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  1. Shoot me a text, ill send them over
  2. Bump, pods $180 rad $50 Trims $80
  3. R32 parts left over n1 east bear style side skirt extensions. still in gel coat, never used. Bought genuine ones. $200 pwr radiator- has a leak, repairable $70 factory twin BOVs $50 lower rear quarter trims, fair condition. Could do with a reglue on the fabrics $100 located yhomastown vic please text 0411421097
  4. I just had to take it all home and mock it up. Looks unreal!
  5. Had all of the intake stuff apart and cleaned up. gave it a coat of KL0 and clear, came up looking awesome. also, found some crusty rust and bad repairs. typical area around the tail lights, but the previous owner tried to pack it out with sikaflex...
  6. Long time no post, you’re all probably used to that by now. the car is now at the panel shop. it seems that one of the previous owners had tried to roll the guards and warped the steel above the arch, so I went ahead and gave them a proper roll. the boys at the panel shop will fix this. We’re going to begin repairing, rubbing etc this week end and hopefully have it painted in a few weeks. i guess the great part of a close friend being your panel beater is that he wants it perfect. so he made me rub the entire bay again.....😂
  7. I still don’t know, ebay.. I saw them and just put my maximum bids in, someone had a go at the wing but nobody bothered with the wheel.. also picked up an R34 GTR intercooler, couldn’t be bothered paint stripping the original one lol
  8. The lebo in me is dying for a BT1 GTR
  9. I know, one small tear, but wheel with the horn and a genuine wing for $330!
  10. Update: progress has been slow, but we’re getting there im still slowly accumulating parts, managed to pick up a really tidy steering wheel and original wing and not pay drug money, but more importantly, the car is now sitting at my panel beaters, waiting for the boys to have a crack at some body repairs and paint. i can’t seem to find out which is the correct shade for the car, but it’s been smashed, repaired etc so f**k it. I’m going for the nicest TH1 there is, standard base with a lighter, greener flop. same delicious TH1, with very very slight aqua tones at different angles We should start moving quickly from here, I hope.
  11. Now selling entire cluster to suit series 2 $400
  12. Came as soon as I heard shots