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Found 1,346 results

  1. All items below have come from my R32 GTR making 310 rwkws @ 18-20psi, have only removed purely for upgrade. Garrett GT2860-7 (R34 GTR N1 turbos) in excellent condition (normal BB shaft play) $1150 + postage Sard 650cc injectors (were running at ~70% duty cycle @ 310rwkws) $200 + postage Extreme heavy duty clutch (<5000kms old) will come with flywheel) in excellent condition $200 + postage Will do a deal if someone wants the lot... Items available when I'm back in Adelaide >30/11/18...
  2. New Comer from Bangladesh/UK Hi All I was participating in the forums from 2013-14 during my postgraduate studies. Back then started with R34 GTT and then replaced with a R33 GTR. Last month migrated to AUS, based in Melbourne, VIC. Imported a '94 R32 GTR with a lot of Nismo goodies. (Will post separate thread about it later) My goals for the Forum are as follows: -meet some car enthusiasts -source spare parts/accessories/etc -seek advise on maintenance/tuning/troubleshoot -gain further knowledge of R and S platforms A bit about myself: -Studied Automotive Engineering in UK -Worked at GM and Jaguar Land Rover in UK -Currently seeking engineering opportunities in AUS Look forward to meeting some people in future meets.
  3. Rob89

    Hi, I am selling a Jun R33 GTR rear wing. It has a fresh coat of black paint on it. It is very sturdy. I think it may be genuine. Pickup only from Bulimba, QLD - 4171. PM for further details. $400 Rob
  4. G'day peeps, My name is Bill, I've recently acquired a series 2 96 R33 gtst. A quick intro about myself, I started off vehicle ownership with an RX4 coupe back in the mid 90's, built and modded it to a respectable 135rwkw in n/a form, was pretty quick and p plate legal. Drove that for around 5 years, also had an RX2 coupe I was building at the same time that was never finished. In the early 2000's I was moving homes to somewhere that didn't have much garage space so I sold off all the rotaries and bits and pieces I had. I then thought I would be responsible and drive a normal looking car, so I bought a vtss ls1 6spd commodore. Did some minor mods to it, zorst, intake, wheels, low, and remap. Drove that for over a decade and finally came to my senses and decided to buy another japper. I was initially looking into RX8's but quickly realised the engines where rubbish. I started to think about what else I could get that was rwd and decently powered and settled for a 2001 adm S15 200sx. I did the usual mods one does and ended up with a decently quick 218rwkw street/track car. Did a few track days and was having a blast. I wanted to do a phillip island day so I joined SAU and did the June 14 track day. It was going well and managed to do a 1.58 in my second session. Car had a few more seconds in it easy. I missed the 3rd session as I was gas bagging with others and lost track of what was going on. I went out in the 4th session and tried to go a bit too hard, too early at the end of the first lap and ended up going off on the inside of turn 12 and slamming the flag marshalls tyre barrier. This was the end of the S15. The S15 was then stripped and sold off. With the proceeds I was able to buy and mod my new ride which is a clean R33 GTST. It was mechanically 100% stock other than coilovers and nismo cat back but the previous owner liked cosmetics and did a fair bit to the body. Photos coming.
  5. 217/r33

    Hi all, looking for stock R33 GTS-T front and rear suspension (shocks/springs) - thank you!
  6. Hey all, Sorry if there is a thread all ready for this. My R33 seats are fairly worn and have got stains from previous owner. I'm not in the position to purchase new seats but keen on covers. Are there any "Skyline" covers? Show me some pics! Not interested in fully sik skull/tribal/flame autobarn specials 😂
  7. Hi guys, I don't drive my R33 GTR often but this morning started noticing that my car's RPM gauge (stock factory) is acting funny in the sense that it would sometimes get stuck at 5,000 RPM and then not rev over that and then come back down again and then sometimes it spins up and down a few times and resets to 0 again. I don't think it's a mechanical or engine issue and my car drives normally but perhaps it something to do with the gauge or the wiring itself? Has anyone experienced this and how did you fix it? Thought I'd check here first before taking it to a motor mechanic. Cheers, Alex
  8. Hey guys! So I am currently working on my new project which is an auto r33 gts with a yucky rb20e inside of it. I was looking at a couple of options to do an engine swap. I have a choice to go with an rb25de or an rb20de (as am currently still on p plates in QLD) If i am to go with the rb20de option i would like to look at going turbo in the near future as it will still remain p plate legal. I would like to know what is required to swap for both engines and would like to know your personal thoughts on what I should do. all help is much appreciated thank you!!!
  9. Hello all, If anyone was following my previous build thread I had an R34 GTT [FR34K] that I wrote off. I decided it was probably my only chance to get into the GTR scene. After searching for a while I found a member on here selling a beautiful white R33 GTR V-spec with an N1 engine. My goals for this car are just to be a weekend cruiser, occasionally heading down to the drags to see what it can do. If I could run a 10 second pass on the H pattern gearbox I would be exstatic, and I think somewhere in the vicinity of 800awhp would be more than enough as a max power figure. Car already has -7 turbos, poncams and a power FC with supporting mods, making a respectable 420awhp. It has HKS coilovers, Project mu rotors and gold BBS rims, with a lovely Jun style carbon lip. Immediate thoughts of this car (coming from a 485whp GTT) are: it's really fast. The GT35R on my R34, although made nice power, was quite laggy in comparison to the -7s. They feel like they have no lag, and the car doesn't have any problems whatsoever putting the power to the ground. I find myself looking down at the speedo after planting my foot and being blown away about how fast I'm going. The gear ratios help play a part in that as well, although aggressive, are still fantastic when just cruising. The suspension is very stiff - too stiff for me (it's something I will be changing very soon) but it handles superbly. After landing in WA, I took the car to a licencing centre to get it inspected. The list consisted of some minor things like globes and removing of tint. Nothing major - the hardest thing was child restraints which I borrowed out of a wrecked r33. Yesterday I passed my final inspection and picked up my custom plates.
  10. Hi everyone, I need your help on getting spacers for my GTR. I thinking of adding 10mm or 15mm but am finding it hard getting the right spacers as the centre bore is the exact size as my current wheels so how do I get spacers that will fit my wheels on top? As you can see from the attached photos, I bought a set of 10mm spacers and the centre bore won't fit through my wheels. I've never looked into spacers before so am needing some help. Specs of 10mm spacers that didn't fit were: PCD: 5/114.3 with 66.1mm center bore and 73.1 OD What specs would I need for them to fit? I only need 10mm or 15mm. Thanks all.
  11. Parts for sale Had these parts fitted on my R32 GTS-T 18x9 +35 and 18x8 +32 Altstar wheels 5x114.3 (Tyres need replacing) - $100 (filled the guards nicely) R33 GTR vspec - fuel pump (excellent condition) - $150 R34 GT-T OEM intercooler (great upgrade for R32 GTS-T) - $100 HKS 2530 requiring rebuild (currently in pieces) - $50 R32 GTS-T OEM engine with box of wire harness (some wires missing) requires rebuild - $100 OEM Sunroof (great condition except for the drain channels being broken) - $100 OEM side mount intercooler - $50 OEM ECU - $50 ilstein fronts (F4-B46-1473-HO - needs rebuild) and stock rear suspension with super low king springs - $50 OEM spark plug cover - $20 OEM green label AFM - $20 OEM misc parts as per pictures. offers welcome. Can post at buyers expense and willing to do a better price for multiple items. Parts Located in St Albans, Victoria Contact me (Jason): 0490110951 or PM me OEM airbox snorkel - $10
  12. Ok been going through bunch of boxes I had stored in Japan which I sent to Oz. I have 3 brand new sets each of the following Splitfire Coilpacks. These are 100% genuine brand new unused Spliftire Coilpacks. SF-DIS-001 SF-DIS-005 Cost is $450 Plus post.(around $20 or less) Can be Posted anywhere in Australia
  13. I have for sale parts which came off our R33 GTR/400R replica Targa car. All parts were in good working prior to removal and only removed due to upgrade. Apexi Power FC to suit R33 GTR current tune was running a single GTX3582 on twin z32 AFM's $1,000 ono Greddy RB26 Power Intake Pipe inc 2x Z32 AFM $500 ono Nismo Super Coppermix Competition Spec Twin Plate Clutch & Flywheel Used Nismo twin plate clutch and flywheel to suit Late model R32 GTR/R33 GTR or GTSt in good condition, this is the top spec model with uprated pressure plate.These sell for over $2600 new. Would recommend replacing the clutch plates which can be purchased elsewhere for approx $300 ea (two required). $1,000 ono Can freight Australia wide at buyers expense.
  14. Good news! my neo 33 is alive. As of a month ago and as everyone knows, when something’s done, something follows. i got my neo started, it randomly died etc. realised the afm wires weren’t even wired so I rewired and now she runs, no dying etc. next step: she’s randomely revving up by itself, my aac valve is wired, so what’s the go?? Cheers fellas. ps, my cas was on the wrong angle Aswell and I’ve changed it back to the angle before I pulled it off and haven’t started her yet since to test, will update on this.
  15. KYR32GTR

    Hello all, I have just purchased and driven from Florida my new to me 89 metallic red GTR. It is basically amazing and what I was hoping for from the beginning. So far I have had only two issues. Right out of the gate, the car lot, the pump dies leading to a diagnosis of the fuel pump controller failing, a quick bypass and it's back to normal.. bow I'm looking at a headlight issue.. the switch always sends power but the relay doesn't always click and work. Tomorrow I hope to source a replacement and get into a general inspection and ensure everything is tight, clean and up to date on all the maintenance.
  16. Hi all, Anyone purchased a cold air intake kit for R33 GTST? Mine is completely stock and I am wanting a pod but want it covered etc.
  17. Okay so I bought a r33 shell, has power but windows and sunroof don’t so I took off the door cards and I can’t even see a relay box or any wires for a relay box ? Fuse is good they also cut some wires in the ignition but he said it was just a turbo timer he took out.
  18. Aussie Overseas + LHD R33 Gdaaaaaay!!! Currently overseas near the middle east and found a R33 RB25DET. It's pretty rare where I am to find a car like this, so I bought it for 4000USD and have started to work on it. I will probably have a few questions here so am happy to be part of sau. If you have any questions feel free to ask
  19. Okay so I have a r33 NA rb25de motor/ gearbox that I’ll be putting in a turbo r33 shell and was just wondering if I can use the same loom or will I have to change it to the NA one ?
  20. So just brought a power FC, go to plug it in and it won’t connect, laptop keeps saying “please check ecu connection”. Car start with it plugged in so it works, just won’t connect to laptop. Has anyone else had this issue and have a solution?
  21. I’m curious that no one has developed a drop-in 6 Speed synchro gearset for the standard R32 & R33 gearbox. I would imagine that there is a market for strong street gearbox with the Getrag ratios and maybe the Carbon Fibre syncros that are now available. PAR used to do a straight cut dog 6-speed gearset but no longer offer this product. Im interested if there are reasons it hasn’t been done before wether it’s space related or something I’m ignorant of. Seeing so many Getrag conversions are in 32’s and 33’s these days I would see a drop in gearset as being and attractive option to keep the modifications to minimum. Happy to hear all thoughts in this one. Cheers.
  22. Hi guys, I was washing my car today and noticed that my wheels had some negative camber on both the front and rear more so the rear, that is the bottom end is slightly sticking out a little. I checked and the wheel is attached tightly to the hub etc so this must be a camber arm thing. A few of my friends also have this on their cars so just wondering if this is normal? Below is a photo of this from some sources on the web to illustrate my point.
  23. Hi. I’m looking at buying a 94 r33 gtst. The car has has some work down to the motor and has a garret 2876r turbo put onto it. Was wondering if I should be asking for an engineers cert for that? Also the car has to have compliance plates and the date it was imported will be on the rego paper as he does not have compliance papers.... sorry have not bought an import yet. Any info would be great as the car looks amazing and priced well. Thanks
  24. Skylineman34

    Would love to see everyone's GTR's So i'll start it off. hrere's mine "99 BNR34 in Bayside Blue
  25. Murray_Calavera

    Hi all, Has anyone been able to source a replacement AC compressor for an R33 gtst? I'm not looking to gamble on a 2nd hand item. All I can seem to find is the R32 GTR compressor on RHD and when speaking to my air con guy, he didn't have the part listed. Cheers!