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  1. Thanks for showing me this little weapon the other day mate! shes definitely genuine, a proper time capsule.
  2. castor arms sold eastbear spats $280 need the cash to pay my drug debt
  3. OPEN TO OFFERS, dont be shy, im sick of moving boxes around the garage to get to shit.
  4. Bump. repaired the shit one, it’s in high fill now, ready to rub and paint. $300 for the pair also have other parts x2 abs pumps $100 each front adjustable castor arms $50 r32 floor carpet, needs a mad steam clean, some cuts near the standard holes but can’t be seen when interiors in $50 used walbro 254lph pump $50 random red coloured series 1 coils with a nice, fresh, tender loom $100
  5. Consignments a horrible thing
  6. shuuuuuu you boys still dealing with 88e and property? sell bags. More margin in it.
  7. have found out these are infact not nissan items, still plastic though
  8. R32 gtr N1/nismo skirt end pieces look to be genuine when compared to others is a thin light coloured plastic passenger side is in good condition with minor crack around the mounting hole driver side has been repaired poorly, I have removed the filler and intended to repair and fit to my car but don’t really have the time still very repairable $450 ono can post Australia wide
  9. Hey mate, how much for the front seats?
  10. Got a little more done over the past month or so panels hanging on clutch hydraulics run and fit up. copped a bit of a slap with work and have had to settle for a pfc for now halaltech, maffless and leather retrim to come. is it going to be lebo diamond stitch spec? You bet your sweet vanilla ass it’s going to be! getting very close, the list is small now!
  11. Thanks mate! any progress is good progress right? cars back- still waiting on the doors and other panels rear belts, seats, tail lights and dash are back in for good. tried to repair the felt inserts on the rear trim. Looked good at first but began to unravel again- ordering new ones. ABS Is sitting in place, next up is tidy up the engine loom and get that back into its home and adjust the cooler etc so it’s all sitting nice and level plenty of work to do
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