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  1. Must be going for over 450kw, Don't say too much Benji might stop tuning and begin a motor build.
  2. Not at all. Smart business and I am sure that they will retire selling purple alternator brackets to stupid GT-R owners in the US. I hope you got rev27.2 for your engine though.
  3. Ooft, this thread is lacking a random coloured engine brace. No chance it will get the likes and shares he wants. #blessed #makeitfrombilletandtheywillbuyit. #useyourcustomerseforr&d
  4. But then you won't get Instagram likes for your #megadon fuel system #1200hpfuelsystem. #300kw car #blessed
  5. And labels on the core of the turbos? Do you know what model hks turbo they were?
  6. But all GT-R's in Sydney blow up at the track from oil starvation... Yet in VIC a lot more survive...
  7. This will be junk, No anodized brackets, LS alternator or Hypertune plenum.
  8. Check your email for invite to our May virtual meet with a very special garage tour of some very fast cars. Discussion for the evening will be: - Update on Club permit scheme - Update on Events - Garage Tour - Show us some cool parts or memorabilia (bring something along if you have to show) - Quizz
  9. Friday night watching for anyone interested.
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