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  1. Hi Guys, I have a power FC in my car and I replaced my original hand controller with an OELED? hand controller a couple of ears ago. My car might be used 4 times a year at most and I noticed the hand controller screen has become really dim and almost impossible to read. From a quick google I found this was a bit of an issue and I was wondering what has anyone done to fix it? Thanks.
  2. Will it work with the PFC? I bought one of those to try and adjust my original speedo and it didn't work.
  3. Hi all, Ive got an R31 with an RB26 in it with a power FC. Im also running an RB25det gearbox so my speedo is a mile out! at 100 KMH it showing 80 kmh and the stock speedo is never fantastic. I was looking at hooking up the speed signal from the gearbox to the Power FC, and using the speed reading on the hand controller. But, I was wondering can the speed reading be adjusted on the hand controller to be accurate? I know I can just use a GPS speedo, which I am using my GPS for speed on the car, but id like a better option. Thanks.
  4. I would have loved more time to get the car more sorted and for me go get the nuts to just give it more stick. I kept hearing a voice in the back of my mind telling me not to bend it, Skyline nats in 3 weeks! Just some crappy vids I took in the car. Run 3 Haunted Hills Haunted Hills Last run.
  5. less than 3 weeks to go!!!! I am hanging for this! Should be a massive weekend!
  6. Not bad. Only got 4 timed runs on the clockwise track, best I did was a 64.01 Gotta stop being scared and start giving it to it!
  7. Yep, bringing the 31! Last time I was there we had torrential rain, hopefully there is none of that again!
  8. I got confirmation through this evening! ITS ON!
  9. I dont have access yet to view that Ash.............
  10. Yaa, nice to meet you all. Hope to see you guys at events in the future.
  11. Perhaps this image can help, I came across this on the VIC roads website while studying for my RWC licence. There is a VSI for modified cars and it states the correct way of measuring the minimum ride height. The 100mm minimum is only valid for 1m before and after the center line of any given axle. I have not used this to argue an infringement but I know those who have and had it removed.
  12. Out here in Croydon there is a train hobby shop just off Dorset road, and down the back they have little cars you can buy to go on the train set. They have a jap car section. No GTR's, but they do have c110 skylines, and R32 GT 4 doors with hubcaps and all, and in hot wheels size. My son has a collection on his shelf of every skyline you can get from safeway ETC. All are R32, R34 and R35, I have never seen R33 Hotwheels cars.
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