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  1. Both are great to deal with. Either will not let you down. I've used Marcus (Elrodeo666) many times and have nothing but praise
  2. As the brain trust is already in this thread I'd like to ask I have a new Getrag 6speed with new transfer case and a quaife front diff going in my R32 GTR (which already has a Tarzan G sensor) In your opinions is there any real gain doing the transfer case mod (additional clutch packs)? (rear diff very recently rebuilt by Award)
  3. Which Module? Have you tried checking the in cabin fuses and under bonnet relays/fuses. Particularly anything marked (IGN) or (ENG) main relays?
  4. Potential to be 2 seperate issues with many causes. Here's some Brake booster: Air in the brake system, booster flange issue, one way valve, vacuum leak/air leak Eratic idle/Idles high: Vacuum leak, fouled Injectors, Idle speed, fouled plugs, ECU setting/s
  5. 297 is magic 397 is fantasy
  6. Low profile ramps and then a low trolley jack
  7. Mattress collection costs a bit too. If it's in reasonable cond no worries but if it glows under a blue light ..... well or you can ditch it or I can drop it off at the mattress recycling for the good deed.
  8. Hey Kat - I'll take you up on that
  9. Contact Trojan Motorsports in Canberra. They may be able to assist.
  10. Stairway (to)
  11. Hope that's the issue. Bad connection/bad earth. I haven't had an issue with not disarming/unlocking from about 5 meters. However I trickle charge the battery when not in use as that's my main issue. (flat battery)
  12. Headlight switch
  13. 2% of M60's were lemons due to the receiver board (RF). I expect it's a lot more than 2% and you maybe one of the unlucky ones. Mongoose distributors/installers have a service bulletin on this issue. Personally, I'd ditch it ! Ps. They also drain the battery unless your driving almost daily. When I would leave mine for a week or more my battery was drained.
  14. That link - They're useless unless you have the fastener set which you don't. Those are metal and clip over the top. The fasteners are put in when the windscreen (f/r) is out at time of manufacture. Then the window is placed in and the mould set applied. The typical fitting rubber seals don't come out when done properly. I except yours was just bodgy job in the first place. People get what they for. .