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  1. Hi guys, I have a couple items that I want gone. Location is in Georges Hall, Sydney, NSW, 2199. Buyer pays for postage. Item 1: Bosch 1650 cc injectors. Condition: Flowed them up and they were NOT perfect. 3 were spot on, 1 was rich, 2 were lean. The photo's show how much they were out but it was roughly 12 - 13% from the leanest to the richest. You could take the 3 that were fine and buy another 3. Just under 2 years old and maybe have 3,000 kms on them Price: $200 Item 2: XS Power GTR intercooler Condiition: Fair. A few bent fins but nothing too over the top. It did come off an R34 GTR so it does have a hole for the intake air temp sensor. The photo's show this clcearly Price: $100 OR two cases of Coopers Red.
  2. I drove this peach a couple weeks ago while up holidaying in Pete's home town. Pete has mentioned that the old and new graphs don't show much difference. Throw the sheet in the bin is all I can say. It was stonking before this round but its halarious now. Doing the 120 km belt through "The Lakes Way" which is Pete's little playground was interesting. There is not a corner in the whole joint that you need 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear. There was a sign posted corner that was 35 kph that I did in 4th gear. just as I straightened the wheel it was turning tyres. You honestly couldn't fall off song in this thing if you tried. A choice of 3 gears in every corner. Use odd gears or even gears. Anything from 3000 RPM and its ON. Not just 'coming on"... full noise, MFD blinking red shit. Being in such a tall gear all the time you need to recalibrate. 3000 RPM in 4th and feed it on, you think you're ready to change gear, look down and you're at 5500 RPM. In 6th, it has 24 psi by 2700 RPM. It’s a joke. As a street GTR, it would be bloody hard to beat this thing. Can turn tyres in the first 4 gears without much effort at all. Tyres are not motorway spec junk either. 275 RS4's with a Quaife front diff and the transfer case mod done. If you're not happy with it Pete, time to sell it because it does its thing so bloody well! You could quite easily get away with a 9180 on it and still be sweet. I know we have both spoken about it a zillion times, it aint for you. It does need brakes though. The thing doesn't stop AT ALL! Perhaps a set of decent pads (Endless CC-RG's) would go a long way here. The torque steer might need to be addressed too. It's quite scary. Here is to the tadpole. The black tractor of the Mid North Coast!
  3. R35 injectors R35 afms balanced rods and crank Stock Ecu with Prostock piggy back nismo bearings HKS pistons 86mm N1 block N1 waterpump N1 oil pump hks intercooler hks oil cooler Nismo suspension arms Ohlins DVF Nismo fuel pump Nismo R1 turbos Prostock exhaust system Blitz EBC boost controller Step 2 valve springs 256/264 Hks step 1 cams Nismo coppermix clutch Tomei oil restrictor R34 balancer Koyorad radiator Nismo R1 intake pipes S3 headlights Prostock Ported and polished head and valve seat job
  4. Are you 100% the correct dump is on the correct turbo?
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