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  1. Yeh thanks that’s wired ha. Michael has been good in the past. I’ll check the others out👌
  2. Thanks men... I understand the Nismo sate older tech but they still do the job. Yeh Bosch were my other option which I’ll look at getting from kudos.
  3. I’m only going 300 kw on -9. Should get enough fuel in ha? I’ve heard the stock injectors get to 300 although they are maxed out
  4. Hi all, I’m getting Nismo 555 injectors for my girl. Question.... are the Tomei pink tops the same? Would I need to upgrade fuel rail with Tomei injectors? thanks
  5. 😂😂😂I understand but I just figure for $100 bucks why not I got it cheap anyhow. If I was worried about $$ I wouldn’t have a gtr as we all know😂😩
  6. Yeh I’m aware they are opposite terminals. And yes they have the small posts for jap fittings👌. I understand exactly what your saying but I’ll give it a crack as I’ve only heard good things👌
  7. So I’m getting the Prius yellow top optima battery. $440 and getting it for $320 from battery world. #winning👌
  8. I’ve read the Optima yellow top which fits a Prius fits? DS46B24R??
  9. Hi all, im sure it’s been done to death but need a new battery for my GTR. Happy to pay for a good one that doesn’t matter. Still in stock position under bonnet, not relocated. advice would be great!!
  10. Nice story mate. Love how the mrs let you by a hoist to work on it.... she’s a keeper. Looks good and I’m sure with your history and knowledge you will build a beast. What you going to do the engine and what power you looking at?
  11. Just need to upgrade hot side for GTR and ECU upgrade. Simple. Won’t get 500 but will be fun enough.
  12. Chasing haltech platinum pro ecu for my bnr32 . I’m Melbourne Australia happy to pay postage👌
  13. Thanks BK. They seem good but I just get nervous with second hand. I’m sure they will be fine as I’m only going to 300kw which is rather low these days
  14. Well the shafts have no play which is good. Actuators are good so what else would need to be rebuilt on a turbo?
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