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  1. I completely agree hahaha would sound Fuccing amazing on an Rb20 but would be a total waste haha 😅😂
  2. Well, over the years these have become increasingly harder to find and when you do see them, they either have external gates welded to them or have cracked and been repaired or reflanged or Welded where a gate used to be or have the heat shield bosses ground off or all of the above etc. etc. etc......they also never come with a heat shield and when I do see shields for sale on their own, they are always damaged and dilapidated and dented and dull etc. I normally sell the manifolds for $2.5-$3k depending on condition and I see the heat shields go for $1k damaged and dented...This heat shield is 100% perfect and so is the manifold and this manifold in particular is very nice quality to boot, so the price is well justified in my opinion based on my experience.. it’s a buyers market for this sort of thing anyways.
  3. Ok, here we go again. I have for sale (reluctantly) my prized Hr31 Gts-R RB20det-R manifold and heat shield. I Purchased this off R31house in japan, it came off a customer car of theirs and then straight to me. I have handled a few of these now and this manifold is by far the best I’ve seen. There is little to no weld splatter or dags on this manifold and still has clean stainless sections on each runner where they join to the head flange. There is no cracks and no cuts or re-welds, this is completely original and unspoiled. As per every other one of these I’ve sold, if you don’t know what these are, please either google it and/or ask me and I’ll be more than happy to help educate 🙂✌🏼 The Hr31 Gts-R was a GroupA race car homologation model with the very rare RB20det-R. This model sported a whole host of body and engine upgrades with the turbo manifold and heat shield being the most noted rare item. The heat shields and manifolds are both extremely hard to come by in this condition. $5k Not negotiable. Will post anywhere in the world at your cost. Pm me for anything else please ✌🏼 Ps. Inb4 all the complainers and professional Nissan history Museum Moderator’s...
  4. Have you tested it with the .84 twin scroll rear on a true twin scroll twin gate manifold? I would be genuinely surprised if it was less responsive [emoji848]
  5. Is there a twin scroll housing that would fit this turbine?
  6. From what I can see they only available in 0.92ar t4 [emoji848]
  7. Just had this arrive fresh from the motherland, a piece from the owner of R31house’s personal inventory..... A brand new completely unused GTS-R turbo manifold still with the original Nissan part number label on it 🖤 Feast your eyes.....
  8. There’s cars all over Australia making 800-1000whp+ with 45mm and 48mm throttles.... Im not worried about peak numbers my dude.....please read all of my previous posts. My turbo isn’t capable of anywhere near that power. The most I’ve seen anyone make with a hta3076 is Buschur Racing when he ran 40psi through one at the request of the owner of Forced Performance turbos and he nudged just over 600whp on his 2.3L built evo 8 and his was a .63 TiAl open scroll rear housing. Obviously I won’t be running 40psi but I do plan on running 30psi and I’m using a 1.01ar twin scroll rear but seeing as I’m running mine on a 2.5L 6cyl, I believe I’ll most likely see the turbo max out and I’ll be stoked if it makes 550whp with bulk early and midrange torque and power. My car only made 470whp with my last hks 2835 pro S setup but was fairly responsive with 22psi at 3700rpm and 325whp at 4000rpm and in an s13 with the full works suspension under it and 315/30 NT01’s under the rear, it kept up with 650whp gtr’s no problem. My main aim is to have same or better response and make as close to 550whp as possible (or more haha) so I have gone above and beyond with all the supporting mods to eliminate anything holding the turbo back [emoji1365]
  9. Update: Because the 49mm throttles were bored out with offset centres, the flange plate that was made to be welded to the rb25 s1/2 runners also has the same offset centres (obviously to match the throttles) but this has made the miss alignment to the rb25 s1/2 runners a bit worse than it normally is for the cut’n’shut process.....which meant the fabricator was going to have to make up small short runner sections for each runner individually to line up the throttle bores with the runner bores....... This all seemed like time wasted time and effort when I had another adapter made for 45mm throttles in the exact same fashion but using Rb25det neo runners.....SO!....we ended up using the neo cut’n’shut I had made in NZ by R.I.P.S over 9 years ago....it’s been sitting collecting dust in a display shelf that whole time so we decided to put it to use rather than making a new adapter....this was originally made for, and will eventually go on my forged rb25/30neo I have waiting in a safe place... As previously stated, the neo adapter had the extra runner pieces made individually for each runner because the neo has different runners to s1/2 rb25’s, this made the alignment with the throttle flange completely different to begin with before adding the offset bores of the 49mm throttles...funnily enough, the 49mm itb’s lined up slightly better than on the s1/2 runners hahaha... In these pics you can see the original 45mm alignment issue and remedy pretty clearly; We bored out the neo adapter flange in each bore by only a few mm on each runner and the throttles open freely... So then I purchased Bosch 1650cc short injectors with 11mm half height fuel rail adapters because I got talked into using them instead my HKS 1000cc garden hoses. And, sure enough, they didn’t fit in the neo injector bores because neo uses full height injectors... the electrical clips fowl on everything [emoji849] to get around this, I did away with the female loom connectors completely and then used a dremel to relieve some excess meat around the injector bores and also ground down the outsides of the injector plug fittings and made them fit....12volt Performance wiring specialist will be potting the injector plugs with the new wiring and putting new connectors out away from everything. I refuse to use 1600cc injectors as they’re known to be no where near as good as the 1650cc’s and my tuner specifically asked me to go the 1650’s if I upgraded. Then welded some new threaded machined aluminium mounting bosses to the runners for the HKS fuel rail to mount to, because the existing neo top feed fuel rail mounts are also way off...also welded a barbed push lock nipple under each runner for vac signal that will eventually go to the vac manifold that will be mounted in the firewall.
  10. No problem my guy, are you going 48 or 49mm? I thought NAPREC and Garage ITO only do the 48mm to allow enough meat around the shaft seals etc... But awesome anyways mate, good to see others spending money needlessly on cool shit hahahaha [emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]
  11. Honestly man, I really want an efr 7670 as I know for a fact it will do what I want no problems hahah.... BUT, I purchased this turbo like 4 years ago and I’m a stubborn bastard and want to do what no one else did with this turbo first haha...it’s silly, I know.... I have seen one other dyno result almost identical to the 7670 curve seen on rb25’s at almost 550whp peak and it was actually on a built SR22 and was a normal gt3076 with a true twin scroll twin gate setup...to add credit, it was tuned with my tuner (Matty Spry) who is a well known trusted tuner and his dyno considered a heartbreaker.. I figure, if an old gt3076 can do that on a 4 cylinder, the hta should do what I want on the rb25.... We shall see anyways. Thanks for the props man, I do very much appreciate the understanding.
  12. Hey man, interesting data! I’m fully aware this is 99% a waste of money and will probably have little to no measurable gains....but I’m not worried. My whole setup is overkill....here’s some insight; I’m only aiming for 550whp with my new setup but with every single thing I can do to have as least restrictions as possible to get every single drop of performance out of the setup. I’m also installing a Platinum trigger kit, Platinum r35 coil kit, HKS type R 100mm intercooler, full 4 inch exhaust from turbo back with a throttle/boost activated 4 inch bypass butterfly straight after the dump, hta3076 turbo with a 1.01ar twin scroll turbine housing, R31house equal length runner twin scroll manifold with two TiAl 38mm gates added on + individual runner egt’s and then obviously the nismo plenum cnc port matches to the 49mm oversized itb’s with a port matched Rb25det neo lower runner cut’n’shut itb adapter with Bosch 1650cc’s under a hks fuel rail, hks step 1 staggered cams even doing a Z34 6 speed box conversion hahaha......all being run by a complete custom wire in Link Fury ecu setup.. Most of all this gear is considered by majority as being way overkill for my power goal but the most important thing to me is earliest possible torque, boost response and widest fattest midrange and room under the curve. I’ve probably spent approximately $6k+ on just the intake and itb setup alone, let alone the R31house manifold and customisation to it hahah and I’ll continue to throw money at this project until I get my result, which I will achieve. I’m not in the least bit worried about others opinions etc. when I can look at the end result and know full well I’ve done everything I can to get the desired result [emoji1365][emoji4]
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