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Found 1,281 results

  1. I’m looking for a good fun P plate car in Victoria. I have settled on getting a Skyline 25GT, Sedan, Manual. But my friends are telling me to watch out for the build quality, as it’s a cheap Japanese sports car. It sells for 12,000 at 150,000kms. I’m not sure if I should get it or not. Or just go with a boring everyday driver. I want increase it’s per with a couple of basic mods such as new exhaust system, cold air intake, ect. But I don’t know if I should do it or not. Any advice on a good 5 seater fun car?
  2. Hey guys I'm after an rb26 valley/coil cover. Paint doesn't matter just no dents thanks
  3. I have a set (x4) of Rays (Volk) bronze TE37's for sale. 17x9 +22 all round Advan A050 semi slicks (~70% tread remaining) Some gutter rash, worst one pictured Willing to ship at buyers expense Don't get on here often so best to text me on - 04 eight 844 six 696 $2850
  4. Hey everyone, So 2 of the rims that came on my car when i brought it have now cracked in the same spot, so figured i may as well buy all new wheels. i've spent a couple hours last night searching the wheels and offset thread, found alot of good information but couldn't find enough to get a proper answer. I am looking at getting some Rota P1R wheels. having some trouble making sure i've got the right offsets tho. The choices are the following 18x9.5 +27 18x9.5 +35 18x9.5 +38 Have compared my current to the the following on, but still not sure which would be the best choice, i think the +27 on the front would stick out to much but not sure if the +35 would be to close on the inner. But i think the +27 would fit the rear pretty nice, Going to jack the car up this afternoon and try and check clearance. Just wondering if anyone knows off the top of their heads the best offsets to get? Cheers in advance.
  5. Can anyone point me to any info they have and what Nismo parts make up the 4 levels of a r34 GTR Tune? The 4 tune levels are: Sports Resetting S-Tune R-Tune Z-Tune The R-Tune and Z-Tune both had the RB28 Block fitted. The other tunes all had the RB26 with modified internals, aero parts and Nismo Bolt on's. Anyone have exactly what was done for each tune? I did a bit of a search around but my google kung-fu may not have been good enough.
  6. Wanting to buy a direct bolt turbo for an Rb25 Internal Gate Skyline r33, r34 Could be an 0p6 highflow Hypergear kinugawa Garrett gt3076,gtx etc FYI Just want a small upgraded for now.. going to upgrade again with a new setup
  7. Hey guys I'm new to this forum let alone any forum so if I did something wrong already let me know lol. Anyway I'm getting off my provisional licence soon and just finally keen to get my R34gtt. I have a few questions though. Firstly, I have a 1 and a half year old child, I know that a two door car isn't convenient but it's my dream and my Mrs agreed so it's a done deal, although I've heard that baby seats will be an issue. If anyone has a baby seat in the back of there r34 please upload pictures and let me know what model seat it is. Done with that point, I'm looking to get a manual so when I go r34 shopping what are some serious things I should keep an eye on. Not an expert with cars so I will bring someone with more knowledge but is there some things in particular that I should be aware of? Anyway thanks and drive responsibly 😉
  8. Hey everyone, I am wanting to look at getting a different diff ratio for my R34 GTT, the reason behind this is, that it is starting to annoy me that if i go out of town i need to take a different car because the skyline sits really high on rpm around 100-120km/h and just chugs way to much fuel. Started looking around and researching, correct me if i am wrong but the diff i have is 4.11 ? Just wondering if there another diff that i can put in the car with a lower ratio. i have read that s15 diff will bolt right in, but i think they have a ratio like 3.6 which i think would be to low. what wold my options be ? Cheers in advance
  9. I don't really contribute hear at all but I need an opinion. I've had a RB30/Neo 3.4 Stroker built at a workshop. Whilst at the workshop the shop relocated. The mechanic wanted me to pay a towing fee between his old and new workshop, I did although didn't think it was fair. Then he got in trouble for having too many cars at his new workshop so he had it moved to my house whilst the engine was being built, I paid towing once again. And now the engine is back in and the piping work needs to be done. He has it being towed to some other workshop to be done and wants me to pay towing again. Towing too and from $70 each time! I don't think this is right/fair. What do you think? What should I say or do?
  10. Did a search and couldn't find a topic like this. Any way, did a catch can install on my GT-T yesterday and nI now have a check engine light on... and dont know what the problem is. Its plumbed from the cam breathers to a tee piece to join them together, going into the 'in' on the can, then the 'out' going back to the intake before the turbo. Have I dont it wrong? Id check for a pcv but tbh I have no clue where or what it is. Any better suggestions for a closed loop system or and help would be great! Thanks in advance guys!
  11. okay, thanks in advance but do you know those R34 "GTR" cluster dashes with the silver plates? "search V spec 1 stock GTR R34 cluster" is it possible for me to glue the silver plate looking thing onto my R34 stock S1 cluster? if so, where can i buy those plates, does anyone have access to the exact measurement to those? because i do have access to a laser cutter. i want to do this to cover to make the car look good, not to make a GTR replica, i just wanted to do something with the ugly cluster (is a manual but has automatic symbols) thanks.
  12. Hello, Up for sale are stock R34 GT-T parts that have seen less than 100,000 km and an aftermarket cat-back exhaust that will fit right to your existing system (on a stock R34 GT-T Coupe). Blitz NUR Spec RX Exhaust (perfect condition, seen less than 500 km without any scrapes) - $750 R34 GT-T Stock Blow Off Valve (BOV) - $50 R34 GT-T Stock Snorkel + Airbox + Filter (K&N?) - $150 R34 GT-T Stock Side Mount Intercooler - $100 R34 GT-T Stock exhaust (Full System) - $150 Everything listed is in perfect working condition. Can post at buyers expense and willing to do a better price for multiple items. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here or private message me. Thank you.
  13. Good morning all. I figured I might as well start a build thread on my 1990 Skyline GTS-T (Gxi hybrid). The backstory of this car is pretty out there. It's an FR chassis, had a motor swap done on it, the previous owner cut the engine harness and hard wired an R31 ECU and hard wired the TCM as well. Needless to say it was less than attractive. Fast forward to yesterday. We just finished installing the chassis, engine and alternator harnesses. I was fortunate enough to find the harnesses on eBay via international sellers. For >$500 I was able to secure those. I'm still missing a transmission harness for the A/T which I can likely source off of a Z32. They had the same transmission so I can assume the connectors are the same. Right now I'm at a standstill, the coilpack harness was hacked up as well and the connectors from the old harness don't look like the typical 6 pin plugs but rather have a rubber boot on them and a metal clip. In addition there's a single wire plug (round) that comes off of the coil pack harness. Again, not connected to anything. As such I decided to deal with Wiring Specialties for the coil pack harness. Unfortunately they don't make harnesses for A/T which limited me to factory only. That being said, I trust that once I get the coil pack harness and the transmission harness I'll be back in action. From there it'll be time to consider relocating the fuel filter, installing new suspension components and replacing the single pot calipers to something beefier. Yes, I forgot to mention that I've got single pot front and rear calipers. The Gxi came with rear drums so I'm not sure what these are.
  14. Hey guys, i'm in the market for a Skyline R34 Gt-t. I'm located in Sydney but i'm willing to travel interstate for the right car. Manuel is a must, and 2 door is preferably. I'm new to this forum but my budget is anywhere between $15 - 20k depending on the right car. You can contact me on 0403483775 or just contact me here, cheers guys ! Marc
  15. Has anyone dealt with Viva Garage before? i really want a front lip they have on their website but they never reply to emails or pick up the phone when i call. Ive tried multiple times over a few months still nothing. On that note does anyone know where i can get a front lip like this other than Viva Garage?
  16. Hey guys, just have a couple of questions. I'm looking to get a pair of Z-tune style side skirts and rear pods for R34 GTT from JSAI and just wanted to check if anyone has them? And if the rear pods are made to fit the factory rear bumper? Also, I came across JustJap which stocks Jsai parts. If i remember correctly, I think I have come across several posts on SAU about members having issues with getting their parts in a timely manner from one of these companies? I might be wrong, but hoping to get some clarification on any personal experience that you guys have had ordering from them. Thanks!
  17. I'd like to return the car to original. Parts wanted! Thx!
  18. Hi All, Apologies if this has already been posted. If so, please let me know where I can find this info. Can anyone please tell me what differences does the BNR34 SPEC 2 NUR have to a BNR34 SPEC 2?
  19. Hey people, I got a 2-door black R34 and I'm in need of a new bumper. The current aftermarket fibreglass bumper is in really bad condition (due to previous owner) as its starting to crack at certain joints and the paint is peeling off too. Overall, the front end looks cheap and shit. I'd appreciate it if someone could suggest reliable yet decent priced sources to where I can get a new (or used) front bumper. I'm NOT after the N/A style front bumpers. Thanks in advance I'm located in Melbourne btw.
  20. Hello all, now i I don’t own a skyline but as my name suggests it’s my wife’s car, but I’m always working on it if not on my own ford. for the last couple of years the drivers window hasn’t worked, I decided to get cracking on it this weekend and it’s now working, it had all the usual problems other have described before, window stuttering, gets stuck, goes half way up and stops like it’s stuck well you need to get the regulator out of the door, if you can’t manage that turn back now..undo the 3 screw on the silver motor cover, little gold screws.. the inside of the silver housing and the black plastic part are likely full of crap and dried up grease.. buy a can of electrical contact cleaner from Supercheap about $10.00 and clean out the silver cap..windout the motor spindle anticlockwise while gently pulling on it.. clean this also with the contact cleaner.. get a small piece of fine sandpaper and clean the small copper ring where the contacts touch it while it’s in the housing.. clean the contacts with the sand paper also.. put a little grease or silicon spray on the screw end of the motor spindle..put it all back together, silicon spray the window runners and all should be fine, if all this doesn’t work then it’s electeical or the switch module mick located in Adelaide and happy to help if you need it, sorry I didn’t take photos:(
  21. Hey, Been lurking the forums on and off for the past 6-9 months. Finally pulled the trigger and bought a fairly stock r34 gtt. Pretty new to JDM cars in general let alone skylines so i'm sure ill have a bunch of dumb questions coming up soon. Havent done anything to it yet aisde from touching up some paint chips, still deciding where i want to go. Leaning towards a good handling/power balance without being excessive as its my daily (for now) Probably start a build thread once i actually start building it haha. Thanks for all the info and tutorials on here already, maybe i can have a crack at making my own in the future.
  22. Hey everyone, Looking to get back into a skyline after quite a long hiatus. Currently very little of interest that is available on carsales or gumtree. Located in Melbourne, so would prefer local, but will travel for the right car. At this stage open to anything. Prefer modified. Looking for a street registered track car, so the closer to that the better. Looking to purchase in the next 1-2 months for an honest price. Im not going to pay $65k for your r32 GTR. Feel free to also contact me on my mobile, 0457725577 if you would like to discuss further. Thanks everyone! Michael
  23. Hello, i am trying to purchase new rims for my R34 skyline, I was thinking 18x10 with +15 on the rear 18x9.5 with +18 on the front ROTA GRID Rs i have a wide body on my Skyline which i assume is a touch larger than the original R34 GTR but i think the front fenders the pumped a little bit. any size recommendations ? can post pictures if needed
  24. well uh, so i failed the first time and i felt that the driver schools cars reverse and gear 1 was going out and hard to engage if i used my R34 skyline for the P plate test, do you think they will mark me harder and fail me for loud exhaust? like you know, sounds like your speeding but actually not, eg eg need your guys opinion, dish out another 150 to hire a car or use mine just bad at driving "SAFE" wink wink
  25. nsw/act 

    R34 GT-R standard Fuel Rail & Adjustable Nismo FPR for sale - $100 Negotiable All in working order, selling due to upgrade in Fuel Rail and FPR. Can post out but at buyers expense. Please PM or txt 0424 056 507 for any inquiries cheers