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  1. EFR 8374/1.05. It will destroy everything you’ve mentioned 1300 stainless injectors leave the stock cams in and buy a diff to put the power down.
  2. It’s a nugget 😂.
  3. Must drive good Pete. You make what a what a “responsive twin turbo 2.6 Litre” at peak power... what you do at 4200 RPM 😂. Thats NA shit! That laggy single turbo. Here is a before and after graph 🤣.
  4. The -5’s don’t. Compressor housings must be a bee’s dick bigger. There are SO MANY more restrictions in “that setup” before manifolds...
  5. Love to see E MAP.
  6. Turbine speed at 26 psi?
  7. Run the stockers and port match them. Punt those nugget manifolds that you’ll be ripping off soon when they crack, put some money back in your pocket and get the tickled stockers coated if you must. That’s garbage. Don’t companies test this stuff?
  8. Either way you have to wait for the synchro’s.... well to match speed. Sick. So you have a mad looking shifter that goes backwards and forwards.... slowly. You cant set up a fancy nob to ignition cut for a quick change like a real sequential box.... so what’s the point. Well I suppose you could but the shift won’t be any quicker because of the synchro’s. *ignition cut..... cutting..... cutting...sweet they’re matched now”. To do that you’ll need a fancy nob ($1000-$1600 depending on what one you choose) and an ECU that can do that so that rules out a Power FC. “Farrrrkk, you got a sequential bro?” ”Nah man, still a factory box but it looks like I do. Sick hey!. Can you like my car on Insta and Facetube?” 🙄. Take the money and put something decent on the car! It’s junk and belongs in the dumpster!
  9. That product really needs to stop production. What a nugget.
  10. Flick through this. Your question has been answered 11ty times.
  11. I got an alloy hat spun up, drilled and tapped threads for the fittings. I ran a -12 breather with a "roll over valve" so air can only come in the tank. (No fuel smell). expensive? Yup....