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  1. To start off the year our friends are putting on Round 1 @ Phillip Island with 95dB limit rather than 75db which is it most days. They have given us an affiliate code to use for discount entry. ENTRY PRICING STRUCTURE $235 via affiliate code IBT32QKH Standard - ends 12th January 2019 Late Entry - $15 fee applies after 12th January 2019 ENTRIES CLOSE 16TH JANUARY 2019 5PM - NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE - NO REFUNDS/RAIN-CHECKS AFTER 13TH JANUARY 2019 Full event details (Supp Regs etc) and entry can be found here > If this is your first track day and have any questions post here or email
  2. acsplit

    remind me in the new year and I will find out for you.
  3. acsplit

    Update from AGM. Big thank you to our outgoing committee members for their hard work over the past few years. New committee as voted are: President - Andrew Collins Vice President - Simon Henman Secretary - John Richardson Treasurer - Martin Sullivan Please keep an eye out on your email over the coming weeks for update on future events and also some new positions in the general committee. Track Days, Motorkhanas, Photoshoots, Cruises, Club reg and more things to come for 2019.
  4. acsplit

    I accept the President nomination
  5. acsplit

    I nominate Martin for Treasurer!
  6. acsplit

    I think the HKS vband was a specific size when they patented the manifold
  7. acsplit

    If you were happy with Chasers and they are a little bit further away then stock with them. Don't know what happened to nisma but going to a place because it's simply closer does not work out well for most people.
  8. As per topic chasing some stock wheels and good condition carpet for an R34 coupe.
  9. acsplit

    Can I put this on the SAU YouTube?
  10. acsplit

    Thanks everyone for coming. Hope you enjoyed the day, I will post pics once I see them
  11. acsplit

    Entry List updated and last call for entries as they close tomorrow (Thursday morning at 11am)
  12. acsplit

    Wow, you bought the monster. Keen to see it !
  13. acsplit

    Brendan from Sandown's detail are in the first post, he manages the garages.
  14. acsplit

    Entry list updated. Might be worth bringing spare fuel as i think we will get lots of laps!