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  1. Mattress collection costs a bit too. If it's in reasonable cond no worries but if it glows under a blue light ..... well or you can ditch it or I can drop it off at the mattress recycling for the good deed.
  2. Hey Kat - I'll take you up on that
  3. Contact Trojan Motorsports in Canberra. They may be able to assist.
  4. Hope that's the issue. Bad connection/bad earth. I haven't had an issue with not disarming/unlocking from about 5 meters. However I trickle charge the battery when not in use as that's my main issue. (flat battery)
  5. Headlight switch
  6. 2% of M60's were lemons due to the receiver board (RF). I expect it's a lot more than 2% and you maybe one of the unlucky ones. Mongoose distributors/installers have a service bulletin on this issue. Personally, I'd ditch it ! Ps. They also drain the battery unless your driving almost daily. When I would leave mine for a week or more my battery was drained.
  7. That link - They're useless unless you have the fastener set which you don't. Those are metal and clip over the top. The fasteners are put in when the windscreen (f/r) is out at time of manufacture. Then the window is placed in and the mould set applied. The typical fitting rubber seals don't come out when done properly. I except yours was just bodgy job in the first place. People get what they for. .
  8. Callan is correct ^ Search RHDjapan for original part numbers. There is even recent threads on here with all the info you need. Generic works but you loose the original look/authenticity. Any car window fitter will have aftermarket generic windscreen rubbers (like O'briens).
  9. No worries Kat, sounds like a good idea. I'll PM my mobile number and we can organise a pick-up
  10. FOC = Free of Charge No takers going in the rubbish. Would be a waste
  11. Folks - clearing space Let me know if your interested in these - FOC for ACT folk (must have a 32 though)
  12. Check all IG fuse and relays (Under dash and in engine bay)
  13. I don't know if you measure the inside diameter of subs or the outside. Advertised as 10" although the outside measures 12.5.
  14. Items: 2 x Custom Fibreglass Sub enclosures (that were in my R32 GTR) 2 x 10" Boston Subs Condition: Very Good. Subs work fine - no issues. Price $400 Contact: on here via PM Pick-up is prefered