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  1. emts

    from what I have seen those are not mutually exclusive.
  2. time to see something unique... how about a s-chassis with a CA12VG in it?
  3. emts

    Never leave a non drinker in charge of a Christmas party
  4. emts

    Public country school, where they were more interested in getting you an apprenticeship than a Uni placement
  5. emts

    so no idea if it still the case, but in our school it was just one of the add on's a teach could do to earn some extra money, like home room teacher, maths advisor and such. no real qualifications he just had a multi use office with a bunch of brochures on the walls (oh and ours was also the Chemistry teacher....)
  6. emts

    Can you smash my one as well whilst your at it. Admittedly this was a bit further back but, I got the there is no money in computing your wasting your time, and off for a chem eng degree I went. but looking back on it, why the hell did we take advice from a washed up teacher?
  7. emts

    in b4 18 years now..... Mark R who used to be cool and do deca's and now has a kid Mark?
  8. emts

    sounds fun. our Christmas party is sounding a bit fishy currently but that's ok as I normally skip it. (it's at the aquarium)
  9. emts

    I'll be in for another year. See you wed
  10. emts

    Basically a site you used to use has been hacked. Very common if you don’t use that password on other sites then all good using a password manager that creates a random one is also a good idea Try punching your email addresses in here to see which it prob was (try old addresses as well) https://haveibeenpwned.com/
  11. emts

  12. emts

    less likely to be stolen
  13. emts

    top gear race car spec... https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Suzuki-Liana-2006/SSE-AD-4286647/?Cr=13
  14. emts

    I saw plenty at the top of Mt Panorama last month.......
  15. emts

    we do have a committee that includes that, we try and have Merch, Events, general plus a Motorsport committee However being that this is a SAUVic thing and that Prank is not an SAUVic member he would not be eligible for this role. All nominations have to be Current SAUVic financial members.