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  1. Only other issue now is I get a vibration in neutral when I rev the car after installing a poly transmission mount im not sure if it’s there under load cause the car is waiting to be tuned. But I have changed the harmonic balencer and I don’t think it’s the clutch/ flywheel being loose as the engine mounts are stock but in good shape
  2. This was hot no oil in cylinders throttle plate closed and no charger hooked up to car my starter cranks pretty slow
  3. Hot test came up with 1 145 2 145 3 145 4 140 5 135 6 140
  4. I will try a hot Test what type of numbers should I see
  5. I just used a grade 8 bolt for one and its held up fine
  6. Before I pull this thing apart would the timing affect this when the motor was built I put in cp 9.0.1 pistons and used a .051” Cometic headgasket and had the head decked then set the timing back to factory spec
  7. Hey I have a rb25 the short block was built and assembled by a shop. The main mods are cp 9.01 pistons 1.3mm head gasket arp head studs I took it to my tuner and what he said was he Did a compression test 90-90-100-85-80-80 Cold. cross hatch don’t look too good on cylinder walls and there was Oil trace all cylinders and 1st cylinder is at worst Alot of detonation mark on spark plug 4 to 6 motor only has 7000k on it it doesnt burn oil never overheated kinda don’t know where to go from here
  8. Ive got a friend running the same one and it's held up for him so far this is only temporary tho i will either be getting a custom one made or mod this one for twin gates if it doesnt crack
  9. This is what I ordered for the mean while I'm going to get this one ceramic coated and see if it holds up if not I will probably get one built
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