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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, Due to the recent discussions in other threads in relation to the latest HTA results, Lithium and I decided it was time to create a new discussion thread as i do believe these will be a big part amongst the SAU community based on the results possible on the RB engine. Forced Performance are normally associated with EVOs and STi's which results in them often being overlooked as an option for the general turbocharged world but they actually do a bunch of Garrett based upgrades for a variety of applications (not all are listed here): http://store.forcedperformance.net/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=FP&Category_Code=Turbo-FP And http://www.ringer-racing.com/category.sc?categoryId=180 A lot of these turbos have been around for years, and proven time and again to perform - it is a bit of a shame they aren't more known about in our area in the world. The HTA range came out in the late 2000s (before the Garrett GTX range) and as a general rule provided compressor wheels which made the equivalent GT units completely redundant, typically having physically smaller inducer dimensions (smaller trims tend to mean better response, and safer margain before surge) and the ability through design to flow over 10% better than the GT equivalent, without carrying the extra 25-30% mass the cast GT wheels have... so also great improvements to transient response. Over the years they've been used on a variety of serious cars in single and twin form, and often FP/HTA technology don't get the credit for it as they will be referred to in articles or the workshops who have supplied kits using them as "custom Garrett" units - key examples for these are Porsche and R35 GTRs, where FP turbos are one of (if not THE) turbo to use on those cars. They also supply an upgrade service which I am sure means they can built a custom version not listed on their site - which would mean there are the options of a HTA3071R, HTA3073R, HTA3076R, HTA3582R, HTA3586R, HTA3786R, HTA3794R, all the way up to the HTA4505 - so if anything there are actually more sensibly spaced options than currently available from Garrett themselves, and without the design compromises Garrett had to do in order to make them suit the OEM market - such as forfeiting compressor efficiency to be quiet, packaging reasons, and optimising low pressure ratios. This isn't to say the HTA turbos aren't only good at high pressure ratios, they are just more focussed on performance from 1.5-4 bar instead of .8-3 bar - generally speaking. End effect is they suit most of our purposes very well Boost Logic R35 GTR - 8.9 @ 180mph on its first outing, still on low profile radial tyres (AMS downsized brakes and rims): http://www.gtrlife.com/forums/topic/85461-boost-logic-89s-180mph/ And vid: AWD Motorsport radial tyred/stock ECU EVO - 9.0 @ 160mph (it hit high 8s but the video is cr@p): Eddie Bello's Texas Invitational winning Porsche from 2013 - And plenty of time attack, circuit and rally cars have used them to great effect as well. After researching this turbo in great detail it was decided the HTA3076 would best suit my car as the GT3037-56T compressor was maxed out. Initially i was skeptical about the turbo as it is hard to get your mind around a setup with similar dimensions being capabale of so much more, after numerous discussions the decision was made to test one out and the results were nothing short of amazing! The turbo not on provided more peak power and torque, but the response was dramatically different, on paper it looks impressive but once in the drivers seat, its a totally different beast! I will have all the results on both fuels (E70 and pump 98) and also varying boost levels to post shortly but for now i have a direct back to back full power comparison from a GT3076 vs a HTA3076 - And the video provided by JEM of the dyno runs - The HTA is certainly an impressive turbo and i think with the options of a HTA3073 & HTA3076 for RB25 they have nailed it! The old GT compressor had no answer for the newer HTA design. I must say a big thanks to LITHIUM as without his help and data i would not have made the choice to choose the HTA turbo, and again another big thanks to Just Engine Management for the awesome tune! Adam Neish knows how to get the best out of any given setup Discuss
  2. Wrecked R34 GTT HTA3076 twin scroll rebuilt gearbox E85 fuel setup R34 GTT wreck Car has a lot of great parts on it with very low klms HTA3076 with Sinco twin scroll manifold and two turbosmart external gates along with screamer pipes and dump - fitted may 2016 (Amazing turbo, Total cost $5000+ Had to buy the turbo then get the twin scroll housing separately from GCG then get screamer pipes and dump made up) rebuilt rb25 gearbox (have receipt for $3800 from last year - very low klms) Big fuel set up - ID1600cc injectors, 1000hp external fuel pump, surge tank - all suited for E85 (Injectors were $1200 by themselves) power fc ARP head stud kit, Nitto head gasket, Tomei type B cams, performance valve spings - fitted august 2016 Greddy radiator Wilwood big front brakes (I believe around 350mm? - require an 18" wheel minimum) RB25 Neo internally standard Those are the parts I can think of right now. My preference is to sell the whole car as is. This is due to the fact that I fractured my humerus in the crash, otherwise I would part it out. If I cannot sell it whole, I will store the car for a while until my arm gets better and take all the parts off and sell them separately. Asking $8000 which I think is a pretty good deal when you consider just the cost of the turbo kit and gearbox were actually higher than this by themselves.
  3. Hello skyline community up for sale is my Force Performance (FP) HTA 3582 FP turbos come with billet comp wheel for quicker spool and response (like gtx) Comes with t3 .82 garrett rear housing Brand new turbine wheel which i replaced after taking off my t4 rear housing and found that something went thru the wheel. Used but re balanced with no shaft play Has anti surge comp housing $1500 Contact Noah 0421087774
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