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  1. Here is one for sale http://www.ebay.com/itm/191813896476?euid=1561c0b1bb0b467890a4ea8efc9b9711&cp=1&exe=13926&ext=35632&sojTags=exe=exe,ext=ext
  2. Brand new. Just Jap sells them for AUD 249 excluding shipping. (http://justjap.com/store/product.php?productid=18017&cat=381&page=1) Vehicle Compatibility: - Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T (RB20DET) - Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T (RB25DET) - Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (RB25DET) Letting this go for AUD 220 delivered.
  3. Hi Ryan. I have a Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper if you are interested. What's your email? Can email you some pics. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys. I'm Eu Jin from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'll be traveling to Perth on the 19th till the 28th August. Just wondering if there are any meet-ups/cruise during that period. Would love to come and and meet you guys. Here is a pic of my ride. Cheers! I blog about my car here: http://er34.blogspot.com/
  5. Got a set of BNR34 ones if you are interested.
  6. I have a HKS Kansai one if you are interested.
  7. I'm in Malaysia. You can check my ratings/feedback for reassurance : http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/user/30528-8110/page__tab__feedback
  8. 10) Nismo Intake Collector RB26DETT – AUD 1,500 11) Power Enterprise Injectors 700cc – AUD 650 Top, Low Impedance, 1 Hole, Time 0.65msec 63500 (6 X 700cc) 12) TEIN MonoFlex – AUD 1,500 - without EDFC. Fits BCNR33 and BNR34 - No knocks or leaks. Perfect condition. 13) Top Secret R33 Oil Catch / Water Reservoir Tank – AUD 450 - Comes with all necessary braided lines and fittings 14) Nismo Under-Floor Reinforcing Bars (Front and Rear Set) – AUD 700 15) HKS Fuel Rail – AUD 400 -Comes with all necessary braided lines and fittings 16) Nismo Rear Member Brace – AUD 280 - Fits BCNR33 and BNR34 17) Nismo Strengthened Rear Lower A-Arm – AUD 300 - Fits S14, S15, R33, R34 18) Nismo Rear Upper Arm (Fits S14, S15, R33, R34) - AUD 190
  9. Brand new Veilside Turbine Type Oil Filler Cap to fit Nissan vehicles (RB and SR series engine). These have been discontinued for a long time and hence are very rare for it to be available as new. Totally trick and awesome looking under the hood! AUD 165 delivered.
  10. Set of Nismo R-Tune Suspension for the Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (ER34). The Nismo R-Tune Suspension is made specifically to suit fast street and circuit use. In developing the suspension, the amount of the stroke has been perfectly adjusted. The damping force was balanced by using the best springs. The upgrade were not only external, the amount of oil, the length of the case, and the lengths of the rods are fine tuned down to the last millimeter. These are of a higher range than the Nismo S-Tune and are adjustable for height and damping. AUD 800
  11. Hi. These are sold but I do have another set of Nismo R-Tune should you be interested.
  12. I have the shifter surround and AV panel off the BNR34 if you are interested.
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