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  1. Hi all, I'm after recommendations on a Street suspension set up for an R33. From what I can see the Bilstein B6 shocks are good but need some decent springs to go with it - and it appears King Springs don't sell any that suit the R33 anymore. Whiteline sway bars seem to be a popular mod as well to eliminate the body roll. Would I be able to achieve a lower than stock ride height using the Bilsteins? At the moment the car is sitting at 63cm from ground to the centre of the wheel arch on some old Apexi shocks. Thanks in advance
  2. hello! if any of you have an r33 gtr and have an oil relocation kit installed, i would be grateful if you shared with me what you used as a mount point. i don't have the oil cooler, i think i will be purchasing an HKS (15004-AN004) kit down the road, but for now i have a greddy relocation kit. this thing doesn't exactly come with any kind of real instruction, just theoretical on how it should work. is there an existing bracket that i should be leveraging, or did you need to drill new holes in the engine bay to get the position correct? is there anything i should know before taking this on? i figured i'd put the adapter plate on the block and then bolt the relocation kit in an easy to access spot on the driver's side, cut the AN hosing to correct lengths and then make the connections. thanks in advance for the recommendations and help!
  3. Out of production MCA purples for R33 or R34 GTR, in need of a rebuild as they are knocking and leaking. MCA rebuild costs around $200 per corner, so buying these then rebuilding would still total less than new equivalents (MCA Pro Comfort). When new, they were comfortable on the streets, but still provided enough performance to enjoy a spirited drive. Springs are as follows: Front = 180mm 12kg Rear = 220mm 5kg Willing to ship, but prefer pickup $500
  4. Hello. I bought myt skyline 4yrs ago. First I drove it thru winter (surprisingly good winter ride). At the spring stock turbo waste got stuck. Car was 3 months in the carage. I put kinuqawa bolt on turbo and cheap low mount exhaust manigold. It was rest of the summer this way. Then I planned to do some little changes at the winter. But as many of you know things start to get bigger. I start building rollcage and strip whole car down. When car was tripped it would be stubid not to do some things like stich weldin and sandblasting the body etc. I also wanted to do some wisual mods and strip everything extra weight out from the body. Rollcage caused some changes also. Like stock heater system is not fitting anymore. Rear subfame and diff bushes changed to aluminium. Rear and front subframes and stock controll arms got some extra strenght also. Bash bars in front and back wore made from scratch. Now car is going back to gether slowly and I hope to get it done before 2030 ? Here is some picks of it. More you can see from my ig @nuut3ro
  5. Hello, i am looking to replace my turbo for an original or direct replacement for my -95 R33 GTST with an RB25DET. I have been looking online but cand find a oem turbo or a simmilar bolt on turbo... Can anyone help me?
  6. i am looking for the OEM cassette head unit that came in the R33. i'm in north america, please let me know if you have one to sell that is in proper working order. cheers.
  7. Hello fellow Skyline owners! I’ve had my car in the garage for 6 months now, during winter time. Before I put it off I had the car remapped. During the mapping session the car suffered from intermittent missfires on higher rpm. Then when I was done and started the car to drive home the car only ran on 5 cylinders. We did some fault searching, narrowed it down to cylinder 3. Then all of sudden after we swaped coilpack 3 & 1 around, it worked again. The coilpacks used at the time were Splitfires (5 years old). One of the things I wanted to do was to upgrade the ignition system, so I did. I Installed VR38 smart coils. Also swapped out the sparkplugs (ngk bcp7res) gapped at 0.7mm. This is when I found out that all of my old sparkplugs were very black and a bit wet. I originally thought this was a tuning or fuel realated issue since it was affecting all the of the cylinders. This week I started her up. after about 40 minutes of total running (idle) I removed to check my new plugs.. All the sparkplugs have what looks like fresh engine oil on them. The threads are clean, just on the base and half around the center electrode, just as the previous ones too had. Earlier sparkplugs i’ve had replaced has never looked like this and I find it odd that it’s like this on all the plugs. Do you guys have any ideas what would cause all the cylinders to have oil in them all of sudden? 🤔 Will upload a picture so you can see too. The car is a R33 RB25DET Car has uprated turbo,injectors,maf,ebc.. Running a apexi power fc. Unopend engine. Done about 90000km
  8. Hi guys, I just came across a complete front subframe assembly for an r34, the title of the ad just says r34 so I’m presuming it’s a coupe. I have an R33 at home and was wondering if the r34 front subframe assembly will bolt straight into the r33. Im looking to do this with relatively little modification of its needed, also does anyone know if it will throw off the geometry of the car or if it’s okay to be doing this. Thank you very much if you’s can help guys .
  9. I’m curious that no one has developed a drop-in 6 Speed synchro gearset for the standard R32 & R33 gearbox. I would imagine that there is a market for strong street gearbox with the Getrag ratios and maybe the Carbon Fibre syncros that are now available. PAR used to do a straight cut dog 6-speed gearset but no longer offer this product. Im interested if there are reasons it hasn’t been done before wether it’s space related or something I’m ignorant of. Seeing so many Getrag conversions are in 32’s and 33’s these days I would see a drop in gearset as being and attractive option to keep the modifications to minimum. Happy to hear all thoughts in this one. Cheers.
  10. I need help with what I should do with my diff it’s a Active LSD with a altessa pump system. It singles and I want to to double what can I do with this diff bleed it, weld it, get it shimmed, block off the altessa system? Idk what to do please help as I want to use my car for drifting / road use
  11. Hie skyline enthusiast! The names Sean and im from Malaysia. Been lurking in the forum for a while now, just decided to create a topic to share with you guys regarding my project and updates. A teaser of my car just out from paint.
  12. Hi all, The black paint on my r33 has been peeling. Can anyone please recommend a reputable paint shop in Sydney where I could get a respray. I'm not keen on doing a backyard job to fix it up. As a side note, roughly how much percentage value do you reckon the car would lose due to peeling paint such as this? Cheers
  13. hello all, Thought I would share some pics from my trip to Japan last year It was very difficult trying to find a meet on at the raceyways around the time we were going and I came across an Endless picture on the Mt Fuji Raceway website. I was not 100% sure what we were getting ourselves into but roughly translated some of the info as all of it was in Japanese!! and thought it would be going to check it out. It also happened to be on the date of my partners birthday so almost perfect for a car nut After many trains, buses and taxis all the way from Tokyo to Mt Fuji we only arrived towards the end of the meet and there weren't many spectators there. It was also very cold and snowy that day Was well worth the trip and the friendly locals were not bothered at us tourists poking around and looking at their pride and joys. If anyone has some questions or needs help with a trip to Japan let me know, happy to help where I can. We spent our time mostly in Tokyo and ventured out on the Shinkansen from there.
  14. Location: Riverland 2hours from Adelaide - Can arrange inspection in Adelaide if needed Freight: Will ship at buyers expense Josh jbuchecker(AT)hotmail(DOT)com Ph: 04-three-zero wun-ate-five ate-wun-three All standard parts taken from my R33 GTR which I sold a few months ago. Odo showed 80,000km Turbos $300 Almost zero shaft play, look in excellent condition. Looking at the housing you can see the wheels haven't touched it ECU $100 Working. Used to get car through inspection Coilovers $200 I'm not 100% certain what condition they're in but I assume not too bad due to the kms and state of the rest of the car. Was imported with them and were also re-installed to get my car through inspection. Injectors $200 Once again assumed working fine as were used to get car through inspection Stock Cam gears $50 Fuel pump $80 Coil Packs $20 Found them listed at $100-$200 but can ONLY FIND 5 of them!!! My mechanic only gave me 5 back and I didn't notice until now. Worked fine at 15psi/[email protected] but broke up at 17psi Will give away free with any other purchase if someone wants them Spark Plugs - NGK BCPR7ES $20 Look in good condition, assume they were put in during the 100k service when the car was complied putting them at 5,000-10,00km old. Replaced when coil packs were done. Will give away free with any other purchase if someone wants them
  15. hey guys, this is my first post here. im trying to finding a rb25 neo idle speed control solenoid spring or even the whole solenoid around brisbane/gold coast. willing to travel a little bit
  16. Ok so i decided that I need to sell off my old brake setup as I'm going to be keeping the brembos i have on the car if I ever decide to sell it. These are 33 gtst brakes that I had on my car for approx 3 years and have been in storage for another 2 years. They are in great condition with no tears or damage to the dust boots on each caliper. The calipers have been painted in VHT gold (trying to replicate 34 gtr brembo colour) caliper paint this has stood the test of time and with a bit of a cleanup before you install they will look as good as new. I will also include a half empty can of the same paint for any touchups you may wish to do but these dont have any markings on them. Comes as a complete kit, Calipers, discs, lines, rotors (near new RDA slotted rotors for the front and machined standards for the rear) and a complete set of new brake pads front and rear. The Pads are Bendix Ultimate rears and QFM HPX's on the front, and of course all the associated nuts bolts and washers to go with them to make it a bolt in affair Its all boxed up and ready to go but be aware if I courier this in the box that its in its FKN HEAVY like id say 50+kg as its all tightly boxed up. Asking price is $400 and can be delivered locally to Penrith or Liverpool area 2pm - 3pm weekdays, Or I can arrange shipping (will split the boxes front to rear if needed to make shipping easier) Located Penrith, Sydney Want any details send me a PM or pm for phone number. Now for the pics in no real order Machined Rears Rear Calipers Rear no 2 Rear dust boots Fronts Front Rotor Front Rotor wear All boxed up, covered and ready to go
  17. So I've just replaced some exhaust system parts and have found that the cat-back part of the exhaust is bent, cracked and Im having clearance issues with the underbody too. So Im thinking it might be time to cough up to get it replaced. So my very vague question is, roughly how much do you think I'd be looking at to get a catback system made up for an ECR33 and any recommended places on the east side of Melbourne? thanks
  18. I have had the car for 10 years this year and was one of the first stageas in western Australia, 260rs were not even available at that point. I owned it for 2 weeks and put in a rb26 and manual conversion from my previous car. The rb26 ended up getting modified abit too much and got defected and I put this more streetable engine combo (with very very responsive turbo) in and have only used it on rare occasions due to having a work car and buying a house and therefore only doing 5500km in the past 3 years since the motor was built. I have all receipts for the engine build and photos etc. the engine is a built rb26/30 (5500km since build) with gt3076r turbo, autronic, brembos, bilsteins, full gtr driveline (gtr diff, axles, gearbox, etc) plus heaps and heaps of mods... full engineering permits for engine conversion, and mods. currently making around 350awhp with potential for much more! mods: rb30 rebuilt bottom end king bearings endurotec 86.5mm pistons hastings rings Proengines 4wd sump adaptor gtr 4wd sump setup rb26 head & plenum setup freshened up with new valve stem seals, redone valves, shims setup, deck etc hks drag 1.2mm metal head gasket hks drag metal intake and exhuast gaskets gt3076r turbo custom steam pipe manifold hks 50mm wastegate 3' dump pipe and exhuast with magnaflow muffler and an apexi centre muffler K&N pod filter custom alloy cooler piping and intake pipe custom metal oil and water lines jun adjustable cam gears gtr 5 speed manual box extreme single plate clutch 32 gtr diff and axles 32 gtr rear brakes 34 gtr brembo front brakes dba 5000 alloy hat front slotted rotors custom adr approved braided brake lines r33 handbrake 4.11 front and rear diff ratios autronic smc ecu eboost 2 defi 3 din gauge setup whiteline springs all round bilstein shocks all round all noluthane bushes throughout front and rear arc front swaybar whiteline rear swaybar adjustable camber bushes r33 gtr wheels and near new tyres dayz rear bumper lip nismo copy sideskirts over 20k+ in mods alone very very well build and all round modified car, faster than gtr's and can carry 5 people in comfort. Car has only drivin 5500km in 3 years and 15 000km since 2004. previously featured in high performance imports magazine (with different engine combo). Car is in good condition overall. full gtr driveline in a wagon. can also supply stock twin turbo setup with pipework, lines and 3' exhuast dumps etc with mines twin pipes incase someone wants to stick upgraded twins on it for the stock look (last pic is engine with stock turbos on it) looks standard and with upgraded twins can make over 400awhp and cops wont be able to tell its modified) no timewasters please! car is in Perth. NOTE: does not come with nismo wheels in one of the pics (comes with r33 gtr wheels) $17k ono
  19. R33 Diff and Tail shaft Both in excellent condition Diff is ABS compatible Diff $150 Tail shaft $100 Pick up only Ipswich Phone 0413 863 207
  20. R33 GTR S1 Headlights Crystal Clear $350 the pair Hybrid rb26 highmount steampipe exhaust manifold T3 flange plus custom dump pipe $350 the pair R33 GTR front end front including bonnet guards left and right,guard raisers, hindges, latch extension, grill and front reo all genuine Nissan Bonnet has a couple of small dints very easily repairable $1000 the lot ono PICKUP ONLY IPSWICH PHONE 0413 863 207
  21. PRICE: $1200 ono without afm and pods LOCATION: Fraser coast CONTACT: txt 0438016754 DISCRIPTION: today I have a fully custom rb26 twin high mount setup for sale! the kit includes 2x custom high mount manifolds 2x custom dump pipes 1x custom Y pipe 2x custom intake pipes (rougher quality compared to the rest of the kit) 2x custom oil return hard lines custom and very accurate 1x custom intake Y pipe 2x great condition rb26 r32 stock turbos with minimal to no shaft play fully custom water and oil lines with lots of speed flow fittings can include twin z32s and pod filters to match for extra also has any other parts you can think of for the turbo setup that I may of forgotten this kit is an extremely custom rb26 twin turbo high mount setup that all lines up perfectly and works extremely well, the kit it currently bolted up to my rb26 setup so visual inspection is available along with seeing the car drive, a deposit will be required before removal of the setup the waterlines are a fully custom setup with a lot of speed flow fittings and a few cheaper fittings because they ran out of speed flow fittings at the shop, a few of the lines where damaged when I ran them a bad way but there is no leaks or anything just visual damage. I am upgrading to a large high mount single turbo setup so I will consider swaps for a large genuine turbo or a nice single turbo manifold for a rb26
  22. Hey everyone i bought some side skirts for my R33 coupe today and i hadn't realised that my car has no holes for the clips to go into. (the 4 or so holes under the doors) i just had a few questions, Is this standard for all GTS models? Can i get it done cheap at a body shop? If not, tips on how to do it myself? And where to buy more clips and side skirt seals? thanks in advance and again, sorry if its a stupid thing to ask! Cheers
  23. Set of stock wheels in good condition,rims are all solid & not cracked or warped Brand/Style: Stock r33/s14 rims Tyres: Two 205/50/16 Federal 535 & two 225/50/16 Milanaza Hero[made by Federal] all about 95% tread Diameter & Width: 16x6.5 PCD & Offsets: 5x114.3 +40 Price & Location: $380 ono Mt.Gravatt Brisbane Make an offer if you need them,can dropoff locally or send with a courier E-go.com offer 50% discount for depot to depot deliveries Australia wide.
  24. I apologize for the lack of photos, I'm just putting my feelers out to see if there is enough interest. If I get some decent offers I'll have the car detailed and re-post with some new photos. The photo is old but the only difference is a new GTR spoiler, colour matched. Absolutely regretful sale, I am selling because I am moving back to Cairns in 6-8 weeks and starting full time uni. Also now have a permanent back Injury which mates it extremely difficult to get in and out of a low car. I purchased the car back in 2009 off a guy who kept the car immaculate and has provided a folder with with a detailed service history and receipts. It has never seen the track and never been drifted. It's pretty much stock apart from a few minor mods. Heavy duty clutch GTR spoiler $2000 worth of audio - head deck, speakers, amp, 12 inch Alpine Type R sub in boot Pod filter (will include stock airbox and filter) Flood gate BOV HICAS lockout bar Will provide roadworthy and 12 months rego. 150000 k's The car has been a dream to own and I've never had a major problem. I've never raced or drifted it, had it serviced every 10000 k's. Currently selling the car out of Brisbane but can take the car to Cairns with me if I get the right offer. $8000 negotiable Willing to swap (also have an 07 GSXR 750 that I love to bits, but willing swap the r33 and bike for something worth 18k+) Mobile: 0426255586 Email: [email protected] Cheers, Jake.
  25. Hey Guys, Bought my R33 a while back and its gradually developed a shudder whenever i turn a tight corner at low speed. I understand that this is LSD locking up but should it normally shudder so hard? Also the guy i brought it off said its a Nismo diff, i don't know anything else about it. I did a bit of research and found out that the oil could cause the diff to lock up hard. So i brought some 85-140 lsd diff oil but the shudder is still there. Not sure what to do next, any help highly appreciated!
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