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  1. hey all, stripped old mate david sta-gea a while ago and have some left over stuff series 2 c34 front bumper reo $100 front and rear seatbelt kit- missing some bolts $50 front passenger side factory xenon head lamp- one broken tab (i have the tab) uncut balasts box of random interior pieces, trims etc $20 located in thomastown please text only on 0411421097
  2. big bump spats $200 ABS pumps $50 each front knuckles with hubs and uprights $100 pair viscous fan hub $50 coupe boot carpet- ok condition $50 complete floor carpet- covered in rat shit $free (i am not f**king cleaning that, f**k that) driver side boot channel/window rust repair section $200 - good luck finding someone thatll cut a good shell up for that give me an offer on this stuff, theres more, boxes of factory AC stuff etc taking up room in the garage and in my shop text me on 0411421097
  3. Probably after the tune, and when I move Into my house. Gonna bushfire the street while I have the chance
  4. VicRoads wouldn’t let me get BGSRUS so would have to settle for club plates 😂
  5. Back again. slow progress as usual got the car idling on e85 and it’s very much drivable. ended up cracking the shits and deleting abs went with a raceworks twin entry rail, push lock fittings and a direct wired pump feeding some 2200cc injectors glass in car detailed. Wheel alignments done Some tiny little hiccups here and there that I’ll get around to eventually But all that’s really left is a tune and rego
  6. Too long. guys my cars done, who y’all using for insurance. hamish, get a van and get out here please
  7. Thanks for showing me this little weapon the other day mate! shes definitely genuine, a proper time capsule.
  8. castor arms sold eastbear spats $280 need the cash to pay my drug debt
  9. OPEN TO OFFERS, dont be shy, im sick of moving boxes around the garage to get to shit.
  10. Bump. repaired the shit one, it’s in high fill now, ready to rub and paint. $300 for the pair also have other parts x2 abs pumps $100 each front adjustable castor arms $50 r32 floor carpet, needs a mad steam clean, some cuts near the standard holes but can’t be seen when interiors in $50 used walbro 254lph pump $50 random red coloured series 1 coils with a nice, fresh, tender loom $100
  11. Consignments a horrible thing
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