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  1. Except in the wokshop manual screenshot above where it gives both :p.
  2. hi mate, that wouldn't be a problem but I believe postage to WA and NT is pricey compared to rest of Aus? and unlikely to have time to get it posted until the week after next. Happy to do it tho if u want.
  3. Hi mate, everything that it comes with is in the box, i havent used it. There are metal inner tubes in the kit. I will lay it all out and take a pic. You needed a clutch too right?? 😛
  4. thanks dudes....no doubt the tie rods on the delete kits would be stronger.
  5. Hi mate, as these are brand new i never fitted them to say.
  6. I couldn't see any reason while there would be a difference between 93-98 R33 gtst's. Part numbers often change but the part itself is interchangeable. Amayama.com is a great resource to see part diagrams and part numbers specific to each year, and usually has cross-reference numbers...as well as being a great site to buy from.
  7. Something I've been meaning to ask for a while - I have deleted HICAS via a GKTech lock bar and ages back I bought a TOG (standard ebay type) hicas delete kit which is still sitting in its box in the garage. The kit looks solid but a few things I don't see as beneficial - first of all the toe arms are the same as your camber/traction arms, as in you turn the middle section and it shortens/lengthens from both ends at once, and is a fairly coarse thread. The stock tie rods are a finer thread, and will give a much more precise adjustment turn for turn than the delete kit arms. Also on the hub end, the stock ball joints appear to maintain a better angle during up/down movement > less bump steer, with the ball joint pin allowing sideway deflection while still being " fixed"...and replacing with a poly bush bolted to the toe-arm will turn the hub more, aka inducing bump steer. What's the arguments to the benefit of going with the delete kit, apart from it being a more solid setup?
  8. also have - Nismo adjustable FPR off an R33 Gtst and others - used but in excellent condition - $90 Tein S-Tech medium-rate springs to suit R33 gtst and others - brand new still in box - $250
  9. GK Tech poly subframe bushes. These are BRAND NEW - didn't even make it to the garage, and are still in the box. Bought them to address roll centre correction but achieved the same by cutting the top off the whiteline bushes I already had installed so didn't use these. My loss, yo gain. Fits a number of vehicles; details here on the GK Tech website - https://au.gktech.com/polyurethane-rear-subframe-bushes $100.
  10. Aeroflow tube and fin intercooler, 600x 300x 76, 3in outlets. Everyone says something like this but, I can honestly say was only put on car for testing against a bar n plate intercooler of same size (this one had less pressure drop but the bar n plate cooled better) and has seen about an hour's use..So new it still has its plastic wrapper and box, as pictured...just got some minor scuffs in black paint during install, and I dented in the top rail slightly to fit my car (Dent is in the top panel only, not a tube/fin) as pictured. $250ish brand new so grab a deal here at $150.
  11. ORC 409D Single Plate Metal Clutch Kit - suits BNR32 HNR32 HCR32 ECR33 Complete kit including cromoly lightweight flywheel, clutch and release bearing. Is just on 12 months old, bought new from RHDJapan and done less than 10,000ks and has HEAPS of life in it. Is still on car for the next week or 2 so can test it running if you're quick. This is the 409D, rated for higher torque than the 409.Only selling as I will need a stronger clutch with next round of mods, and have gone with a twinplate ORC as they are an awesome quality lightweight unit. Pickup on Brisbane northside or can post in Aus at your cost.Pics are of the clutch from when bought/installed last december, will take more pics inc showing plate thickness once off the car. Twinplate has just arrived today so will be installed within next 2 weeks.
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