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Found 1,242 results

  1. Is there a difference between MCP-1440 and MCP-1430 Neo Coilpacks? Hi all, I have a set of MCP-1340 coils (which came with the car afaik) and one of them went bad so got a set of MCP-1440 coils and just swapped one of them in so i'm using 5x MCP-1430 and 1x MCP-1440. Now i'm not too sure if theres any difference between the two coilpacks or if I should be using the full set of MCP-1440 coils. Theres pretty much 0 information elsware on this topic either. The MCP-1440 coils came from an R34 RB25DE Neo, and the MCP-1430 came from a RB25DE Neo 4WD Stagea.
  2. Hello from Switzerland Hello all. I'm Joao, from Portugal but living in Switzerland. In the past (2007-2008) I had a Nissan Skyline GTS-T M-Spec Series2 AT-Gearbox. In this moment I'm waiting for a Nissan Skyline R34 GTT with GTR front bumper and Nismo Aero Kit. As soon as I receive the car I post some photos. Greetings.
  3. RB25DET NEO stalls once its warm Hey guys my RB25det R34 has recently developed a problem where the car decides to stall once it is warm, this tends to be when i am at traffic lights stopped or crawling pace, has also happened when ive been in the lower rev range but i have found that so long as i keep the revs above 3k rpm it doesnt happen. i have checked coolant temp resistances and they all look about right when cold its 3250 ohms and warm 230 ohms. The wires to the o2 sensor have been cut for as long as ive owned the car and worked fine for 2 months then started this problem so key points, -Dies once warm -Coolant temp sensor looks good -seems to be fine with higher revs car specs: STOCK RB25DET NEO with fmic, turbosmart bov to atmosphere, link g4 ecu Thanks in advance
  4. R34 25DET NEO dies map sensor reads high until lead is wiggled then will drive fine Is running a link g4+ and a 4bar map sensor, after awhile of driving the car will turn off, I have logged it and found that when it dies the map sensor gives a huge reading which I am guessing is incorrect and the car is flooding or shutting off to protect the engine. How do I go about finding the fault from what I can see the wires look fine
  5. gtr

    R34 GTR Dash cluster wanted chasing a standard r34 gtr dash cluster please inbox me
  6. E85 on BNR34 with standard fuel lines... Hi all, I was recently told that the fuel lines on BNR34's are actually smaller then BNR32 & BCNR33's... and I know that the ideal setup when running E85 is replacing the standard lines with full braided or Teflon lines, but I wont have the $$$ or time to get that them in time for WTAC in less then a weeks time. So my question is this, Is anyone running their R34 GT-R on E85 with the standard fuel feed lines??? As im only aiming for around 330-350 kW's at the rears would I still need to upgrade lines? Cheers, Glen
  7. Full ad: – Photos: ^^^ If viewing on the SAU app please tap the image and select View in Gallery Note: This is a replacement thread for the original EOI: ... Asking $19,500 with some exclusions, please see the full ad. PM for further details.
  8. R34 gtt tiptronic transmision upgrade parts/kits tricks Hi can any 1 help ?point me in right direction? i have a r34 gtt tiptronic that is in need of a stronger transmission to handle more boost does any1 know of any kits or upgrade parts to make it stronger must stay a auto as I'm a paraplegic (wheelchair user) and can only drive on a automatic license the transmission is totally stock and has started to slip any information or help be massively appreciated thanks Ryan👍🏻
  9. Hey guys , Got a few things iv I'd like to sell to help fund my next upgrade + tune. Have a few photos , message me if you want a photo of something specific as I'd have to pull it out of storage . - R34 GTT factory rear wing in polar white , no mounts. $100 - R34 GTT factory bonnet in polar white , small stone chips and slight dent on front left above headlight. $250 - R34 GTT factory suspension front and rear , adjusted by professional blacksmith to sit slightly lower. $150 - R34 GTT factory wheels , decent tires , good tread , come in a metallic blue colour with centre caps . $400 - R34 GTT factory airbox with air flow meter attatched . $150 - Small Alpine headunit $50 - Unknown brand of injectors ( could take closer look at markings ) 1200cc came off R33 gtst , side feed , comes with factory fuel rail and new seals. $300 - R34 GTT factory injectors , came off car few weeks ago , in good working condition. $150 - New Greddy oil relocation kit , blue attachments. $200 - Kenwood 12 inch subwoofer box , also have plain black box in same size. $50 each - R34 GTT factory disc brake rotors , good condition. $100 - Turbosmart dual port blow off valve , comes with 2 attatchments , was cleaned and oiled but never used by me as I decided to keep my current Blitz bov. $150 - R34 GTT factory front lights , bit of a yellow fog on the plastic , will be sold as is when removed from car . $250 each - New eBay oil relocation ports. $50 Will add a few more things when I stumble upon them. Thanks.
  10. Wtb r34 auto ecu Wtb r34 auto ecu. Toowoomba to goldcoast
  11. R33 GTST/ GTR & R34 GTR CARBON FIBRE REAR EXHAUST SHROUDS R33 GTST/ GTR & R34 GTR CARBON FIBRE REAR EXHAUST SHROUDS have them to suit both R33 GTS/GTST/GTR and R34 GTR OEM bumpers only. made from carbon fibre and finish in gloss clear coat. How you fit them to your bumper is up to you but recommended is to use quality 3M double sided tape, or 3M sikaflex for more permanent fixing. $100 posted anywhere in Australia, can ship internationally also. $90 pick up, Liverpool 2170 Thanks
  12. HI guys. Hopefully this build thread will last a little longer than my last 34, hopefully won't make the same mistakes as I did on the previous. Bought this January 2014 after searching for a few months. Owned by an older gentleman (who didn't know much but had cash), with receipts, import papers, all the goods. Only 106k kms on it and fresh timing belt service, and a very good price for the amount of engine work done. Specs include intake/exhaust, FMIC, 600cc injectors, fuel pump, type a poncams, powerfc, z32 and garret gt30 @18psi. Making a fairly responsive 350rwhp. I ended up doing a compression test for piece of mind after I bought it, and got between 150 and 155 over all 6. Engine pulled hard, started and ran great. The intention of this car is to just be a weekend cruiser. First point of call - put my old plates on 6000k HIDs high and low. Also painted the interior trim. Will be professionally hydrodipping it later on, this is just a temp because the "sticky paint" was really bad It was about this point I started noticing some really dodgy stuff going on. Nothing major, and nothing to do with the engine performance, which I still stand by. I call this segment: "Things that I have found" - "Why I believe he has done so" Wrong size battery for mount - Because I have no idea (you can also see the quality of my ballast install, which was the reason for the photo initially) He has hacksawed the gear shift knobs' thread off, and rethreaded a new knob on, lowering it by around 30mm. He also replaced stock gaiter with this abomination. - Why? Because F**K YOU that's why. Have no idea why this was done. But I sourced a new shift arm locally, and bought a new gaiter, and better feel shift knob. You can also see my half assed paint job here. Drivers side wiper arm had snapped, so he had just taped it back together - lazy I guess? It was summer, I probably would have done the same thing. New arm sourced. The worst of the lot. The boot would not "pop up" when you pressed the handle or used the key, but if you lifted it slightly it would. I removed the trim to find out someone had COMPLETELY filled the boot with expandable foam. The rear light had also been welded over from the inside, and a new light had to be put in the rear windscreen. - My guess is that previous previous owner had a sub, and to stop the boot from vibrating he decided that weighing it down with 3kgs of foam would help. On the plus side, with my sub in there, it certainly does not rattle. At all. Ever. (pics to come) Replaced stock gauges with nismo. Will be replacing dash if one comes up locally. Bonnet struts. Which work perfectly because the bonnet latch height made me hit my head, this raises it that little bit so my head clears it Decent fitting rims, and tien super street coilovers Got an oil cooler going in today as temps do get high, even in winter. Going to try a different brand of oil as well, going to try Nulon 10w40 Got front tie rods and ball joints (as my FL was seized), HICAS elimination kit and front and rear cambers arms coming as there is -2.5 deg camber all round. Have also replaced that $50 head unit with a decent one with bluetooth, and put a small sub in the boot. More to come.
  13. R34 Skyline Nismo Cluster R34 Nismo Cluster 30,000k's est - $600 ono FREE POSTSAGE
  14. Cars For Sale (3rd Party Sites) Ebay, Carsales etc.. Stole this thread idea from the Aus Z Car forums, I thought it'd be a good way to track sell prices and values for current and prospective owners of Skylines. Some house keeping; • If possible, post a few photo's/screenshots in addition to the link from the auction and post them here. This is useful because it gives everyone an indication of current values and what you get for your money if you are looking to buy or sell.This will help us all, for insurance reasons we have some proof of current values. For selling it helps us gauge our cars true worth and for curiosity sake we can compare year on year the values of our cars etc..If anyone has further suggestions to this, please feel free to share them here.
  15. R34 GTT Window Rubber/Seal/Moulding/Glazing Replacement? Hi guys I'm busy trying to restore my R34 GTT to immaculate condition. I want to replace the rubber seal that goes on the windscreen at the bottom. I looks dried up from the sun and caused it to warp and break. I've attached photos. I would like to know where I can get my hands on something like this as I would like to replace it. Also, on the driver and passenger window upper seals, there seems to be a line of glue that was left behind from previous owners putting wind deflector/visor guards on it. How would I get this off the rubber? Also, there seems to be a huge gap between the rubber and the frame. Is that normal on R34s? Could I just replace it? And how would you restore all the rubber seals so it looks brand new? Thanks
  16. MAD SKYLINE GARAGE CLEARANCE Righto, long story short, sold my business and now I have a heap of parts to clear. SUBSCRIBE for updates cause this post will be regularly updated. Located in Fairfield NSW, small items can be posted, large items pick up preferable or can freight at a cost. R34 Cabin Filters - To suit all R34 Models, BRAND NEW aftermarket - $35 R34 GT-R V-Spec Differential - $900 R33 GTS-T S2 Grille M spec - needs mesh (Supercheap Auto has meshes, cut to fit) - $80 R33 GTS/T Series 1 Passenger Side Headlight, good condition - $150 R33 GTS/T Coupe Boot Trims Set - $200 R33 GTS/T Series 2 Front Fog Lights/Indicators - $300 R32 GT-R Parcel Shelf - $100 More to come as I dig through my house.
  17. R34 Customize So guys I've just recently bought a stock 34 gt sedan as in the pictures, only put a 4inch cannon on it. Im still knew to the 34 game so help would be appreciated Im looking to upgrade it.. Do they take particular sized head units or can i grab one from JB HI FI? Would darkest legal tint be recommended? Which body kits would fit, was thinking type r JSAI AREO kit? And thinking of getting 18 x 10 s13p work miesters.. Thanks
  18. Wtb non turbo r34 Hi everyone looking for non turbo auto r34, I'm in sa but willing to travel if the correct deal pops up thank you
  19. $6k Info in pics. Price is firm. Sold with all spares. Advertised elsewhere.
  20. New r34 gtt NEO owner Hey people, new 34 gtt neo owner here, been on the site here for a while finding tips for my car and finally decided to join up. My car is a stock R34Gt-t RB26 NEO and she hates me haha. Had alot of problems since I bought her unfortunately and all i want is for her to run smooth. Shes gota power fc with the steel bearing turbo, tuned at 15psi but has probs with a power cut (i think) on WOT boost. Felt like she wasnt breathing right so disconnected catch can and she was great.. albeit illegal... so thats just the tip of the iceberg lol. See you in the forums!!!
  21. Genuine Mines trunk spoiler Hi Im selling my Mines carbon fiber trunk spoiler it's brand new never been used in the orginal box just took it out for some pics price is 700$USD Paypal payment include international shipping using TNT express shipping Contact number +96594447630 whats app / text message / call Email [email protected]
  22. GTR34 Brembo's, Bosch 2000cc injectors, 5 stud rear hubs, handbrake pivot, spare wheel No holds and no shotguns, nothing is sold till it's paid for or a deposit is put down. I can ship anything anywhere if you pay for it. Pickup is available no probs. Location: Homebush/Sydney - GTR R34 Brembo painted red (yes it's R34 GTR gold under the red), front and rear set, freshly machined rotors, lots of pads, not separating not separating not separating not separating = $2000. S15 rear 5 stud hubs = $150 S15 spare wheel = $50 R33 rear handbrake shoe pivot = $20 4x Bosch 2200cc injectors = $200 - No holds and no shotguns, nothing is sold till it's paid for or a deposit is put down. I can ship anything anywhere if you pay for it. Pickup is available no probs. Location: Homebush/Sydney
  23. FS: Genuine R34 GTR Rims 18 x 9 +30 These have had all marks/rash removed and have been repainted/coated in custom platinum/gold/metallic. $1650.00
  24. Where can I get a Steel Induction/suction/intake pipe? [RB25DET] I've googled and googled, I can't find a metal induction pipe that will go from my factory MAF to factory turbo. It's for my R34 GTT RB25DET Neo, and I'm going to get my factory turbo highflowed by Hypergear. They recommend to run a 3" steel induction pipe to the turbo. I have a silicone one right now and I think it's collapsing when I hit 1.3bar with my factory turbz. So I've searched every where and theres nothing out there. Can someone please link me to a site or someone that might sell one. Or does one usually weld one up? I'm also thinking of getting a Z32 in the future so will have to fit that too if possible