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  1. Spoiler alert..there's plastic clips that need to be jerked up, then jerked off. Angled rather than straight up and down.
  2. Hello...search threads, and google images of the underside of spolier. I had the same query back in the day, and found the info that way.
  3. that's somewhat fair enough, but it's best to do some research and try to help yourself first though. It's not a 'new guy' thing though, plenty of newbies on here get good help n advice. And if you drive a modified car, getting pulled off by the cops (off the road, i mean) is always a risk. Check over your car, see what mods it has, check the NCOP and see if you need to change it or get a mod plate, or run the risk and accept the consequences.
  4. ok so it would seem the gears have the same amount of teeth, but the difference may be where on the face where the synchro sits. Older type is recessed slightly>> whereas El Nouveau, the modern styler...is a flat face, blyat however this is only from OCD googling in between bouts of Pornhub: not seen them firsthand to compare.
  5. " loooool...you don't have ANY ideas? not even one? like putting fkn stock parts back on to clear the defect?? I know, i'm a genius, a real out of the box thinker.
  6. on the plus side, it looks sweeeeeet. Big up the Wexford massiv.
  7. ^^^ that last guys post was awesome
  8. Ok not the worst part of brissy. Not that far from Otaku Garage, they may be able to help, and would be qualified.
  9. thanks for the offer - my 3rd gear's still intact/ok, it's just the dogteeth are a bit rounded, and since i'm rebuilding the box, would have been nice to throw a new one in but i'm about 10 years too late lol. So the part number for 3rd gear here that is still available for the later series boxes https://www.amayama.com/en/part/nissan/3226112u14 - has anyone seen one of these side by side with the older gears and know what the difference is, eg dimensions, number or angle of teeth, etc?
  10. thanks for the reply - just got an update from RHDJpn that the part number they gave me - 3rd gear Nissan 32261-12U04 - has been discontinued too, and this time they didn't have an alternate part number. I have been scouring the www over a week now and can't find any online seller that has the older type of 3rd gear, so might have to just put up with the one I have.
  11. ahoy team rebuilding an rb25det gearbox at the moment. No idea what year it's from as bought it off gumtree but appears to be the older type with shonky 3rd-4th insert springs that are known to fail (I found their mashed-up corpses in the drained oil). Got most of the parts i need now but want to replace 3rd gear and the 3rd>4th coupler, however bit of a snag, a stumbling block if you will...the original Nissan part number for these 2 items is long since discontinued and over a week of searching, while some good info found, hasn't given me any clear answers. RHDJapan has given me this info for the 3rd gear and coupler> However for both of those new part numbers, i have read that they're not a direct-fit and need a spacer, new syncro hub and possibly other bits to make it work with the older gearboxes. Has anyone seen them, used them, or seen and used them, and know if they will work with the older boxes or not...?
  12. also i find with anything like this, searching google images helps, so you can see all the bits/connection points.
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