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  1. Any dyno results? Was damaged perhaps caused by excessive EGT?
  2. I've fitted many of these and have never changed carrier. Use your stock 18mm carrier.
  3. Firstly, do your cams and head allow for more? By my eye I think the nose over is more mechanical than it is in the turbine housing.
  4. The mamba housing in question is a good unit, not a compromise and will perform no different from its T3 counterpart. For best results in the compromises you have mentioned use a GTX based 71mm compressor. The 71mm GTX is native to a T04B in the GT28 series units so it will work.
  5. How did you go with this mate? Also have a GTR which is currently stock with a PFC and TBE. Planning to single sooner rather than later, but won't be building the motor for quite a while so am happy to keep it simple with the PFC. A single R35 AFM would make things super simple and dirt cheap while the cars still at a very basic level.
  6. Attached is an extrapolated guide you can use with the 9180 comp map. You can see I've married up your existing results and PR by using the VE as a variable, it's actually still very realistic and what I'd expect from a 1J with decent intake and exhaust manifolds. You can see you'll hit 700 by 30psi, and that should be achievable with the motor in its current configuration. However, the turbo has a lot more in it that your existing results show would require changes to the head and cam combo. IE 800 is accessible but you'd need to turn it well into the 8s. Hope that helps.
  7. Guessing by the heat marks on only one side of the flywheel your car got locked in gear a lot and that's why you're selling the clutch? You're welcome.
  8. Will be fitting a 550.72wg to a very basic config SR20VET later this year. Low comp, P11/VET cam combo, franken DET/VE intake, hypex ex side. Will try access above 8000 RPM on Piss98. Hope to move close to 50lbm. Yes, Lithium, I am still alive. I also have an R33 GTR. Posting for sake of what they look like in the flesh. This was the first one delivered to a customer in Aus (me). It is a highly finished product compared to last gen, I have handled all manner of GTX and EFR in the last 2 years and can say these are the prettiest. I hope it's pretty good rather than pretty average. Stay tuned.
  9. Got that back to front man, advancing the exhaust cam means the exhaust closes sooner and the there is less overlap when the intake opens. In my case reducing overlap worked wonders. More vacuum on idle and a lot more lively off boost.
  10. You should definitely consider changing cams or fiddling with timing on these. If you haven't already I would be advancing the exhaust cam at least 4 degrees to try and reduce that overlap. How you will test for valve contact on high lobe before actually running it though, I have no idea. Within a few hundred RPM I have a comparable result to you, except mine has more midrange and I am running a far less exotic setup. GTX3071R, S14 DET with non VCT cams, 98 ron, 295rwkw peak, 280kw mid 4k on a DD roller. I attribute my result to the cam profile (256/11.5 Poncam). For a VET setup with functional VVL, E85 and a EFR 7163 I think there is more to be desired. I would definitely visit the cam profile, and/or the timing. Remember to reduce overlap by advancing exhaust and use the intake to determine your powerband. In this case I think the little EFR is getting wound up a fair way and even the intake cam could be advances 2-3 degrees. Remember to offset whatever you advance the intake to the exhaust when you consider overlap. Hope this helps!
  11. Interesting feedback re GTX3071 vs GT3076, who exactly said this? I believe Mick_O was the fabled GTX response king around these parts, never had I heard anyone say his car was less responsive than an equivalent GT3076.... Furthermore, I can confirm that I've driven a bunch of 3076 powered SRs and none compare to the response I am getting from my GTX3071. None of those 76s were twin scroll but neither is mine. Apples and apples. First hand experience > folklore, wouldn't you say?
  12. Get a 71GTX mate, regardless of what housing you run. Near enough GT76 flow, near enough or the same as GT71 spool. Am running a GTX71 on my SR and cannot fault it. It makes 295wasps on a DD running 98 ron and it is by far the best turbo all round that I have had, period. My personal recommendation: get a GTX3071R core without housing and a Kando 10cm T3 Vband housing. Kick ass and take names.
  13. The kando 10cm is 1/3 of the price and gives you an inbetween size (.7x) I've used the kando 12cm (.89) on a GT30 core and so far have found zero drawbacks. I have also seen a few in action and results indicated they did exactly what the specs implied. Far better value in total if you buy a garrett CHRA and kando housing separately.
  14. At least theres a couple of us still winning on 98. My knock threshold seemed to be up around the 27psi mark. Makes the hassle of E85 a lot less appealing than it already was. .82 open to 1.05 divided; am not too sure much could be attributed to top end power, I think they would lay in a fairly similar area. Though I'd believe the T3 variant of the 7670 would compress the left hand half of the curve a few hundred RPM. Still noteworthy as it is really winning on power for 98. Am curious what sort of turbine speeds would be seen from a healthy 3L on the T3 open... I may be conjuring something of that spec sooner than expected. Lucky you found that. As clued as everyone on here is I highly doubt anyone would have known off the top of their head.
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