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  1. A bottom cover? Im not sure what you mean. What’s in the photos is exactly what you get. It literally got taken off in and put into the box. There are no extra or missing bits.
  2. Pretty sure that was it. It was 12 years ago. The factory one is a snack to get on and off by comparison. You won’t be able to slide it on with 5 and 6 studs in place. They MUST be removed.
  3. Can be done, done it myself. You need to take off 5 and 6 throttles and studs. When putting it back on you’ll need to line the intake plenum and throttles with the gaskets and screw the studs in. Enjoy. 🤣
  4. It came off my ppg sequential. Im sure you could make it fit.
  5. Hi guys, I have for sale my Racepace motorsport R33/R34 GTR Catch can and lines. It has been power coated black and all lines have been changed to -12 bungs/fittings instead of the clamp on hoses. - 3 x straight fittings. - 2 x 45 degree fittings - 3 x 90 degree fittings - 1 x K&N -12 filter used on the breather line - Roughly 3.5 meters of -12 speedflow 120 series hose https://speedflow.com.au/120-series-start-lite-hose-from/ Located in Kogarah Bay, NSW, 2217. Price is $650. Happy to post but buyer pays postage. Selling due to going dry sump.
  6. It’s VCT/RB25. It’s not a Subaru sprocket that vcam uses.
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