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  1. Yep so people say. Looks like a good start
  2. Yes yes, good good. Shame it's not an RB30 you could stop there
  3. I will hopefully upload more in a week or so after my 24 hours of LeMons event this weekend. Here are some pics from Retro round at Sandown over the weekend. Video Below VID_20170916_133344023.mp4
  4. Bullshit asshole, no one likes the tuna here!
  5. Ok we have decided to extend the early bird pricing for SAU and WRX members until midnight this Sunday 17th on September. All entries have been updated but I still see a few people missing.
  6. He needs more wing.. I also hope Scott puts a haltech sticker on it too.
  7. Possible considering it only has to do one flying lap.
  8. Haha lucky @Grease had a 4 wheel drive tug boat that time.
  9. Some updates have been posted, now only a week away until we are in QLD for the race.
  10. Ok here are some updated pics from Brian's prep including some slave labour.
  11. Nothing wrong with Paul's whale too
  12. Let's hope so I want to book my uber when I come up in 10 days time
  13. Awesome, thanks Alex. I do have wheels and motor still to upload, where does the archive end? 2007?