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  1. What kind of exhaust pressure increase are you seeing on the 9174 over the 8374 for a given turbine housing size/engine combo?
  2. Stock Evo 9 2.0/4G63 with a 7670/1.05. Big turbo isn’t that big.
  3. Going to run the dry sump lines through the cabin or under the car?
  4. Piggaz

    And the GTR! 😜
  5. Piggaz

    Garrett need to hurry up with their larger frame G series. 3582 size with decent T4 TS housings. 💪
  6. All the comparisons? What have you compared? What did you find?
  7. I keep hearing about these twin EFR results on but yet to see any that really stand out. Have you got some results of RB or 2J 6258/6758/7163 twin setups handy that you can throw up? Twin 6258’s or 6758’s are still quite a lot of airflow and the 67’s outflow a 9180 (Atleast according to the compressor maps).
  8. I’ll see what I can dig up.
  9. It was E MAP related. Hitting 360 kpa. Hoping to drop that somewhat. However, don’t need a pressure sensor to tell how much better the engine breathes compared to the twins. The engine note tells you that!
  10. EGT’s weren’t getting high... we had 360 kpa exhaust pressure. However, coming on (sub 4000 rpm) it was compressor surging. So if we are “holding it back” early on, why not give it a bigger ass and let it sing up top. Can’t have it either way. God knows how the 0.92 guys are going. If I had a 0.92 on my engine it would have been a total waste of time.
  11. Got the 1.45 A/R turbine housing on the 8374 this week. Compressor surge was getting quite bad in the cold weather even trying to “hold the turbo back”. It will also mean we don’t have to pull boost out in the top end too. Will will see by how much exhaust pressure drops too. God it’s big! Borg Warner and their housings the size of small planets! Gonna have to have a look at the exhaust cam cover and see what I can do with it and get the turbine beanie on. Needs a longer water line which will be done on Monday. Dump pipe had to be trimmed 8 mm.
  12. Piggaz

    ... “while I’m here I may aswell do...” - - - - Good luck 😎
  13. Hey Paul how are you ?

    Wanted to ask why you parted out the os88??

    Also was after some info about the position sensor