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  1. The elastomer o'rings should be replaced every 10 years if its mainly street. If you are in the states it only costs $75 to overhaul and re-certify SFI . I'm not so just bought an overhaul kit (~$35) and did it myself. Fairly basic job, cleanliness and care with orings during assembly is all that is required . Blue loctite on bolts and correct torque.
  2. Seems rather excessive for a high silicone piston.
  3. Check earths, poor igniter earth possibly.
  4. I was looking at some of their cams a while back and was wondering where they popped up from. Ended up getting some custom Camtechs out of NSW made up instead to feed the EFR. So has one partner started RSE and the other still running Tomei? You should put a Jun 2.8 kit or the famous 2.7 seeing as how they are so close, they can do your block also and set it up perfect! I'm about 5 hours drive away from you by the look of it.
  5. https://www.junauto.co.jp/products/crankshaft/index.html https://www.hirano-tire.co.jp/tomei/rb26/rb26-1-5.html http://www.nitto.com.au/products/crankshafts.html?vehicle=nissan
  6. Warm engine, few drops thick oil in each cylinder and turn a few times. Do leak down again. Still same result then topside if result better then bottom end
  7. Was engine cold when leak down done. Mine has big overlap so dynamic compression test only good for comparing other cylinders. After around 3000km since overhaul leak down is between 1 and 2% on mine. I would keep looking if I was you.
  8. Thanks for the info, always good to know. I have the 8374 iwg, no E85 in Japan. Going to see how far my tuner can go with advancing the inlet next and other way on the exhaust. If no joy will consider the 182x or some Reimax group A cams (264/9.7) or their street cam (264in 256exh), they run 105 CLs all around with quite a bit of overlap, have good reports over here for coming on well. What size HG you have 1.0mm?
  9. Interesting! I remember reading you tried the staggered inlet cam 182s? Is the one you have now the first 260 you have tried and are you running suggested CLs? Trying to wake my EFR up a bit earlier (260/10.25 Procams) and tossing up between 182x or some 256 Reimax cams. Which other cams did you try before if you do not mind me asking?
  10. How they working for you? I asked for a custom 260 and that's what they offered...still not sure.
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