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  1. I’m a weekender for sure. Went to hanging rock car show on the weekend and out of 3000 cars there were 4 r32’s and 1 r33. Like rocking horse shit now. All the boys only drove them weekends and track days.
  2. Hey mate great idea for sau guys and gals to get together. I may come depends on work. Went to hanging rock with my GTR and saw a few lads with R32’s there. It was a good turn up🤙🏻
  3. Hey Nismo, your right I only drive it about a dozen times a year. The kakimoto has a good note, but was wondering how much more groan the straight through would be. Think I’ll stick with the cat and not risk bringing heat to the car👍🏻
  4. Ha ha GTSboy that’s why I’m asking. Victoria is a miserable place to own a GTR
  5. Sweet thanks for the feedback. Was not really about performance for me more about the meatyGTR note I can extract from a decat kakimoto 🤙🏻🤙🏻
  6. It’s reasonably quiet with the cat. It’s jasma approved so it’s current under the limit with the cat.....
  7. Hi guys. I live in the nanny state of Victoria unfortunately,and was wondering if I decat my r32 will it exceed the legal decibel levels? In running a kakimoto catback.Thoughts..
  8. Hey Casey welcome. What do you drive and put some pics up.
  9. Sounds like a case of rolling back the clock mate. If you brought it from a yard I’d be taking it back.
  10. Jma automotive in airport west bud. John is a GTR specialist and is honest and reasonably priced. Check Facebook of website mate.
  11. Thanks for the discussion fellas. I appreciate the advice and I’m loving the slotted look. I don’t track my car so I’m figuring the cracking thing won’t happen on a weekend driver.
  12. Yeh sweet thanks for the advice. If you suggest that combo I’ll jump on line and get a set all round. I do prefer the slotted look but to be honest with the original rims you can’t see to much of the rotor anyway.
  13. The car is a weekend cruiser that’s it. Sumitomo calipers on it. It’s not a track car and I don’t thrash it. Just after something that will perform the best if I give it some.
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