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Found 1,311 results

  1. Could someone please help me out with what I need to replace these headlight globes, I’m getting so confused over what’s actually in it
  2. Looking for a tow bar for my 1999 R34 Skyline GT Coupe (and before anyone says not to, it's my daily and I need to tow my track bike). I've been quoted a pretty high price to get one custom made, so I thought I'd ask around to see if anyone has an existing one fitted to their car that they no longer want to try and save a bit of money. If you have one available or know of any places that could potentially make and fit one for me, please let me know!
  3. Many of you know this car well enough already, but here's the full run down. for those that haven't followed the build. Kilometres - 88-89ks Power - 380rwkw/509rwhp on E85. EXTERIOR Z tune style gaurds (Bodyform, properly vented as per OEM, mesh inserts at guard exit) Z tune style bonnet (JSAI) Z tune style bumper (Bodyform, mesh inserts) Mines style carbon mirrors Nismo style skirts Nismo style rear pods 19x9.5 Rays TE37s with 275 rubber, plenty of tread. Black wheel nuts. FRP High spoiler stands. 2pac black spoiler blade. Nismo style B-pillar garnishes. OEM V-spec front diffuser, 2pac gloss black. Nismo smoked front and side indicators. Tinted windows, 1 shade darker than legal. Customised front number plate, trimmed border, rounded edges recessed into front bumper with nutserts and angled for airflow into the cooler. Cleared with Vic Roads and Vic Police. LED parkers to match Xenon light colour. LED replacement for rear number plate light. INTERIOR Nismo style front mats. Nismo style drop sheet covers. Factory GTR sill protectors. Pioneer media player with remote (bluetooth handsfree etc). Upgraded front and rear speakers (not fantastic in my opinion). Nismo GT500 gearknob. Nur pedals and foot rest. Autowatch alarm. V-spec sensors on MFD (Intake and Exhaust Gas Temp). Nismo lighter (unusued, non smoker car) LED interior dome and map lights. Carbon rear view mirror cover. Front seats/bolters in excellent condition. Steering wheel excellent condition. No hole rear speaker covers (often have holes due to compliance). ENGINE AND PERFORMANCE MODS- 2 piece Concept front rotors with standard Brembos. DBA rear rotors with standard Brembos. Ferodo Pads. BC ER coilovers (external reservoir with individual damper and rebound adjustment). Subframe collars. Whiteline Rear swaybar. K&N Pod Filters and Adapters. JSAI Pod Filter Shield. AFM Deletes with Aeroflow silicon joiners. KTS Suction kit (modified to remove extra nipple and powder coated) with Aeroflow silicon joiners. Twin turbo pipe mod, powder coated, new badge. Garrett 2859R-9 turbos, newer style with better cages. N1 cast manifolds. Painted exhaust manifold shields. HPI 3" dumps. HPI 3.5" front pipe. Custom 3.5" mandrel bent, v-band exhaust. Magnaflow 3.5" midmuffler. Apexi 3.5" N1 Evolution rear muffler. Custom 3.5" Cat. Adjustable Cam Gears, dialed for response. BC Valve Springs Kelford L182A Cams. Bosch 1000cc E85 compatible Injectors (resister pack delete). Baffled and plumbed catch can with Aeroflow 400 series hoses. Walbro 460lph E85 compatible in tank pump, regulator removed. Aeroflow Fuel Filter. Blitz Alloy Radiator - New silcone hoses. Brake Master Cylinder Stopper. ATS Twin Plate Carbon Clutch. Full length FRP radiator air diversion panel. HKS Oil cooler kit. Splitfire Coilpacks. Plazmaman 76mm Pro Series Intercoole, raw finish, no logo, badge on top of core. Haltech Platinum Pro (Full flex fuel tune, ECU unlocked). Haltech Flex Sensor. Haltech Oil Pressure Kit. Haltech Wideband Kit. Haltech 4bar Map Sensor Haltech I/O Expander. Haltech Mini Can Bus. Nismo style Oil Cap. ARP Headstuds (original headgasket still inplace and no issues). Z Spec Coloured Fastener/Washer Kit. Carbon rear view mirror cover. Nismo engine mounts. Nismo trans mount. SERVICE/MAINTENANCE - All new accessory belts. New Timing belt. New Tensioner/Idler. New Cam Seals. New Crank Seal. New Balancer. New Water Pump. New Cabin air filter. Recently replaced gearbox and transfer case fluid. Fresh Castrol Super Dot 4 Brake Fluid Engine oil barely 1000ks old. Anything that has come off the car has had new gaskets when it went back on where applicable. AC Serviced/Regassed. ISSUES/BLEMISHES - Few small stone chips in front bar/bonnet. A few small scuffs/scratches along skirts/sills etc. One noticable blemish under clear in passenger rear quarter. One small tear/wear through in carpet right next to foot rest in driver side foot well. One very small burn mark on driver side rear seat, appears to be from solder of rear speakers. Rear antenna removed from car, but available. Radio reception not fantastic but I never use it. Small wear mark on passenger side guard liner. Blemish on cowl beneath windscreen. Passenger side headlight had a plastic repair done on one tab, in white instead of black. Chassis rails have minor indentation from jack stands, actual jacking points are very clean though. SPARES/LEFTOVERS - (Original = came from this car) Original cams. Original cam gears. Original valve springs. Original shims. Original fuel pump. Original fuel pump regulator. Original rubber intake pipes to turbos. Original Balancer. Original Engine Mounts. Original Trans Mount. Original Oil Cap. Original stick on rear window Antenna. Standard bolt on brake ducts for OEM R34 Front bar. Standard Exhaust manifolds. Standard Exhaust manifold shields. Standard and brand new fuel filter. Standard oil/coolant lines from hot side. Compliance modified rear speaker covers (holes for child restraints). Left over Z-Spec Black and Red coloured fasteners/washers + bolts that were replaced. 2x -9 turbos, 1x mint condition (7000ks still has balance marks etc), 1x with damaged compressor wheel, but spins freely. Genuine airbox, side port, snorkel with new foam. Apexi Panel filter to suit airbox, done a few hundred k's max. Greddy radiator diversion panel, painted black. Generic oil filter relocation block plate with lines to add on to the HKS cooler kit, was gong to fit next service. Random stickers from parts purchases if that's your thing. There may be some other bits I've forgotten. I would consider a few things as part payment, though I realise the likelihood of people having them is low. CA18DET engine: Forged, stocked, spun bearing etc - priced accordingly. Close ratio dog box with CA/SR bell housing. A half decent dual axle car trailer, tilting/bagged, but low car friendly. A few extra bits of info to assist. Car comes with 2 keys, 1x Original GTR key, one genuine but generic Nissan key I had cut. Alarm only has 1 fob, but another can be still be purchased. Not interested in any form of Crypto as payment. No, I will not meet you half way to inspect it, I've tried to provide as much info as possible to assist on this front and can take more photos as needed. Inspections welcome, but you will not be driving the car until it's clear that you're serious about buying. Mechanical inspections welcome, if the mechanic is not known to me the car will be put in valet mode if driving it is necessary. Contact details of tuner who did most of the bigger ticket mechanical jobs and tuned it are available. I have a bit of doco to go with the car, receipts, pictures of the build, import/degreg papers etc. No rush to sell so please do not waste either of our time with low ball offers. Overall the car is in very good condition for a 17yr old vehicle and has been well looked after. It's lucky to have done 2000ks in 2 years, I simply do not have the time to enjoy it. Located Australia - Albury/Wodonga, happy to assist with transport as required. Album: Price 100k ono
  4. Hey guys so I did a diagnostic test and my o2 sensor needs changing I was wondering where I could a good quality one, I was quoted $350 for just the sensor I think that’s a tad over priced correct me if I’m wrong R34
  5. Nissan Skyline R34 GTT 2.5l Turbo Manual Coupe (Winton tow photo was from the end of the life of the previous motor <3 ) Year 2000 165xxx kmsEngine 80xxx kmsEngine -Stock rb25det neoNew oem coilpacksNew spark plugs (bkr6es)Stock turbo boostedTurbosmart boost teeZ32 Airflow Meter (genuine) - recently replacedNistune ECU tuned by RM performance in ringwood. 170rwkw at stock boostWalbro 460 fuel pumpFull turboback exhaust from Japan. Very quiet around town until you get to high revsAll new filtersBlitz front mount intercoolerNew power steering rackRecent replaced starter motorBodyQM1 WhiteFactory nismo altia front bumperFactory nismo altia rear bumperFactory nismo altia side skirtsGenuine r34 GTR spoiler (adjustable)Bluetooth head unit with aux etcExtra speaker for hands freeRare factory Nissan floor matsConcave concept cc03r wheels 18*9/ 18*10Yokohama advan A048 tyresFull slideworx adjustable arms availableSlideworx front coiloversZeal function rear coiloversRuns and drives beautifullyHas 9 months VIC rego
  6. Hey guys, After extensive sound-deadening work in the car floor, I've re-installed the carpet and now re-installing the center console, seats and seatbelts into car - and found that the seatbelt retractor on the passenger side seems to have gotten stuck and won't let me pull the belt out any further. I didn't have this issue on the drivers side, but I didn't have to remove as much stuff around the retractor there. The car is an R34 GTT Sedan. Has anyone run into this before? I'm wondering if maybe I've let it retract too much, and I've hit a safety mechanism? Is there a trick to loosen up a cam or something inside to get it to work again? I notice there's a 4-pin plug on the retractor - maybe something needs to happen there to activate it? Any clues or help would be appreciated.
  7. For Sale are 5 x Advan Racing RZ-DF wheels. Size: 19" x 10.5" +15 Colour: Matte Black All 5 wheels are in perfect unmarked condition. Wheels were used approximately 500km. Wheelset only, tyres not included. Wheels will present in original boxes. $3000
  8. For sale. WA local pickup only. BNR34 GTR front splitter. Has minor repairable damage, see imagery. $50
  9. Hi. I think my cylinder head has a crack in it, as i started seeing coolant in one of the heads cavities near intake manifold. So im thinking of getting a new one. Question is, which ones fit? Its rb25det neo engine with a turbo. The rest of the car is pretty much stock. Will r33 rb25det head do the job? What other options do i have? Or may the leak be coming from somewhere else? I have a very poor picture of the spot where the coolant is (1st cylinder from the front of the car, right above intake manifolds bolts). Leak is excessive enough to drip on the alternator from there, but i can't notice any coolant level drops in radiator or expansion tank.
  10. Hey it’s so I was on my way to work this morning and on break I noticed mY break lights were on so I tried turning my lots off which they already were Off, I tried turning my car on and off same as my lights and it still didn’t turn off, I then checked to see if the pin was good and it was all goods can someone help how I can fix this ? Cheers
  11. Hi guys, I've recently installed a new RB25det neo into my R34 after the old one developed some issues. After a bit of messing around I got it running and idling beautifully. Took it to my tuner to have the nistune and Z32 tuned properly and it now runs and pulls all the way on the dyno - no issues there. Loaded it back on the trailer and took it home, but now when I try to drive it up and down the street itll bog down and stall as if an intercooler pipe had blown off (however it's still completely secure). Sometimes the car will stall then wont start again for half an hour, sometimes it starts up straight away. The bogging down tends to happen when going over small bumps in the road or when turning. I'm assuming its wiring related as it runs beautifully when stationary or on the dyno, however I can't work out what wiring problem would cause it to bog this way. Any ideas?
  12. First off, ive read a lot.... i just need some info that noone has so far shared in old posts... everyone just changes plans or has the engine done but doesnt go into detail of what they experienced. And a lot of users seem to recommend using the Neo head on RB26s but no info on what really has to be done etc. Right now i have a RB26 crank, forged rb26 rods and forged rb26 pistons, plenty of RB blocks and several Neo Heads. Hence why im trying this out. I got a RB26 head but its damaged extensively. I know they fit. Some have done it but i havent had the confirmed info about this: - CR seems to be around 11:1 - Some have gotten valve damage, others havent. Has anyone heard for sure or has confirmed information of what the CR is on this combo? Or what work was done to lower the compression? I know if i open up the head from 51.5cc to 60cc ill go down to 9.2:1 according to calculations with Deck Piston Height to zero and a 1.2 HG. Also what about the piston to valve clearance. Some seem to hit valves but Mr Bizzle removed the quench pads and had some work done which i dont know and ran this combo for some miles. I have zero experience dealing with Piston Valve clearance, but ill test with clay soon if i dont find info. A friend of mine did this same combo but with an RB25 crank w/ rb26 pistons and Neo head, i think he should have been 1 or 2 mm below deck (piston/deck height) due to the stroke difference and he ran it for a couple of miles on stock ecu and had massive detonation damage, broke ringlands and melted the quench areas but no valve hit.
  13. So I know I might get judged really badly for this but I need assistance. Like an idiot I filled up my tank with 91 octane because there were no other options since I was driving out of town (I live in a very rural area). I didnt get any issues initially and the car drove fine. However, today the car misfired and my check engine light is now on and is staying on. Could that be because of the fuel or would it be an issue with the coil packs? Please help.
  14. Searching around for this particular cooler
  15. All Parts removed from turbo R34 Neo engine. Exhaust Manifold - $50 Intake Manifold - $50 660CC Neo Injectors with Adaptor Plugs - $150 Power Steering Pump - $50 Stock Coilpacks, held 300kw, working well - $80 Engine Loom with Z32 AFM Plug - $170 Z32 AFM $150 Neo Det CAS - $100 R34 Neo Nistune ECU - $450 Hypergear ATR43 Turbo, a bit smokey under load, suspect seals on their way out, still held 14psi. - $450 This is worth $850+ in known good condition, a bargain if you can repair seals yourself. Tial 38mm External Wastegate, Includes custom screamer to suit RB - $100 Stock Radiator $75
  16. r34 gt-t high flowing dump pipe. to fit stock turbo and position. also been tig welded to remove cat. will fit most jap exhausts. no o2 sensor owes me around $350 only selling due to a upgrade. $100 0401571829 geelong
  17. Hello! Up for sale is my R34 GTT I’ve considered selling this a couple times now, it’s a great car and it’s never let me down but I feel like it’s time to move on and get something a little more practical for road trips and skiing holidays. I also have all receipts for all car related purchases and servicing performed, literally a whole folder full of paperwork. The car has a whole lot of quality parts, time and money put into it, it's ready for anything you throw at it or ready to enjoy as a very capable skyline. This is an absolute blast to drive through the twisty roads or at track days as well as being incredibly reliable. Even though it's big and red, it's presented well and the police never give me any trouble. Rego Expiry: 08-03-2018 Build Thread link can be found in my signature Exterior AR2 Paint in Great condition, 1 blemish on the rear bumper. Viva Garage D1 Spec front lip JSAI Z Tune Style Side Skirts JSAI Z Tune Style Rear Pods Genuine Nissan R34 GTR Rear Spoiler Genuine Nismo Carbon Fibre Spoiler Blade Window Tints front and back in 20% darkness Enkei RPF01 Wheels 17x9+22 (Front and Rear) New Goodride Tyres Nismo front and side indicators Xenon Headlights Interior Genuine Bride Seats with Genuine bride rails Nismo floor mats Nismo GT500 Shift Knob Nismo 300km/h dash Nismo center gauge cluster Sony Head Unit (bluetooth phone/audio with an under seat sub hidden in the boot) Broadway Mirror Working Heater/Air Con in great condition All plastics in great condition, no sticky coating / peeling Suspension / Handling HSD Monopro coilovers Nismo S-Tune Sway bar kit (Front and Rear) Cusco Castor Rods GKTech Hicas Lock Bar Nismo Strut Brace with brake stopper (Front) Cusco rear Strut Brace Rear subframe removed and reinforced with GKTech weld in plates Whiteline Subframe bushes GKTech Diff Bushes Nismo 1.5way LSD Brakes (Front) HEL Braided Brake Lines DBA T3 4000 series slotted Rotors Project Mu HC800+ Pads Brakes(Rear) HEL Braided Brake Lines Machined Rotors Winmax Brake Pads Engine Bay Healthy RB25DET NEO BLITZ SBC Spec R Electronic Boost Controller (Dual Solenoid Type) APEXI SAFC BLITZ Turn Flow intercooler connecting to stock piping (no issues with police) Stock Airbox (Again, no issues with police) Bellmouth 3” Dump Pipe with High Flow cat HKS Silent Hi Power Exhaust 3” cat back Alloy radiator with Greddy Radiator Cap Water temp gauge hidden in glove box Timing belt kit done OS Giken cam gear (exhaust) New OEM Thermostat Carbing cooling pannel New battery < 6 months old I have had the timing belt and water pump done which included a genuine Nissan timing kit including Nissan belt, seals pulleys and water pump, While this was all apart, an OS Giken adjustable cam gear was installed as well as a new OEM thermostat. The car has approx 160,000km’s on it in total. The car currently has a Nismo dash in it which reads less however, i'm just being honest. The last service was done by me around 1000km ago which included Engine Oil Spark Plugs Braided Brake Lines Front Brake Pads Thicker alloy radiator New OEM Clutch Fan Flush Coolant Price as is: $19,500 - Negotiable Options: BYO Wheels -$1000 Rear Spoiler removed -$1000 BYO Seats -$500
  18. Will the above fit on standard rear arches, 9.5” et30 on my r34 gtt saloon ? Cars on coil overs and standard arms, completely factory arches thanks
  19. R34 GTT parts Stock suspension $100 stock cams $150 Stock front brakes $350 Tuneagent manifold suit topmount 3076R $150 R34 radiator overflow $10 Canberra
  20. I just found out the reason that previous owner modified the A/C high pressure hose from the A/C pump is because the steering pump higher pressure hose interferes with my Greddy aftermarket radiator. The A/C high pressure hose has been leaking forever due to poor welding, now I just want to replace with a new OEM piece. How do you guys deal with the interference between steering pump hose and radiator? Note: I already have twin SPAL electric fans, I think I can play around the position and get away.
  21. r34

    R34 GTR Factory radio wanted please email me or inbox [email protected]
  22. Hi guys. I saw many threads about this similar problem, but the diffrence with them all is the fact that mine does the sound only when it gets warm instead of cold. It sounds like someone was holding a small zip-tie against a fastly spinning bycycle wheel spokes. has sort of "plastic" sound to it, so it's not the lifters. I can hear it when it idles but when driving normally, other noises kill it. It can be heard in the car when accelerating harder. It appears to be coming from driver side of the engine. To me it feels like its coming from the side of the engine, but there's nothing there to be causing this? It'ts not injector tick, as that can be heard separately. I tried describing my issue as detailed as i could, hopefully someone has a clue. Something simple to check before i start pulling major things apart? Thank you.
  23. Hard to come by custom plates for SA- rarely plates like this become available. R34 in slim line front & back Black with white writing & white frame Suit any R34 model Would look great at shows, club days, cruises etc. Bought for my project car, but have changed plans and are now up for grabs 5k or best offer to 0407614518
  24. Hi, I have a creaking problem in the front end of my suspension when I'm travelling at low speeds eg. Car park, speed humps and more specifically turning left at those lower speeds. I believe it is coming from the front right end of suspension. I have a couple of pictures attatched with the suspected parts and was wondering what would most likely cause these issues and the names of the part in the pictures if it's one of these. The cars steering wheel also shakes above 100km/hr. I had a tie rod end and new tyres put on all around with a wheel alignment and problems still persist. The tyres are just cheap ones but regardless I believe the problem lies in the suspension. I don't have the stock wheels on, and I believe the car is lowered 10mm if that information is useful.
  25. Hi Guys, Can someone confirm all the different types of clusters on all the GTR models. Am I correct in saying all the GTRs came with 180km dash clusters? If not can someone explain what models came with different clusters.