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Found 108 results

  1. Im very far behind on starting this build thread, but better late than never. While stationed in western Tokyo (2013-2015) I was able to fulfill a childhood dream of owning a Nissan Skyline GTR. Made the purchase of the car as a reward to myself after making promotion. This is how it sat when purchased in October 2013. What It Came With: Engine: Greddy FMIC Greddy Radiator HKS hard pipe intercooler set MINES ECU Straight pipe from turbo back Suspension: Tein Adjustable Type-TS CruiseMaster Coilovers Nismo Arms and Rods Omori Factory Re-inforced Chasis Nismo Front/Rear Stabilizers 17x9 and 255 40 17 all around Interior: Nismo 230/km dash Greddy Turbo Timer Greddy Oil Pressure and Boost Guage Exterior: Nismo Body Kit (front bumper with vents, N1 bonnet lip and trunk lip) JUN front lip LED Tail Lights The car was in running condition when i got it but it needed some work to get it drive properly. - The clutch was bad. The seller knew it was twin discs, but not sure of the brand in it. - One of the stock turbos in it were bad. The seller had two R33 GTR stock turbos that came with the car. - The LED taillights were of Pinkish color now and only two were working. After saving up and having the car sit for a month or so, I was ready to start buying parts to get this car on the road. I went to UpGarage near the base to find a replacement clutch. Something simple and used, just to see what kinda clutch is in it and to get it operational. I grabbed a HKS Twin isc clutch and was on the lift the following weekend. After dropping the transmission, we noticed it was an OS Giken Twin Disc (TS2CD). After finding this gem, I decided it would be better to buy a rebuild kit for the clutch and put the Giken back in. RHDjapan was able to get me the rebuild kit in less than a week. Once the rebuild kit came in, work was getting more and more hectic, I was not going to be able to do the work myself. Since the turbos needed to be swap too, i found this to be the perfect time to get both the clutch and turbos done. You also get a nice glimpse of the replacement wheels I put on it. Advan RGII - 17x9 +30. The offset wasn't ideal but it gave the car a better look IMO and I could NOT pass up the deal that was offered. I finally got the car back and it was able to boost and shift as it was supposed to. Still wouldn't pass the inspection due to the LED taillights not being fully functional, CV Boot on the front passenger, and the brakes pads and rotors were shot. I got on YAJ and ordered a set of stock taillights and shopped for the R33 GTR Brembos. Was able to source a front set for an amazing price with rotors and pads included. Back to the shop it went. I got it to pass inspections and was completely satisfied with driving it every now and then. I didn't drive the car for weeks at a time due to work and not wanting to break it before getting it back to the States. Nothing to write home about happened upgrade wise with the car until it was time to get it ready for the trip across the Pacific. Here's me at Yokohoma Bay dropping the car off. April 2015. I was stationed in New Mexico next and the car was being delivered to Dallas, TX. The car made it and was ready for pick up in June 2015 After getting it registered stateside I was ready to start adding small things here and there. First thing I got was a Boss hub kit and NRG quick release for the steering wheel. I had a used Nardi wheel that I got while in Japan begging to be installed. Also i bought the Viper 2-Way Security System {5706V} (Remote Start System) and installed it so the motor would be warmed up by the time I came out to drive it. Started doing more research on the MINE'S ECU in the car and knew it would be smart to buy an aftermarket ECU and get it tuned for USA pump gas. So i got on YAJ and found a used PowerFC L-Jetro w/ hand controller at a decent rate. Looked around for boost controllers and the GReddy Profec OLED was what caught my eye, so i grabbed one from RHDJapan. Searched and searched for someone who was able to tune this ECU and have a dyno. Finally found someone in El Paso, texas about an hour away from where I was stationed in New Mexico. Once the parts came in from Japan I scheduled a date and I hit the road to Texas. We were able to get it tuned, but was not able to get an actual HP number due to the Boost Controller not operating correctly. Noticed very quickly the difference in response as well as actual fuel economy improved. The New Mexico dessert heat is quite different from the heat in Tokyo so i thought an oil cooler and Oil filter relocation kit was needed. I sourced one via a FB group and had it installed by some random shop in Alamogordo, NM. It was a dumb move on my part. This is where the trouble for the car began. They installed the oil cooler and relocator, but they didnt use the steel braided lines I brought it to them with. They used thick Motorcycle hoses that had no flex. The car developed an oil leak at the cooler (they used -8An instead of the -10AN) and it never was the same since. Around this time, I had decided to leave the military so i was not in a position to shell out funds for parts. So i would drive the car whenever the urge came, but I was also having to add a quart of oil here and there since I couldn't pay to get it fixed at that moment.
  2. Mohsen finally bought a GTR. So, as some of you know, I had built a pretty stout little r32 sedan, that had been riddled with problems, four years in, The veneer had worn off, and I had kind of lost the will to continue with it, I had toyed with the idea of putting it away for a while, to put it short, I grew to hate it. a few weeks ago, while searching for some parts to buy before the Americans made them insanely expensive, and stripping mine down to store etc, I had come across an R32 GTR shell, most of it was there, but it had a pretty serious front hit. a bit of chit chat with the owner and I now own a TH1 dark blue pearl R32 GTR I freighted the old girl from Brisbane and here she is! The damagage is quite severe, but I have the running gear and all the repair parts needed so it was a no brainer! more soon!
  3. Hi up for sale Is my set of 4x 18x9.5+12 (5x114.3) Nismo LMGT4s Gt500 edition. Gloss black with no gutter rash - perfect condition. One wheel was buckled at a track day but is repairable. Selling as I no longer have my GTR and they have been sitting boxed in the garage. located in Sydney, 0404097043 PRICE $2,300 ONO
  4. R32 gtr N1/nismo skirt end pieces look to be genuine when compared to others is a thin light coloured plastic passenger side is in good condition with minor crack around the mounting hole driver side has been repaired poorly, I have removed the filler and intended to repair and fit to my car but don’t really have the time still very repairable $450 ono can post Australia wide
  5. my high beam adjusters are broken, i tried to find the part number for them and did not find it , is there something comparable i can replace / repair the screw adjuster?
  6. Good evening all, was driving around town and car stalled during the drive. Got the car parked and narrowed down the issue to the fuel pump not priming or turning on at all. For starters: 1990 BNR32, Apexi ECU and Power FC, Deatschwerks fuel pump. To sum up all the troubleshooting I've done: Shot power for fuel pump relay and coupling to cap of tank, 12v of power is provided for a second, then relay shuts off providing no power. (while key is in on position) Installed R33 GTR fuel pump and once again pump is not priming. Fuses all intact. Provided direct power to Deatschwerks fuel pump, pump did not turn on. (Gonna get a new pump) Swapped batteries to a new one. Any recommendations going forward to try and narrow down this electrical gremlin? Is there a fail safe where the relay will not provide constant power if a pump is not installed? Thanks!
  7. Hi Guys, It's been a while, I am a Kiwi who moved over to Japan a few years back and have settled in Tokyo. I have always loved the R32, have owned a couple of GTST's before and since I am in Japan now, decided to go for gold and score the best possible BNR32 I can get my hands on. The car arrived on a truck a few days back and gotta say, as it is my dream car, no words can explain my joy at the moment, Nismo and Nissan have been on the ball resupplying the parts for the R32, and I have no shortage of parts supply if something needs attention for now... I guess that is one of the advantages of living here, During the whole purchasing ordeal, there has been a lot of processes involved and Japan in my opinion, has their way of doing things, so no let's wing it attitude sits in well with these folks lol. It took a couple of weeks to get the Japanese version of WOF called "Shaken" but overall, besides the RIDICULOUS parking costs, all was pretty smooth. I miss NZ where you can just park on your own driveway, In Tokyo, you will be doing well if you find one below $300 per month. Now Let's Talk about the car, Pretty standard, nothing in the engines has been touched, currently tuned to 380ps. Model 1991 Skyline GTR R32 BNR32 Milage: 47000km Engine: Stock Turbo: Twin HKS 2510, HKS turbine outlet Cooling: ARC intercooler, HKS IC piping kit, Intake: ARC Super Induction box Exhaust: Apex front pipe, Apex RS muffler, Suspension / Drivetrain: HKS reinforced clutch (I think it's a twin push type early model, absolute B**itch to drive in in traffic, real narrow biting point and very sensitive), Ohlins suspension, Tein pillow ball tension rod Brakes: Winmax brake pads Electrical: HKS EVC5, Tomei Speedometer, Trust gauges in the glovebox, Defi Boost gauge on Steering wheel column Will provide pics soon Interior: Nismo seat covers, Italvolanti steering wheel Wheel: Volkracing CE28N 8.5X17 +22 , Tires: Dunlop Direzza Z3 255-40-17 I may have missed something but this is the current status of the car. I don't plan to go tracking but want to escape the city on the weekends to explore the less populated areas of Japan, I will probably be on the sensible side when it comes to driving on foreign lands. I absolutely love the car after taking it out on the highway, it was an absolute pleasure to dive, the sound, the pull everything was better than I hoped. I should be posting the slight issue on another section but as I have your attention, I wished to ask you guys quickly. On the way back, from the very awesome drive, some car far ahead had an accident in the tunnel and I ended up being stuck in heavy traffic, I have a clutch setup which seems to be one of the worst most sensitive (only on 1st year, either from standstill, or rolling very slowly), unforgiving setups I have ever driven, NOT fun stuck in traffic jam for an hour, If you guys have any suggestions for a street usable/friendly clutch ideas, please feel free to let me now, something that does not give you a dead leg even if you are stuck behind traffic, and something that allows a smoother start on 1st gear, right now, I have to give it gas about 2-3000rpm and release the clutch very very gently or the ting just tries to launch and hop etc. I have heard the Nismo twin plate? ones were good, but not sure it will be better than my old HKS setup and in what way, my one feels very sensitive (narrow biting point if that makes sense) they can be a pain to drive in traffic etc.. Anyways, Thank you for reading my post and I wish to catch up with any GTR owners based in Tokyo! hit me up if you are around.
  8. Well I guess I will start with how I acquired my beauty. This is pretty much my first sight her. In the spring of 2017 a friend of mine mentioned that he had imported a BNR32 in 2016 and was thinking about selling it. Having only heard about this car I was immediately interested in seeing and driving it. This is pretty much my first of sight her. Between this and how the test drive went I had to have her. Known mods: GT-SS turbos Unknown spec cams, possibly Poncams Rumored built bottom end, however based on the bits and pieces I think it's probably stock and I'm not taking it apart to check Large unknown spec intercooler Aftermarket hard pipe, this includes a botched together abortion of a merge pipe(I need to take a pic of this, it's hard to describe how much of an improvement a stock one would be) Yellowjacket coils and an aftermarket coil harness. Multi-plate clutch, rumored to be a Nismo BC coilovers There are some heim joints in the suspension. I haven't crawled under her and really checked what I have there yet. HICAS is either disabled or broken. The dash light is on, I just haven't investigated yet. Power FC with Japanese tune. I have been driving it on what I think is wastegate pressure (uses a Profec B) An aftermarket steering wheel I decided the first thing I wanted to tackle was the headlights. The low beams were atrocious and the highs were nonexistent. Shock! Someone had butchered rear of the headlights so they could poorly install some H1 bulbs. If I was going to repair the mess I decided to upgrade it to some Bi-Xenon projectors from Morimoto, I believe they were the mini D2S version 3. Morimoto on the left, Stock on the right Stock on left, on the right is rig I came up with to adopt the Morimoto. Installed without glass. 20 years in the import scene and I have never liked chrome light surrounds. So I scuffed them lightly and flat blacked them. The only almost finished product I have. I haven't sealed them back up or installed the clips yet. Not sure why I don't have a finished pic, it's going to make the DIY harder to write, oh well. I installed my new spiffy headlights. Wired them up with the relay kit I bought and couldn't get them to stay on when switching to highs. (Interesting side note here, I discovered SAU while trying to figure this out, say summer of 17) There is a good thread here explaining the 2-3 options you have to make them work, I just can't find it at the moment ☹️. While testing and aiming my new lights the car sprung a coolant leak under the plenum. No problem, right? Buy and replace some hoses and your good. Yep, not that simple. First you have to get the plenum off so you can see what the problem is. Boy, I wasn't aware of what I was getting into there. With every removed hose I was horrified by their condition and the crusty rust looking stuff on the inside. I hadn't found one that looked like it had actually failed though. Then I found the culprit, the fitting at cylinder 6. The little 90 take off had a clear hole in the bend. Unfortunately, the only way I could get it off was to remove the throttles and intake manifold. At this point I'm realizing I should have just pulled the engine.... I put a factory fitting back in but then "while I'm thereitis" set in. I decided to remove the factory oil/water mess and go with a remote oil cooler. I acquired a Ross Tuffbond oil take off fitting. I recently saw some posts about the NA coolant hoses really helping with simplifying this area, I need to look into this more. I also got the valve cover, plenum, upper timing belt cover and intake manifold powder coated. This pretty much catches you up to today. Due to simple lack of time it is taking longer than I would like.
  9. New or Used With or without tyres In good working condition MUST BE GOLD IN COLOUR Let me know what you have Cheers Robbie 0407 175 417
  10. Morning Guys, I have a custom turbo set up for an R32 GTR. Located in Canada. It should fit a stock exhaust, dumps, and intercooler, but everything else will only fit this set up. These parts have about 10,000kms on them. I'm looking for $1100 CAD for everything, but the dumps are NOT included. Includes: Garrett 2860RS turbos with Garrett -5 rear housings. Fits stock exhaust manifelds and stock dumps. newish 7 psi actuators. I spent a ton of time gasket matching the housings and porting the wastegate ports. The turbos have about 10,000kms on them and seem fine. I can take video of them if you'd like. Custom stainless "twin turbo" pipe. Fits great, has a divider welded in, looks good. All couplings and clamps needed for hooking up the turbos and twin turbo pipe. One is burnt from me wrapping it with heat tape. It seems the glue from the tape has burnt on the coupler. It looks great on the inside. Custom oil and water lines. Includes everything except for 2 fittings you'll need to attach to your block and water pipe. Custom aluminum intakes with filters. One pipe has a dent in it. Fits stock power steering reservoir location. Ported stock exhaust manifolds. I spent a ton of time porting and gasket matching these. The previous owner tapped them for EGT sensors, but I plugged them up. Burnt Coupling: Looks fine on the inside: you need to get these fittings:
  11. I have complete setup of turbos removed from my BNR32, working fine when removed $200 (not wanting to post due to weight) factory computer $100 carbon fibre bonnet brand new never fitted suit R32 models $750 (not wanting to post due to size & weight) please contact through PM regards Jason
  12. Where I live bnr32 parts are not too easy to come by. My brake booster recently broke and I need a replacement. Does anyone know if a z32 brake booster is an equivalent replacement to the bnr32 brake booster? Reason why I think the problem is the brake booster . The pedal feel is hard, also I have to press the pedal to the floor with all my might just to get it to slow down. There are no signs of leaking from the master cylinder but I do hear my right brake caliper making lots of noise when I press the brake pedal. I have stock r32 gtr brakes. Anyone know what could possibly be wrong? Thanks in advance
  13. R32 GTR seat R32 GTR passenger seat. Has a tab welded to one rear mount, easily removable. Overall very good condition $350 Thomastown Victoria
  14. R32 parts left over n1 east bear style side skirt extensions. still in gel coat, never used. Bought genuine ones. $200 pwr radiator- has a leak, repairable $70 factory twin BOVs $50 lower rear quarter trims, fair condition. Could do with a reglue on the fabrics $100 located yhomastown vic please text 0411421097
  15. Help! How to Late BNR32 Cluster in pre 91/8 car Hello i need some help. Does anyone have a full write up how to get a +91/8 Cluster to work in a pre 91/8 BNR32. I know how to do the speedo, i found that info on this forum. Problem is that i can't find a writeup on how to fit the rev counter. I know that it has been done, just now how. Any help is welcome.
  16. Greetings From Austria Hello dear fellas !!! Sebastijan my name and im from Austria, got an Gtr32 and as a daily an EVO IX hope to find new friends, contact and important iformation if needet!!
  17. Attached is the Nistune Log fresh this morning along with the items that the dealer have changed. My Car studder and shivers between 1k-2k rpm no matter what gear it is. The problem partially went away after they changed the items like gasket , maf,o2 sensor, and seals. But it still happens and I cant pinpoint the problem, last time the car was serviced it took them two weeks before getting my car back. It is my daily and I cant really afford that long down time . This just happens in that rpm range usually happens when the car is cold and even when the operating temp is reach it still happens , but not as much. sorry i guess the board dont like csv files and put it on mega. https://mega.co.nz/#!SBklkCzb!ow2js3z8UwZTcmoz1LaLRC1dstauRNDMWzZxWqqee-E
  18. Im back Hey guys, im back on SAU. Always been here but life had me super busy Anywho my GT-R was put on the back burner for the last 3 years or so but now is moving forward. Ill throw up some pics soon
  19. 0/94 R32 GTR Owned the car since 2006,been in storage the whole time as such its never driven, time for someone else to own and enjoy it, engine has been rebuilt and is fresh so all the hard work is done. Any and all inspections welcome... Asking $23,500 negotiable, looking for quick sale Engine - Factory long snout R33 GTR engine - rebuilt bottom end - ACL Mahle Pistons (have brand new stock pistons still in box) - Spool rods (have original rods) - knife edges, grub screwed etc crank - dynamic balanced - standard head - R34 GTR exhaust manifolds - R34 GTR dump pipes r34/32 02 sensor adapters (have the standard ones) - nismo exedy ? Single plate clutch & flywheel - Garret 2860R -9 turbos brand new (have the standard ones) - Splitfire Coilpacks (have stock) - 550cc injectors not fitted (have stock) - nismo Stainless dump pipe (have stock) - N1 water pump - N1 oil pump Interior - completely stock and original - seats, carpet and interior condition perfect - no stereo fitted (wiring has not been cut) - factory option knee pads - stardard bubbling on dash Body - body is average at best - paint is in ok condition - bonnet has hail damage - front bar is on order from nissan nismo factory option front strut brace with brake master cylinder stopper - 17x10 + 12 pittura sport rims - Pirelli tyres - original spare tyre is brand new At worst it needs paint and front bar, or if your chasing power it will need cat back, ecu and tune cleaned up and registered id be asking over $30,000 but as is im asking $23,500 as is more than happy to take extra pics if anyone needs
  20. Hello all, I'm Ross from Perth and have been a long time reader/ researcher on this forum and have finally become the proud owner of a 1993 Model R32 GTR. To start off the car is not in good shape the previous owner crashed it into a pole on day one of purchasing the vehicle around 7 years ago with a fair amount of damage to the passenger side rear quarter and suspension arm it sat in a shed this way until now. I picked the car up 2 weeks ago made some room in the shed then locked it up and flew back up to work so now a month of hanging out wanting to just get home and start on it. So far I have ordered a whole new left rear quarter panel and glass including mouldings from Ferntree Gully Nissan and used original various suspension arms and rods etc from good old eBay. Also purchased fluids, plugs, vacuum lines and all sorts to clean her up and give it a good going over. Plan is to repair all the body, give the undercarriage a birthday and change out some suspension components then once it's drive able and re regoed, go all out and build a weapon that can be daily driven or perform round a track. Car was originally silver but has been repainted midnight purple at some point so I plan on keeping this colour also the engine bay is still silver so I can already see myself getting carried away next break and ending up with the engine out ready for a proper respray hence the reason for me creating this thread hopefully it's in the right spot! So I hope to post progress photo's etc along the way just be patient as I do work away but will make some decent progress each break!
  21. Nismo Cluster in good condition and working order. has the usual crack in the speedo cable connector, but does not effect operation. done 67779km. $580 Nismo Horn button in good condition $150 Nismo Cigarette light, its brand New never used. $230 BNR32 Vspec genuine BBS wheels with tyres. 17 x 8 +30 Wheels have been professional repaired and repainted to the original specs they're in perfect condition. Tyres are yokohama 225/50/17 DB decibel with 4mm and 5mm treads. $1300 Located at mortdale and happy to ship at buyers expense. 0449 292 986 thank you.
  22. Hi, Just started a new R32 GTR Dedicated Rally Car build... After putting Kermit into a concrete barrier in the rain last July, I am slowly getting the parts together to build another one.. Previous car straight after the "incident" with the wall at around 160 kph plus.. Then sourced the ex Brighty R32 GTR to use as the new donor shell c/w cage from Brad Gave the shell a clean up-removed old stickers etc and then put on my trailer ready for Marc and Josh at C-Red to make it roll.. ready for Phil at AFM to ensure the chassis is straight-seam welding and panel and painting etc Also purchased a Jun carbon fibre lip, CF wing and CF font grill as well as another set of original front guards/original bonnet and a new front radiator mount from Northside Nissan. Once the car comes back from Phil at AFM ( panel and painted in the retro red white and blue Richards/Skaife livery)I will update with the mechanical details. cheers
  23. Discontinued HKS Kansai ETS BNR32 4WD controller that allows to put the R32 in full RWD or regulate how much torque goes to the front. Very handy for high HP cars as standard torque split Atessa ecu sends too much power to the front wheels and is known to snap drive shafts when you launch the car. Priced to sell far below normal going price! $255 USD Worldwide shipping $40 USD Paypal 4.4%
  24. Nismo Old Logo Oil Pressure gauge NEW in BOX 1990 Recently opened. totally new Nismo Oil Pressure gauge from 1990 with all needed fittings. Not a spot on it, perfect 10/10 condition! Price 450 USD Shipping to Australia 30 USD Paypal 4%
  25. Ganador BNR32 KH2 Mirrors S13 In Box Mint Tested and working in superb condition sprayed in KH2 Gun metal BNR32. Are for a BNR32 but like many people have confirmed also fit a S13 Silvia or 180/240sx. Come with original box, packing and sticker. Electric adjustable like OEM. USD 950 World Wide Shipping USD 40 PayPal 4%
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