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  1. Will be grunty. What gearbox? 😂
  2. Piggaz

    Series 1/2 or series 3?
  3. What fuel pump do you have? What size is the return line? Is there any kinks in the return line? What size is the outlet of the reg? Knock off regs is just asking for trouble. It’s kind of important.
  4. Johnny, isn’t the whole idea of a surge tank to have it full ALL THE TIME? Not 3/4, half sloppy around tank, empty at the end of the straight then turn into turn one, when you NEED IT! Why not just run twin intank pumps? Defeated the purpose of a surge tank IMO if it’s not full all the time. 🧐 walbro 460 lift pump. The surge tank comes with -8 sized threads. Bit silly to go from -8 and pay for a a -8 to -6 adapter. Keep it -8 and put a bigger lift in it. You have 2x 460’s emptying the surge tank.
  5. What if there is very little/no fuel coming back from the surge tank. Sensor gets no fuel flow, reading goes stupid, engine doesn’t know what ethanol content it is. Not a smart place for it IMO. Have seen it on another car and funnily enough it got moved.
  6. Put a 1-2psi valve in the by pass. That way the sensor gets all the fuel it needs and as soon as there is a slight rise in pressure, the excess goes via the by pass.
  7. I hope it’s going back on the dyno now that all the exhaust gas is making it to the snail and not exiting stage left before it! The “big turbo” won’t feel as big now. 👍
  8. Piggaz

    How long till the twins are put in the bin and the 8374 goes back on?
  9. Piggaz

    Need a single. Don’t have to worry about equal length wanker junk. More power everywhere, better transient, just put one on it. Waste of money.
  10. Hurry up and get the new gearbag!
  11. Mate send scotty an email I’m sure he’d be more than willing to clear things up for you .
  12. Didn’t see that you asked me a question, mate. Bin the stock recirc valves. There is no reason why they should still be on the car. Put one of those turbosmart units on the comp cover, turn it all the way to hard and see what it does. 👍
  13. That’s sick. Looking forward to whatbyou think about the efr with the “laggy big rear housing”. 😎