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  1. That's good, a good price. Probably remove the SAMCO upper and lower radiator hose set for $128 as your quote already has the OEM set in it. Grab the metal under plenum tube for $38 and water tube on the upper timing case. Tendency also to either rust or leak. You have all the blow bye hoses included too. So yeah, a very good price.
  2. Depends what you asked for From the Kudos website for the R32 GTR. $312 for the genuine Nissan 10 hose kit But if your OCD like me - there is also air hoses (2 or 3) and the radiator hoses upper and lower ($150). and for good measure at a great price is the metal water tube (under plenum) for $40 and water tube on the upper timing case.
  3. Thanks Dan - How many total K's on your Skyline? Last year I bought a new Nismo 6speed Getrag conversion kit for my R32 (not cheap). I understand its stronger and better syncro's than my OEM 5 speed. So it interests me to know of Getrag issues and failures. I dont hear of many failures (not due to constant abuse). You running a twin plate Nismo clutch. I constantly hear of people not putting in the clutches cleanly causing problems too.
  4. Dan, I'm interested in what sort of abuse, if any, you put your Getrag through for the 3rd syncro 3/4 selector hub needing replacing? Normal wear/tear or Bcos race car ?
  5. also clean your AFM. Sometimes moisture gets in if your running a POD
  6. Drop into Trojans if you want to see the other half of Canberra's Skyline community
  7. Dang, sorry about that. it Did say Delete kit but looking closer its NOT. I bought mine from GKtech not from HEL off ebay. Try this link
  8. ABS Delete Kit Run the lines under the metal lip at the back of the engine bay
  9. true - djr81 Plenum zoomed in Black paint brushed off or ??
  10. Your right - compliance was done Dec 2016. Can't go past Ohlin shocks
  11. I haven't inspected it However it looks genuine in the photos presented. A few things have been added to it other than the exhaust. Handbrake boot, aftermarket head unit, front shocks, strut brace, floor matts - nothing of importance really. I like that it has the OEM wind deflectors, the c-pillar internal trims are intact. Worth looking at. $49k asking price I suppose is pretty good with the way 32's are going up in value over the last 12months. One thing gets my goat in the description "neck breaking acceleration". If you've driven an OEM 32 it's stretch to describe it like that. Just the linear way in which they accelerate negates "neck breaking acceleration". Would you drive it or park it is the question
  12. Sounds like you may have been duded. Highly likely the previous owner has had it checked out and may know the issue (and cost to fix). Get a good mechanic to go over it now. Obviously would have been best to do this ^ before parting with your hard earned! We live, we learn
  13. Don't always trust the oil pressure gage. At best it gives an indication. Sometimes the gage or the oil pressure sender just fails. Obviously don't drive it until diagnosed correctly. Get another gauge on it and test it and go from there. Yes it could be the oil pump, or it could be something else. If your still talking to the previous owner it wouldn't hurt to ask the history.
  14. I think your on the money. Time for a high flow OP6