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  1. Yesterday we said good bye to one of the most genuine people you could meet. We feel privileged to have had John as part of the club from it's very early days. We know he is doing laps of the race track in the sky now. Our Thoughts are with Scott, Claire and the family. Rest In Peace John "Vadg" @gadg Andrew. Please feel free to post a memory or pic below.
  2. Fixed and updated.
  3. Sorry guys,missed this I will check with wrx
  4. Yeah I definitely think the 6870 was the wrong size for a drift car. No wonder they were revving it so hard
  5. 9174 iron supercore 1.05 ewg.
  6. 6870 don't know what housing
  7. Here is a dyno sheet of Jake Jones RB28 now with 9174. The precision was junk for drifting too laggy. Most overseas drifters run an EFR so will be interesting to see what he thinks. a
  8. Here are some pics from the recent Vic Time Attack event to give you an idea of the track, it's amazing.
  9. Back at the Island with a 96db noise limit compared to 75db on other days. Where : Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit When: Sunday July 1st Pricing: Affiliate Club Entry – $230.00, ends 22nd June, 2018 Affiliate Code - ZLKM4GB7 Late Entry - $15 fee applies after 22nd June 2018 ENTRY: Full details, Regulations and requirements can be found on the entry page here :
  10. I see a few member have entered, looks like it will be a great day.
  11. EWG is much better than IWG (and only available in .92 I think) You will need twin gate if it's a twin scroll manifold or they might do a split single pipe.
  12. Would you like to use the same two cars we used for UC in 2004/2005. Let me know and I will get the owners to contact
  13. OT Buraz turned the wick up on his 9180 2.8, 9180 1.05 Ex 580rwkw @35psi basically out of turbine speed.
  14. I assume we will know more once the 8374 stock runs low.