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  1. Welcome mate. Great investment and I’m sure you will love it as much as I love mine. The wallet drain quickly when you start upgrading ?
  2. I’ll put the feelers out. Not much around mate.
  3. What’s your budget mate? Complete car is gunna be at minimum in the 60k range.
  4. Hi all. After deletes for my GTR32. happy to pay postage. I’m in Victoria.
  5. Welcome mate. Love the LM rims?
  6. Welcome mate. I too have a bnr32. I love it and I’m sure you will as well. Where did you get it and what are your plans?
  7. No one has a crystal ball unfortunately. Opinions are free. GTR’s will continue to appreciate for years to come.34’s will be a $400k car in another 15 years. Just how things work out?
  8. Mate I’m pretty sure Jobkeeper won’t allow you to afford a GTR of any vintage. I love my GTR and have toyed with selling it due to the prices. I firmly believe my 32 will be 100k in 5 years?
  9. Thanks heaps bk. I have plenty of time as I’m in lockdown in Victoria. Then get them painted so probably won’t be on the car for 8 weeks or so. Cheers
  10. Thanks BK. What fixing did you use them? I’m putting these on my 32 as well. Obviously you fix the front and rear first then the middle is an easy application.
  11. I have just purchased some genuine N1 skirts and am waiting until lockdown is over and I’ll get them painted. Question.... when I remove my other skirts will I need a clip kit or will double sided tape up the top be enough to stick to the body. I can obviously get fixings underneath but I’m more curious about the part in front of the rear wheel, and fixing to the body.Has anyone fitted them and have advice. They cost me a mint so I want a perfect finish. Cheers
  12. Nice work. Do it right and do it once. I’ve just gone -9’s on mine. Wanted to stay twin as I’m not chasing 800 hp. Keep us posted with build. Guys on here give good advice mate, they have helped me heaps
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