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  1. emts

    As they sell beer there I doubt BYO is allowed. plus at 9:30 am I'm not that desperate for a beer. 10am on the other hand. woo
  2. emts

    yeah well they have that player and it makes all the diffrence compared to the other one. on local sports, mates kids are both playing a couple hundred meters up the road from us. feel obliged to go watch but only for 10 min then wander back here to drink beer.. country life.
  3. emts

    nah I think the other team will win.
  4. emts

    yeah I could save those 9 steps to get from bed to my office....
  5. emts

    advertised salary's....remember that's just to get interest then they give you the real offer... it's like car ad's, that's just a kick off point for negotiation.
  6. emts

    Katie had that at the kids hospital then 12 hour shifts in western health for even less days attending work. When I was Telstra support we had it for the last couple months prior to me leaving, I had my roster for 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off, was perfect. every day was either just had time off or time off the next day so much less stress. big fan of the idea really.
  7. emts

    glass will be much harder, you will still need to sand down then finish up with a Cerium Oxide glass polishing kit. basiclly work your way down in Sandpaper to very fine, then polish with the Cerium, it won't be quick or easy, but it is doable. best write up I could find: http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/e39-m5-e52-z8-discussion/143993-diy-fog-light-sanding-refinishing-pics.html
  8. emts

    Went to old reliable Pho Bo Ga Mekong not best in world but far from worst
  9. emts

    in so much as it is noodles and broth, but much lighter and more subtle.
  10. emts

    Hamish, Good Pho in CBD??? I have a craving
  11. emts

    next moment car gets broken into to steal dash cam.... I remember having detachable face stereos worth less than a decent set up dash cam, or mobile phones that every-one was scared to leave in a car. now throwing man $$ to something very obvious to outside folks.
  12. emts

    that was the one based around racechrono I think and yes was very good but so so pricey. (10Hz not quite Mhz signal quality or like 1.3 hz in your phone))
  13. emts

    32's are Glass I believe unlike your plastic ones. the plastic are a real PITA glass holds up much better but cost more so car builders moved to them. the 20yo headlights in my S14 are heaps better than the sub 10 yo ones in wife's Mazda. but back on topic What's wrong with the headlights themselves is it scratched sandblasted chipped?
  14. emts

    better buy one quick, won't that mean the price of them will go up on that whats with JB/good guys and others blocking their site from overseas... how can get a baseline price to try and beat at dutyfree,
  15. emts

    whilst the res of those is great the ones I've seen have been fairly slow FPS (prob for space) where as the dedicated ones are much better. (not looked for a while however) will install one in next car, think I could do a whole dash cams aust streams just from my 1 a week trip to work HUme hwy brings out the worst in people