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  1. Indeed...no moving parts in it, so..? What did you find to be the issue with it?
  2. Have most of the above at both Lakeside and QR. Whereabouts in Bris are you to be living?
  3. Still leaning to vacuum leak. Did you do a pressure test, or just spray carb cleaner in random spots?
  4. update on mine - turns out the 2 nozzles on the connector that leads to the banjo fitting had blocked with bits of o-ring. When I rebuilt it last weekend the middle o-ring had fallen apart; I had cleaned the shizz out of everything with washdown and blow out with compressed air, but guess there were some little bits stuck in there that came out when driving.
  5. I went for the Taarks r35 coil kit, just under 900. Money well spent IMO, perfect fit and nice bracket.
  6. And this has literally just happened to me, during driving...was fine when i started the drive. First glance at PFC sensor check says, no signal from ps solenoid when turning.
  7. Isn't the vac part r32 only, after that is all electronic?
  8. To me that says hydraulic issue rather than electronic, but the r34 workshop manual has a section on steering diagnosis - do you have it? If not pm your email and will send u a copy.
  9. Permatex grey sealant. Penrite gl4, some love, and then some more penrite gl4.
  10. Yeah but you could google it for him and then post him the pic showing it, why you being so unhelpful??? 😛 OP sriously, will be easier to show it if you google image it; tryng to explain it is still going to leave you guessing.
  11. found a photo of the alleged turbo in question Your Honor, from when it was off the car a while back. yep it's an r33 hiflow alright.
  12. Fk i knew i forgot something!!......which was, to get milk 😛 Gearbox is in, sealed up tight and running sweeeeet.
  13. You will need to do a bit to get the pipe to fit your exact setup; it is a stainless 90 with the ports welded into it. More of a "free gift" with the turbo. I will post a pic shortly.
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