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Found 998 results

  1. For sale good condition R34 GTR Intercooler removed due to upgrade from late model vspec located in western suburbs kon 0419 022 813 $250
  2. Hi guys I have an R34 GTT and am concerned with the boost levels it's running. It has some basic bolt-ons including a front mount intercooler, full 3inch de-cat turboback exhaust, apexi pod filter and custom cold air intake. The stock 2-stage boost controller has also been grounded out. However I've been having issues with how much boost it's running. It's occasionally hitting the 1bar mark on the factory boost gauge, and it does not have a boost tap. I believe that was causing issues as the car had severe flat spots through the rpm range and was missfiring and spluttering occasionally on boost. I read up and unplugged the factory 2-stage controller and it now sits on 7psi constantly, which i'm much happier with. My 2 questions were, why/how is it boosting this much without a tap or controller, and could the missfire/break up I was getting on boost be because of the boost levels it was running? Feels fantastic on 7, and pulls properly the whole way to redline. Have checked and gapped my spark plugs to .85 too. Was planning on getting it tuned on a link ecu but just wanted to check for ideas here first about those two things. Thanks guys
  3. Patski

    Hey guys, Anyone around the Sydney/Wollongong area selling an R34 GTT coupe bootlid in white? Doesn't need to have a spoiler as I have one already but needs to be in good condition (no dings, scratches, rust etc). Cheers!
  4. Just need someone or few people to give me a hand to convert my r34 sedan auto to manual All parts supplied Can $$ for work
  5. Hi all, I have so many questions but would like to try the short version first so as to not bore everyone. I'm hoping SAU will be a wealth of people that has been through this before and know how the system works. I'm in over my head and trying to get some facts straight before I commit to anything. I have ( had ) An R34, Turbo, manual, coupe, it was stolen and thrashed for a night and dumped the next morning, more or less straight. The insurance company ( not sure if i should name them ) have had the car at a questionable garage in Dandenong, Vic for 4! weeks. The insurance assessor contacted me today. Word for word: "Mate, we're not going to go down the road of repair, we're happy to give you the agreed value (17k) if you can get down tomorrow and clear out your personal belongings from the vehicle." Some people would not touch their car again if it was stolen and thrashed. I understand this. I've also been warned from two other people in the industry to ' don't let the insurance people have it' I haven't made up my mind and i welcome peoples opinions, but the meat of the matter is: *I am not convinced the mechanic yard ( 1 star review on google ) has been honest, and done due dilligence. They reported the car runs, but has a 'judder' that the believe may be gearbox. However.. this is only from running it up the 50 m driveway because the plates were nicked and they aren't able to drive it on the road.... Isn't this what those trader plates are for? *I'm not convinced the insurance and mechanic aren't taking advantage and stand to profit ? * If my agreed value was 17k, realistically what outcome other than giving up can i negotiate? Would they pay me out for example 12-14k to take it on my own? Keeping on with a 2001 model car might not make sense logically... but she's 8 years of work and love, and was in really good stock condition before this happened. I'm not sure that i won't hate myself later for 'giving up on her' 34 GTT coupes similar mileage to mine are currently going for 25-26 on carsales. Help, please
  6. Selling as whole, x1 Platinum plug and play ecu for R34 GTR $2295rrp x1 Can wideband o2 sensor controller $199rrp x1 I/O expander box $450rrp wiring for all ^ paid over 3k for all Willing to post at buyers expense Open to offers
  7. Running into a bit of an issue. R34 GTT auto trans has a speed sensor at the back, little 2 pin plug, assuming it's speed sensor 2 however the current trans harness doesn't plug into it. So assuming that either my harness is wrong or someone swapped out the sensor with a different one? Either way anyone have any ideas on what to do in this case? Is there a suitable replacement to speed sensor 2 or do I even need it?!
  8. R34GTT up for sale. Have been driving this one as my daily for the last 4 years without a single hiccup, and only selling as its time to get a new toy. Has some typical stone chips in front bumper i never got around to fixing, but overall pretty nice considering the age of the vehicle. Always ran on 98 fuel, and never boosted over 12psi. Last tune it came in at 270hp at 10psi. List of mods etc below. Alpine bluetooth deck / 6' speakers SPITFIRE coil packs, HKS Front mount intercooler, HKS 15psi wastegate actuator, HKS ssqv blow off valve, GREDDY/TRUST Arnix pod filter with custom stainless intake pipe, Custom exhaust system (3"down pipe, high flow cat, 3.5" cat back), EXEDY heavy duty ceramic button clutch with machined flywheel, PORCHE BREMBO front 4 pot brake calipers and rotors, Cwest earth grounding kit, Only filled with 98 octane New battery BLITZ SBC i-D electronic boost controler, BLITZ power meter i-D, Auto watch alarm system with interior and exterior sensors, Project Mu pedals, Genuine Nissan skyline floor mats. Full Bomex bodykit fitted NISMO carbon fibre pillars, Ganador side mirrors, Cwest wing (easily removable), Factory sunroof - working perfectly, Factory xenon hid headlights Black racing pro N1 Japanese wheels (front 17x8 31 & rear 17x9 38), Nismo Circuit Link Pro Ultimate Set (suspension control arms, caster rods etc), HKS hypermax drag coilovers, Factory strut brace and cusco rear strut brace. It comes with papers for full history since import including every receipt and documents since landing in Australia! It is clean inside and out and drives beautifully. reasonable offers will be considered but low ball offers will be ignored. All test drives will be performed by me until genuine offer is given (I am sure you can understand why with a performance vehicle) Selling for $17500 neg. Contact: Aaron. 0402155000 [email protected]
  9. Anyone have a lead on what wires on the R32 fuel pump plug are what. The R32 fuel pump plug is a 6 pole 5 wire plug whereas the R34...well that's just it, I don't know. Backstory, I gutted my R32 chassis and engine harnesses and ran an R34 chassis harness with the intention of running the fuel pump on the R34 connections, low and behold someone snipped the connectors to the fuel pump so now I'm stuck with my dick in my hand trying to sort out what's what. The chassis harness came out of a 4 door GTT, I'm anticipating the R34 dash, instrument cluster and other parts to arrive shortly so I can start doing the swap. My plan (assuming that I'm correct) is to just pop out wires and repin the blue R32 fuel pump plug. From what I am guessing, the R34 fuel pump has two plugs that go to it, a 2 pin and a 4 pin. I could be entirely wrong. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any pictures close up of anyone's R34 fuel pump assembly with the wires. Even so there's still a few plugs missing on the harness that I need to sort out. Anyone with an R34 could be really helpful right now to decipher what's what.
  10. Full ad: – Photos: ^^^ If viewing on the SAU app please tap the image and select View in Gallery Note: This is a replacement thread for the original EOI: ... Asking $19,500 with some exclusions, please see the full ad. PM for further details.
  11. Skylineman34

    Would love to see everyone's GTR's So i'll start it off. hrere's mine "99 BNR34 in Bayside Blue
  12. Have a set of genuine R34 GTR wheels with centre caps for sale. They have a few marks on them but no major gutter rashs or gouges. Pick up only from Kings Langley (near seven hills) or can deliver/meet somewhere close. They come with Dunlop SP sport 3000 tyres and the lowest tyre has 3mm from the wear indicator. Price: $2000 any questions give me a call or txt on <removed> Cheers Manny
  13. R34 GTR ECM/ECCS Relay power source Hi Everyone, For some unknown reason my ECM/Coil relay is not getting its supply power, as such the ECU is also getting no power on pints 49/59. I have spent days trying to locate the reason for this and need some assistance in confirming a few things regarding R34 GTR wiring. First thing of course was that I've checked all the fuses. Initially the top row-left use (10A Electrical components fuse) was blown. I replaced it, and it has not blown again since. The ignition circuit that switches ground to one side of the ECCS relay is functional. I have tried hot-wiring power to the ECCS relay by connecting pin 3 to +12V, and the relay operates as it should and the ECU powers on properly. So there's my fix should I give up on fixing this issue properly. The next thing I started to bypass was the aftermarket black widow alarm system, as I suspected the immobiliser relay may have gone open circuit (although it does click). Bypassing most of these circuits, (and confirming the immobiliser relay was actually switching) was easy to confirm. Still no go. Yes I run a Haltech ECU, which in theory ignores the factory immobiliser. But the immobiliser is still in the car, and there might be a fault with it. Does the factory immobiliser isolate the ECM relay? Other than at the fuse box, is there another place in the car that I can check the power to the ECM relay? Other than the alarm install, the loom is relatively unmolested. Any idea's or suggestions appreciated. Cheers, Ian
  14. Hi all, For sale are a few parts from my R34 GT-R which are: 1) Pair of factory R34 GT-R front Brembo calipers with DBA 5000 Series Clubspec 2 Piece T3 slotted rotors (324mm) and Project Mu H16-03 brake pads. Wheel spacers in the pictures are NOT included. Price - $1500 2) Factory R34 GT-R passenger seat. In excellent condition. Price - $1000 (prefer pickup if possible) All parts are located in the ACT and can arrange postage but at buyers expense. Please PM or contact me on 0424 056 507 or email to: [email protected] for any more info. Thanks. Glen 0424 056 507
  15. elle

    Could someone please help me out with what I need to replace these headlight globes, I’m getting so confused over what’s actually in it
  16. Hi all, tried running a search but couldn't find anything definitive, but how do you remove the A and B/C pillar trim in the R34? is it a series of clips? or is it stuck on there with glue/tape? I'm just hoping not to snap anything and have rattling panels for the rest of it's life
  17. Hello from Switzerland Hello all. I'm Joao, from Portugal but living in Switzerland. In the past (2007-2008) I had a Nissan Skyline GTS-T M-Spec Series2 AT-Gearbox. In this moment I'm waiting for a Nissan Skyline R34 GTT with GTR front bumper and Nismo Aero Kit. As soon as I receive the car I post some photos. Greetings.
  18. Hey everyone, first off this is my first post on this forum. I don't know a whole heap about cars as of yet. I've always serviced and worked on my own old, and breaking down honda CRV, but it's time to move to a proper JDM performance car. I've got the money right now to purchase an R34 GTT, although all R34's for sale are all R34 GT's with swaps left right and center. Well, I think they are. Correct me if I'm wrong, but an R34 GTT (4 door or coupe) will always have the 3 gauges above the center console right? So thats the first dead giveaway to tell if it's genuine GTT material. And second, something I noticed, is that the rear end is more boxy rather than round with the reverse lights under the park lights. Anyway, I'm looking to purchase a GTT in Perth. What's the best option? Import or wait for a sale locally?
  19. Nissan Skyline R34 GTT 2.5l Turbo Manual Coupe (Winton tow photo was from the end of the life of the previous motor <3 ) Year 2000 165xxx kmsEngine 80xxx kmsEngine -Stock rb25det neoNew oem coilpacksNew spark plugs (bkr6es)Stock turbo boostedTurbosmart boost teeZ32 Airflow Meter (genuine) - recently replacedNistune ECU tuned by RM performance in ringwood. 170rwkw at stock boostWalbro 460 fuel pumpFull turboback exhaust from Japan. Very quiet around town until you get to high revsAll new filtersBlitz front mount intercoolerNew power steering rackRecent replaced starter motorBodyQM1 WhiteFactory nismo altia front bumperFactory nismo altia rear bumperFactory nismo altia side skirtsGenuine r34 GTR spoiler (adjustable)Bluetooth head unit with aux etcExtra speaker for hands freeRare factory Nissan floor matsConcave concept cc03r wheels 18*9/ 18*10Yokohama advan A048 tyresFull slideworx adjustable arms availableSlideworx front coiloversZeal function rear coiloversRuns and drives beautifullyHas 9 months VIC rego
  20. Hey there guys. I’ve purchased some rims for my R34 GTT and think I may have gone too aggressive on the fitment. The fronts are 18x9 18p which i imagine should be ok, But i got 18x10 18p for the rear. Am I dreaming to fit a 255 tyre on those over the rear with stock guards? I’ve rolled the inner lips in but dont want to do a pump, and can’t do stretched tyres currently as I need to certify the wheels. Am I going to be able to get these to fit full stop or am I dreaming? Thanks
  21. Hey there guys. I’ve purchased some rims for my R34 GTT and think I may have gone too aggressive on the fitment. The fronts are 18x9 18p which i imagine should be ok, But i got 18x10 18p for the rear. Am I dreaming to fit a 255 tyre on those over the rear with stock guards? I’ve rolled the inner lips in but dont want to do a pump, and can’t do stretched tyres currently as I need to certify the wheels. Am I going to be able to get these to fit full stop or am I dreaming? Thanks
  22. seraphyn_r33

    Hey everyone, Looking to get back into a skyline after quite a long hiatus. Currently very little of interest that is available on carsales or gumtree. Located in Melbourne, so would prefer local, but will travel for the right car. At this stage open to anything. Prefer modified. Looking for a street registered track car, so the closer to that the better. Looking to purchase in the next 1-2 months for an honest price. Im not going to pay $65k for your r32 GTR. Feel free to also contact me on my mobile, 0457725577 if you would like to discuss further. Thanks everyone! Michael
  23. Hey it’s so I was on my way to work this morning and on break I noticed mY break lights were on so I tried turning my lots off which they already were Off, I tried turning my car on and off same as my lights and it still didn’t turn off, I then checked to see if the pin was good and it was all goods can someone help how I can fix this ? Cheers
  24. For Sale, R34 GTT clutch. Clutch came with a gearbox that i brought, i have no need for it, as i put a new clutch in around 3 months ago. Was bolted up to the car but was never ran. It is in Perfect condition. this is the clutch here: Will post pictures when i get home. $850 ono + plus postage. Happy for it to be picked up Location Orange NSW 2800
  25. Hey there lads, Ive looked around a little bit and have come up empty handed. Is it possible to run an r34 gtt auto gearbox in an auto r33 gts25t? Have you heard of this being done before? If its possible what do i need to do it? Im sure a lot of you are thinking why on earth don't I just go with a manual but any help is well appreciated. Cheers