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  1. parts are trickling in for that currently Waiting on another project car to arrive, but that won't take much to get on the road. then looking for the next one. now I have a shed I can do stuff finally.
  2. your bothers old one? I've been looking out for one but too many want drug money for rusty hulks
  3. Ha i'm leaving it there for my next project. whenever I go on road trips I head down some dirt roads to add to my catalog
  4. James ward had like 3 of them the one driven most often was the one stickers up as the KGB mobile and ironic as I found this last weekend and was discussing buying it. going down a diffrent path so will leave that one for later.
  5. if you look around I think this more of COVID tax than GTR tax any cars currently have been massivly over priced since oh ppl could pull 20K from their super and no-one traveling to bali so they have money some I saw recently Suzuki Jimny, 1 year old ones trading at 15K over list. Mini same as mine, cheapest was 7 more than I paid. A certain car I've been watching for a while 60K start of year 85 now. even worse is older aussie cars was seeing roller HQ's with rust for 10K Valients even worse but they are coming slowly coming back to normal. but yes what they are selling for is the big unknown. anyhow hoping to pick up my 2021 project shortly. Genuine barn find aussie chrome bumper car.
  6. Just rereading that, Maybe I should have gone with the 8th gen Civic Type R I was cross shopping with.. just could not get comfortable in that tho.
  7. I was expecting less go. but yeah. stock 96 S2 S14 200sx 265Nm at 4800 rpm 08 Cooper S 240Nm at 1600 rpm with 260 avalible on overboost. New Turbo's are so much more effective. down low it pulls much harder, runs out of breath much quicker as well, and honestly I would prefer it the other way around. planning to throw some hankook RS4's on to see if that helps(and hopefully not kill the clutch)
  8. unpopular opinion. I think most hot hatches now days are overpowered. When I got the Mini the plan was just to run it for a bit as a cheap car then grab a i30N but even with it's limited power I still cannot open the car up in most circumstances. it's still spinning tires if the TC is off (this is with improved tires and a mechanical LSD.) you current ST/typeR/i30N/ are all 200+kw, we are talking near stock GTR power from a FWD hatchback. For a daily I want to be able to put the foot all the way down more than jsut on an on ramp. I guess I finally see the attraction of MX5's So I've really started looking at Kei cars now as an option for next. a "sporty" one of them might be just what I need. just need to see if I fit in one On another side note here, after all this RONA stuff is obviously going to impact travel for some time I've started thinking might be time to replace the ute with a 4WD. Went camping with mates a few weeks back and it seems a lowered ute is not the best thing to go offroad with. Maybe a 25+ year old 4wd on club rego could be a cheap way of heading out plus a repalcement tow car.
  9. It was till zombie hatish brought shit up
  10. unfoutnatlly not the corner blocks I bought in Werribee cannot go to auction in the current environemnt.. /s
  11. well this is awkward: PranK cannot receive messages. you might want to talk to an Admin about that.. ?
  12. do we get sau branded loo paper and face masks this year but real question now, how do I change my address on the order?
  13. Just had my renewal pop up, is this still a thing?
  14. you couldn't just let this die a peaceful death could you.....
  15. That will teach me to comment i’ll accept if there a 2nder
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