after owning it around 1 year. I blew the ring landing within a engine cylinder, Which then it required a full rebuild. I spent around 20k so far. And still haven't finished it. I Have done this so far. Engine - full rebuild by EAS Performance Airies Pistons Eagle H-Beam Rods ARP 2000 Head Bolts Stud Kit ACL Race Series Engine Bearings (Big End/Main) NISMO Racing Oil Baffle Plate N1 NISMO Oil pump R34 JUN Crank Collar Splitfire Coil Packs Garret 2 x 2860 -5’s Twin X-Force Split Dump Pipes X-Force 'Varex' Electronic Cannon Muffler. 92db - 110db (3-stage remote control) GTR Stock BOV's Stainless Steel 3.0 Inch Exhuast System Engineered NISMO Rebuild-able Twin Plate Button Clutch (Pop Riveted Clutch Pads). JDM Smoked Side Indicators This GTR is not quite finished as yet. But it is one clean R32 GTR if anyone is interested in finishing it. I'm not interested in offers or swaps. Can supply RWC. Running lower boost. Things to do on this car. New ECU + Fuel System CAM's and Gears Strengthen or replace noisy Front Wheel Drive Shaft/s. Suspension Brakes + Wheels Inter-cooler + Piping. If interested in this car, contact me via email at, [email protected]
  25. R32 gtst hot issues Hey, So ive got a 1992 gtst type m that i picked up recently. Its got 100,540km on it now and i just did the timing belt, put on a cheap diy intake and thats it. The car is in spotless condition. Now im having an issue with the car when it warms up. Originally it would just start hard after the car had been driven. Now the car will start fine cold with no misfires or anything, but as soon as it gets to operating temp it just stalls. If you crank it over the idle will be high, around 1800rpm and then it will start to idle hunt from about 800 to 1800rpm. If you give it any throttle input itll stop at 2500 rpm which im assuming its a limp mode? I replaced the ignitor and checked all fuses throughout, but im running out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated! Dan 20170820_153441.mp4