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  1. How many boxes to run the EGT’s?
  2. Says th bloke that has a 8374 hanging off his donk. 🤔
  3. Buy a R35 and wind it up on stock snails OR a 911 Turbo. DONE!
  4. A decent full effort head costs as much as the bottom end. That’s where the last 15% of performance is found. Depends on how much that last bit is worth to you. Sort it out Pete!
  5. Stock head no. Depends on what you want, what you’re happy with. Having driven both, I would want my cake and eat it too. If the engine ever comes out I’ll throw a V cam at it and possibly bump the compression up a tad higher. Cake and eat it too?
  6. 1.45 has its place. Did the Huntley hill climb today and just doodling through it at a corner that I had huge issues with the twins, it was ready to turn tyres. I won’t be going back to the 1.05. Sub 3000 RPM there is Definately a penalty to pay, it feels a bit “soft”, from 4000 RPM it’s fine. If you’re “driving it” it’s all there. The 0.92 IMO should be made redundant IMO. No need for it. Still well infront is the -5’s that we’re on it either way.
  7. 2.8, heavily modified head, e85 fuel. 128k is the max for the 8374 from memory.
  8. Piss it in. 8374/1.45 on my setup went 517 AWKW at 122,000 turbine RPM. 490 AWKW with the 1.05 bum.
  9. Piggaz

    Don’t expect the snails to last long at this level.
  10. So what does the mod list look like? 🤣