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  1. You won’t find that here mate. Get on FB and post on some JDM sites.
  2. Want the BBS bro. What’s the condition of the rims and tyres
  3. Hey bro send me more pics of the bbs. Will get them bro if I’m first in. Cheers
  4. Have radiator mounts including rubbers
  5. Just get r34 dumps. Big mouth and heaps cheaper than Tomei.
  6. Have stock intercooler and piping I’m Melbourne.
  7. Focus on what you want. These forums are great and many lads give great advice. All I’d say is don’t have any regrets in what you do. Do it once and do it right. I’ve seen to many throw money away by continually upgrading. I’m 43 years old and my 490 hp at the wheels is ample trust me. I wanted something streetable and it will never see a track. Smokes most things in my neighbourhood 🦾
  8. Beautiful ride bro. I have a 93 model and did the same thing with -9’s. At 490 hp with cams, gears on a haltech pnp. Enjoy bro performance is amazing from RB26’s
  9. I’m in if my car is back from the mechanic with upgrades. Great day ahead🤘🏼🤘🏼.
  10. Man my car is getting some upgrades fingers crossed she is completed before this event.
  11. Bro it sounds like you need heaps of help. Go to a local mechanic/ tuner and work out a game plan. Goals etc. then put the wheels in motion and but the components. Kits don’t exist. where you located someone here might be able to point you to a shop.
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