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  1. acsplit

    Can I put this on the SAU YouTube?
  2. acsplit

    Thanks everyone for coming. Hope you enjoyed the day, I will post pics once I see them
  3. acsplit

    Entry List updated and last call for entries as they close tomorrow (Thursday morning at 11am)
  4. acsplit

    Wow, you bought the monster. Keen to see it !
  5. acsplit

    Brendan from Sandown's detail are in the first post, he manages the garages.
  6. acsplit

    Entry list updated. Might be worth bringing spare fuel as i think we will get lots of laps!
  7. You need a pro mod 88 on your car, then we can take you seriously.
  8. He literally has a box full of those shitty silver boxes, will do passenger seat removal mod
  9. Probably can't even get an invite to coota these days without a precision
  10. Precision turbos are basically for knuckle draggers who only want to go in a straight line and brag about numbers. For intelligent people who want a quick street car, tarmac rally or circuit car EFR is the right choice
  11. acsplit

    Entries updated, Plenty of spots left, early bird pricing ends this coming Monday so give anyone a friendly reminder!
  12. Surely it's getting one of those copy motive headlights?
  13. + 1 buy an R35 or travel the world doing coke and bitches
  14. acsplit

    Looks good now Travis! Entry list updated, tell your friends plenty of spots still available at discounted price