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  1. Out of production MCA purples for R33 or R34 GTR, in need of a rebuild as they are knocking and leaking. MCA rebuild costs around $200 per corner, so buying these then rebuilding would still total less than new equivalents (MCA Pro Comfort). When new, they were comfortable on the streets, but still provided enough performance to enjoy a spirited drive. Springs are as follows: Front = 180mm 12kg Rear = 220mm 5kg Willing to ship, but prefer pickup $500
  2. Hey firends, I know theres been a bunch of posts on this before, but all are slightly different problems then mine so I thought I'd ask again. My climate control was working perfectly earlier this year, blowing nice cold or hot air as desired. The LEDs and display worked fine as well. Then suddenly my clock on the display just started counting up minutes very fast, as if the minute adjustment button was held down. Because the clock was constantly being adjusted none of the A/C controls worked either. I thought it might be stuck down or making bad contact so I took apart the module, nothing looked out of the ordinary, I even plugged it back in while still apart to make sure no buttons were touching but the clock still went up. A week later my clock decides to chill out and no longer counts up, which brings me to my current problem I need help with: the clmate control module is completely unresponsive. The led backlights still work and clock still displays, but none of the buttons do anything. Can't turn on the A/C and also can't change the time. It's just completely unresponsive. If anyone knows a way to fix it or how to troubleshoot some potential problems that would be much appreciated, would rather not go straight to shop and fork out cash.
  3. Hi all, I've been recently getting back on track in the 34 and figured it was time to take the plunge and upgrade the gearbox. I bought the car late last year, it was originally an auto, though the previous owner (or one of) swapped the gearbox with the less-than-adequate RB20det box. This month I have been accumulating parts to convert it to the 30A transmission; bought the 34 tailshaft from the UK for pretty cheap as they're going for 100,000JPY ($900-ish) here (Japan) and this week placed an order for a new 30A from Nissan. The good news is, a lot of the harder to source parts I already have from the previous swap. However, I'm not 100% clear on what I can keep and what needs replacing. I know there's some funny business involved with getting the 32 mechanical speedo to work with the 34 one, but am not clear on what modifications would have been made and how to reverse them if necessary. From what I've read, the modifications take place on the sensor side. Although, I have come across information regarding calibration of the tachometer. Will the master cylinder / lines be reusable for the new transmission? I've put together the following list, and it would be great if someone could point out anything I'm missing. Component Part Name / Number Unit Price Shipping Total Transmission FS5R30A 32010-AA520 ¥214,000 ¥15,000 ¥229,000 Propeller Shaft Nissan 37000AA500 ¥39,313 ¥30,000 ¥69,313 Clutch EXEDY ER34 Clutch 3-piece set 30210-AA001 30100-AA068 ¥42,350 ¥880 ¥43,230 Flywheel NA     ¥0 Spigot Bush NA     ¥0 Shifter Nissan 32839AA501/32839AB000 ¥5,387   ¥5,387 Clutch Master Cylinder ?     ¥0 Clutch Slave Cylinder Nissan 3062012U20 ¥10,753   ¥10,753 Clutch Master - Slave Lines ?     ¥0 Pedal Assembly NA     ¥0 Transmission Oil       ¥0 Clutch Fluid       ¥0 Labour   ¥100,000   ¥100,000 Resale (old parts)       ¥0 Total   ¥411,803 ¥45,880 ¥457,683
  4. Hey guys, I'm new round here. I'm thinking about buying a car in about 3-6 months these are my options from the research I've done. (20-25K budget and I'm on red P's) 1. A non turbo Skyline. From what I've heard it's not a good idea to turbo it later on. But maybe I can reuse the parts if I get a GTT later on and just swap them in. My concern is also resale value, which r34's seem to be holding on. 2. WRX. Non performance. I don't know how good these will be performance wise but they seem the most liveable. 3. The safest and cheapest option I have is an 86 or BRZ. Probs won't turbo, but I can mod it I guess. Only issue is don't think it's a great car long term and resale is kinda trash from what I've seen. I'm leaning towards the r34, but if anyone has suggestions, would be greatly appreciated!
  5. My current project car is a '92 Supercharged MX5, I've been building it over the past 5 years but sadly its time to move on. Like most, my dream car is an R34, a GTR will always be out of my price range but I would certainly be happy with a GTT. I'd decided the MX5 would be stripped and sold in September when the insurance expires and then start the search for a clean R34. I wouldnt be a true car enthusiast if i wasn't already looking for cars on the interweb with this decision in mind. My fingers were starting to hurt after refreshing various selling and auction sites here and Japan too often. One car I kept being drawn back to was a white Series 2. It ticked all the boxes for what i was looking for, except it was the facelift front bumper that was preventing me from looking deeper into the details. So i messaged the seller and asked for a few more details and photos, very quick responses and the amount of photos asked on request was overwhelming. Was it worth the 7hr round trip to go look at it, to potentially not like it? If it was as clean as it was in the photos, something major must have had been up with it if i was to walk away. Luckily this wasn't the case, infact the car was even better in person. After a test drive and a good poke around i really couldnt fault the car except for a knock on the driver side rear. So with an offer made he accepted and I drove away extremely happy! The 170ish mile drive home was faultless and i look forward to digging in and putting my own stamp on it. It would have been rude to not get some photos, especially with the MX5 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Series 2 RB25DET NEO 6 Manual Transmission Imported in 2016 by IBE Cars in Huddersfield,UK Resprayed in original Pearl White in 2017 Its stock except for a custom turbo back exhaust, HKS mushroom filter and aftermarket stereo
  6. Hey guys, been trawling through every forum trying to find diagrams and pictures to help with wiring an auto to manual conversion for my R34 GTT. Have done everything apart from wiring. I have read a thread but had no pictures. Think I've done all the gearbox wiring correctly, however, struggling to find the inhibitor switch. Anyone who's done this should be able to help me? Some are saying inhibitor switch is by the fuse box but still unsure? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi guys, I just came across a complete front subframe assembly for an r34, the title of the ad just says r34 so I’m presuming it’s a coupe. I have an R33 at home and was wondering if the r34 front subframe assembly will bolt straight into the r33. Im looking to do this with relatively little modification of its needed, also does anyone know if it will throw off the geometry of the car or if it’s okay to be doing this. Thank you very much if you’s can help guys .
  8. So my question today for you guys is, and after looking everywhere I couldn't find anything. I'm really wanting to add a Chassis Mount Spoiler to my ER34 (GTT). Does anyone know where I can get one, which is compatible with the skyline, and if it even is possible. And if anyone has even done it. Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi everyone, I’m wanting to buy a R34 GTT with low kilometres and in immaculate condition. (Stock standard) Must be manual and preferably white. I’m willing to pay the right price for the right car. Message me if you want to sell. Thanks
  10. Hey all, just doing a +t conversion to my 25de R34 coupe. Just hoping someone might be able to help me out with what sort of kw/psi I would be able to push through the de without sending a rod to the moon. I got a pretty stock kit off a DET with a few upgraded bits. - All factory piping, intercooler, fuel rail, intake mani and throttle body, exhaust mani, 3" dump through to xforce exhaust. - High-flowed factory turbo (20psi) - Bosch 1000cc injectors - Apexi FC with controller I know a det can push 500rwhp without upgrading internals but cause of higher comp in the DE I don't know what I should be pushing out of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I would still like to daily it but have a fair bit of go if I put the foot down. Thankyou all
  11. Selling Greddy cam sprocket for rb25det neo/R34 GTT. Allows intake cam adjustment without losing VCT. Item is BRAND NEW. Chasing $450 Located WA, happy to post at buyers expense.
  12. Hey I'm looking for help with my climate control module. when I bought the car the clock was cycling through minutes like they were seconds and had thought that maybe the buttons that change the time were stuck pushed down. I never found a way to fix it and now the hours are doing the same thing, just constantly changing. However when this problem started the controls stopped working. I can press mode and change the direction of where the airflow will come out of, but I cant actually turn my air con on. I opened it up and everything visually looks ok on the board (nothing burnt out) and I don't know of any other ways to fix it. Id preferably not have to buy a new one but if there is no fix I guess ill have to. Any advice is welcome
  13. hello all, Thought I would share some pics from my trip to Japan last year It was very difficult trying to find a meet on at the raceyways around the time we were going and I came across an Endless picture on the Mt Fuji Raceway website. I was not 100% sure what we were getting ourselves into but roughly translated some of the info as all of it was in Japanese!! and thought it would be going to check it out. It also happened to be on the date of my partners birthday so almost perfect for a car nut After many trains, buses and taxis all the way from Tokyo to Mt Fuji we only arrived towards the end of the meet and there weren't many spectators there. It was also very cold and snowy that day Was well worth the trip and the friendly locals were not bothered at us tourists poking around and looking at their pride and joys. If anyone has some questions or needs help with a trip to Japan let me know, happy to help where I can. We spent our time mostly in Tokyo and ventured out on the Shinkansen from there.
  14. 1998 r34 rolling shell. was stolen, chopped and recovered but seeing as i was selling it anyway i'm not going to fix it up myself and re register it. have had quotes of around 4k to have it back on the road, even less if it was turned into a drift machine. chasing 6k ono. msg for more pictures or info. located kensington vic. would also swap for a gt forester. msg me on 0432431328 if you want more info or pics
  15. hey guys, this is my first post here. im trying to finding a rb25 neo idle speed control solenoid spring or even the whole solenoid around brisbane/gold coast. willing to travel a little bit
  16. Hi everyone, Im looking to get an r34 gtt as stated. Im just curious about the parts/servicing availability in sydney. Has anyone experienced good value serving for parts? Cheers
  17. Hey Guys, Wrecking my R34 GTT rb25det NEO 5 Speed manual, in Melbourne south east sub Its a complete car so just ask me if I haven't posted something you want or need. Never thrashed well looked after car. TXT or Call Luke 0413737028 Rb25det NEO engine done 65xxxxkm + loom + nismo tuned ECU $2,500 ono Engine still in the car and running so you can check it out before you buy. Turbo Smart T boost controller boosted to 10psi Tuned at Chequered Tuning 2 Months ago making 206RWKW 5 Speed Gear box done 127xxxxkm $1,500 ono Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch (only done 2000km) $500 ono Interior: Centre console full carbon fibre with 3 Gauge cluster Smoked Auto Gauges $400 ono water temp, oil temp, oil pressure and Boost gauge in a separate cup holder. Carbon Fibre Kick Plates/Door Sill Plates $50 Front seats $150 each Back seat $200 ono Steering wheel $150 ono Door trims with no switches $100 each Exterior: White with Gold glitter pant work Tommy Kaira Full body kit (cracked front bar but reparable) $450 ono Brand new Bomex front bar that just needs spray and fit with brand new never fitted smoked indicators $450 Xenon HID light (one broken clip but has been fixed and sits perfect) $500 smoked side indicators $40 Carbon fibre eyelids $70 Nismo Carbon Fibre Pillar $40 Ray Volk look alike Mat Black Brand new put on only 2 Months ago (no scratches) $1,450 ono 18x8 Front with 235/40 ZR18 Nexen Tyres 2Months old 18x9 Back with 255/35 ZR18 Federal Tyres 2Months old 4X HSD coilovers G/C Ride well $500 Fiberglass R34 GTR wing (Black) $200 Rear tail lights $150 Performance: R32 GTR brakes $450 ono Aluminium Radiator $150 ono FMIC 300x600 with custom piping so no holes need to be made in chassey (legal) $450 R33 GTR Turbo back 3" exhaust has some corrosion but repairable $250 ono Heaps more just ask TXT or Call Luke 0413737028 if anyone needs specific photos let me know
  18. Topsecret R34 GTT front bumper, brand new and still in black gel coat ready for paint. Paid $530 but never fitted because I got another bar, located in Northern Territory but willing to post australia wide. $330
  19. hi, have the factory alloy radiator out of my r34 GTR. good upgrade for the older plastic skyline radiators. good condition, minimal bent fins. only took it out due to an upgrade. comes with both radiator hoses, also in good condition. $70 pm or text
  20. I have had the car for 10 years this year and was one of the first stageas in western Australia, 260rs were not even available at that point. I owned it for 2 weeks and put in a rb26 and manual conversion from my previous car. The rb26 ended up getting modified abit too much and got defected and I put this more streetable engine combo (with very very responsive turbo) in and have only used it on rare occasions due to having a work car and buying a house and therefore only doing 5500km in the past 3 years since the motor was built. I have all receipts for the engine build and photos etc. the engine is a built rb26/30 (5500km since build) with gt3076r turbo, autronic, brembos, bilsteins, full gtr driveline (gtr diff, axles, gearbox, etc) plus heaps and heaps of mods... full engineering permits for engine conversion, and mods. currently making around 350awhp with potential for much more! mods: rb30 rebuilt bottom end king bearings endurotec 86.5mm pistons hastings rings Proengines 4wd sump adaptor gtr 4wd sump setup rb26 head & plenum setup freshened up with new valve stem seals, redone valves, shims setup, deck etc hks drag 1.2mm metal head gasket hks drag metal intake and exhuast gaskets gt3076r turbo custom steam pipe manifold hks 50mm wastegate 3' dump pipe and exhuast with magnaflow muffler and an apexi centre muffler K&N pod filter custom alloy cooler piping and intake pipe custom metal oil and water lines jun adjustable cam gears gtr 5 speed manual box extreme single plate clutch 32 gtr diff and axles 32 gtr rear brakes 34 gtr brembo front brakes dba 5000 alloy hat front slotted rotors custom adr approved braided brake lines r33 handbrake 4.11 front and rear diff ratios autronic smc ecu eboost 2 defi 3 din gauge setup whiteline springs all round bilstein shocks all round all noluthane bushes throughout front and rear arc front swaybar whiteline rear swaybar adjustable camber bushes r33 gtr wheels and near new tyres dayz rear bumper lip nismo copy sideskirts over 20k+ in mods alone very very well build and all round modified car, faster than gtr's and can carry 5 people in comfort. Car has only drivin 5500km in 3 years and 15 000km since 2004. previously featured in high performance imports magazine (with different engine combo). Car is in good condition overall. full gtr driveline in a wagon. can also supply stock twin turbo setup with pipework, lines and 3' exhuast dumps etc with mines twin pipes incase someone wants to stick upgraded twins on it for the stock look (last pic is engine with stock turbos on it) looks standard and with upgraded twins can make over 400awhp and cops wont be able to tell its modified) no timewasters please! car is in Perth. NOTE: does not come with nismo wheels in one of the pics (comes with r33 gtr wheels) $17k ono
  21. I have ER34 2 door Nissan Skyline with front hit ( car is not on WOVR register ) I was going to fix it as I do have another R34GTT Skyline which is statutory write off complete and CAN NOT BE REGISTERED /I was going to use as donor for parts ,but changed mind and decided to part both cars out . 1200$ RB25DE NEO engine complete with loom+ecu 1450$ RB25DET NEO engine with blown headgasket - no turbo inc, Comes with Loom/ecu/Complete 2500$ rolling shell 2 door - no headlights or tail light inc ,no brakes,no man conversion kit, most of interior parts still in or 3500$ inc other bare shell . 1000$ complete turbo brakes front and rears /rotors,calipers all bolts etc / 1800$ complete manual conversion kit (box,clutch,pedals,lines,drive shaft.all bolts etc ) 150$ auto box 160$ R34 GT-T manual radiator with shroud and rubber hoses 50$ Over flow bottle 250$ Air con compressor kit (Includes air con compressor/lines/condenser complete kit) 100$ auto NA dash cluster 150$ man turbo dash cluster / 105 xxx kms / 280$ complete rear bar with reo 120$ rear tail light each 120$ auto starter motor 150$ man starter motor 250$ Japanese Sports exhaust system with aftermarket muffler to suit NA R34 Cat back + cat included seems 2.5" 350$ shocks with KING springs all round Interior plastics,trims,doors,seats,carpet, Turbo big brakes & NA brakes. Driveline parts etc Just ask almost everything available! Car located in Brisbane south drop me PM .
  22. Set of stock wheels in good condition,rims are all solid & not cracked or warped Brand/Style: Stock r33/s14 rims Tyres: Two 205/50/16 Federal 535 & two 225/50/16 Milanaza Hero[made by Federal] all about 95% tread Diameter & Width: 16x6.5 PCD & Offsets: 5x114.3 +40 Price & Location: $380 ono Mt.Gravatt Brisbane Make an offer if you need them,can dropoff locally or send with a courier E-go.com offer 50% discount for depot to depot deliveries Australia wide.
  23. Hi Guys, Decided I want something different. This is a JZX100 Toyota Chaser Series 1. NA 1jz vvt-i 5 Speed Manual R154 Lowered (not on coilovers) Exhaust with twin tip (Not Loud) Rego until Nov 28th 2013. MP3 player and sub. 19x9 rims with a bit of tread left. No trouble from cops. Problems: Front bar could do with some high fill and a respray. Front grill and edge of the bonnet had a little touch with a tow bar. Stand 5m away and you cant see it. Boot has minor sun damage and needs paint over the filled spoiler holes. It is pretty slow. Feels like R33 na I would like to swap for a manual R34 or for a quick easy cash sale $8999 ono. Located in Sydney near Sutherland. Pm me if interested
  24. Hey guys, Up for sale is my 2.5" custom catback exhaust coming off my 2door n/a r34. Has a resonator midway and a HKS canon muffler with a nice deep tone to it. Was put together by Blitz Exhausts in Hoppers Crossing. No leaks, have owned it for about 5 months. Selling due to returning my car back to stock standard. Asking price is about $250. Shoot me offers! Photos will be posted tomorrow Thanks Located in Western Suburbs of Melbourne. Pick up only.
  25. Hey there, i need a lil help with coil packs to fit a 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 25-GT NEO RB25DE (import). Ive searched this forum, and countless others, plus google, but i cant get a definitive answer to what coil packs will fit. Ive added a hyperlink to some coilpacks im looking at, can anyone tell me if they will fit, it says they will, but ive been fooled before. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-Skyline-R34-RB20-RB25-GTT-S2-STAGEA-NEO-Ignition-Coil-Coils-Pack-x-6pcs-/190791257870?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&fits=Plat_Gen%3AR34&hash=item2c6c0b8f0e&_uhb=1
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