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  1. emts

    is it the NA or the TT though. mate had both and whilst the newer TT was faster the NA sounds and looks much better. and with way too much power to use on the street anyhow he took me for a lap of sandown in the NA and we were still touching 250 on the front straight with very low corner exit speed.
  2. emts

    he ran over a bump and it was written off...
  3. emts

    I remember doing driver instruction for him at I think Phillip island, (might have been sandown) that thing had way too much power for the rubber on it.
  4. emts

    ute went from 1500 to 300 by moving, no other change. I didn't put a KM restriction as I actually thought I would be doing more km now things are further away. But it just makes you better at planning and doing bigger bunnings shops and such so doing less. (super market and most food is within 1.5 km so works well)
  5. emts

    wife just bought a new Impreza 2.0 S yesterday, 412 full comp.... I pay 300ish full comp on the ute
  6. emts

    think that was only on the later 2.5L ones.
  7. emts

    was discussing that with a mate the other day, he wants a cheap car till the next 911 comes out...(one extreme to the other) best we could agree on was a Liberty GT STI edition. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Subaru-Liberty-2006/SSE-AD-5372081/?Cr=0
  8. emts

    Product Security Manager at DigiCert.
  9. emts

    yeah what have they sold now 17 thousand, and now hitting the 3 year trade in, might be fun in a couple years time. (even if every-one bought the damn Autos.)
  10. emts

    interestingly Motor magazine just did their Bang for Bucks challenge.. RS and Golf R both in top 3, sti was 10th or so.
  11. emts

    so a couple of things on that. 1 it's NSW so DEZZ is still safe. 2, those hourly rates are how much it costs, not earnings. remembering in most cases they need tools, insurance, a vehicle to travel in advertising blah blah blah so the real take home salary is not going to be that high. (not saying they are broke or anything but that is hiding some info) 3. the big issue I see with friends who are trades, is now they are getting past the 40 mark they are looking at what next. it's hard to think of climbing though roofs and things when your late 60s, where as I can comfortably sit on my ass behind a desk to retirement age.
  12. emts

    wow gone for a week and you all geeked out on me...
  13. emts

    i actually fund this very easy to use...pity they removed it from our work laptops.
  14. emts

    you mean good day apart of all the volunteers freezing to death in the rain.
  15. emts

    yeah the Pan results were the last I entered, you were not looking good prior to that... that said Pat WTF....the only time out of the bottom 10 off the pan was when I said I wanted some Neo Limiter skids...