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  1. How often is “pretty regularly” with oil changes?
  2. Is that because of the deck lifting issues or is there another reason?
  3. At what point do you just bite the bullet and go billet? Round and round you go.
  4. Still got the 8474?

  5. This! If you use the car like a road car which it is and don’t bounce off the limiter like a bellend then they’re fine. Granted the design could be better but it is in a road car. Want to belt it at a track... then sort it out.
  6. Buy a new sprocket from Subaru and hopefully kelford produce some decent grinds, not this pensioners turd Japanese junk. Just make sure you have mega piston to valve clearance. +1 vote for never binning vcam (emissions cam as some would call it 🙄)
  7. 12 minutes onwards. track car that’s spinning to 10,500 rpm using sub 270’s. 1 vote for not 280 brap brap nugs, especially not “soft” jap cams. The advertised duration tells you half the story. What’s the duration at 50 thou?
  8. Because the box was designed in 1912. It’s a very dated design and apart from the bigger sump they added, hasn’t been “updated/improved” at all. It’s hardly cheap/value for money when you have to muck around with it when you get it to set it up correctly/as a sequential gearbox should be.
  9. Gear position sensor is so you know where everything is. If you don’t have it then you can only use a set time and hope that you have completed the motion of the change before it restarts ignition.
  10. What kinda money are they after for an OS88?
  11. If you want to do it properly you need to install a gear position sensor BEFORE the box goes in. You’ll then need a strain gauge. Depending on the strain gauge used factor in around $2500 to do this. Here are a couple photos of the sensor I used on the OS88. The strain gauge was the “Motorsport systems” item. Same as what they use in V8 Supercars. It’s about $1500, made in Sydney.
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