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  1. Ok event details have been emailed. Can everyone please respond so we can acknowledge and confirm your entry.
  2. Ok the event is a go! Email coming out tonight with details and restrictions.
  3. When: 28 Aug 2021 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Location State Motorcycle Sports Complex, 260 Strath Creek Road, Broadford VIC 3658 https://goo.gl/maps/kmdupWTWXwuLA4Ri7 Only open to 55 entrants Affiliate Club Entry – $250.00 discount code - GPJ67F0S ENTRIES CLOSE 25TH AUGUST 5PM - NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE - NO REFUNDS/RAIN-CHECKS AFTER 25TH AUGUST Full event details, including regs can be found on the entry page. https://wrx.com.au/event-4423588
  4. Entry list updated l, now taking entries for reserve list. Link to supp regs and disclaimer are fixed on the entry page. Let's hope we get out of lockdown!
  5. I will email them out to everyone and fix the links tomorrow
  6. Ok Glider city has almost sold out of rooms so get in quickly. Should be other options in Benalla.
  7. Was a ripper of a day, rain only arrived at 4pm. Little video from SDPICS https://www.facebook.com/SDPICSPhotographics/videos/864913814457559/ More pictures https://sdpics.com/motorsport/cars/?sub=54d59bd7ee700ef18f173320f11f7e59
  8. Well thanks to COVID we had a slight change to dates but we are locked in an ready to go Entries now live If you have never done a motorsport event here is your chance. We wanted to hold a skidpan day whereby members could get a massive discount, the day is designed for someone who has never done a motorkhana or a track day up to advanced. When: Saturday 31st July 2021 Where: Winton Skid Pan (Winton Motor Raceway) Price: $50 for SAU VIC Members ( will need to present membership card on the day) $99 for non Members Entries: Limited to 26 cars What you need: Valid Motorsport Australia L2S Licence or AASA Day licence ($35.00 via the AASA Website) Running car that does no leak fluids everywhere Long sleeve top and pants Helmet that meets Australian Standards A fire extinguisher that is within 3 years of manufacture and in the green. Accommodation: We have reserved room at the following motel for the Friday and Saturday night. ( Can book one or two nights) There is parking for trailers next to the motel. To book your room reservation is under Leon. If you decide to stay somewhere else just let us know so we can invite you to dinner etc. Glider City Motel 2 Witt St, Benalla VIC 3672 Phone : (03) 5762 3399 There are some rooms reserved under "Leon" Entry link: https://www.sauvic.com.au/entry/deca/20210731 Bring your car and get to battle others, win loose or draw I can guarantee you will have lots of fun. Any questions email [email protected] Entry List: 1. Warren Clark 2. Tony Buckland 3. Simon Henman 4. Annabel Schulze 5. Luke Schulze 6. Josh Miller 7. Ben Simons 8. Leon Stapley 9. Gregory Wise 10. Krystal Pfeiffer 11. Joselito Da Rocha 12. Tegan Collins 13. Jeremy Blackman 14. Sean Power 15. Haydn Wilde 16. Peter Blythe 17. Chris Lack 18. David Heskin 19. Travis Pfeiffer 20. John Beck 21. Samuel Thompson 22. Tim Watson 23. Jason Carey 24. Adam Mooy 25. Andrew Collins 26. Aaron Klaver Reserve list: 27. Ryan Bell 28.
  9. You beat me to it! I will post in events too and email members over the weekend
  10. When : 03 July 2021 Location: Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit Pricing: Affiliate Discount – $245.00 Affiliate Code: 8DN69YDB Come & Try – $230.00 COME AND TRY GROUP - $230 - MAX 20 ENTRIES - INCLUDES MOTORSPORT AUSTRALIA LICENSE FEE The WRX Club will be running a single come and try group at this event aimed at introducing new members to Motorsport. The come and try component is untimed, and only valid for those that do not currently hold a L2S license or haven't purchased a Level 1 come and try license in the past twelve months. Motorsport Australia Level 1 Come and Try Licenses are included in the cost of the come and try group entry fee ($205 base fee + $25 license) Due to the single group nature of this event, two come and try drivers can not share the same vehicle Full event details and sign up at the link below. https://wrx.com.au/event-4353645
  11. Updated meet point, weather is looking good and I found some decent roads for the trip up. Let's show some support to Heathcote Park Raceway with this new event.
  12. Hey mate, I will take it. Send me a pm with your number
  13. Ok time to head north where the weather is usually better than in Melbourne. We thought it would be a good time to go and check out the new Roll Racing event at Heahtcote. Plan is to leave from Airport West and get to Heathcote before the eliminations. When: Saturday 22nd May 12:30pm - 5:30pm (which is when racing ends) Cruise to Heathcote will be approximately 2 hours with some twisty roads. *Heahtcote United now has E85 so we will stop there on the way to the track. Where: Skyways Hotel 113 Matthews Ave, Airport West VIC 3042 https://goo.gl/maps/csJi7PD3LagJEH629 Price: Spectator entry is $25 per adult. This cruise will be under a Motorsport Australia permit so we welcome friends to attend but they will need to become a temporary SAU member for the day (Gold coin donation) and sign in for the cruise.
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