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  1. @gzro The coppermix has gone. The OSG R3C replaced it.
  2. ^^^ Are you measuring exhaust manifold pressure? If it made the power of a 9180, does that make the 9180 redundant?
  3. Another vote for the 8374/1.05 especially on a smaller 2.6L. The OSG triple is a pleasure to drive. The pickup point is lowish, not grabby/bitey. Having had a Nismo coppermix for just on 10 years, I was quite hesitant about going to the OSG triple. Totally unnecessary. * Apprantly they did some changes at some point. Not sure when the change over was but it would have been before July 2015.
  4. Same turbine wheel so it will all work.
  5. 8474 compressor update on a 2.2 Evo. Attatched is the 8374 and 8474 graphs.
  6. True. But then you could just size injectors correctly and not flog the ass out of the pumps.
  7. Stock I’m fairly sure. Would have to confirm that though mate.
  8. Wasn’t it a stock bottom end with a built head?
  9. Buy a Grinder, hack all that twin turbo junk off, install single, boost away. Best advice I can give. 😂
  10. From guys that have gone from -5’s/2530’s to a 9180/1.05, it behaves like a pair of -5’s to 4000 rpm then the 9180 will walk away from it. If an 8374/1.05 is on 500 rpm earlier than a pair of -5’s then how much later can a 9180 be? *using -5’s as a yard stick. How hard will you be leaning on it? It won’t be the most responsive setup in the world but you are talking about a 94 lb/minute turbo all in.
  11. Gold digging whore. Give her an onion ring.
  12. Good to see you went the 1.05. It needs it if you want to turn the wick up
  13. It’s only two lol. Spare?