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  1. No doubt that many of our readers have already all set to attend Tokyo Auto Salon which begins tomorrow. Many of you may be sticking around after the show to do a little sightseeing or enjoy your Japanese vacation. Mine’s let me know that, as usual their annual Mine’s Meeting event will be held this year from January 14th – January 21st 2012. Mine’s has asked me to let our English speaking friends know that if you do want to visit, why not send them a quick note to let them know in advance so they can organize to have English speaking staff onsite: While in Japan for the period of the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon from Jan 14 – Jan 21 all customers/fans are more than welcome to visit our shop in Yokosuka and see first hand where our work is done. To make your visit worthwhile we would like to prepare an English speaker for your visit and request that you give us notice beforehand by E-mail to the account below so we can make arrangements. mines@mines-wave.com If you do get along, say hi to the guys from me! Link: Mine’s Website (English) Link: Tokyo Autosalon Website View Entire Article: Mine’s Meeting 2012: Come Visit the Legendary Mine’s Workshop at GTRBlog.com Originally appeared on and © GTRBlog.com. 2012. | Read comments. View the full article
  2. After a number of years going relatively unchanged the GT-R’s headlights have now found their first significant upgrade. brand_RR recently debuted a new headlight upgrade which replaces the high beam bezel’s halogen bulb with a bi-xenon projector. The headlights themselves receive extensive custom work to seamlessly adopt the secondary HID system. If no other modifications or custom painting is performed the results are comparable to what you would see on the Nissan showroom. Naturally however most people will want to do additional custom work while the headlights are under the knife. The white car shown is one such customer who optioned for nearly all of the available additions. Aside from the bi-xenon dual HID conversion, brand_RR states that the following options are available: - Painted inside assembly (white car shown has satin black painted assembly) - Painted headlight surrounds (white car shown as satin black painted surrounds) - CCFL illumination surround on each projector (not pictured) - LED illumination surround on each projector with integrated amber turn signal activated switchback (installed on white car) - Painted interior headlight assembly bezel (white car has our one-off carbon fiber conversion to this piece) - LED headlight turn signal with white LED and switch to amber led when turn signal activated (not pictured) The GT-R from the factory has a HID low beam capable of good lateral range however they are lacking in brightness and distance. brand_RR’s approach is to increase visibility by keeping the lateral range unchanged from the factory low beam HID and adding the second bi-xenon unit for straight ahead brightness and distance (and also it can switch to hi-beam mode). The photo below illustrates: For further information the product can be found and purchased here: http://gt-rr.com/product.html?m=brand_rr&n=ultimate_spec_headlight_-_dual_hid_projector_conversion&id=1541 View Entire Article: brand_RR: Dual HID Headlight Conversion Debut at GTRBlog.com Originally appeared on and © GTRBlog.com. 2011. | Read comments. View the full article
  3. The US is an entirely different culture and in some ways this is normal for them. Different strokes etc. I've been shooting with one of the guys in that thread and in no way is he insane or even out of the ordinary. Just a GT-R lover living in a gun loving society.
  4. Improving on the look of the new DBA-R35 is tough but Mine’s don’t back down from a challenge. Following in the path laid down years before for the CBA-R35 Mine’s have firstly tackled the grill to add a splash of carbon to the front end. This wet carbon grille replacement is a straight fit item that will go on without modifications. It’s slightly different from standard in that it features three fins that give it a slightly aggressive appearance. It comes pre-applied with a UV protecting clear coat and will set you back around the 59,000 yen mark in Japan. Link: Mine’s Official Website (English) View Entire Article: Mine’s Release Carbon Grille for 2012+ GT-Rs at GTRBlog.com Originally appeared on and © GTRBlog.com. 2011. | Read comments. View the full article
  5. Any interior shots? What suburb are you in?
  6. The guys over at GT-RR.com have furthered their brand_RR lineup of parts with this new suspension. GT-RR has a history of working with the top producers for their projects, having also worked on collaborative projects with Amuse and Cosworth. In this case they’ve enlisted two of the leading suspension component producers to partner with them on the project. JRZ was sourced to provide the desired specification shocks for the system. Swift Springs of Japan was included to provide the 8 springs which are included (main and assist springs on each corner). GT-RR calls this suspension their Ultimate Spec. They label it that because they’ve taken what they consider to be the best of the shock and spring world and combined it with a variable ride height lift system. The result they say is the ultimate suspension for GT-Rs which are used on both street and track. The suspension allows 3 inches of lift at the push of a button which allows for a low ride setting but for instant clearance upon demand. There is a video of their 2012 GT-R using the lift system which can be seen below. Swift Springs out of Japan has been supplying Nissan’s official GT-R Super Taikyu team with springs and also supplies for Super GT race cars. GT-RR has told us that Swift and JRZ has both had a considerable hand in determining the final specifications of this suspension. You can find more information on this system as well other JRZ and Swift products at GT-RR. Link: Suspension kit Link: JRZs on GT-RR Link: Swift on GT-RR View Entire Article: GT-RR Debuts New Suspension Package at GTRBlog.com Originally appeared on and © GTRBlog.com. 2011. | Read comments. View the full article
  7. I have a pair of perfect condition R33 headlights I removed from my GT-R when I fitted series 3 xenons. Here's the thread where I was selling them with photos. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/342859-r33-gt-r-series-2-r33-gtst-series-1-headlights/ Cheers
  8. I think it’s great Nissan are improving the visibility of their FIA GT1 teams with more and more of this kind of social media. Michael Krumm is a fantastic ambassador for Nissan Motorsports in Japan, Europe and all over the world. This year he drives for the JR-Motorsports team in the #23 GT1 spec Nissan GT-R. Take a tour with him from round 1 of the 2011 FIA GT1 World Championship season at Abu Dhabi where he’ll take you behind the scenes. Introduce team mates and other drivers and give some personal insights into the cars performance of late. Link: Nissan’s Youtube Channel View Entire Article: FIA GT1 2011: Follow Nismo GT1 Driver Michael Krumm’s Video Diary at GTRBlog.com Originally appeared on and © GTRBlog.com. 2011. | Read comments. View the full article
  9. It’s been an interesting couple of months for the AMS Performance crew. The culmination of a lot of hard work has seen the AMS Alpha 12 GT-R see a lot of results, especially in Texas. The TX2K11 Nationals event in March saw the Alpha 12 GT-R owned by Tim Sander’s show off it’s muscle to take the first place in the Dyno Comp GT-R Class with 1069 awhp. In the days that followed they continued to push the GT-R to the limits and at the drag strip came away with another new record – a 9.1 @ 159mph pass. Despite the tune not being fully ironed out the Alpha 12 is still the quickest GT-R around. There’s quite a lot of other GT-R happenings over at AMS’s blog and there’s more records lined up to fall soon. Two Alpha 12 GT-Rs are getting set to run the Moscow Unlimited event coming up in September. This year it seems the GT-R crowd wont be satisfied with second place in Moscow as it was in 2010. Looking forward to hearing more as the Alpha12 gets closer to fully tuned. You can find out more from AMS at the links below! Link: AMS Alpha GT-R Website Link: AMS Performance Website View Entire Article: AMS Performance: AMS Alpha12 GT-R Updates at GTRBlog.com Originally appeared on and © GTRBlog.com. 2011. | Read comments. View the full article
  10. In the last post, we brought you the new widebody aero from Axell Auto. In this next installment of GT-R Blog’s feature on widebody GT-Rs, we have the second wide aero kit that debuted at TAS 2011. This second kit comes from Abflug, a Japanese tuner renowned for their creative and revolutionary aero designs. Their GT-R kit keeps that reputation alive with its large-mouth front bumper, wide blister fenders and R8-style ducting in the rear bumper. The “kit” is currently being sold piece-by-piece, with FRP and carbon variations, depending on the part. Also available is a new high-mount rear wing that replaces the OEM wing, but retains the side base mounts. For more photos of the car and information regarding all the individual pieces, please visit Abflug’s website. Link: Abflug Website View Entire Article: Widebody GT-Rs Part II: Abflug at GTRBlog.com Originally appeared on and © GTRBlog.com. 2011. | Read comments. View the full article
  11. Tokyo Auto Salon saw the debut of what many consider the most radical aero parts for the GT-R ever in Axell Auto’s full widebody kit. We can let the pictures do the talking… Prior to their GT-R kit, Axell Auto had been primarily known for their modifications to Japanese luxury vehicles like SUVs and vans, but their GT-R kit is Axell trying their hand in the sports car realm. Axell’s fascination with the R35 started after the President of Axell purchased his GT-R and began modifying it with off-the-shelf parts. The kit takes some styling cues from Tommykaira and features wide front and rear fenders, completely new front and rear bumper designs with a carbon fiber rear diffuser, rear wing and side skirts with functional brake ducting. While pricing hasn’t been released, you can visit Axell’s website for pictures, video and more information. Link: http://www.axellauto.co.jp/ In addition, Axell has enlisted GT-RR to be the first international distributor for the kit. Link: http://www.gt-rr.com This post will be the first in a series regarding the recent widebody options that have been released for the R35. Look out for more in the coming week! View Entire Article: Widebody GT-Rs Part I: Axell Auto at GTRBlog.com Originally appeared on and © GTRBlog.com. 2011. | Read comments. View the full article
  12. Anyone who’s ever tuned their turbocharged cars and relied on the stock airflow sensors knows that most OEM’s supply MAFs purpose built for the power the car delivers in stock form. Deviate too much from this and you’ll very quickly run out of resolution making tuning problematic. On the GT-R the problem is worsened by the protective ECU which can throw codes to further complicate matters. AAM Competition know this problem well and have come up with a solid and permanent solution for those GT-R owners making significantly more power than standard. AAM’s product description says it best: AAM Competition, LLC’s new R-MAF Meter is a welcome and important addition to any GT-R making over 550hp with factory air boxes, 625hp with 2 ¾â€ intakes, or 700hp with 3†intakes (500awhp, 575awhp, and 630-650awhp respectively). A direct bolt-in upgrade with no splicing of any wiring required and a factory functioning air temperature sensor, the R-MAF Meter is engineered to provide stock like idling and low-throttle drivability while doubling the range of the factory MAF sensors. The R- MAF’s extended range allow them to be used with engines with as much as 1,500hp with upgraded tubes. Benefits of the AAM Competition R-MAF Meter: Performance, accuracy and quality Direct replacement to the original MAF sensor & wiring harness (no cutting or splicing, drops and plugs right in) Approximately 2 times more range that the factory sensor Extended range allows it to be used with engines capable of making as much as 1,500 horsepower Calibrated so that their range slightly exceeds that of the intake in which it is installed, so the sensor cannot “peg†yet still has excellent resolution Factory like low-load characteristics, which keep the GT-R’s computer happy, allows the transmission to shift properly, and eliminates limp modes Cures the P0700 Code issue frequently experienced on high power GT-R’s Can be used in almost any intake system configuration (including blow through intake systems) Comes with R-MAF calibration files (including fuel multiplier/tuning recommendations for different power levels) Every sensor is repeatable within OEM specs The sensors retail at the $429 each mark but if you head over to their website now you can see their currently discounted quite a bit. Their available for shipping right now but get in quick… Link: AAM Competition Website View Entire Article: AAM Competition Release R-Maf Upgraded Airflow Sensors for Nissan GT-R at GTRBlog.com Originally appeared on and © GTRBlog.com. 2011. | Read comments. View the full article
  13. By now most of the print and TV media have had a preview of the new Nissan GT-R but the DSPORT Magazine one struck me as one of the best by far. If you haven’t already seen it, check it out. Thanks to Vinh from DSPORT for sending this one in. Link: DSPORT Channel @ Youtube Link: DSPORT Magazine Website View Entire Article: DSPORT Magazine 2012 Nissan GT-R Preview at GTRBlog.comOriginally appeared on and © GTRBlog.com. 2011. | Read comments. View the full article
  14. After making it’s Super Taikyu debut and track debuts in 2010, Nismo has finally put the finishing touches on the production model Nissan Nismo GT-R RC race car. Coinciding with Tokyo Auto Salon 2011, the car is now officially available for customers to buy both in and outside Japan. The NISSAN NISMO GT-R RC is the latest entry to the RC (Racing Competition) line of high performance, production model race cars developed and outfitted by NISMO. It’s built up from the world renowned, top performance NISSAN GT-R (R35) road car. The body has been lightened, fitted for slick tires and equipped with safety equipment to ready it for competition use. During the car’s development, it was entered in the 2010 SUPER TAIKYU Round 4 at Fuji, where it confirmed its high performance, reliability and durability. Fitted with the same VR38DETT and GR6 transmission that powers the road car, Nismo aren’t giving the exact power/torque specifications away except to say that they exceed 485ps and exceeds 60 kg/m of torque. We’ve seen the GT-R RC quite a few times on here before so the special aero, carbon and race preparations are certainly not new to you. What is news though is the price, Nismo will build you a GT-R RC to order for 20,790,000 yen or around $250k USD for a circuit ready race car. NISMO GT-R RC Specifications: Length 4,650mm Width 1,895mm Height 1,370mm Wheelbase 2,780mm Front track 1,640mm Rear Track 1,640mm Weight 1,520kg Engine Model VR38DETT DOHC V6 Cylinder Bore 95.5 mm X Stroke 88.4 mm Displacement 3,799 cc Power over 357 horsepower @ 6,400 rpm (485ps/6,400rpm) Torque over 588 N?m @ 5,200 rpm (60kgm/5,200rpm) Fuel Feed System NISSAN EGI, electronic concentrated control fuel injection system Front Suspension Double Wishbone Rear Suspension Multi-link Shock absorbers Specially developed by NISMO for high performance driving (height adjustable) Front brakes Ventilated Disc Brake (rotor ø410 mm) Rear Brakes Ventilated Disc Brake (rotor ø380 mmj Transmission GR6 Dual Clutch Transmission Drivetrain System All-wheel Drive Wheels (Fr / Rr) specialized for 10.5J X 20 +25mm size wheels Tires (Fr / Rrj ADVAN 290/710 R20 slick tire, standard for all RC models Source: Nismo View Entire Article: NISMO GT-R RC Race Car Debut – Now Available at GTRBlog.com Originally appeared on and © GTRBlog.com. 2011. | Read comments. View the full article
  15. In what is becoming a tradition, January’s Tokyo Auto Salon will debut another wild wide body kit for the Nissan GT-R, this time from Axell Auto. After spending 2010 clothed in the Tommy Kaira Ebrezza-R full aero kit, Axell Auto decided to get even more extreme with the GT-R than their contemporaries have so far. While it’s not completely finished yet, the concept drawings can give you a sneak peek at how they expect it to look when it debuts in January at Auto Salon. The guys at Axell look to have the proto kit in the finishing touch stages before assembly and paint judging from these workshop pics. The kit will have pumped front fenders, rear fenders, a completely new front and rear bumper and chunky side skirts. The GT-R’s rear wing will be replaced with a taller stylized wing as well. What else Axell Auto will do to the GT-R isn’t clear yet but we’re looking forward to seeing the finished product, even if it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Tokyo Auto Salon runs from the 14th to the 16th of January 2011 at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo Japan. Source: Jon Sibal’s Blog Link: Axell Auto Website View Entire Article: TAS 2011: Axell Auto Producing Wide Body GT-R Kit for AutoSalon at GTRBlog.com Originally appeared on and © GTRBlog.com. 2010. | Read comments. View the full article
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