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  1. stickers attract dicks... take them off prior to insurance claim as well
  2. had to move out at 17 or become a dairy farmer....so..yeah
  3. yeah dosn't get you that much around here either. https://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-vic-nagambie-129739690 590K only gets you a near new 4 bedroom on a 830Sq block with a pool..oh and solar.
  4. is this due to you buying more 88e?
  5. when I first talked to the bank they offered way more than the calculator after getting details. (we actually wanted less than the calculator offered anyhow) when we eventually went through a mortgage broker they offered even more. Can def see how people get into trouble with how much they offer. Where as I worked out what repayments I was comfortable with and worked back from that. so my theory is banks will give you just about anything so long as the property is worth 20% more than the loan, as worst case is they will foreclose and get their profit anyhow. best case is more profit as you borrowed too much and are living off black and gold tuna. #inb4hatishtellsthetruth
  6. It was part of ACU (Australian Catholic university) if I remember so yes they were qualified.
  7. Engagement party was the easiest thing. parents back yard, grabbed some booze and we catered ourselves, we hit up one of the wineries a couple months b4 for end of bin specials, raided my duty free booze and a few slabs of beers sorted
  8. a custom designed titanium with a gold inlay.... and to be married in a church you need to do a pre-wedding course, which I thought was a load of bollocks till I did it and had some good stuff. Oh and lots of religious stuff.
  9. Ignoring reception I would think it would cost circa: pre marriage course 240 Veil 260 Dress 3610 Photographer 3600 wedding cars 1660 Church 800 invitations & stationary 1419.49 Florist 500 Her wedding band 2300 His wedding band 735
  10. so this. My dot is right beside labor...then it says I agree most with liberal. awesome...just awesome. and yet I'm just sitting here going....not a single person on the ballot I would get to stand in line for a piss for me let alone represent me in the future. almost makes me think I should run, till I thin think shit I would not vote for me. quit smoking crack. screw it I'm going back to car sales trying to find a new daily
  11. this for sure. last year Sister in laws suburb (fairly inner with a tram nearby) drops 10.1% Our small country town goes up 8.91%
  12. sounds like the place we were house sitting for a period prior the house being finished. Loved the fact the shower floor didn't drain to the drain but the middle of the bathroom (and no other drain in bathroom) you used multiple towels to create a dam around the door then flush it back in. bad sealing around doors/windows, place was always freezing. next to no phone reception and the ADSL was slow as. At least the shit heap I lived in at newport had 100Mb cable, full signal and so so cheap rent. owners knew what they had and priced accordingly,
  13. I did find many many donut marks under the weeds...
  14. yeah gotta hate the lack of space...nowhere to put anything... bloody took me 8 hours to mow the lawn yesterday.
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