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  1. I still don’t know, ebay.. I saw them and just put my maximum bids in, someone had a go at the wing but nobody bothered with the wheel.. also picked up an R34 GTR intercooler, couldn’t be bothered paint stripping the original one lol
  2. The lebo in me is dying for a BT1 GTR
  3. I know, one small tear, but wheel with the horn and a genuine wing for $330!
  4. Update: progress has been slow, but we’re getting there im still slowly accumulating parts, managed to pick up a really tidy steering wheel and original wing and not pay drug money, but more importantly, the car is now sitting at my panel beaters, waiting for the boys to have a crack at some body repairs and paint. i can’t seem to find out which is the correct shade for the car, but it’s been smashed, repaired etc so f**k it. I’m going for the nicest TH1 there is, standard base with a lighter, greener flop. same delicious TH1, with very very slight aqua tones at different angles We should start moving quickly from here, I hope.
  5. Now selling entire cluster to suit series 2 $400
  6. Came as soon as I heard shots
  7. Assorted parts for sale or swap c34 s2 factory airbox $80 c34 s2 guard liners and under tray $50 c34 s2 seatbelt set $80 R32 GTR front hubs, knuckles and uprights $150 nismo 320km speedo only- blue back $500ono or swap for a brown back one. Lovated in thomastown victoria text 0411421097
  8. I still see no problem....
  9. I saw a few of those in the states! Please tell me you're going to give it a 10" lift and some rock crawlers hahahahaah
  10. I'll suck your dick for the skirts and wing
  11. So, I've been a busy boy in between running a business, being an adult and shit like that. so here goes! since I last left off, I had gotten my hands on a wrecked shell and scavenged the parts I needed from it. following this, we had the chassis rail pulled straight (with no resistance) and had the rest repaired. thats when the fun started. the car has been hit on that side before, hard. this made unpicking a nightmare! But we got it done, it isn't pretty, but it's done. Painted the bay bay this week end, and now starts the assembly stage! We're getting closeeeeeeee
  12. Okay only have a handful of stuff left, pretty much throw away prices conplete rear cradle less handbrake cables $100 front cradle- complete less rotors $100 passenger side s2 xenon headlight- broken tab, easily repaired $100 standard airbox $100 indicator and wiper stalk $50 passenger side genuine weathershield and weather seal retainer thingo $100 prices are firm buy the lot for $400 and I'll throw in what ever little things that are still in the box.
  13. Still some stuff left!
  14. wrecking c34 s2 stagea- dayz kit, teins as per title, parting complete car in victoria heavy front impact, rails still straight engine, door mirrors, xanavi display, passenger side rear door SOLD eveyrthing else is still available, including the complete dayz kit, the bar is a little damaged but very repairable. not interested in splitting the kit. text me for specific parts and pics- DO NOT PM ME, IM HARDLY ON HERE, i will not reply 0411421097 thomastown victoria thanks, Mohsen