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  1. hardsteppa

    Yep same sizes.
  2. hardsteppa

    Was just thinking that, good to have around.
  3. price drop on Tein springs, $250, and further info SPECIFICATIONS- Front Spring Rate: 4.1 kgf/mm- Rear Spring Rate: 4.4 kgf/mmRide Height Drop (ECR33)- Front: 32mm- Rear: 30mm
  4. B&m trans cooler and intake pipe now sold. Cheers to Rustynuts for a very smooth transaction. Pm replied Josh.
  5. ehhy for sure my friend for sure, i do for you. It measure 395mm from tip to tip shown 'ere.
  6. no we're not done yet - B&M oil cooler - multipurpose, but I used it as a auto trans cooler. Thick solid construction, laughs off flying road pebbles with ease. Comes with ducting and custom hardlines and mounting brackets - is 100% bolt on to your existing factory mounting points and rubber lines, for R33 gtst, in drivers side front of wheel arch. $100 Stainless steel intake pipe and silicone joiners for r33/r34 gtst. Has the fitting for BOV return (2 in fact, if you're running aftermarket instead) and PCV return line. Also thermotape-wrapped for your pleasure. $50
  7. also - ARP main stud set for RB25DET - BRAND NEW still in box...although as you will know, these come in a plain white box as not an 'official" ARP product in their usual logo'ed box (put together by their dealers? - genuine ARP though). Bought for the engine rebuild I never got around to rebuilding. Only thing is I used the lube sachet for my head studs, so no lube but otherwise complete. Think they're around $350? steal then at $250.
  8. also have - r33 gtst auto non abs tailshaft - R$30 - set of 6 r33 stock injectors - $20 - R33 gtst front LCA's, welded braces/boxed with Hardrace rubber bushes, VGC. $50 - R33 gtst stock front and rear camber arms, rear traction arms - $20 a set. - GkTech hubcentric wheel spacers for R33/34, S14/14 etc - in 10mm, 13mm and 15mm thickness - $25 a set
  9. Tein S-Tech springs, full set of front and rear- for R33 gtst plus others. Bought when I thought my coilovers has developed a knock but they hadn't, so these are test-fitted only - otherwise brand new still in box. These are the firmer type around 4.5kg from memory? so halfway between usual aftermarket springs and hard coilover springs. Possibly the best lowering spring for a street car that you can get.....possibly. Saw a post about counterfeits going around - check the logo and part number printing in the pics; they're genuine Tein. $300
  10. Welcome. Welcome one welcome all - to partz for sells. Can post auswide, pm for costs. First - Nismo adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Fairly new, and in good working order. I know this for fact, cos i'm still currently using it, but won't fit my new fuel rail so... $100. GK Tech poly subframe bushes. These are BRAND NEW - didn't even make it to the garage, and are still in the box. Bought them to address roll centre correction but achieved the same by cutting the top off the whiteline bushes I already had installed so didn't use these. My loss, yo gain. Fits a number of vehicles; details here on the GK Tech website - https://au.gktech.com/polyurethane-rear-subframe-bushes $110. Apexi SAFC NEO. In excellent working order and worked well for me, but now have a standalone ecu. In good working order as pics show. Has a strip of thermotape across the top (protect it from being roasted when parked in sun) - not an issue, but to mention it for detail of condition. Other than that, bloody choice bruv. $200.
  11. You should have the bigger wheels on the front, make it easier to go over bumps. Will be hella cool
  12. Dunno mate, prob around the 100? Will be putting it up for sale soon, only selling cos it won't fit on the new soon-to-be-fitted rail.