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  1. I paid $2600 brand new man, I would think you would be fair asking 1500 for your turbo by itself ? can I please see your graph now ? Hahah
  2. For sure man, I’ve extensively read and researched the Evo forums and practically everywhere hta30 over the years it’s taken me to get my setup slowly together hahah so yeah I’m expecting something very responsive. I’m hoping to get close to 550whp with 30psi and full boost at or before 4krpm as I have a few other supporting mods that are overkill for a turbo this size to help me get there.
  3. Have you got a graph for the hta3076 on the RB25? Very interested to see as I have one going on an RB25 at the moment but I have a true twin scroll twin gate setup and oversized itb’s etc so a bit different...
  4. My old setup got transferred to my partners car almost exactly as it was but tweaked slightly and made much nicer than mine was. rb25 neo, unknown km’s Tomei poncams 260 type B, HKS 56T 2835 Pro S .87ar, HPI turbo manifold with divider welded in at the flange and refaced, Hks special dump with 3 1/2 inch system 100cell cat and box muffler, Rb26 itb’s on rb25 s1 Lower runner adapter, nismo 740cc side feeds, Turbosmart fpr, eboost2, new apexi power fc, walbro 460 in tank, ARD 150amp alternator, splitfires, hks exhaust cam gear, Apexi pod z32 afm, ARC r32 gtr intercooler, ARC r32 gtr grille oil cooler, new water pump, new oem balancer, hks and cometic gaskets throughout, Turbosmart Internal gate actuator with 14psi springs (I ran 21.5psi springs when on my s1 RB25), Blitz radiator, Grex oil filter relocation kit. I ran this setup on My s1 with e85 with much more aggressive tune and higher boost making 470whp 25psi. Makes a fair bit less as expected but performance is extremely smooth and will get e85 tune in coming months, BP98 fuel, High boost 18psi red line was removed from tune as it was unnecessary and made no real gains worth keeping it.
  5. Not by me yet, came like that from R31house. should be running in a few weeks
  6. Thanks hombré ive made extremely detailed comments about these manifolds in other threads that you show interest in too haha
  7. Car is still getting the finishing touches done before tune....hopefully in a month or two m. i ended up going all out and changed practically every bolt on and power adder hahah so it’s not going to be a direct comparison between the poncams and hks step 1’s unfortunately dudes....I do apologise. i will still post results once it’s tuned anyways ✌?
  8. I completely agree hahaha would sound Fuccing amazing on an Rb20 but would be a total waste haha ??
  9. Well, over the years these have become increasingly harder to find and when you do see them, they either have external gates welded to them or have cracked and been repaired or reflanged or Welded where a gate used to be or have the heat shield bosses ground off or all of the above etc. etc. etc......they also never come with a heat shield and when I do see shields for sale on their own, they are always damaged and dilapidated and dented and dull etc. I normally sell the manifolds for $2.5-$3k depending on condition and I see the heat shields go for $1k damaged and dented...This heat shield is 100% perfect and so is the manifold and this manifold in particular is very nice quality to boot, so the price is well justified in my opinion based on my experience.. it’s a buyers market for this sort of thing anyways.
  10. Ok, here we go again. I have for sale (reluctantly) my prized Hr31 Gts-R RB20det-R manifold and heat shield. I Purchased this off R31house in japan, it came off a customer car of theirs and then straight to me. I have handled a few of these now and this manifold is by far the best I’ve seen. There is little to no weld splatter or dags on this manifold and still has clean stainless sections on each runner where they join to the head flange. There is no cracks and no cuts or re-welds, this is completely original and unspoiled. As per every other one of these I’ve sold, if you don’t know what these are, please either google it and/or ask me and I’ll be more than happy to help educate ?✌? The Hr31 Gts-R was a GroupA race car homologation model with the very rare RB20det-R. This model sported a whole host of body and engine upgrades with the turbo manifold and heat shield being the most noted rare item. The heat shields and manifolds are both extremely hard to come by in this condition. $5k Not negotiable. Will post anywhere in the world at your cost. Pm me for anything else please ✌? Ps. Inb4 all the complainers and professional Nissan history Museum Moderator’s...
  11. Have you tested it with the .84 twin scroll rear on a true twin scroll twin gate manifold? I would be genuinely surprised if it was less responsive [emoji848]
  12. From what I can see they only available in 0.92ar t4 [emoji848]
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