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  1. hardsteppa

    come on son...everyone has an opinion, it doesn't mean it HAS to be shared...and a lot of the time, no reason for it to be. Anyway, moving on. sweet Ty, the batplate is awesome.
  2. That could be said of any car.
  3. They're all pretty sh#t IMO...best result from making your own. ACL heat shielding works well.
  4. hardsteppa

    Penrite diff oils are also in mineral - this one rudebwoy>> https://www.penriteoil.com.au/products/gear-oil-80w-90-mineral?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxr-x07-H3gIVjAQqCh0v-gZJEAAYAiAAEgJGDfD_BwE I use the above oil, and have used their 85-140 one too although prefer the thinner weight. I have Cusco 1-way RS lsd in an R33 gtst too, with it set up fairly tight - 100% lock plate setup, and 8 of 12 preload springs. Used to shudder alot, but on the advice of a diff specialist, added the Penrite limslip additive, and much better now. Quite friendly on the street but still locks without issue.
  5. have used a few more tyres to mention - Falken RT615K. Not a new tyre to the market, but first time I've used them, using a 255/40/17. I paid $250 a tyre fitted. I was really impressed; very good progressive grip and good grip in wet too. Haven't got more than 9000k's for any of the 200-treadwear tyres and these were no exception, but didn't wear faster than any of the others in that treadwear range and semi-slick type pattern. They have under 2mm tread left and still gripping well at the moment, although getting slippery in wet now. Tread pattern is soooo sexy too, and good build quality made-in-JPN tyre. Would buy again, but can't seem to find in stock anywhere for some time now. - Zestino Gredge 07R, in the 240 treadwear rating, 255/40/17. These are on the rear only, and wanted something that will last me longer than 6 months but still keeping a semi-slick type tread pattern. $160 fitted. Tread pattern looks to be a rip-off of the Bridgestone semi-slick. Been on the car a few months, and for a pretty cheap tyre, they've been quite good; raining here at the moment and gripping fine in the wet when driven reasonably. Build quality looks to be Chinese-made pretty average (ton of wheel weights on one section of the rim too) but I would expect that for the price, and performance bang for buck seems choice bro.
  6. Caveat emptor. But on the plus side, paintwork looks alright.
  7. hardsteppa

    They don't look bulletproof no. However after breaking oem links, then mounts, i used the adjustable ones- advantage is more, to position them for correct movement rather than twisting the link/mount. Haven't had any issue with them.
  8. hardsteppa

    I concur. Ran the car with no swaybar for a brief while. Didn't stick with it, but did have some pleasant aspects.
  9. hardsteppa

    Do the current tein springs not have any marking or reference on them for model or spring rate? Should do..
  10. hardsteppa


    Best of luck old chum.
  11. hardsteppa

    GLWS.. Wait what are u doing again
  12. hardsteppa

    Yeah but you can order more hose online from a guy in Russia that sells it, think his name is Cyka Blyat. Or get it from...anywhere ... you don't have to keep THAT piece of hose, in factbetter to replace old hose.
  13. hardsteppa

    No worries. Splices in there cos meant to stop car running on with turbo timer if handbrake is not on.
  14. hardsteppa

    Not what but who. That's Jim the party wire, don't let his plain grey appearance fool you, and don't leave any alcohol in the car. Does it tie into one of the wires connected to handbrake? If so, prob for a turbo timer.
  15. hardsteppa

    They were made in the late 90's, not 1950.