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  1. This is fantastic data mate! Would be a much faster car with your turbo compared to the eBay setup.
  2. LaurelPWR

    Agreed. That article added absolutely no valuable information to this thread and if anything, could mislead a newcomer to the scene
  3. LaurelPWR

    Cut and paste from Facebook: Same car, comparing with the GTX3582R it had on it earlier. THIS case shows a substantial spool improvement, but obviously needs more boost to make the same power - while it did match the GT30 psi for psi. No question it flows very much like a GTX30 series turbo, but would have been nice if the boost threshold was much like the GT28 sized turbos like the naming would have you hope
  4. LaurelPWR

    Cut and paste post from Facebook: Probably one of the easiest to compare, this shows boost, torque and power for a G25-660 (solid lines) vs a Gen2 GTX3076R on an EVO. Very solid power from the frame, but not what you'd necessarily be expecting spool wise from a "2867 sized turbo"
  5. LaurelPWR

    Shitchyeah that's the kind of data that makes my pants move. Good luck with it all man, keen to see what happens [emoji1365]
  6. LaurelPWR

    Some before and after data is always a welcome sight [emoji1362] What's this replacing?
  7. LaurelPWR

    This may be the integrated motorsport set up mentioned earlier... look like an amazing setup regardless, sporting a bunch of local Platinum fruit [emoji1362]🖤
  8. G e e z u z . I realise now the title is a little misleading... Im mainly referring to weather or not the 25de neo vct gear had more degrees of adjustment over the 25det neo vct gear... sorry I didn't put "neo" after the last "Rb25det" in the topic title.. as I stated in my second comment, I'm aware there are differences between neo ans s1/2 and they aren't compatible..
  9. Yeah for sure man, Im not 100% clear on the difference in vct hardware between Neo and s1/2 either, but I think the solenoid body may be slightly different and I think the keyway on the cam/cam gear is different between the two as well so as you say, probably not interchangeable. Still though, I'm interested in what the det Neo and det s1/2 vct variability is [emoji848] it could be a nice little gain for very little $$ for a det neo..
  10. Good morning legends. While scanning yahoo Japan auctions I came across someone selling an RB25de Neo vct solenoid and cam gear as an upgrade for the RB25det Neo... They state that the 25de vct has 30° variability and can give gains to the 25det. I'll attach a screenshot of the auction page. Can anyone please confirm how many degrees of variability the rb25det s1/2 and rb25det Neo vct system has?? Cheers (:
  11. LaurelPWR

    I reckon the GReddy cores are on par with anything else that's decent quality from the all the designs and construction methods I've seen anyways haha nothing wrong with the plazmaman either tho so you'll have a win for sure! I apologise in adavance as these results are on my RB25... I run an old GReddy Type M 700x300x76mm bar and plate intercooler that looks very similar to the ARE bar and plate cores. I make 355rwkw with 24psi on e85, with 20psi and 235wkw already available at 3700rpm. I haven't measured the IAT but I have a boost gauge plumbed into my runners after the throttles and my eboost2 plumbed into the compressor housing. I can safely say that I have almost zero pressure drop and both gauges measure almost identical psi at the same time throughout the entire rev range. When I do my routine hour long mountain run pushing hard, I like to stop and get out at a certain spot at the top and I always go straight to the front of the car and feel the cooler end tanks and piping, normally I can't hold my hand on the hot side for more than a few seconds as it's pretty darn hot haha but the cold side feels like its got ice blocks inside it and often has a thin wet condensation feel. I'll admit this isn't exactly conclusive data without knowing the IAT but it's a good sign lol
  12. LaurelPWR

    That's crazy for such an expensive item...bloody all show and no go it seems with pwr..even their oil coolers look like they would have terrible flow. I was reading an old SAU thread this morning about coolers and one guy commented that he changed from a cooling pro to an entry level plazmaman and got good gains, here's a screen shot of that comment
  13. LaurelPWR

    I'm surprised how shit the inside of that PWR looks.... the tubes are protruding into the end tank a good 6+mm and weld dags everywhere....welded plate end tanks certainly are a step down in flow from a cast end tank... The plazmaman easily takes the win out of those three!
  14. LaurelPWR

    All intercoolers have some sort of "shortcomings" but it's about finding the right balance of flow and cooling efficiency for your desired set up. I think bang for buck and the fact that the plazmaman being probably the cheapest option of all the high end've made the rite choice.