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  1. As mentioned above, same stuff as hardrace. Have had those same 2 types of arms on the car for years now, no issues.
  2. Yes ironically the space-saver is not saving space in my garage, so feel free to grab it asap.
  3. OP if ypu have a search, there was a chap that posted up a whole spiel about the specs and interchangeability of nissan calipers. Don't think it was on here, but sure you will find it if you search.
  4. A vote here for the maxspeedingrods...rods..rather than spending anything prepping up stock 25 or 26 rods. New engine is running fantastic.
  5. can help with the space saver spare; how much you offering for the tailshaft? As i was thinking of going the alpha-omega one, so might not need mine.
  6. also i remember during the install; the bosses pushed in but then some popped back again again like yours is in your pic. Had to push them back in slowly (taarks note this in their instructions) for it to slide in and stay in; not any further issues other than that though.
  7. I have the taarks kit and it all bolts in nicely - my spacers don't look like that though and i use the injectors that came with the kit, bosch 960cc
  8. " Tomei Throttle Coat will aid with the performance in smooth opening and closing of the butterfly which will increase throttle response. The lubrication properties will also aid by preventing the throttle from sticking and to eliminate rough idling and/or engine stalling. Improved sealing properties and efficient engine operations. " if you haven't touched the throttle body in 15+ years this might be a concern but otherwise...
  9. no but I do have some magic beans I could sell you if you would like to improve your performance.
  10. hey, each to their own...but, if i'd picked up a 2nd hand unknown engine, I had it apart, and was rebuilding it to ensure it was fresh and ready to last for me, there's no way i'd be sticking with the rings that were in it; i'd replace them along with bearings, water pump, timing belt, anything else that might " look fine". A set of rings is like 200 bucks, a hone does effectively nothing to the bore size, and pulling out and dismantling the engine is one Fkton of work, as anyone that's ever done it knows, so replace them while it's all apart, if budget isn't the utmost concern.
  11. I see OP is mad-keen for assistance...hence my initial sarcasm, intended with a touch of post-modernism grace and an air of zivot-neni-krasne pretentiousness.
  12. Yes, you can. The main issue is the drill speed too fast and it cuts too shallow a cross pattern. Something slow, eg cordless drill on low speed and a fast up/down motion, will work fine. Does't need long to work. Yes you should replace with new rings while out, and from there yes you should re-hone.
  13. The market is clearly telling the japanese auto industry what sort of cars they need to start building...90's classics.
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