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  1. I will have a small amount of merch and new membership cards for anyone who has not got their's yet. See you all tomorrow
  2. Tuesday 20th April 7pm - 9pm Everyone welcome, members who need to get club permits signed bring them. 889 Springvale Rd, Mulgrave VIC 3170 https://g.page/KebabJoint?share
  3. Hey Greg, I think it's the pressure sensor pump on the attessa pump. From what I hear it's not serviceable so you have to replace with second hand or new pump assembly. **** Update*** Looks like Frenchy has an option I would give them a call. https://frenchysperformancegarage.com/products/fpg-nissan-gt-r-attessa-pressure-switch-replacement?fbclid=IwAR1n1PQu36Vzd0AzJXSgyFHyhpjBzYlR8kjtVuPrK_JIsCRaqHrf9mxYZnI
  4. As per topic. Will travel within VIC
  5. Thanks for attending. Great afternoon.
  6. Cruise details have been sent via email for tomorrow. We will have everyone's new membership cards so feel free to pop in to either location to collect. Weather looks good and parking at the lunch spot might give an opportunity for some cool photos.
  7. Work in progress but here is a start. For the WRX track days we will email out discount codes to members when they go live.
  8. Check your email for invite and RSVP details. Cruise locations to the venue will be sent in the next couple of days.
  9. Chasing an R33 GTS-T Interior including front & Rear seats + front and rear door cards and trims. Carpet a bonus
  10. Well looks like we will have to do it virtually, lucky none of our upcoming events look impacted yet. Email will go out to everyone in the morning but I have put the meeting link in the original post and additional giveaways
  11. Thanks for the suggestion Liam, Steve will still be on general commitee but he has some other responsilbiites that will prevent him from taking an exec role.
  12. Was this the bus that George got to have a steer of?
  13. Sell some drugs will get you there quicker* *This is not financial advise
  14. Date: Tuesday 16th Feb Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm Location: Virtual Event https://meet.google.com/fzq-zsxw-sqh To Join via PC simply click the link and it should open in a browser https://meet.google.com/fzq-zsxw-sqh To Join via Android / iPhone / iPad download the Google Meet app and sign in with your personal email account To dial in via phone Call 03 8594 6989, then enter pin 810 497 695# We will have some random draw giveaways Final Inspection Wash Kits Valued @ $55.00 + NISMO Merchandise The 2021 SAU Vic elections will be held via Annual General Meeting at the February Club Meeting on the 16th February 2021 At this meeting, the new Committee for 2021 will be elected the annual report and financial position of the club will be presented. All Committee positions are up for voting and nomination. However it will only be the Executive Committee who gets voted in on the night of the AGM. The Executive committee will then pick the general committee as they see fit from the members who are nominated here. Nominations can only be made by financial members of SAU-Vic. (Skylines Australia Victoria If you would like to be involved on the Committee, please nominate yourself. If you think someone else would be great in a Committee role - please nominate them. For a nomination to be valid it must be seconded by a current Club Member and the person must accept the nomination. Don't be scared - this is a great way to get more involved with your club. The Committee is currently structured as such: Executive Committee roles: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer General Committee roles: Social Events Motorsport Events Graphics and Digital promotion Again, this is a great way to be a part of your club. All current financial members are eligible. All committee members have to stand down and be re-nominated and re-elected - so everyone has the ability to be involved. Please post any queries or nominations in this thread. Role Descriptions Executive Committee roles: President This is the clubs leader. This person is responsible for the clubs "public" face appearance. Their responsibility is to ensure the club is heading and following the direction that the members want. They should also show good leadership examples to other committee members and delegate tasks to the general committee. The President should endeavour to run all of the monthly general meetings. Vice President This is the clubs second in command role. This person is responsible for day to day running of the various "departments" of the club. They act as a fill in for when the President is absent from meeting, events and other appearances. They also cover any absences for any decision-making requirements and processes. Secretary Responsible for all club mail, notices, memberships, member inquiries, member questions and bulletins. The secretary should also track our various club affiliation agreements (insurance etc) and ensure all of the club information is up to date and correct. The secretary should also handle all memberships add/changes/deletes Treasurer The treasurer is responsible for the clubs trading funds and bankroll. It is their responsibility to ensure funds for events, purchases, stock, merchandise, deposits etc is handled correctly. All money transfers, transactions, purchases need to be logged and recorded for our regular balance checks and yearly reviews. This person has direct access to the SAU bank account and financial data. This person is called upon also when cross planning events and new ideas to ensure adequate funds and capacity is available. As we are non profit car club this role is very important and all steps must be taken to protect the clubs money.
  15. One of our members Kutay braved the raid to capture some great photos. Click the picture below for the gallery
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