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  1. Seems to be a common thing, and also interesting that younger blokes haven't picked up where the older blokes left off (the RWC thing probably isn't good for modded cars). Townsville has grown on me over the past 12-18 months or so. Biggest complaint is there isn't really any good roads to ride/drive besides the road up to the High Range Military Area (30 min drive for 5km of twisty roads). Hopefully the racetrack they're talking about opening makes up for that. The theft problems are also a concern but my VE is new enough it can't be screwdrivered like my Camry did. As a matter of fact I am looking for an exhaust shop to get my ute fixed! haha.
  2. Thanks, Yeah I do haha (here's a pic of when I first got it... has come along way since). Hopefully they can, have been looking both on here to see if there's a build thread about it since word on the street is it's been passed around for close to a decade since getting boosted. definitely. haha seems to be that way. Also thanks mate! But yeah I'll never bring it up here, wouldn't last 5 minutes as none of it is engineered and I rarely see imports around much anymore so it would be a cop magnet. That being said Tasmania is way more lax on car laws and the police who enforce them also don't care nearly as much as QLD police. I have a stock looking SS up here for this reason haha.
  3. G'day, Always lurked SAU but never made an account. I am originally from Launceston Tasmania but live in Townsville for work. I really dislike the way that everything has gone to facebook groups as a replacement for forums (RIP CalaisTurbo.com) so I thought I might try to be active even if futile. Previous list of cars I have owned 1991 Camry Sedan (Stolen and burnt out) 1999 MX5 NB8A (sitting in Tassie waiting for a turbo build) 1987 R31 Skyline Ti Turbo (Sold) 1993 MX5 NA6 (Sold) 2005 Ford Falcon BA SR (Sold) 2008 VE SSV Ute (My daily in Townsville) 199x EK Civic Sedan (Sold) 1987 R31 Skyline Ti Turbo (bought it back) I recently bought my R31 Skyline Ti that's turboed making around 300whp. It has been in Tassie for a while and has had a lot of owners and history. I had sold it as I lived in Victoria at the time and didn't have the time to fix the sloppy RB20 box in it along with various other small things. It came up for sale for close to what I sold it for with nearly everything fixed up. I am hoping someone on here knows the original owner(s) as having some photos/info of it would be really cool. My plans with it is to replace the 3582 with a 3076, plumb up the screamer, make it more streetable and less of a defect magnet (take out the extended LCA's, plumb up the screamer pipe, get a radio and heater in it). Because of covid I won't be able to drive it for a while but a good friend of mine is working on it down in tassie for me so any recommendations for parts/mods for it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading this and I look forward to participating in SAU!
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