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  1. Good to see you on here again Andrew I'll vouch for you Keep me in mind first for the Nismo Seat covers I've been seeing your car nearly every day for a fortnight Prices are good. You wont get a new front bar with N1 vents and lip for under $1000. So in that condition second hand is about right.
  2. Appx $1000. A number of car transport companies can do it. Just google "Car Transport Perth to Canberra"
  3. nsw/act 

    How are you tracking Des? Ready to cut an order yet ?
  4. Speak to Anthony Maatouk of Maatouks Racing - I believe one of the GTR's in his stable is/was running HKS Step Zero or maybe it was Jim from CRD. Cant remember but it was one of them
  5. nsw/act 

    C'mon everyone - make payment so we can receive our T-shirts
  6. nsw/act 

    Also Paid - 4XL (all relaxed muscle)
  7. Welcome back, We hope all is well now. There has been a lot of interest shown in your absence so expect a rush
  8. TI is sexy and light. Sound is your choice so youtube the ones your keen on. Lads like em loud which isn't y cup of tea. I run the HKS Super Turbo system, which after many jap brand systems, this one is by far the best for my needs. Passes RWC/RTA inspections. Opens up to a very nice note after about 3300rpm. Custom is fine for 3.5 inch and upwards, flows best for large power applications. As for not being deflectable depends on DB's @ 3000-3200 rpm
  9. That's good, a good price. Probably remove the SAMCO upper and lower radiator hose set for $128 as your quote already has the OEM set in it. Grab the metal under plenum tube for $38 and water tube on the upper timing case. Tendency also to either rust or leak. You have all the blow bye hoses included too. So yeah, a very good price.
  10. Depends what you asked for From the Kudos website for the R32 GTR. $312 for the genuine Nissan 10 hose kit But if your OCD like me - there is also air hoses (2 or 3) and the radiator hoses upper and lower ($150). and for good measure at a great price is the metal water tube (under plenum) for $40 and water tube on the upper timing case.
  11. Thanks Dan - How many total K's on your Skyline? Last year I bought a new Nismo 6speed Getrag conversion kit for my R32 (not cheap). I understand its stronger and better syncro's than my OEM 5 speed. So it interests me to know of Getrag issues and failures. I dont hear of many failures (not due to constant abuse). You running a twin plate Nismo clutch. I constantly hear of people not putting in the clutches cleanly causing problems too.
  12. Dan, I'm interested in what sort of abuse, if any, you put your Getrag through for the 3rd syncro 3/4 selector hub needing replacing? Normal wear/tear or Bcos race car ?
  13. Kudos Motorsports
  14. also clean your AFM. Sometimes moisture gets in if your running a POD