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  1. emts

    seems fairly normal https://www.education.vic.gov.au/hrweb/Documents/Parental-Absence-TS-Guide.pdf still anything better than IT companies in USA, we have staff that take 1 week off and back in the office.
  2. emts

    either that or maternity leave....
  3. emts

    actually... 52 -10 weeks = 42 weeks 5 days a week 6 hour day 110ish K max salary 88$ an hour even with those stats... 300 an hour..... 378K....and yes I would switch for that. well if you could get rid of the kids.
  4. emts

    don't want to move to Utah and join the Mormons.
  5. emts

    I'll stick with IT with those rates https://www.education.vic.gov.au/hrweb/Documents/Salary-Teacher.pdf on that note my boss just got prompted to VP time to ride that wave and move up a grade me thinks.
  6. emts

    ok lets go there......... so as we know the influx of pod filters came with the boom of modified 90's japanese turbo cars. Since the late 90's these cars have become more rare and harder to find. plus with research people found stock airboxes were more effective in many cases drawing in colder air and flowing well. now I'm not saying they stopped al together but I think we can agree the 90's were peek pod filter and slowly ramping down. now from this site (https://vaxopedia.org/2018/05/26/was-sids-discovered-only-after-we-began-vaccinating-kids/) we can also see that since the 90's the incidents of SID's has also been dropping. thus from this we can see a correlation between pod filters and SID's. QED and as a side note we can see a trend of japan making lame cars has increased the amount of accidental suffocation and strangulation..
  7. emts

    make 88E great again
  8. emts

    remember home/car rates were also 18% at that same time(well that was prior to any of us having cars/homes)....you don't get one without the other. when you can get a home loan for 4% they cannot give 8% for savings. and get those kids off my lawn.
  9. emts

    When I put in some interior fencing I will be putting in devices to convert grass to steak/cutlets.
  10. emts

    I just had an account with jim's, so they came and took care of everything. it's hard now with so much to do, but slowly rolling out automated watering with new plants. the mowing is killing me, need to get a small tractor I think, it's just too much for a domestic ride on. anyhow best get back to complaining about the cold weather. M
  11. emts

    Nah a while ago there was a R34 Meet, and they got very precious about it. when a few other people said they might come along the organizer stated they were going to have Private security to make sure only R34 GTR's were allowed in the car park. it's a "long" running joke now.
  12. emts

    that moment you find a fun unusual daily. 1997 Nissan Pulsar VZ-R N1 JN15 Manual $2K with RWC in vic (for those not aware the VZ-R N1 was a homologation special with a 1.6L 147 KW in a 3 door pulsar Import only..) then you click the link https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Nissan-Pulsar-1997/SSE-AD-5834040/?Cr=10 and back to the search.
  13. emts

    Very clean looking White R34 2 door with SAU stickers on City Link this morning. XOF 200
  14. emts

    from what I have seen those are not mutually exclusive.
  15. time to see something unique... how about a s-chassis with a CA12VG in it?