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  1. possibly lean at idle.
  2. My bad, I didn't realize you were going full time attack spec with paddle shift etc
  3. Come on mate, it's not that hard to heel toe!
  4. Would you prefer if I got a "selfie" with it.
  5. May have rubbed my balls on your motor..
  6. Bump, Sorry I have been busy, will post some more stuff later this week
  7. Nah don't do that. Plenty of good turbos on the market
  8. Sounds like I should contact you about a drinking session next time I am up, Pigman is too busy getting beauty sleep.
  9. Hey everyone, I have had a few people ask if we have an affiliate code for this event even though it's not a part of our Championship. This is a 95db so good test day for loud cars. We certainly do: KB1LCXW8
  10. Can vouch for Dave being an trusted SAU VIC member who I have bought bits off before.
  11. You should have bought the car over on the weekend, fatz and myself De - lebbed a GT-R, replaced an entire fuel system and fitted a T04z kit. While drinking 5 slabs of beer, two bottles of rum, one bottle of makers mark. *with a little bit of extra help from some other SAU lads*. Could gave smashed out a gearbox swap too
  12. Thanks, I have created a new calendar if you want to remove and add the new iCal.