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  1. Firstly put this in the For Sale area and secondly add a Location and Price please
  2. You've done a fair bit of replacing stuff my 2c - Check 02 sensor/s (only happens at idle) and get your tune looked at on the PFC.
  3. Thanks - watched it several times listening to the changes. I absolutely love the sound the RB's make under load and the BOV's. I'm really chuffed to hear you say it's easier/nicer. I cant wait.
  4. It's a good start
  5. You'll need it fully engineered (Certified) to have it road legal, if it isn't already may be expensive.
  6. Shouldn't it be consistent. Like always pressurised?
  7. I'm keen to know how did you find the change in ratio's especially for driving on the street in comparison to the 5spd box? Does it make more sense re ratio's of 6spd v 5spd? and the 4.11 rear diff. Doing the same conversion and getting a tad excited, cant wait so trying to glean what you think.
  8. Christian have you tried these guys Lining Sydney.html Advert on this site Seems they quote
  9. Had an Os giken triple plate for a fair number of years. Not difficult at all, although takes a few starts/stops to get used to it on day 1. Then it rattles when clutch in like any heavy duty multi plate clutch does when stationary. Know the take up point and all is sweet.
  10. I'm surprised there isn't a run on these, our cars are 25yo and the nitrogen has long left. Makes a big improvement to the system
  11. Smarts doing the nitrogen cannister
  12. Nice set of cars you have. Would be hard to choose which one to drive every morning. I take it the WRX is your daily ?
  13. very keen to hear what you think about 6spd afterwards
  14. They will sit perfectly on an R32 GTR and sit flush to the guard (will not poke out). R32 GTR Rim of choice Will not rub/scrub. Make sure your tyres are a 255
  15. No - not by a long shot mate. (600x300x76mm). These are made as a factory replacement. You could even go the 103mm. Not really about size but efficiency. Some one with more smarts than me can explain about the drop and cooling..