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  1. Can you please share some dyno data of the T51r anti surge slot showing? Specifically after before and after the slot install ?
  2. I genuinely love these manifolds and live to share the information to those who also have a genuine interest (: And I have actually left out a couple of others hahah... The Hr31 Autech had shorter runners and a smaller merge collector into a t28 flange which was widely rumoured to spool a lot faster and produce better numbers than the gts-r manifold even though it's wasn't equal length: R31house has also done a couple of the Autech recreations in the "max" v2 style, note the unequal runners:
  3. The speedtek manifolds don't even come close to the quality of the R31house equal length, single piece, hand bend runners..... They're no where near equal length either. I've spend literally hundreds of hours searching and attempting to translate any info over the years on gts-r manifolds and especially the R31house manifolds and his journey to recreate "that sound" and from what I have found, there's been three iterations all up now. The first was the long large diameter merge type: The second iteration is the one I have called "max" : And the latest version 3 is the "premium" which just launched a few months ago, here's a pic of one with an original gts-r: I managed to translate a blog post from R31house from a few months ago stating that the particular sound that R31house refer to as "that sound" comes from the pressed plate steel merge collector on the original Hr31 gts-r manifold and they've only now with modern tech been able to 100% recreate the original and finally achieve the 20 year long goal. Another interesting translation was that he said he felt his car lost response and power with the v3 "premium" compared to the v2 "max" because the runners end at the start of the plate steel merge with the openings facing directly at the inner front flat face of the merge collector and this creates turbulence BUT is the precise cause of "that sound". I also have seen two versions of the actual RB20det-R GTS-R manifolds as well, the normal 1-800 homologation Hr31 gts-r manifold with press bent like runners and heaps of splatter from the welds Etc.: Then there's the Hr31's that the racing teams like Reebok, Calsonic and Gibson etc. received and the manifolds they had was the same design with much, much higher quality materials, runner bending and welding... The ReeBok car: I even tracked one down 5-6 years ago on a sale thread and contacted the guy selling it and it turned out he was an actual mechanic for Gibson Motorsport and the manifold he had (sold) was unused because when they received the hr31 race cars, Gibson removed the manifolds immediately in place for the custom Aussie made Gibson manifolds, this is that actual for sale thread photograph: And obviously this is the Gibson manifold: *all photos taken from google
  4. SOLD Apologies for any inconvenience.
  5. Very rare Hr31 Gts-r Rb20det-R factory Nissan equal length runner stainless manifold. Those of you who know what this is will need no explanation but for those who don't, this is from the 1 of 800 GroupA homologation Hr31 Gts-r skyline. Equal length runners and split merge collector gives any rb a very unique sound referred to as "that sound" by R31house in Japan and has legendary status. As stated, these cars were only developed purely so the Hr31 could compete in Japanese GroupA racing and so is a genuine part of Nissan racing history. I purchased this from yahoo auctions a few years ago for around $2.8k as it is now, has been in storage since. There is unfortunately a repair on the back inside of the merge where an external gate has once been fitted, looks as though it's been reflanged at some stage on the turbo side and it also has the heat shield mounts ground off. Please see photos for reference. Although there is small flaws, these are becoming extremely rare as the last one seen for sale went for close to $3.5k. I'll politely ask that if you do not wish to purchase or understand what this is, please do not give negative comments. Thanks heaps [emoji846] Price is $2k Aud NOT neg. Can post anywhere post at your expense.
  6. LaurelPWR

    Another SR20 result looking very strong and promising!
  7. Will you do an E85 run also to compare? Please please please [emoji4][emoji6]
  8. LaurelPWR

    I know this isn't the forum to ask this....but, Did you cut and shut rb runners or use adapter plates for the itbs? Pics? Awesome result man
  9. They're made from stainless just like the original gts-r takoashi and would discolour almost instantly with the first few drives and heat cycles. There's actually a picture somewhere I saw last week on the R31house owners blog of the ver3 test manifold after it was test fitted and ran for first time on the his R31 and it's turned a nice heat treated purple/brown/blue - ish colour...
  10. This is the version 3 they've just released
  11. That's R31house, not Gibson...and they are twin scroll fam ✌🏼👌🏼
  12. That's a R31house takoashi MAX manifold.... they are by far the nicest looking manifold for an RB and now long discontinued for the new version which is a direct replica of the gts-r manifold 😍 But yeah anyways...I have a gtsr manifold that's unfortunately been re-flanged and had a gate welded to it then removed and repaired at some stage....Cost me a packet too.
  13. LaurelPWR

    Both vids are SR20 and both are in the USA soo.....but still better results than thought and certainly makes these an interesting one when comparing to gt and gtx frames.