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  1. Hi guys, I have my old lower lip up for grabs. Only reason I pulled it off was because I bought a new S3 lip as my car should have on it. It’s not perfect, I have tried to show the condition of it as best I could. Located in Kogarah Bay, Sydney, 2217. Due to its size I’m not interested in posting it. Pick up only. Price: $500 negotiable. Contact me through PM.
  2. Apart from killing a Nismo twin plate in bumper to bumper traffic with stock turbos?
  3. The easy and logical way to know would be to run a speed sensor. No one can tell you what the max boost can/will be.
  4. Changed the load cell. I already had one from the OS88. I still have the gearbox in the car.
  5. Hi guys, I have essentially a brand new PPG gear lever mounted load cell. It came brand new with my PPG sequential gearbox. It may have been on the car for 50 kms. It’s in perfect working condition. Price - $800 AUD including postage anywhere in Australia.
  6. Going off spring rates alone to gauge how harsh/firm they are doesn’t tell you much at all. You have valving and fluid used also to consider. The springs in my current setup are 15 mm front/9 mm rear and are much better at soaking up a bad road than a set of “softer BC’s” (which feel like you have railway sleepers as suspension) and even Nismo S tunes. You get what you pay for here and a $1099 set isn’t worth the box they come in. Might be 36,000 way adjustable but it’s hard, hard, hard, harder and hardest. Bilstien PSS9’s and the Ohlin DFV’s are probably a good place to start or as you have already said, the guys at MCA. FWIW, I’ve had stock, Nismo S tunes, Nismo R tunes and the current setup which is Modified PSS9’s.
  7. Shouldn’t be ANY drone with ANY size of exhaust with decent mufflers, if there is, it’s time to look at your setup. A Kakimoto exhaust is a sure way of having something excessively loud and make no grunt for the setup. Best place they’re for is the bin!
  8. Has until the 20th of July or it’ll go out on the council cleanup.
  9. Whatever you first “budgeted”, ATLEAST double it to begin with.
  10. Hi guys, I have my old sim racing driving rig for sale. I have used a Fanatec DD1 and clubsport bases over the years on this. Due to its size and weight it’s a pick up only item. Located in Kogarah Bay, NSW 2217. Price - $100 or 2 cases of Coopers Red. Cheers, Paul. EDIT. SAU isn’t allowing me to upload images for some reason. Will try tomorrow.
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