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  1. Yeah. Most of it is. I was going to drive it down the street but the brakes are stiff (Its got a z32 MC) and the fans aren't wired up. The cube speed shifter I installed was also notchy. I could barely get it into gear with the engine turned on
  2. Not yet. I'll be starting one this weekend. It's having a few problems.
  3. What's up SAU... Bought this 1990 240sx when I was 18 to mess around with. Now I'm 20 and 6K deep into this stock RB swap. Gotta love it. It's in and running with few problems so I'll probably start a build thread. Other than that, I'm just an engineering student in States. day i bought it^ day i got the engine^ this isn't how it looks right now, had to make some adjustments. I'll start a build thread for sure thanks, let me know if im not posting right or something
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