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  1. R33 Gtst ECU Engine Control Unit RB25DET ECU MT (23710 21U01) Skyline R33 front grill S1 Nissan skyline R32 Upper lip boot interior boot trim Nissan Skyline R33 brake Master Cylinder ABS Skyline R33 S2 A.B.S UNIT Skyline R33 Quarter Trims S2 Skyline R33 Quarter Trims S1 Skyline R33 Cam angle sensor Skyline R33 TailShaft Skyline R33 wiper and indicator stalks S1 Skyline R33 wiper and indicator stalks S2 Skyline R33 washer Bottle Skyline R33 centre console Skyline R33 ignitor with bracket RB25DET Skyline R33 Rear Bar (grey) Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T Auto updated shifter from 1997 model Nissan Skyline R33 Power Steering Rack Nissan Skyline R33 RH Half Shaft Nissan Skyline R33 C-Pillar Trims Nissan Skyline R33 Rear Seat series 1 Complete Skyline R33 Boot Lid & Fuel Flap Release Handle with Cable Skyline R33 Alternator Skyline R33 Power Steering Pump Skyline R33 Ac Compressor Skyline R32 Bonnet Release cable Skyline R33 Bonnet Release cable Skyline R33 Handbrake Lever Skyline R33 S1 RH FOGLIGHT Skyline R33 Power Window Amp Relay Skyline R32 Manual clutch master cylinder Skyline R33 Manual clutch master cylinder Skyline R32 Brake Pedal Assembly M/T skyline R33 rear taillight left hand side Skyline R33 Stock Intercooler OEM (side mount) Skyline R32 Clutch Pedal Assembly M/T skyline r33 single din dash pocket with a working lid Skyline R33 2 Door Genuine Seatbelts (complete set) Skyline R32 Door Glass (Genuine) RH AND LH Side Skyline R33 S1 Rear Garnish Skyline R33 S2 Rear Garnish skyline R33 Starter Motor RB25DET Skyline R33 boot interior lining Skyline R33 Rear Quarter Glass And Seal Skyline R33 Steering Column Skyline R33 front Reo Series 1 (UNCUT) Skyline R33 Rear Reo Skyline R32 Rear Reo Skyline R33 Rear Antenna Skyline R33 Front guard LH Skyline R33 Front guard RH skyline R33 coupe glove box skyline R33 S1 passenger seat skyline R33 S2 passenger seat skyline R33 coupe Mirrors LH and RH side in black skyline R33 coupe window motor with regulator LH skyline r32 coupe window motor with regulator RH skyline r32 coupe window motor with regulator LH Skyline R33 original left hand side weather shield Skyline R33 climate control Skyline R33 GTST stock exhaust manifold Skyline R33 front fuse box cover Skyline R33 door Scuff Panels Skyline R32 Door Scuff Panels Skyline R32 Front Guard RH Skyline R33 Passenger Airbag Skyline R33 Door Glass LH and RH Skyline R33 Hicas Unit Skyline R33 Ashtray Skyline R33 Rear view Mirror skyline R33 Fuel Door “FOR ALL ENQUIRES INBOX ME”
  2. So I got the engine built by a shop to make sure it was done properly. And I am putting the engine back in and gearbox back in, then sending it back for a tune. All I have left is to fit the box, but the bottom four holes on the bell housing that meet up with the sump no longer line up because the brace the builder fit has pushed the sump down about 10mm. Do I have to get the bellhousing modified to fit?
  3. Hello, I have an r33 gtst with some really good coilovers and i recently bought an r34 rb20 na, GT series 1 and was wondering, would my r33 coilovers fit on my r34. are there any other suspension pieces that would fit, cause the 34 is wrecked. Lastly, are there any suspension differences between r34 GT AND GTT?
  4. WANT TO BUY I am looking to buy a R33 rb25det engine loom, located Auckland, NZ but happy to pay for shipping from anywhere, Cheers!
  5. R33 gtst Do-Luck chassis bracing kit. This looks like a roll-cage but isn't, it serves the purpose of stiffening up the rear part of the car. Same thing as this http://www.jdmautolink.net/2019/01/do-luck-rear-tension-set-bcnr33bnr34-05.html In my discussions with a Senior Inspector from Qld Transport, this does not require certification/mod plate as per his email " In reference to your Rear Tension Set I have done some research and I agree that it is not ROPS and as long as it does not affect the ability of the vehicle to comply with an acceptable level of occupant protection and comfort therefore with the padding you have applied and providing the device does not obstruct passenger access or headspace then I see no issue. " It is LIGHT so, can post anywhere in aus at your cost, or pickup in Brisbane. $375 + any postage cost, I estimate around $30-40 to most delivery areas.
  6. Hey guys, I've recently installed a greddy style front facing plenum, FMIC, 80mm throttle body and oil cooler. I started the car up and it idles normally... good start. Unfortunately, when I gave it some throttle, the revs build then drop and build then drop. Not good. I'm getting fault code 55 "ALL OK". Could anyone shed some light on what I should look at to get this sorted? 20211103_113935_1.mp4
  7. Up for sale is an r33 rb25det head, 99% complete - comes with manifolds, injectors, rail, cams, rocker covers. Only things I can see missing are the coilpacks. Head does have VCT. Apparently came off a low km r33, supplied by Hyderdrive in Malaga. Was going to do a 25/30 but decided on a neo head instead. Pickup Willetton, WA. Or will post at buyers expense.
  8. Hi all, I'm after recommendations on a Street suspension set up for an R33. From what I can see the Bilstein B6 shocks are good but need some decent springs to go with it - and it appears King Springs don't sell any that suit the R33 anymore. Whiteline sway bars seem to be a popular mod as well to eliminate the body roll. Would I be able to achieve a lower than stock ride height using the Bilsteins? At the moment the car is sitting at 63cm from ground to the centre of the wheel arch on some old Apexi shocks. Thanks in advance
  9. Hello all, I don't see any PDF online of this service manual being in OCR, so I'm posting a link of one I made. OCR makes it so much easier to find things, being able to search the document with Adobe Reader. (old link removed). new link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B495mmNsnU6uYzAwLV9fVW9WREk/view?resourcekey=0-Qa9Lfekqc5AnkoecCkM5xg It's 489 pages long.
  10. hello! if any of you have an r33 gtr and have an oil relocation kit installed, i would be grateful if you shared with me what you used as a mount point. i don't have the oil cooler, i think i will be purchasing an HKS (15004-AN004) kit down the road, but for now i have a greddy relocation kit. this thing doesn't exactly come with any kind of real instruction, just theoretical on how it should work. is there an existing bracket that i should be leveraging, or did you need to drill new holes in the engine bay to get the position correct? is there anything i should know before taking this on? i figured i'd put the adapter plate on the block and then bolt the relocation kit in an easy to access spot on the driver's side, cut the AN hosing to correct lengths and then make the connections. thanks in advance for the recommendations and help!
  11. Out of production MCA purples for R33 or R34 GTR, in need of a rebuild as they are knocking and leaking. MCA rebuild costs around $200 per corner, so buying these then rebuilding would still total less than new equivalents (MCA Pro Comfort). When new, they were comfortable on the streets, but still provided enough performance to enjoy a spirited drive. Springs are as follows: Front = 180mm 12kg Rear = 220mm 5kg Willing to ship, but prefer pickup $500
  12. Hello. I bought myt skyline 4yrs ago. First I drove it thru winter (surprisingly good winter ride). At the spring stock turbo waste got stuck. Car was 3 months in the carage. I put kinuqawa bolt on turbo and cheap low mount exhaust manigold. It was rest of the summer this way. Then I planned to do some little changes at the winter. But as many of you know things start to get bigger. I start building rollcage and strip whole car down. When car was tripped it would be stubid not to do some things like stich weldin and sandblasting the body etc. I also wanted to do some wisual mods and strip everything extra weight out from the body. Rollcage caused some changes also. Like stock heater system is not fitting anymore. Rear subfame and diff bushes changed to aluminium. Rear and front subframes and stock controll arms got some extra strenght also. Bash bars in front and back wore made from scratch. Now car is going back to gether slowly and I hope to get it done before 2030 ? Here is some picks of it. More you can see from my ig @nuut3ro
  13. Hello, i am looking to replace my turbo for an original or direct replacement for my -95 R33 GTST with an RB25DET. I have been looking online but cand find a oem turbo or a simmilar bolt on turbo... Can anyone help me?
  14. R33 S1 complete motor with loom, ecu, turbo, injectors and coil packs $1500 6 Yellow Jacket R33 S1 and R32 coilpacks $300 6 SuperSpark R33 S1 and R32 coilpacks $300 Sparco Sprint fixed back bucket seat good condition on dodgy r33 rail $400 R33 Dash $150 R33 cluster $100 Location - Adelaide South Australia Phone - 0487343752 or PM prices are slightly neg
  15. hey everyone just looking for abit of some info recently just got my first skyline and is now registered im looking a doing a few thing to it if anyone can steer me in the wright direction eg brands i don't want the top of the line but i want reasonably priced quality stuff thanks again any help in appreciated also im located in the northern suburbs Melbourne * turbo timer * boost controller * remote start / alarm system / key less entry * front mount inter cooler * exhaust * front sway bar * suspension *after also if you can think of any other things i can do that isn't to expensive to boost performance thanks again sorry i am just new to this and would love to learn
  16. hey guys, long story short, bought this car for the motor. pulled the motor out, and some guy left me a deposit on the rolling shell. but 5 weeks later hes no where to be found. parents cracking shits wanting this out of the garage as its been sitting there for 2 months now. car is missing the complete interior. (all plugs etc are there, all parts would be plug and play) no motor. and the front end is missing because it was in an accident. (so no headlights, radiator support is mangled, no bumper, no bonnet) fenders are still there. this is the link for the gumtree add so you can check out the pictures Car has NO accident history, and can be re-registered. have been tempted looking at half cuts to get it back on the road, but i have 3 cars and bike atm. so it would never get done. http://www.gumtree.c...king/1023442744
  17. hey guys, long story short, bought this car for the motor. pulled the motor out, and some guy left me a deposit on the rolling shell. but 5 weeks later hes no where to be found. parents cracking shits wanting this out of the garage as its been sitting there for 2 months now. car is missing the complete interior. (all plugs etc are there, all parts would be plug and play) no motor. and the front end is missing because it was in an accident. (so no headlights, radiator support is mangled, no bumper, no bonnet) fenders are still there. this is the link for the gumtree add so you can check out the pictures Car has NO accident history, and can be re-registered. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/dianella/cars-vans-utes/1996-r33-gtr-rolling-shell-good-paint-sell-wrecking/1023442744
  18. selling my wheels, check out gumtree add for info and pics. was going to keep them, but need to make room in the garage http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/dianella/wheels-tyres-rims/rays-engineering-nismo-lm-gt2-s-brand-new-tyres-18x9-5-14/1025684880 $2000 ono
  19. Can someone tell me whether Defi din pocket gauge fits on r33 gtst s2 without any modification ?? Hss anybody put that on r33 gtst s2 ?? I tried to get dimension from the sller but no response. Cheers
  20. Selling cause no longer needed anymore. Items are in Newcastle west NSW. All items are BRAND NEW sealed in their boxes. will ship at your expense or welcome to pick them up from newcastle Genuine Nissan Skyline R32 GTR (RB26DETT) Complete Engine Gasket Kit(paid $399 + Delivery) $350 Turbo N1 Upgrade Kit R32 R33 GTR RB26 RB26DETT (Paid $299) $250 ARP HEAD STUD KIT NISSAN SKYLINE GTR RB26DETT ( Paid $350) $300 not in a rush to sell them so no stupid offers would be appreciated. i have reciepts for all of the items which were purchased 2 months ago
  21. .-R33 2dr Stock Catback no rust, good condition (can deliver to Sydney for cost of fuel)$140 ONO pickup -SAFC I Apexi non digital version has 5 dials for adjustments at different rev ranges (pdf manual supplied)$50 ONO -Decat GTST and GTR $30 -Genuine "CarBra' for R33 GTST and GTR fits both Series I and Series II$150 ONO items in Newcastle can post at buyers expense
  22. All parts from a 1994 Series 1 R33 gtst 4 door I wrecked, cheap cheap!! Many parts are pick up only unless stated otherwise so read the description carefully. Sedan boot lid $20. Pick up only. Rear hubs $20 each (includes uprights). Pick up only. Front and rear sway bars $20 each. Pick up only. Rear cradle (bare cradle) $20 each Pick up only. Non abs brake master and booster $20 each. Can post. Door cards- no switches included $20 each. Pick up only Very good condition except one small blemish as shown in photo. Rear 4 door window switches $20 each (or $40 for all three, driver's switch sold). Can post. A pillar trims $20 pair. Pick up only. Doors $20 each. Pick up only. Rear bar, suit respray $20. Pick up only. Door lock kit - doors, ignition, boot with key $50. Can post. Steering rack $20. Pick up only. Indicator and wiper stalks $10 each. Can post. Steering column $20. Pick up only. Kick panels $10 each. Can post. Dash plastic surround (pick up only) $20 Dash pad $20 pick up only Sun visors $10 each. Can post. Front guard mudflaps $10 pair. Can post. Sold/unavailable: Motor and gearbox, headlights, airbox, clutch master, bonnet, passenger guard, under stereo pocket, engine fan, speedo cluster, lower control arms, factory stereo, centre console, stock suspension, castor rods, cat temp sensor, inner guard liners, fog lights, climate control, shifter surround, front bar and grille, AFM, ECU, drivers window switch, side mirrors, stock rims, diff, rear brakes, radiator, interior wiring loom, steering column plastics, handbrake, stock intercooler and piping, rear vision mirror, interior lights, front hubs.
  23. Hi all, I have an White r33 gtr for sale, 112,xxx klm on the clock. When I got the car the bottom end was stuffed so I am in the process of building another engine for it. Another bottom end has been used with a fresh rebuild, (rings, bearings, hone, new seals, reshimed head, gates timming belt). The car has r33 gtr wheels on it with new tyres (245/45). Coil overs, boost guage, and 3.5" exhaust with tuned y-pipe and split dumps. Stock turbos that have been port matched with the manifolds, car also has an aftermarket front bar, (not sure what brand), and H1 HID lights (low Beam). The engine is still being put together at the moment and will be run in before sale. If any one is interested in the car and would like to see the engine before its is complete you can contact me and we can arrange something, im asking $20,999 ono with rego and road worthy. Located in Brisbane. Thanks
  24. I have 2 sets of r33 Gtr wheels for sale, Both sets in good condition Set 1 Has the centers professionally painted black, with a set of new Milanza H1 245/45/17 $1200 ono. Set 2 Standard colour, tyres are pretty average 3 x prob under legal, one has good tread. $800 ono. Located in Bris. Will consider swaps for Wheels to suit R33 Gtr. Pic available on request
  25. This has been a great car and has never had any issues. Only selling as we have a little one on the way and will need more boot space. She has been looked after well. We'll be sad to see her go. - Regularly serviced every 5000kms - Engine, driveline & suspension original & unmodified. - Drives great. Strong engine, turbo & gearbox. - 142,883kms - 5sp manual - Turbo timer & Turbosmart boost gauge are the only non-standard items. - Garaged most nights - Paint in very good condition for age. Waxed regularly. - New Yellowjacket coil packs installed a few thousand kms ago - New brake pads front and back recently - Interior in great condition for age - Original Nissan Skyline floor mats as pictured - No oil or water leaks - Very well looked after. The new owners will certainly be extremely happy. Comes with Safety Certificate and just paid for Rego until December this year. Ready to go to new owner. $8,400 Located in Salisbury, Brisbane. PM, Call 0424 536 287 or email to inspect. Please no joyriders, time wasters or tyre kickers.
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