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  1. Had about 3.2 deg neg camber on modified setting. No adjustment bushws, so with those, getting close to 4 deg.
  2. You can drill/tap the cusco arms to make another setting and get a little more neg camber.
  3. "Hard lines" - any brake place should be able to make up what you need. Get the right size steel line, bend to make the same contours, put on the end fittings then double flare the tube.
  4. Yes.. i am intrigued by this crafts business you speak of 😛 welcome, and looking fwd to hearing more.
  5. there's critical, there's important, and there's idiocy.
  6. lol...no, the turbo is an afterthought, an ancillary. The turbo is not a critical component - the oil pump is, the crank pistons rods etc, all are, as the car won't run without them. The turbo - well, good and top quality is nice, but not the only choice available, and not the right choice for alot of people. OP asked about experience with one particular brand of turbo, not more rants about how S^h&t chinese products are and how no-one should ever use them, ever. I've heard so many of those it's ludicrous, and no my chinese rods weren't made of cheese and destroyed my new engine and took out a whole New York City block in the process...or similar such doomsday predictions given about 'using cheap chinese shit in your car". OP I was looking at a Pulsar GTX3076 gen 2 some time back - didn't find any bad stories but found alot of happy users and good feedback. Didn't end up getting it as decided to go genuine Garrett instead, as I don't believe the pulsar will be made to the same degree of quality and to the same engineering level/able to achieve the same result as the genuine product, although may come reasonably close...and that's my choice, budget vs desired result, and plenty of argument for others to choose differently. I do agree its a pity someone (be it individual, anyone remember Aussie Exhausts?, or any large company) puts in R&D, makes a product, only to have it copied and sold cheaper, but that's across all products, from knockoff handbags to turbos, and is hardly a new thing. And on the flip side, some of the prices charged by companies for their products 'just for the name' despite the lack of justifiable value in the actual product? - knockoffs aren't necessarily a bad thing, to keep prices reasonable across the playing field.
  7. I dont use sealant ben, i use my own various bodily fluids. Wasnt tons, enough to give a little 'squeeze out the sides'.
  8. Yeah but if you ever order from efi solutions, get some of their aluminium ones. Only a few bucks, fit perfect, haven't had to touch them since were installed, and have had rockers off/on 4 times since then.
  9. Poor design? Rubber ones sit up a little bit like that cos they can squash flat. My Taarks aluminium ones sit flush.
  10. Been in an accident? Enough to move some mounting points?
  11. As mentioned above, same stuff as hardrace. Have had those same 2 types of arms on the car for years now, no issues.
  12. Yes ironically the space-saver is not saving space in my garage, so feel free to grab it asap.
  13. OP if ypu have a search, there was a chap that posted up a whole spiel about the specs and interchangeability of nissan calipers. Don't think it was on here, but sure you will find it if you search.
  14. A vote here for the maxspeedingrods...rods..rather than spending anything prepping up stock 25 or 26 rods. New engine is running fantastic.
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