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  1. Man my car is getting some upgrades fingers crossed she is completed before this event.
  2. Bro it sounds like you need heaps of help. Go to a local mechanic/ tuner and work out a game plan. Goals etc. then put the wheels in motion and but the components. Kits don’t exist. where you located someone here might be able to point you to a shop.
  3. Mate a full set of n1 will cost you well over 2 k these days.
  4. I’m in Melbourne. There are a few guys that are in the know. JMA Airport West are GTR specialists. To pay him $200 to have a look at it which will take him 10 mins might be worth it.
  5. Looks way better in my view as well gtsboy.
  6. So I’m upgrading intercooler and fuel hanger/pump, have 1000id injectors e85-9 Garrett’s making 320awkw currently.Will upgrades to cam gears and type B poncams assist much in power gains on my Gtr32. Im going to tidy the engine bay by powder coating the cam covers and figuring out weather to upgrade at this time. Advice would be great.
  7. I agree. I got to the grand old age of 40 to get my GTR. Got 3 properties first now am in a position to pump money into the old girl. The problem is this next gen want everything immediately. Life don’t work like that lads.
  8. Enthusiast for me.$900 per year for $65k cover. Probably need $80k now days🤘🏼In Victoria
  9. Good luck with the progress. Sick engine setup 🤘🏼🤘🏼
  10. Enthusiast for sure. $300 cheaper than Shannon’s on my GTR32
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