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  1. Thanks for the discussion fellas. I appreciate the advice and I’m loving the slotted look. I don’t track my car so I’m figuring the cracking thing won’t happen on a weekend driver.
  2. Yeh sweet thanks for the advice. If you suggest that combo I’ll jump on line and get a set all round. I do prefer the slotted look but to be honest with the original rims you can’t see to much of the rotor anyway.
  3. The car is a weekend cruiser that’s it. Sumitomo calipers on it. It’s not a track car and I don’t thrash it. Just after something that will perform the best if I give it some.
  4. Hi all, looking at putting slotted rotors on my GTR. John from JMA auto in Melbourne suggested Dba T2’s. Any suggestions or recommendations from the people??Cheers
  5. I had an r32 GTSt in the late 90’s and it had them. That why I assumed they were stock with the car. I’m still learning it seems. Thx I might just take the drivers side off then🤙🏻🤙🏻
  6. Hey guys boy. My car came from japan with only the drivers side on. I’m pretty sure they were standard all those years ago. Typical little Japanese add on shit thing but I want the passenger side. On nengun they ate 300 for a pair. Pretty pricey so I thought someone might have one lying around..
  7. Hi guys, I’m new to this so be patient... I have a GTR R 32 and am chasing a passenger side weathershield? I know its a bit gay but I want it as stock as possible. I’m not to much into single turbo conversions etc. sticking to stock as possible. If someone has a single or a pair let me know. I’m in Melbourne so happy to pay postage.
  8. Thanks bud. I’m a bit older now so even with stock boost on original ceramic turbos I’m happy. Don’t drive her much but just wanted one some day. I may put a plug and play ecu in but that’s about it!!
  9. Hey all just got on the forum. Got this beast 6 months ago. Just put new kakimoto exhaust on . Going to keep original and only drive a couple of times a year❤️
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