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  1. Nice work. Do it right and do it once. I’ve just gone -9’s on mine. Wanted to stay twin as I’m not chasing 800 hp. Keep us posted with build. Guys on here give good advice mate, they have helped me heaps
  2. Holy shit that’s no good. What are your plans with the car in the future
  3. Hey man congratulations on the purchase. Nothing like a pure white GTR32. I have one as well exactly the same. Enjoy the ride and the moding journey. The cash goes pretty quick but the car goes even quicker🤛🏼
  4. Welcome to the rb26 world. It starts with an exhaust and the $$$$$ just vanishes. If it’s a labour of love it’s worth it. Congratulations man. I have a white 93 exactly the same as yours.👌
  5. Yeh neat bro. I had one that colour and a white one which I smashed not a roo and killed it...(and the roo). Good luck and enjoy it.
  6. They are pretty bulletproof. I had one at 360k km before it needed work. Just keep all your fluid levels right and they will keep going. The worst for me was thermostats went a bit for me. Easy fix. Post some pics bro. I’ve had series 2&3 shillouettes. Love the wedge look👌
  7. Well said. I’m onto my 7th skyline and I’m 41 years old. Would be down 70k over the years with money pumped in. Stereos,subs,exhausts,wheelsetc. Give it some love and it will love you back. Money is hard enough to get , without pumping it into something you will piss off in 18 months. Struts, bushes etc and just get the squeaks out of the old girl, and enjoy the 3litre beast.👌
  8. If I remember rightly my Kakimoto cat back had 4 hangers.
  9. There you go mate. Got them from JDM concept. Beautiful rim. Put 255/35 on them and the sit perfect.
  10. I have a bnr32 and just put Work D9R in a 18x9.5-+15. I put 255 35 on them and they sit and fit perfectly.
  11. Hey man just be clear you are looking for the clear weather strip that are about an inch wide that go over the driver and passenger window? if so I have only a drivers side one if you need. can send a pic
  12. Hey guys, just putting it out to see if anyone had brought any spats,pods skirts etc recently from Jsai, carbonetics or others recently. What was the fitment like and quality? put up pics if you have to show results. Cheers
  13. You need the Prius optima yellow top for GTR. It has thin posts as per oem battery fittings.
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