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  1. GTX turbos have a restrictor built in i'm pretty sure, so as Ben says, sounds like insufficient oil flow. Water lines can go on either side but the highest side should be the exit, obviously.
  2. yep they go for way more than $100...advertised anywhere else? just got into the sim racing myself, seems worth more than $100.
  3. RB25DET shortblock for sale, as the new forged motor is in the final stages of being lubed and inserted into the waiting cavity of my engine bay. Make no mistake, this is not your average RB25 shortblock that's been thrashed to death with cracked ringlands and no oil changes for 7 years. No son, this engine was hand built by myself just on 12 months (9000 k's ) back with - full strip down and clean of all parts, OEM pistons cleaned and checked, new ARP rod bolts fitted, cylinders honed and new OEM Nissan piston rings fitted, new OEM rod and mains bearings fitted, new OEM Nissan mains bolts fitted. I ain't gonna bullshit you and say, I only ever ran stock boost # LIAR!!, of course not, it ran 17 psi with a very healthy maintenance schedule of Castrol edge 10w-40, and not enough ignition timing in the tune for my liking, zero markings on pistons, compression is 157-162 across all cylinders, it runs freakin fantastic. I had been tossing off whether to keep it as a spare but my garage is crowded enough as it is. This is a bare shortblock so you will need your own everything else, but I can include, stock Nissan oil pump, used (but reusable) ARP head studs, IRIWAY 7 spark plugs, rear main seal/retainer. Pickup in Brisbane at $600; can post interstate but the current covid ' ting means some delays there...and postage at yo' cost of course.
  4. the thing is, a full metal intake matching to stock connections, is in my experience, a PITA. Hence the benefit of using a 2-piece metal intake, to give you very flexibilitiness in being able to get it easily in and out, and adjust to make sure it's a perfect fit, even when changing to aftermarket airboxes or turbochargers. It's what i have used time and time again with various setups. I think I have one of the first parts, that has the BOV and PCV fittings on it, in stainless, somewhere in the garage. How much are you offering?
  5. Another vote for the ATTKD kit from justjap, mine has been flawless. Don't buy the K-sport kit, thry are a bunch of useless lying flogs that wouldn't know the right kit if it fell off their shelf and hit them in their stupid head.. Ok vented now.
  6. Nice, 4in fitting is a good effort. My 3.5 homemade system barely has enough clearance Clarence in a few places.
  7. That company has been around a while and as far as i know theyre not shit...but i pieced together oem nissan stuff for a little less than their kit. Although was a bit of dicking around to do. As above though, you will likely find things like worn couplers/gear teeth once the box is apart. Going whole box brand new would be good idea if you have the extra $$
  8. nah just plain ol rb25 .. wasn't going to cut it open but yeah ok I might do that, don't think I'll end up needing it anyway.
  9. Have a brand new one sitting in my garage, but it won't show much unless i cut it open. Air will only flow thru it one way; direction of flow to the head.
  10. for anyone's future reference - the OEM oil restrictors on an RB25 are absolutely a 1-way valve. Floating-ball type, not spring loaded. Just under 1.5mm diameter.
  11. Yep, unlikely to be a unicorn, that cheap. I use Iriway 7's, straight out of the box with r35 coils, last for years and never had an issue.
  12. Dont know you will get an answer as most people use the same rack as their car model is....i assume. I would suggest check amamaya.com for example, see if they have the same or interchangeable part number. случайные русские слова
  13. Yep, i should have paid the extra for bilsteins.
  14. well you could always go and have a look at your own car....but pretty sure 3 bolts is just for macpherson struts, not A-arm setup.
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