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  1. Well the morning started off like this.. Then to this.
  2. Wrap up thread here.
  3. Well after napping most of yesterday afternoon I am now alive after a great weekend up at the Winton Skidpan day. Thanks to all the competitors for a great day with no issues and to the committee members and everyone who helped out on the day. Days like this can't run without you all. We have a few things to tweak be I am sure we will be back next year for at least one event. Here are Video's from Martin taken from the side of the track, if you wish to post these on social media please credit Martin Sullivan for his work. Anyone who want's to use them for business or promotional purposes needs to seek permission from Martin AKA @emts If you have any video's or pictures fee free to post here. Matrin's Video's and pictures
  4. Ok instructions for tomorrow morning and a copy of the supp regs have been emailed to all competitors, if you have not got a copy in your email check spam or send an email to [email protected] Thanks and see you all tomorrow
  5. Not everyone uses facebook! (even though you can see the event without a profile). I have updated the post with address etc, Liam it would be great to have you on the commitee which will be nutted out after the elections. See you all there
  6. Just letting everyone know we have decided to scrap round 7 at PI due to the feedback from the last AROCA day at PI. also will be best of 4 rounds ability to drop 2
  7. We have decided to extend our early bird pricing to lunchtime 12pm this Friday to give other clubs a chance to enter. Entries will be taken on the day at the late entry price of $165.00
  8. We have extended our early bird pricing to this Friday lunchtime 12pm
  9. Accommodation added, make sure you book today or tomorrow otherwise you will miss out.
  10. Regs and entry list updated, let any of your friends know! Still trying to sort accom as the state basketball comp is making it hard.
  11. Correct it is really old news, yet a lot of newer people don't know about it. Knowledge is power and this thread is a good example of building an setup to it's maximum potential. I wouldn't call the CAS disc and upgrade more a downgrade in sample rate.
  12. For the record Paul has fitted an aftermarket crank trigger so he does not have these issues. popcorn.jpg
  13. So for anyone who has got an RB in the last 5 years here is a video you should watch if you are looking at upgrading from your "outdated" PFC or nistune. I would post this in some GT-R facebook groups but the knuckle draggers that are giving people bad advice would not be able to understand this video anyway.
  14. Clearly he is torn, wants max stance but you can't get good tyres in sizes over 18" if you want full E-Fame at Yokohama World Time attack.
  15. Sell them to some 32 owner so they can claim there car has Vspec options.