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  1. Or you can dismantle and service them, despite engine manual saying no...i think its just time consuming, not done it myself.
  2. Ok, so is there something wrong with your current lifters, that you need to replace them?
  3. Klutched i have an r33 abs diff housing here you can have free if you find you need it.
  4. I like the R37 the most...i'm ahead of my time. My favorite features would have to be the Whisper Mode and the gun turret that follows wherever the driver looks. Oh wait...no that's Blue Thunder, my mistake..
  5. how did you go with the rack ends, find what you need? Info is here from the Roadsafe catalogue. rack end is exactly that; the bit that screws into the steering rack, and tie rod end goes onto the end of those. It's worth replacing all as they're important lol, and you need a wheel alignment after replacing any 1 of them. Bursons are a better place to get these, rather than Supercheap or Repco. GK Tech do a cut-to-length rack end that are good/cheap, and a great cromoly hicas delete bar too.
  6. I am thinking you are long gone? but #1 for a helpful post..i applaud the man that posts info for others future reference.
  7. rated to 300rwkw? almost 500hp at engine? not bad for organic clutch, GLWS.
  8. welcome mate, Brissy eh? I look forward to selling you some R33 parts lol... Maybe start a thread for your project in the "builds" forum? always good to see other projects take shape.
  9. no, he didn't say he was doing the work himself, he said he was looking to install himself. I assumed OP is a camshaft...or possibly a turbocharger. I may have read it wrong.
  10. sold now, thanks. Still have available - NISMO adjust fuel press reg - Tein lowering springs r33 gtst - GK Tech hubcentric spacers, 2x sets - GK Tech subframe bush kit - plus more, check my other for sales threads...dekuji
  11. ECUTalk usb>consult port cable, connects your stock Nissan ecu to laptop for datalogging, test functions and diagnostics/troubleshooting sensor and electrical issues, fault codes etc; cable in perfect cond, and comes with the info/software/programs. ECUtalk information and pricing shown here https://www.ecutalk.com.au/interface.aspx $50 posted anywhere in Oz.
  12. lollllll... pretty sure RHDJPN had L-jetro PFC's for $1400ish? But as above, a MAF isn't THAT bad to warrant spending soo much just to remove it. Fair enough if wanting to upgrade ecu for other reasons, but not just for the maf when you have flexibility on that anyway with the pfc. The wolf 3d is ok but has it's own issues. Having used both Power FC and Wolf 3Dizzle, no fkn way I would spend a large amount of money on ecu+tuning to swap to it.
  13. grab yourself an apexi pod filter if you want bov noise cyka, you do get a reasonable sound from the stock bov then...if you're running a decent amount of boost that is; you won't hear much on 10 psizzle.
  14. I did...not interested thanks mate. From what i have seen, you would be lucky to find a fmic kit for under 150, so its well priced as it is.
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