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  1. 2.8, GT-RS, 270 @10.25, e85, jap exhaust 🖕👎 2.8, -5’s, 270 @10.25, e85, twin 3 inch 2.8, decent head, -5’s, 260 @ 10.85, twin 3 inch 2.8, decent head, 8374/1.05, 260 @ 10.85, e85, 4 inch 2/8, decent head, 8374/1.45, 260 @ 10.85, 4 inch
  2. And when it had the “correct” number of snails it drove the worst and made the least amount of grunt. God that setup was woeful!
  3. 👀 i can assure you the car won’t be there.
  4. Update. Bought some new wheels...CE28N SL’s in 18x 10.5+22 wearing 295/30x18 AD08R’s. Might put them on in the next 3 months then push it back in the garage and whack it back on the trickle charger. 👌
  5. A Quaife front diff should come in the passenger seat of every GTR. One of the best (and relatively cheap) mods you can do to these dinosaurs. You think you can get on the power early now Benny... get one of those in and giggle. 👍
  6. You keep asking this question Benny. It’s going to be the same power as any other -7 car before it or after it, it just will be. Is you exhaust decent or is it a Japanese Samuari nugget? 330 kw at 24 psi. I’ll buy you a car of piss if it goes north of 340 kw at 24 psi. With no cam gears it’ll be late 4000’s/5000 rpm to reach target boost in 2nd. How it drives sub 5000rpm now, it’s not going to change too much. A little bit not much. Is what it is mate. 🤷‍♂️
  7. You haven’t even scratched the surface, whipper snapper. You’re in for a world of butt hurt with your wish list. 😂 A look into the future after you get the next invoice.
  8. I’ve driven it once this year, owned it for 12. Time for a change I think.
  9. Glow worms in a jar with an automatic feeder? DONE!
  10. Benny. Come on man. Im not going to jump on the band wagon here but I’m going to pull you up on this. You killed it in Bondi. How do you bin a coppermix with 260 kw? My coppermix lasted 10 years with almost twice the power and still was only 50% done. You killed it in 3 months. Facts.
  11. Shush. Don’t give him ideas. It becomes my job 😂.
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