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  1. Would love to know how they come to those figures. A 3076 gen 1 makes more than a 3576. What on earth is that? Turbine side as it gets bigger makes less grunt. 🧐
  2. Have been over speeding my 8374 by a few 1000 rpm since the day it was put on 2017. Was pulled off a few weeks ago in perfect condition. No shaft play, no missing turbine wheel. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Guys have to so be a bit realistic about what they expect their equipment to hold. The GTR scene has gone farken loopy with all this “1200 whp GTR street driven, does high 8’s” rubbish. Between YouTube, Instagram or any other “look at me” social media dribble, everyone wants to be a super star and out donkey swing the next guy. A 600 kw GTR is ridiculously fast (mid 9 seconds or whatever) and if built right can stop, turn AND go. Anything faster that than really becomes a 1 trick pony. To have a manually shifted 900 kw GTR with sticky tyres, on a prepped track launching at god knows what RPM in a heavy car, is it any wonder why the drive lines fail? There is no give and all that grunt/shock load has to go somewhere. Come back down to earth! *off topic rant 🤪
  4. I totally agree and this was my beef with them when they first released the sequential. I spent many hours on the phone with PPG when I was originally going to go down the 5 speed dog box path and they said themselves the issue is with the 5 speed box IS the housing.... then they make a sequential out of the 5 speed box. WTF? Got the OS88 in the car and removed it after 300 kms. Didn’t like it. At the time (mid 2017) I don’t think the samsonas box was a thing yet so it was the PPG, OS88, Holinger, Albins that you needed to take a grinder to the car or back to a 5 speed which is just NOT an option. IF I was doing it today, I think the Samsonas box would be the pick. Suck up the scaffolding gear lever (surely they can do better here) and cop the noise on the chin. With cranky diffs, pumps and whatever else is going on, what’s a bit of extra “character”? It looks like PPG have released a billet housing now. Unsure if it’s any bigger or it’s just shinier. I have had NO problems with the PPG box, it’s been great. Put all the trim around the shifter and it’s pretty damn quiet, shifts well, no oil spewing out the gear case or any other dumb problems. An issue is with these types of boxes (sequentials in general) that guys want to run 1500 whp through them and then wonder why they break. If you run a reasonable amount of power through them <600 Wkw (I use the term reasonable loosely here because 600 wkw is a crazy amount of power) there shouldn’t be any issues.
  5. OS88 is a very old and dated design. No gear position sensor, just a switch for the gear display, no strain gauge either. Quite agricultural as well. Mine lasted 300 kms and then pulled out and moved on for a PPG sequential, no comparison between them.
  6. Oh right. By all accounts they look the same. 🤣 Can take some decent photos of the Neo one tonight and post them up here.
  7. Have you fixed your exhaust that’s way too small yet?
  8. Let us know what you manage to do the dry sump setup for 👍
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