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  1. I have seen this a few times now, do you not get penalized for jumping? Otherwise I guess it is the potato olympics
  2. Sounds good, Good to hear you enjoyed your ~50 seconds of track time.
  3. Slight change in the order of events tonight, Lance is up first so make sure you are here on time.
  4. It has been a few months since our last meet and before lockdown changes we wanted to give you an update. Agenda - Membership update - Show off your ISO Projects & Purchases. (Or your memorabilia collection) - Chat with our special guest Lance Warren the new owner of Heathcote Raceway and his future plans. - Quizz and giveaways When: Thursday 10th September 7:30pm - 9:30pm Where: Online Check your email for link. If you are connecting via a phone or tablet download Google "Meet" app.
  5. Like, share and subscribe to find out....
  6. 1200 + 1600kg car.. Dmax is basic but I would own one over a Ranger......
  7. Well well, V6 Amarok... Proper overpriced european shitbox with stupid parts and service pricing. The upside is you can look like a king at the job site along with you "Unit" sticker across the back window. I towed with a new Dmax to an undisclosed location recently with a car on the back and 1200kg trailer, did it well even with boxes on the back.
  8. Ok... Stock Nissan idle control works well but if you want DBW go for it, then it is ready for when you put a sequential in it Loving the build, I have sent you a pm for the steering wheel guy in SA
  9. What adaptronic is in the car? Remember the keep the stock cluster so speed and few other functions still work. Reason for going dbw?
  10. Good to see a thread like this, plenty of cars in Vic run VCam but a lot have not done much back to back. Real data and comparison, take the ecu talk to another thread!
  11. Yeah it's not a crackle flash tune on a VW golf.
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