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  1. Few pics. Was a good event, next one will be awesome!
  2. Entries still available! Good news for those who have entered, there should be plenty of extra runs if it doesn't fill. It's looking that way atm. For those on the fence get on it! It's a great day, heaps of track time and really beginner friendly. Any questions yell out. Looking forward to it!
  3. I'm nominating Tony Olsson for president. Can't be a one horse race . Everyone else has been covered
  4. Another great weekend. I'm sure everyone involved in reviving deca would agree it was worth it! Always good to catch up with everyone, was also great to meet a bunch of new people. Big thanks to all our volunteers on the day. Massive thanks to Wayne for organising all our helpers and spending the whole day out on the skid pan. Great work Odi with the online entry system. It has certainly made entering a whole lot easier! While its unfortunate your car broke Martin, its great to have footage from the day! Looking forward to seeing some photos from the camera guys getting around. There are a lot of people who have helped out with deca and make it the fun event it is. Your help is appreciated. See you all at the next one. https://youtu.be/Xrw36bSZni8
  5. We are stoked to announce Sauvic Deca events are back! ENTRIES OPEN! Here are the details: Where: DECA - Shepparton, 145 Wanganui Road, Shepparton, VIC 3630. When: 25th July, 2015. 7.30am. Cost: $120. Numbers: 50 entrants + reserves. Entries open: Online Entry Form Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/837374976359520/ Licence requirements: We accept CAMS and AASA licences. We are no longer able to sell AASA licences on the day. Please have this organised prior to the event and ensure you bring it as you cannot compete without it. 1 Simon Henman Nissan Skyline R33 GTST 2 Daniel Jones Nissan 200SX 3 Paul Stephenson Nissan Sil80 4 Ryan Nissan 180sx 5 Kurt Thompson Nissan 200SX 6 Martin Sullivan Nissan 200SX 7 Adam Birdseye Nissan Skyline R33 GTST 8 Mark Ryan Nissan Skyline R33 GTST 9 Sue Birdseye Toyota 86 10 Nick Smyrnios Nissan R33 GTR 11 Leon Stapley Nissan 180sx 12 Campbell Shobbrook Campbells Mystery Box (Double Entry) 13 Tom Giordano Nissan Skyline R32 14 Jayden Ingley Nissan Skyline R33 GTR 15 Travis Eva Nissan 180sx 16 Jake Nissan S14 17 Sean Power Nissan Silvia 18 Russell Cunningham Campbells Mystery Box (Double Entry) 19 John Packham Nissan 200SX 20 Ash Cosgriff TBA 21 Justin Power Mazda MX5 22 Mat Robins BMW 318i 23 Kieran Robinson Nissan 180SX 24 Colin Ironside Nissan Silvia RB25 25 Steven Doria HSV Clubsport GenF 26 Lachlan Deen Subaru Liberty GT 27 John Doria Holden VE SSV Redline 28 Mike Mahmoud Nissan R33 GTST 29 Harley Ledo Nissan Silvia S13 30 Greg "He's Greg'd that right up" Wells Nissan Skyline R34 GTT 31 Jack Puzin Mazda MX5 (Double Entry) 32 Jarrard Barr Mazda MX5 (Double Entry) 33 Andrew Collins HMAS Refrigerator
  6. Same. EVERYONE should get on it! Some issues that can be raised: - Lack of venues willing to accommodate grass root/club events. - Bureaucratic/red tape issues for event organisers. - Need for club track car registration to reduce costs. - Noise restrictions at events.
  7. Deca right now is up in the air. What was discussed in the wrap up thread has slightly evolved. Put simply, the future of deca is now out of our hands. Deca has allegedly been advised not to accept AASA insurance, meaning CAMS is the only option. AASA is aware of this and is working through it. We have overcome the issues we faced after the last deca and SAU Victoria has been invited back. The issue is that if AASA don't get up and we have to start running the event with CAMS then there will be some significant changes and increases in cost. Once we know the outcome with AASA we will advise further. We are working on other backup plans which could be pretty damn cool if they go ahead but they too will get revealed when we know where we stand.
  8. For those of you who aren't aware, we had to make a decision as to weather or not we continue with our deca events. With a significant increase for rent at deca plus crazy restrictions on what we could now do, 2014 was not looking good. In saying that, we have obviously given it a crack. Props to Leon who put together this event schedule and entry list and Bec for wading through copious amounts of silly paperwork. It appears that grass roots motorsport and not for profit clubs are fair game now days. Hopefully we can still manage to put on a good event without having to charge an arm and a leg. Thanks to everyone for signing up to this one. No one binned it so Im happy. Big thanks to all the volunteers on the day. We had a good crew who made the day run smooth. Pics, vids, thoughts etc.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCdHMs88biU
  9. RESULTS - ROUND 4 2013 Well done to all the winners! Thanks to all the volunteers!
  10. Good to hear people had a fun day. Big thanks to femno, russ, Benny kieren and Leon for the drives. It was only the day before I said I didn't care if my car broke, I just hoped it was at the end of the day. . 7 years that gearbox lasted so can't complain. Love driving the drift car, well set up and awesome balance. bens car is nuts, shame it broke in the end. kierens car is surprisingly quick. quickest rwd out the back . Leons backyard dry sump is rubbish but the car is awesome on and off road. Thanks to our volunteers, especially jake and trent. You guys rock. As for next year nothing has been planned as of yet. There is going to be a few changes which we will update everyone on asap.
  11. Not a problem. Tell bec when you Sign in. For anyone coming to winton, we are aiming to be there around 930-1000am. There is no briefing. It will be run in 3 25 min groups.
  12. Jake is spot on. We very much need volunteers for this event. If we cannot get enough then we will have to cull events from the day. We need a minimum of 10 people for the morning events and 5 for the afternoon battles.
  13. Ok. So if you are pulling out please msg me with all your details such as first and LAST name ta Minal Doolbah M3 Elliot Kerby E30 Matthew Robins E30 Chris Lack R32GTST The above guys are in. There are currently no reserves. Please make sure that payment has been made.
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