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  1. to show a big change to "hopefully" impact share price in a positive way. or you can do it they way my old company did and just pick a few low hanging fruit and then realize 3 months later that they lost a whole bunch of skill sets. eg for one product they decided to merge it with another, so started by removing the entire dev team for that product. when to product team 2 and they said no we cannot add that to our project due to good reasons x, y and z. SO then hire new devs to maintain first product and they take 6 months to get their head around code. rinse and repeat. multiple times. or get ceo 1 who goes we need to merge everything, so support can support all products not just the ones they trained in, 18 months later new ceo, no we need to container all products and have specialists, 18 months later new CEO and guess what!!! but each needed to come in hot and have a new strategy to hopefully boost shareholder confidence...none ever did..
  2. yes broadford will have the cafe open. So an extinguisher must be 3 years old or newer unless its been serviced? I thought it was longer... they changed it a couple years back from 5 years. and naturally newest I could find the other day was about 6 months old from the shop, so yeah only 2.5 years for this one.
  3. i average 30 sec to get to work.... love that work from home now I have a proper home office.
  4. you can keep your Vault's you know what really gets the panties dropping... I have seen these on a E36 out epping way..so we know they fit.
  5. I think with all the commodore drivers stealing the X5 rims to put on theirs... then it only fair that you put gold 21 inch Simmons on this... or at least on the front and put some steelies on the back..
  6. now I'm no accountant....but https://www.transurban.com/content/dam/investor-centre/03/FY17-Appendix4E.pdf my no idea review shows 2083 M Revenue 1526 Mill EBITA 174 M Profit after that 35 M tax credits for a net real profit of 209 M
  7. 40 years for the original contract. but there will probably end up extensions for more works.
  8. Did you keep the incriminating photo of your boss's boss from the chrismas party?? if so your fine. never forget to update your CYA directory.
  9. as as I drive a ute it's 150% the rate for a car, van, 4wd or wagon, as naturally I'm a tradie
  10. yeah people were stamping the tag themselves and claiming they had been serviced to avoid buying a 15$ unit...... (and the fact it cost way more to service than replace is a good give away. hell the CFA price list for servicing suggests to just buy new for 1Kg ones rather than service.) damn drifters.
  11. well you could add security and add preformance at same time... set up a set of these suckers to the alarm and a bottle of NOS. tasty BBQ when come back to the car plus a bit extra off the lights when needed. Win Win
  12. are you getting camera footage pulled? or they just don't care.
  13. the thing is they are just so easy to steal, newer ones actually take some skill whats with the work car park, cameras? open air? was it jsut drive past and go oh that's an easy one, or targeted no idea how I was so lucky for so long had mustang parked on street in Brunswick for 3-4 years when I first got it (still remember going to see Gone in 60 seconds at crown with it parked in the multi story below going..hmm is it still going to be there) S14 was on street all it's daily life alternating between work in south melb and home in newport.. guess eastern suburbs are just dodgier.
  14. Where from?
  15. well had to happen at some stage... the resurrection of loudsx has started. it might still look rough, but the good bits hopefully make it though the weekend.