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  1. Hi Andrew - text not received Like to try again. 0414 568 07six
  2. Would you like to part with it Andrew?
  3. That's great news Andrew. Where and when can we meet up? Like to txt me?
  4. I'd appreciate if anyone has a spacesaver tyre for my R32 GTR I'm posting everywhere and seems I am now on a winner
  5. Do you have the Space saver tyre you would like to sell. Also in the ACT
  6. Looks really nice. Any more pictures Dan?
  7. Hey everyone - I'm hunting for a spacesaver tyre for my R32 GTR. Please post up here or give me a call on 0414 56eight 076 Thank you Richard
  8. small speaker behind drivers side door card. remove the door card and disconnect speaker
  9. I'm pleased to hear that. I hope not too damaged. Its never the same feeling afterwards.
  10. This pipe? $40 at Kudos Motorsports http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/water-tube-under-plenum-suit-nissan-skyline-rb26dett-p-2030.html
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