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  2. WANTING TO BUY a pair or a single rim of TE37SL in double pressed black in 18 x 10.5 +15 spec. I've already got a set, but 1 rim is damaged. Would prefer a single rim however happy to purchase a pair (no sets please) Mainly after something in exactly the SAME SIZE and SAMEish COLOR, however i'm open to different designs (in a pair of course) such as CE28SL Prefer to pick up here in VIC
  3. First item HKS Step 2 Cams (IN and EX) for RB26 $800.00 Used, but in good condition. Came from an R33 GT-R PRICE NEGOTIABLE Cams Specs: Intake cam: 264 10.2mm Exhaust cam: 272 10.0mm Gives a nice lumpy sound, if that's what your're into. Located in Casey area, Victoria. PICK-UP ONLY (willing to meet elsewhere, if i'm too far) Second item Custom 2.9L Stroker Kit for RB26 (pistons, rods, and crank) $3000.00 Not sure what it's truly worth, so PRICE NEGOTIABLE! Located in Casey area of VIC. For now, not willing to separate the parts as the pistons and crank only work for this kit. Kit was developed in SA by a company named Rhemac. Ideally this kit would suit someone chasing cheap easy power, using a virgin bore or brand new RB26 block (due to piston size). Has cracked 481kw on a hub dyno (HKS 2530s, e85, Vipec V88) and 435kw on roller dyno (same specs). Final tune was 426kw by RacePace Motorsport. Specs: Pistons: 86mm CP forged pistons and rings. Custom design. Pistons do have markings on the sides, however still usable. Recommend them getting re-coated. Custom in terms of shortening comp height (distance from gudgeon centre line to crown of the piston). Rods: Eagle h-beam rods, standard RB26 size. Only part in this kit that can be used standalone. Comes with ARP 2000 rod bolts. Crank: Custom made RB30 crank (yes that's right VL crank), nitrided and balanced with collar fitted (what my research is telling me). Basically the kit creator has shaved down the counter weights so it all just fits in the RB26 cradle/block. In saying that, the crank still brushes on the piston oil squirters, though the kit was inside my car and was used for over 40,000KMs was working well enough. I can discuss the reason why I decided to change my engine from this privately, as it is quiet a long story. The kit works and gives a lot of torque. No it's not the most efficient or reliable but if you're chasing an easy means for power (racecar anyone?) this kit is great for that. I don't claim to know the ins and outs of this kit. I'm simply going off the paperwork I received from the previous owner, as well as forum posts from the kits creator. If genuinely interested, I can get you in touch with my mechanic who can definitely do a better job at explaining the details, as they took my old engine apart with this kit in it. PICK UP ONLY
  4. Carbon Ducts SOLD Drift Blade Seat SOLD
  6. Hi SAU, Looking to purchase some Tein RA (Racing Spec) Circuit Masters coilovers, for my R33 GT-R. 20+ year old coilovers so I don't expect them to be in the best condition. Happy to buy a set that is rebuildable (planning to get some custom work done to them), but not overly damaged (bent shock). For those who know; if you have a set with Racepace custom valving/spring rates already done, will be keen to buy those as well. Budget: depends on condition, though obviously these are very rare now, so will pay accordingly. If you have the RS version for BCNR33, please let me know.
  7. For camtech https://camtechcams.com.au/camshaft-search?c_association[1]=14&c_association[2]=56&c_association[3]=126&c_association[4]=127 Will be doing some cam research in regards to everything we've talked about, before the big day. Thanks GTSBoy
  8. Yes that's true. Head is lifting due to dodgy tune from previous owner's tuner. My mechanics certain it's just a head gasket (fingers crossed its's just that) so engine out, recondition, new gaskets, tuning etc. Thought this would be opportune time to get cams changed while heads of and dismantled. For a 2.8L, with hks 2530s, running e85, what cams should I have? (street driven so response is priority) Poncam type B's are another recommendation for $1K and Camtechs lowest duration set are priced the same. My only hesitation is; will my gains from buying a new set of aftermarket cams for $1000 be even worth it? I want to go with my tuners advice as they are pretty much the go to guys here in Melbourne for RBs/GT-Rs, but I'll definitely be asking him if there is worthy benefits to the cams mentioned above. Will also be going through dyno results forums.
  9. Appreciate the replies guys. Learnt a bit from your responses. As for cam selection, im just going by what my mechanic/tuner (Racepace) is suggesting. Ill have a look at what other mild cam choices there are, however at $100-$200 a pair, stockies arent going to break the bank. As for advancing timing, thatsl was pretty much already taken care off during tuning. Thanks
  10. Hi SAU, As the title states, i'm wanting to go back to stock cams on my R33 GT-R as the cams that are in the car at the moment are totally mismatched, plus i'm looking for more of a responsive setup. The cams in there at moment are HKS Step 2: INT=264 duration 10.2mm lift, EXH=272 duration 10.0mm lift. The cylinder head has been CNC ported. Don't know to much about machining. My question is: Will stock cams fit in this cylinder head? The HKS cams are rather big compared to stock (INT=240, EXH=236). I wasn't the one who built or commissioned the build of this engine so I wouldn't have a clue how much head work has been done. I'm aware that clearance work is done to fit some cams. Would replacing a larger cam with a smaller cam be possible? Or has there been to much 'cylinder head material' removed, making a smaller cam loose/not fit? (my lack of mechanical knowledge is showing lol) Any and all help appreciated.
  11. Hi SAU, Need some OEM rb26 cams from either an r32 or r33 GT-R (silver crank angle sensor models) Prefer to pick up here in Victoria, around east to south-east suburbs. Budget: not really sure on what there worth, but seen them for around $100 to $200 for pair. Happy to trade for anything I've currently got listed for sale. Need them as I plan to remove the mismatched cams from my setup to improve low to mid response. In case anyone's interested, cams I have now are HKS step2 INT: 264 10.22 EXH: 272 10.0, could possibly work a deal if you want these cams. Cheers, Josh
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