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  1. Hey Raffy, yeah I got your message, it's just still a bit too difficult for my liking sorry. Time is a big thing with me, as I work atleast 5 days a week, and generally do cashies with mechanical repairs on cars or electrical work on homes for many of the blokes here on base on that spare day. Plus I think I have -(negative)0.934 days leave or something up my sleeve, so I can't even get any time off till Christmas, where in I have to go back home (Queensland), so I just can't find it feasible to work around those constraints sorry. For everyone else though..... But, in breaking news, BUMP
  2. Just came back to HMAS Where-hope-goes-to-die-a-slow-and-painful-death, so I thought bump it all the way back up again.
  3. Swoopdown - Kinda the same when it comes to high end cars, I guess it's just bragging rights at the end of the day. But unlike cars, when it comes to supersports (even in standard trim), it all comes down to the skill of the rider, very rarely the bike itself. I still am quite baffled why they even make bikes like these, I know for a fact I could lose my license for a long time just giving her a go in first gear alone, let alone the top speed I have reached on her. EAT26 - Love the GTR, mate. Absolutely love it, everything that I would be looking for in a GTR. But the problem is the distance between us still, and I would be afraid to ask how much cash you would want thrown your way. I have a budget of $12000 - $15000 on top of the bikes value, and I get the general feeling I would be a little short on what you want. Why is it everyone that has actually sent me an offer with something I want lives in the state where I used to live only a year ago. The military really does suck sometimes... RAFFY - Nice example of a 33 GTST mate. Looks clean for what you have done to it. I have owned 9 bikes in my life so far, and this has been one of the most reliable, balls-to-the-wall bikes I have ever owned. Gets a lot of attention from everyone on base here and cruising around, yet I have only ever been pulled up once for a RBT. Definately beats the SWAT teams I had to dodge everytime I took my old Skyline out for a spin.
  4. geraus, nice cars bro. I had a S1 R33 GTs-T pretty much the same as the silver one, except black with a plazaman intake, kazaa 2 way diff and a GT-35r, and yours kinda reminds me off my old one. Except I think I'd have a lot less trouble getting a RWC with mine . I don't know if the R1 is what you would be looking for at the end of the day though man. Compared to a 250 Ninja, it would be like upgrading your Skyline to a McLaren F1, and please don't think thats an overstatement. It is a stupid, scary bike, that shouldn't have been made, let alone doing the little things I have done to make it even faster.
  5. FS Price/Amount $9500 State VIC Short Description for title? 2007 R1 50th Ann Edition Currently Registered? Yes Transmission? MANUAL REGO/VIN Number? ZK 549 Contact Info Other than this Forum? chad--sexington@hotmail.com Description Hey guys, Up for grabs is the aforementioned girl, one of my most favourite bikes I have had the pleasure of owning. I'm posting out of this base very soon, and as much as I love this bike I don't believe it to be a viable future option for me anymore, plus the car scene down south is a lot better then where I am going. ITEM: 2006 Yamaha YZF-R1 CONDITION: Very Good REASON FOR SELLING: Post Out of Navy Base Get back into the 4 Wheeled Scene PRICE AND PRICE CONDITIONS: $9500 Negotiable OR Swaps for something of interest with cash your way. EXTRA INFO: Righto, start from the front to the rear, hey? Brand new front pads. Brand new Michi front tyre. Braided brake lines f/r (yellow to suit bike). Pazzo adjustible levers. 12000km service about 150kms ago. New Michi rear tyre (about 600kms ago). Rear pads about 600 kms ago. Power Commander Ver.III. Yoshi Half Pipes. Fender Eliminator. Have owners manual and original pipes back home (in Townsville). LOCATION: HMAS Cerberus/Frankston/About 1 hour south of Melbourne CONTACT: John Gallagher, either on (and in this order, too) PM here chad--sexington@hotmail.com (yeah, sorry, we were all young once) I bought this bike about 2 years 8 months ago with just under 9000 km's on her. In the time I've had her about another 4000 have been slapt on, so please don't think this has been a daily thrasher. She has only been ridden on sunny weekends and never as a 'track weapon'. It would be stupid to say that I have never opened her up, it is a sports bike, but it would be all I am against to say she is thrashed. If I can add anything else, don't be shy and ask away. Am after a reasonably quick sale, so price is negotiable, just don't be a lowballer. Am looking to give her a good home. John ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** REGARDING SWAPS - A car of interest would be a later model 180SX, or more preferable, a R32 GTR/Nice 34GT-T. Car would preferably come with a RWC, and would be better if it was a more local car (ie - VIC). Please, no 'Sik R33 that I raced my cuz in, brah, I totally smashed him!' type requests, I have allready owned a modded R33 GTS-t, and do not wish to own another one. Anyway, if you have something up for offer, send me a message and I will surely check it out. I have a good bit of cash on the side if something nice comes up. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
  6. I was out of commission for a week there, sorry guys. its always good fun when a family member is stricken down with a bad diesease. PM's sent to you two. Thanks, John
  7. Thats awesome for such a few simple mods, must be very happy man.
  8. Good luck with your L's champ, make sure you do A LOT of riding round to get aquainted with the road, and most of the idiot cagers out there. Also agree with the pipes, dad had his left leg broken when an old bloke ran him off the road doing a lane change, thats why the first mod i had done to the R1 was the twin yoshi's. Neighbours hate me when she is started in the morning now tho...
  9. same as up here in NQ, my dad uses E10 in hos ford, and I have duely noticed that variances in the grade of that petrol from a large band of fuel stations, seems to be less notice when it comes to that type...
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