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  1. *Wrecking* R34 skyline midnight blue *(parts only)* *more parts not listed* Prices negotiable! Seats 300 lot front and rear Seat belts 30 each Boot lining 80 Bonnet 550 Boot lid 220 Motor ecu & box 1200 sold Front strut brace 110 Tail lights 400 or 220 each Headlights 550 sold pending payment Front bumper 350 sold pending payment Rear bumper (silver) 120 Front gaurds 200 set fl60(dent) fr140 A.c. fan 25 sold pending payment Throttle cable 20 sold Radiator 70 sold Radiator shroud 30 sold Locks and keys 100 sold pending payment Door outer handles 20 each Door interior trims 30 each Window switches 15 each Driver door electrics control 40 Door inner handles 15 each Center console 60 Cluster (@220k) 100 Dash 200 Glove box 35 Kick panels 10 each Sunvisors 40 set Steering wheel with airbag 100 Steering clock assembly 70 Msg for more parts and prices I will respond asap. No emails please. Scammers reported! Zaq - 04382three511six [email protected]
  2. I've seen a few posts similar to this, and in all of them the comments are full of people bagging the idea of putting a roof rack on a sling, to this I say, my car my life. I am currently looking to get the genuine roof racks for an r34 sedan, my car still has the mounts on the roof and as I live in the country and travel a lot it will suit my needs. I've been unable to find any and just want to be pointed in the right direction or even want to buy some. I will attach photos of the mounts. The closest thing I've found is an old Japanese catalogue with the r33 ones listed.
  3. So this is my first ever write up and unfortunately I didn’t take very many progress pictures but I will try my best to explain the process with some picture aids ?? Materials: * plastic floor trim 96in x 6in x 5/16 (x2) you can get these at Lowe’s or Home Depot * 3 inch L brackets (x8) Found at Lowe’s * Self tapping screws ( to mount brackets to car) * Hardware to mount bracket to skirt extensions ( I used black license plate hardware with plastic backings x16) Tools: Grinder, drill, something to cut the plastic trim with. Process: So for a sedan with stock type M skirts the overall length is 73 inches (coupes might be different I suggest measuring before cutting). After this you want to get the skirt extension as level as you can between the front and rear low points to do this I used various objects like toolboxes and children’s books I started with measuring out the two brackets that would be in the center of the skirt, I measured from the top of the pinch weld to the bottom of the skirt extension. If i remember correctly it was roughly 1.25-1.5 inches, always cut bigger than you think as you can grind down the bracket until you have a perfect fit. The end result would be for the top of the bracket to be flush with the top of the pinch weld, Once you have the bracket cut to the right spot and the bottom arm of the bracket gently rests against the skirt with the various objects keeping the skirt level then you mark the hole with a sharpie and install the bracket. Once you have the two center brackets installed to the car you can drive some temp screws through the bottom of the skirt extension to hold it in place as well as Mark the holes for the permanent hardware. Now it’s time to work on the ends, these are a little more complex to line up and install as you have to more aware of the jacking locations. Front Rear For the front I had to turn my steering wheel to gain access to inside of the wheel well and feel for a flush surface to mount the bracket to, as i held the bracket against the surface and lined it up with the bottom of the skirt extension i used a sharpie to mark the hole and kinda outline the bracket so i had a general idea of where to drill once I jacked the car up and got under it. If you’re pretty coordinated you could probably just blindly full send a screw through the hole. Same concept applied to the rear. Just make sure you have plenty of space between the bracket and the jack pad as you will have to trim the inside of the skirt to have room to use the the jack pads. Once the skirt extension is mounted you can mark where you need to cut to allow a floor jack access to the pads. Once the ends are installed drive some temp screws through the bottom of the skirt extension. Or just mark the holes on the bottom with a sharpie to drill later. Now all that’s left is marking the area to cut for the jack pads, uninstall the skirt extension and make the cuts. Unfortunately my car is too low to use the jack pads without the floor jack arm making contact with the skirt extension, to get around this I either jack up the car from the differential, use the emergency jack, or you could potential use something on the floor jack pad to help it gain elevation before the arm makes contact with the extension. After i made the cuts i reinstalled everything with the temp screws through the bottom of the skirt extension and made sure everything was still level. Once I was happy with it I uninstalled everything including the brackets and prepped for paint. At this point I drilled out the holes to accommodate the permanent hardware ( I would try and find something that has a really flush bolt head for a cleaner look) Once the extensions and brackets are painted it’s time to install everything, make sure you remember which bracket goes where or you will be making extra adjustments and possibly drilling new holes. To install the hardware through the top you will need to install the brackets to extensions first then install the entire assembly on the car. After the brackets are installed on the extension I would suggest to install the center two brackets first and then work the ends. I hope this write up helps anyone trying to do this, and if you have any questions send me a pm and I’ll do my best to answer them ??
  4. I have the opportunity to grab some HKS coilovers to suit a R34 GTT coupe. Will these fit my sedan? If not any way I can interchange some coupe parts in? Cheers.
  5. I am chasing an R34 GTT sedan front (left) passenger door lock actuator in good working condition, mine's getting tired. Control rods optional. Please let me know what you have by PM. Like this but the opposite side:
  6. I have some questions regarding the interior of the R32/ R33 interior. First, I have searched to the previous first 10 pages and random sedan builds that I randomly clicked on as the first 10 pages did not help me whatsoever. Here's what I'm interested in: I'm 6'3"/ 191cm. If I buy a Skyline sedan, will I have any problems sitting in it? I have a '78 Datsun 280z and I can sit in it perfectly, with clearance for my head too and plenty of leg room. Are the rear seats okay for guests/ passengers? (How do they compare to coupe rear seats too? I read, but don't know how accurate it is, that the rear seats on a coupe are supposedly roomy for even tall people). I've tried looking for pictures of rear seats on sedans but it seems the majority of people neglect to photograph the rear seats in for sale posts, build threads, and youtube videos. Can some Skyline sedan owners please post photos of the rear seats so I can see? I'm in Brazil now and it's quite difficult to see a Skyline in person...However I will move to Korea in August and that is when I am thinking of purchasing one.
  7. Hey all So my driver window motor has given up, i had some issues with it previously and got it repaired although the auto electrician said it will eventually give way again and so it has The pictures below are the motor found in my car, 2001 r34 25gt sedan and im not too sure if it matters from different series. Im willing to pickup the item or if anyone knows where i could go purchase one.
  8. nut233

    250 GT

    From the album: The family car

    The family ride
  9. Help - 370Z 19" Rays ENG Rim to fit V36 sedan Hey guys, New to the forum I would really appreciate if anyone can help/advise. I have a V 36 sedan, and would like to fit the 370Z 19" Rays ENG Forged Rims. I've seen them on a V36's before. When I test fitted the rear rim it stuck out about an inch. Is there a way that I can make them fit? I love the look of the rims on the v36 just can't see how other owners have managed to fit them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, im sorry if this question has been covered before I couldn't find it on the forum. Yours in Skylineism,
  10. V35 sedan Hi guys, have been searching through this vq section and finally getting some knowledge about these imports! decided to make my own thread and put all my questions in one place! bought myself an 02 v35 sedan 6 speed manual, has sunroof and factory bose audio. Always had a soft spot for the VQ range so I picked it up knowing there was clutch issues although having receipts of a clutch replacement after reading through the common slave cyl / master cyl failures, jumped under and found it is leaking from the high pressure hose that connects to the slave. Some heat shield was missing so maybe overheated and cracked. Hoping this is an easy order and straight replace from justjap Also read about the horror stories of the 8 speed auto cvt failures, and how people have been replacing them with 6 speed manuals, i sighed with relief having baught the 6 speed, but then noticed an 'extroid CVT' badge on my rear window, and now think maybe this car used to be the dreaded gt-8? As my centre console doesn't fit correctly/missing parts, and appears to be altered (especially around the gear stick. the left foot rest (on left of clutch) also appears to be missing. Is this removed from an auto or did manuals also come with them? I have posted pics but using iPhone so may have to scroll down. Looking at replacing the 20' chromies as tread is MIA and I hate chrome. Thinking of 17/18s with a more aggressive offset and concave design. Would +12 be enough to have a lil poke? Current wheels don't show any ET. Will get a staggered set of 8' front and 10' at the rear. Guards have already been rolled Drivers side window motor likes to wind itself down so will be replacing it from a stagea once i find a local wrecker. Will also get some tint on the front to match factory rear window tint (guessing it will be like my x-trail which had 20% from factory on rear windows) Does anyone know if the Nismo square twin tips are from factory? Doesn't make the best sound so may replace it, or just a complete new catback its a shame about the radio freq. seek range and unusable sat nav but thinking about chasing up chris rogers (strangely enough one of my closest irl mate's name haha) for a wiring harness to connect aux and possibly connect a reverse camera like a few of you have done, although the step by step tutorial is 7 years old and all picture links are broken haha. thx for listening to me ramble on, would love to hear some feedback! - gaz
  11. What aftermarket ecu's are people running in their 98' R34 four door? I'm still stock as a button auto and wondering How others went with bypassing the immobiliser? Cheers!
  12. WTB: R34 Spoiler Looking to buy an R34 spoiler or a spoiler to suit an R34. Preferably looking for a stock coupe or sedan spoiler, however will consider other types of spoilers suited to R34s. Located Sydney but happy to pay for postage. Any help would be much appreciated!
  13. 2002 Nissan V35 Skyline Sedan 350GT-8 VQ35DE 3.5Ltr V6 factory rated @ 200kwBeen the only local owner since imported from japan in 2009Some light mods on this car, some of the non factory extras are:- Wolf Tech Pop-Charger Air intake- Motordyne Engineering 5/16" Plenum Spacer- Whiteline sway bars and links on front and rear- Front Nismo Struts + RS-R springs Front- Rear Brand new Maxspeedingrods Height adjustable strut set- Sale includes (not installed) rear RS-R springs and brand new front Maxspeedingrods Height adjustable strut set. Asking $7,000 ono URGENT SALE as new car has arrived. Contact me @ 0403 218 553
  14. wrecking R32 GTS4 Sedan- parts sale as per title, picked up a gts4 shell, still a few bits on it that i wont need only what is listed is for sale. GTS4 Rear subframe and arms- knuckles not included $150 r32 sedan boot- one corner is bent, easily straightened out $50 factory nissan wind shield- with inbuilt antenna $100 rear window $100 entire sunroof set up- includes roof liner, controller/map light, sunroof itself and frame $500- $450 if you come and cut the roof off. R32 Side mount intercooler set up- including shroud $150 GTS4 ABS pump- inc lines off the brake master $150 factory R32 GTR shocks and springs $500 a very very rusty GTS4 shell, from the strut towers back- ideal for a track car, or go all out, space frame chassis drag car. $FREE located thomastown victoria- can freight at your cost to business ONLY- sick of sending stuff and having the redelivery fee put onto my account. Mohsen- 0411421097
  15. Fuel pump not receiving power hey guys, so i have recently starting working on my 98 four door i have gotten it turning over with the starter but it is getting no fuel. i pulled the pump and have found a replacement for it, ready to go but decided to test the connections and found there is no power. i have traced it back, checked fuses, got to the relay and found there is only one relay and two terminals. so questions are: is the fuel pump relay in the boot behind the brake lights? the color of the cable running to the pump and to these terminals seem to be different how do i tell if a relay is working? i have a multimetre but i am only getting continuity on some posts. do both connections require a relay?
  16. R34 sedan Camber needed Hey everyone, Just trying to find out some more information on extended lcas for my 34 sedan. I have heard a few different requirements on what is needed. I want to extend my lcas by 30mm . I need to know what other modifications go with this. I have adjustable Cusco camber arms that I will fit at the same time, but need to know what else needs to happen to make it all work. I've searched through a bunch of forums and found nothing 100%. Hopefully someone here can help me out! Thanks, Alex
  17. WTB: R32 Sedan MSPEC SIDE SKIRTS Hi people, i am hoping to find some MSPEC side skirts for an R32 sedan, any help appreciated! Cheers
  18. Wanted to buy. C34 stagea or a TURBO R34 sedan open to all colours and options vic car preferred but will travel, and if mint to you is something that gets washed with wire wheel and haemorrhaging fluids, then move along. rwc would be nice but again, I can work around that. 0411421097
  19. First off, hi this is my first post on this site. I've been lurking for a while and reading up on lots of good threads here. Anyway, I've been trying to search a while and wanted to know if anyone is running a Harness bar in their 4 R32s? Heck, even just R32 in general. I can't find too much on this, maybe because I'm in the US? I really want to run a harness bar so I can wrap the belts around the bar and still use the rear seats. Also, because of the fear of spinal compression.
  20. Hey so up for sale are the V35 Series 1 Sedan Tail Lights with Trunk Portion $320 ONO These wheels on my car are on sale as well, here are some pics They are the HR Racing HR-472 Dull Black w/ Red lip around the wheels in 19x8 around 35 offset all round with tires, still has some good amount of tread left. Gutter rashes here and there $650 ONO
  21. Hey, Just wondering if anyone here is interested in a group buy for front bumpers, side skirts etc. The bumpers are from BAUSauto from g35driver, I was quoted $675 shipping just for the Fiberglass 03-04 Sedan KuRookie Front Bumper. If anyone is interested, pricing and photos can be found on this thread below, this thread is only for the sedans, will be getting more information about the coupe from them. http://g35driver.com...-place-get.html
  22. Hey, I'm looking for BC Racing BR Series coilovers that would fit a 2004 v35 300gt sedan, if anyone is selling their coilovers used or brand new, Give me a PM. I'm located in Melbourne so I could pick it up if you're around the area or shipped at my expense. Thanks, Richard
  23. For sale is my 98 R34 Skyline 4 door. Genuine 46,000kms (just over). It was retuned and made 325.2rwhp on 20psi at PITS. Modifications list: * High flowed turbo by ETS (Eastern Turbocharger Services) rated to 400hp with brand new actuator. * NISTUNE ecu *5-speed manual with Excedy button clutch, conversion done at Nizzpro. * Bosch 550cc injectors * Warlbro GSS342 255lph 550hp fuel pump * Splifire coil packs * Turbosmart boost controller * Tomei adjustable fuel pressure regulator * Front mount intercooler * Z32 air flow meter * HKS super power flow filter * 3" turbo back X-Force exhaust, high flow cat and 7" stainless canon (some of the actual exhaust is stainless) * DEED racing adjustable coilovers - I don't know the spring rates, but they are quite stiff * 19" Manary wheels, these are new * URAS bodykit * V-Force vortex generators *Monza sequential blow off valve * Nismo clear front indicators * HKS turbo timer * Spitfire boost gauge * Dark tint on rear window, and both back seat windows * Queensland mod plated for bucket seats * All gaskets, seals, belts etc are new as of June 2012 * Brand new plugs, oil (Penrite Racing 10 Full Synthetic 10W-40W) and oil filter as of March 2013. *New o2 sensor *New Battery, licenced to Qld but is WA. want 18k ono make an offer contact adam 0433608377
  24. okay. ive been looking for months. cant find shit whos dick do i have to suck to get some?
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