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  1. No such thing as overkill when it comes to brakes
  2. acsplit

    Yeah it was 50/50 to use that bit of road. Now we know for next time
  3. acsplit

    You mean team serious? You were both entertaining to watch
  4. acsplit

    Miniwog with a cracking time. If anyone is not in this timing group it is because you didn't put SAU vic or skylines as your club when you entered. Let me know if you should be on the list
  5. acsplit

    Results now posted on Page 1
  6. acsplit

    Photo gallery from Callum Harrison
  7. acsplit

    @Belsil80 had some long nights planning, glad it payed off.
  8. acsplit

    Great footage. Stopping in the box at any cost
  9. acsplit

    Thanks everyone especially our helpers for braving the weather yesterday, it was great to see lots of new faces and some old ones too! Here are some of the photo galleries and I will keep posting them as they go up. Part 1 - Jamie Lee Part 2 - Jamie Lee
  10. acsplit

    Thanks to everyone who has replied, If you could meet at the venue at 8am that would be great, if you can only make it after lunch let me know. 112 Colchester Rd, Bayswater North VIC 3153
  11. acsplit

    Champion, I need 6 people for the whole day (can split it to half days etc at minimum) Plus a couple of people on BBQ duties.
  12. acsplit

    Email has been sent out around noise restrictions please check your inbox, if you don't have a copy in the next 15 minutes email
  13. acsplit

    ANNND we are full! Entries updated, competitors keep an eye out for an email about supp regs and noise restrictions. Also the committee has decided to put on a free sausage sizzle for all competitors and helpers.
  14. acsplit

    Yep you are the last one!