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  1. skid pan is similar size, no back track however. that said it's cheaper to hire so we are keeping entries down so you just get a heap of runs. as for how much entrants got on Sat, we closed the pan 45 Min prior to the end of our hire time as every-one was out of tires or fuel... so I call that successful.
  2. So apparently no-one more qualified is going to step up...(still plenty of time..) so I will accept this nomination
  3. it's a bunch of cardio and weight room. so basiclly everything I need in short term. When I need more I'll end up buying it and putting it in the shed. was at the pub last night and it was Parma night! (you join the gym at the pub) but the rowing club owns the pub so yeah. can join the club as a Pub member for 5$ to get the discounts, or 75 for Gym membership and 150 for rowing membership. http://www.nagambierowingclub.com.au/about/
  4. part of the local rowing club. never used the trainers when I gym'ed in the past not looking to win body building comps just want to get healthier,
  5. I have one KK a year just to remind myself how bad they are. if your going to go a Donut it has to be a freshly cooked cinnamon one. lost about 13 kg this year, plateaued out from diet alone, need to move to phase 2.
  6. yearly... it's the country also gets you food and drink discounts at the local pub.
  7. so checking out the local gym here. is 75$ too much for a membership?
  8. considering the amount of contact they have it makes complete sense. Unlike a car with 4 small rubber patches they have an entire hull available to them. but that friction does impact them in straight lines, (thus why they like to get bow out of water) used to watch the offshore power boat racing, the cornering some of them did were unbelievable, but my god the costs involved..
  9. just get a factory supercharged one: https://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/products/marine/watercraft/high-performance/gp1800 or maybe you need over 300 horsepower.. https://www.kawasaki.com/products/2017-Jet-Ski-Ultra-310LX but yeah prob not enough.. how does 550 hp jet ski treat you!!!! https://watercraftjournal.com/video-550-horsepower-turbo-powered-fxr500-beautiful-thing/
  10. don't you just hate it when the neighbours cannot be seen....or heard... think will visit our nearest ones this weekend however....as it is a cellar door for a winery.
  11. more to the point it's all based on maths... some-one cracks the algorithm and it's worthless. same as crypto we keep updating the algorithm's as older ones get weaker to attacks can bitcoin do the same?
  12. got mower set up and had a go on this arvo.... think it faster than my first car as well these 0 turn things are touchy to drive tho
  13. Shit I only joined to do a DECA day. JoinedMay 4, 2006 i was not 17....
  14. have a webber kettle and a spit roast as well. old BBQ was rusted out when we went to move so it went to recycling hope to expand the alfresco in a couple years and put in a proper outdoor kitchen at the time also think might get a smoker soon
  15. nah just want something big to cook huge amounts of meat. https://www.bunnings.com.au/jumbuck-6-burner-hooded-stardom-bbq-with-side-burner_p3180780