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  1. LaurelPWR

    Another SR20 result looking very strong and promising!
  2. Will you do an E85 run also to compare? Please please please [emoji4][emoji6]
  3. LaurelPWR

    I know this isn't the forum to ask this....but, Did you cut and shut rb runners or use adapter plates for the itbs? Pics? Awesome result man
  4. They're made from stainless just like the original gts-r takoashi and would discolour almost instantly with the first few drives and heat cycles. There's actually a picture somewhere I saw last week on the R31house owners blog of the ver3 test manifold after it was test fitted and ran for first time on the his R31 and it's turned a nice heat treated purple/brown/blue - ish colour...
  5. This is the version 3 they've just released
  6. That's R31house, not Gibson...and they are twin scroll fam ✌🏼👌🏼
  7. That's a R31house takoashi MAX manifold.... they are by far the nicest looking manifold for an RB and now long discontinued for the new version which is a direct replica of the gts-r manifold 😍 But yeah anyways...I have a gtsr manifold that's unfortunately been re-flanged and had a gate welded to it then removed and repaired at some stage....Cost me a packet too.
  8. LaurelPWR

    Both vids are SR20 and both are in the USA soo.....but still better results than thought and certainly makes these an interesting one when comparing to gt and gtx frames.
  9. This is fantastic data mate! Would be a much faster car with your turbo compared to the eBay setup.
  10. LaurelPWR

    Agreed. That article added absolutely no valuable information to this thread and if anything, could mislead a newcomer to the scene
  11. LaurelPWR

    Cut and paste from Facebook: Same car, comparing with the GTX3582R it had on it earlier. THIS case shows a substantial spool improvement, but obviously needs more boost to make the same power - while it did match the GT30 psi for psi. No question it flows very much like a GTX30 series turbo, but would have been nice if the boost threshold was much like the GT28 sized turbos like the naming would have you hope
  12. LaurelPWR

    Cut and paste post from Facebook: Probably one of the easiest to compare, this shows boost, torque and power for a G25-660 (solid lines) vs a Gen2 GTX3076R on an EVO. Very solid power from the frame, but not what you'd necessarily be expecting spool wise from a "2867 sized turbo"