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  1. hardsteppa

    GLWS.. Wait what are u doing again
  2. hardsteppa

    Yeah but you can order more hose online from a guy in Russia that sells it, think his name is Cyka Blyat. Or get it from...anywhere ... you don't have to keep THAT piece of hose, in factbetter to replace old hose.
  3. hardsteppa

    No worries. Splices in there cos meant to stop car running on with turbo timer if handbrake is not on.
  4. hardsteppa

    Not what but who. That's Jim the party wire, don't let his plain grey appearance fool you, and don't leave any alcohol in the car. Does it tie into one of the wires connected to handbrake? If so, prob for a turbo timer.
  5. hardsteppa

    They were made in the late 90's, not 1950.
  6. hardsteppa

    I know...i was tempted to just stare blankly with a glazed look in my 1 working eye when he asked what size i wanted. ..but ended up going the extra mile and giving him the offset too. I assumed Koya would refuse to come out and make a personal visit to my car, see its setup and make recommendations, so i didn't bother asking, just thought, i'll look for myself. Cheap bastids only wanting a quick buck i tell ya ....
  7. hardsteppa

    hay guise just bought another pair of KOYA drifteks 17X9, I asked for a +27 mm offset and you will not believe what I got... a perfect 27mm offset that sits just how I wanted it to. Soz T-dawg.
  8. hardsteppa

    Thank fk Timmy didn't get them. They would find themselves in VCAT for sure.
  9. mine is pretty much same as this. You need a dial indicator, but they're a handy thing to have around anyway, and then $25 at Bunnings for some board and hinges and you're done.
  10. hardsteppa

    Damn right. New wheels, took it back to shop, got rebalanced. Witnessed new weight on there...had fallen off by time i drove home.
  11. hardsteppa

    Have you checked/reset ign timing
  12. OP are you using stock upper control/camber arms or adjustable? i think an exact length isn't commonly posted because as GTSboy says, it's relevant to the individual setup. It's prob 2 years back since i did mine - numbers are written down somewhere in the garage but to quote numbers through a foggy haze of memory, i think i measured my traction rod at 218mm stock length bolt to bolt, and ended up at maybe 223mm? The point was though, the 'best' length in my testing, was changing it by the same ratio as you change the camber arm to reduce camber once the vehicle is lowered (my rear camber is -1.75 deg). I would imagine Nissan spent a fair amount of time to minimize bump steer when calculating the suspension geometry so it would be no surprise that maintaining the same relative lengths on the arms would give the best results, to approximately maintain Nissan's geometry.
  13. hardsteppa

    Can't wait to see photos of their gear fitted ^
  14. mein gott...if coolant coming somewhere out that it shouldn't from a contained system isn't a leak, then I don't know what is. ohhkayyy mang, all the best with it, cyka blyat and all that.