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  1. Hey Robin, Where are you located I have a mate who will take the coilpacks
  2. Here are the results! SAUVICMotorkhanaResultsMarch2020.pdf SAUVICMotorkhanaResults20200314.xlsx
  3. Thank you to everyone who attended. High resolutions pics and some videos here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15a7o1LWodmbIT01eXOZwEIByQYaMAa9k?usp=sharing Some video's will get uploaded to our YouTube channel, please subscribe to get notified when we upload. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB6lv2Ln8bBGc6VTv942Lhw
  4. Ok we have had people pull out so still two reserve spots available.
  5. If anyone can't attend please email motorsport@sauvic.comau as we have people now on the reserve list.
  6. Well on Thursday I saw two different R33 GT-R's in silver around south melbourne.
  7. Thanks for coming. Here are some pics.
  8. Hey Graham, just off city road and into the Wilson car park to the top level. Picture attached.
  9. I have also added that I will have some SAU and Nismo merchandise for sale.
  10. When: 22 Mar 2020 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Location: Sandown Raceway, 591-659 Princes Hwy, Springvale VIC 3171 Affiliate Club Entry – $220.00 Discount code S609QU7I Come and Try Group – $200.00 Come and Try Drivers Only! Please ensure you meet the criteria for this registration type before registering. Please enter "Come and Try" in the license portion of entry form ** PRICE INCLUDES LICENSE ** ENTRY PRICING STRUCTURE Standard - ends Friday 13th March 2020 Late Entry - $15 fee applies after 13th March 2020 ENTRIES CLOSE 18TH MARCH 5PM - NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE - NO REFUNDS/RAIN-CHECKS AFTER 13 MARCH COME AND TRY GROUP - $200 - MAX 20 ENTRIES - INCLUDES MOTORSPORT AUSTRALIA LICENCE FEE The WRX Club will be running a single come and try group at this event aimed at introducing new members to Motorsport. The come and try component is untimed, and only valid for those that do not currently hold a L2S licence or haven't purchased a Level 1 come and try licence in the past twelve months. Motorsport Australia Level 1 Come and Try Licences are included in the cost of the come and try group entry fee ($175 base fee + $25 licence) Due to the single group nature of this event, two come and try drivers can not share the same vehicle For entry and full details click HERE Or you can email motorsport@sauvic.com.au with questions
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