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  1. Turbo selection cost is a drop in the ocean compared to setting up the rest of the car...
  2. Have you sorted out your exhaust issue yet?
  3. Whatever a reasonable limit is for a stock SR20 bottom end. Don’t forget the gearbox is made from glass so that’s a grenade waiting to explode. All in it should do somewhere between 400 and 420 kw on E85, on a roller dyno.
  4. Turn the one on the comp cover up as high as you can. That should do the trick. 👌
  5. https://www.evoxforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=273897&amp=1 that guy there.
  6. https://turbosource.com/products/turbosource-variable-a-r-efr-turbine-housing
  7. 2.8, GT-RS, 270 @10.25, e85, jap exhaust 🖕👎 2.8, -5’s, 270 @10.25, e85, twin 3 inch 2.8, decent head, -5’s, 260 @ 10.85, twin 3 inch 2.8, decent head, 8374/1.05, 260 @ 10.85, e85, 4 inch 2/8, decent head, 8374/1.45, 260 @ 10.85, 4 inch
  8. And when it had the “correct” number of snails it drove the worst and made the least amount of grunt. God that setup was woeful!
  9. 👀 i can assure you the car won’t be there.
  10. Update. Bought some new wheels...CE28N SL’s in 18x 10.5+22 wearing 295/30x18 AD08R’s. Might put them on in the next 3 months then push it back in the garage and whack it back on the trickle charger. 👌
  11. A Quaife front diff should come in the passenger seat of every GTR. One of the best (and relatively cheap) mods you can do to these dinosaurs. You think you can get on the power early now Benny... get one of those in and giggle. 👍
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