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  1. For a daily they go good, I have a VE SSV myself. not crazy amounts of power but spritey enough to make driving not a chore. And it doesnt come with all of the headaches of driving a skyline lol.
  2. Mex Bro

    Tas Whoretown

    Would love for it to become a thing again, although I know that's unrealistic. I really dislike facebook groups. I try to post on SAU when I have news about my build etc.
  3. Hey again Quick update to the build The car is set to be mod plated next monday! (Yay), finally the car can be on Special Interest rego and it won't cost me money to be on jack stands ahahaa for anyone that was interested to get the car into a legal state for the mod plate I had to use: Stock/VLT ECU NA/Brown top injectors stock turbo coilovers with no top adjustment (camber etc) stock wheels stock LCA's get a bunch of other little stuff done such as the speedo, handbrake. I'm very excited to actually properly start the build following this. Here is some pics/stuff I have bought for the car recently. I bought some venations for the car, I think they look alright lol I got a blue Ti dash mat, quite suits the whole 80s feel I got some HR31 electronic mirrors and the button for them, 100% a novelty but it's cool lol. As things go, I never expected it to end up this way but it snowballs. I'm now anticipating to buy a new 25 box (already have a modded driveshaft for it). I then started thinking well why am I using a 15 year old ECU when the Elite series has so much more protection and other stuff, like flex fuel, throttle by wire, so I'm expecting to buy an Elite 1500 for the car. I then decided well I'm going to be buying a new ECU and well why not make the most of it... 220kw isnt that much anyway. So i'm going to build the bottom end and paint the bay whilst the engine is out. I am currently doing my research but 350-400KW would be pretty mental I believe. I will research what is involved and keep you guys updated. I will post more after the car is on SI rego, that's when the fun can really begin.
  4. They're $3750 new from Nissan. People are trying to charge that for 2nd hand ones that have done 4th gear reverse entry drifts on Simmons plains for the past 15 years. Personally I wouldn't spend more than $1500 on a used box, the peace of mind is worth the extra coin.
  5. If I struggle to get it mod plated in Tasmania at other shops that's what I will do I think. also better to be able to use the car more than like once every month in the year haha
  6. An update to the build, it has been a while since my last post. Progress on the car has been limited to my mate doing stuff to the car in his spare time. I have about 5 weeks in the year to work on the car myself. I have spent the past week or so working on the car, it has gone backwards in a sense. since my last post I have mostly found stuff I need for the stock conversion. - The car now sits on R31 LCA's with N12 Pulsar Tie rods, held onto the knuckle with Gktech Adjustable tie rod ends. - I have since ordered Gktech tension rods as the ones in the car had crusty and worn out rose joints - I have sourced some R31 Ti stock wheels and sold the D shapes as they weren't legal. - instead of buying a GT3076, I ordered an anti surge housing for my GT35, ended up being far more economical. - instead of using the recaro, I purchased a pair of R32 GTR seats, They look far nicer in my opinion. - I replaced the cut and shut s13 knuckles for uncut ones. - Mishimoto catch can has been purchased - Sub and amp has been purchased Some things did not go to plan, I purchased a VLT ECU and a stock RB25 turbo, in the process of trying to clock the near 30 year old turbo I broke the exhaust turbine, this ended up being beneficial because now the car will make no boost for the mod plate. Now the car uses a stock R31 ECU and NA injectors. The high mount manifold is retained with a Nissan 6 bolt to V Band adapter for the dump pipe. Me and the mate who is working on the car went halves in a TIG welder, so he is doing the exhaust up for me, we discovered that the exhaust was held on with one hangar at the rear and nothing past the diff (held on by the turbo V Band), we have since addressed this as well as adding in another muffler and an exhaust tip, as somewhere down the track the old blast pipes were sawed off the car. This is my first time properly building a car, the frustrating part was getting half way through an install and then needing a certain part which could only be purchased online, so the car sat in limbo until such part arrived. Lots of other little things that don't really need to be mentioned have been fixed, this car was built with ebay parts 10 years ago, and the past decade of neglect from it being thrashed hasn't helped. The car doesn't need too much left to be ready for the roadworthy, it only needs the following: - Handbrake installed - Injector seal kit installed onto the n/a injectors - speedo drive installed into the 20det box - catch can installed - loom and ECU installed - tension rods installed The local mod plater in launceston is unhelpful to put it nicely, I like being charged $300 for the car to be looked over and told I need "ADR Coilovers" (Which don't exist by the way) all whilst being spoken to like I'm a bogan with a rats tail and ugg boots. So suggestions on where to get it mod plated in Tasmania would be super useful, I would travel statewide. The current plan for the car once it's mod plated include: - 5 stud conversion front and rear - EL rear brake conversion - Panhard rod correction kit - Adjustable rear trailing arms - Front strut brace - rear adjustable trailing arms - new dump made up so the 3582 can go back on - head unit + stereo - trim pieces fixed - SR20 Throttle body conversion (TPS works with the Haltech) - paint the boot in some sorts of bed liner as the boot trim is long gone - 33 Front brakes with GTR rotors - 33 booster - 25DET box (the 20 box is really nice but I want to get a 25 box whilst you can still buy them brand new from Nissan) - S13 Rack conversion - new injectors and fuel rail - possibly external oil cooler - bigger sway bars and new bushings to suit - Venations!! Probably more I forgot but that's off the top of my head. Here are some pics. Apologies I don't post super often. I try to keep the fourms alive!!
  7. Apologies for creating 5 clone threads, kept saying error so I went back to try and get it to work! Here are the wheels I picked up for the car
  8. Hey SAU! Starting a build thread to track the progress of the car as previous owners have reached out to me wanting to know more about it. I also want to show everyone the car and also be able to look back at a later stage. This is my R31 Skyline Ti that's turboed making around 300whp. It has been in Tassie for a while and has had a lot of owners and history. I sold it as I lived in Victoria at the time so I couldn't drive it and wasn't motivated to fly back on weekends fixing fix the sloppy RB20 box with no reverse along with various other small things. It came up for sale for close to what I sold it for with nearly everything fixed up. My plans with it is to replace the 3582 with a 3076, plumb up the screamer, make it more streetable and less of a defect magnet (take out the extended LCA's, plumb up the screamer pipe, get a radio and heater in it). A little backstory, I work in Townsville but am from Launceston, the goal is to move it up here and have it as my fun car. the car had the following upon purchase. rb20det box pintara LSD s13 front end s13 turbo brakes s13 coilovers cut and shut knuckles extended LCA's 15x8 +0 D shapes Bosch 044 pump 750cc injectors decomp gasket head studs thick alloy rad GT3582 .82 externally gated Haltech E6X front mount My goals with the car was to have a fun street car that I could regularly take to the new track being built south of Townsville to use in track events with the odd drag day and skid pan day. I set out to purchase bits and pieces for the car that i felt it required, these include: GKtech steel lug nuts (the car was missing a few and the ones on there were cheap aluminium ones) Gktech adjustable tie rod ends Mishimoto oil air separator Autostadia Modena 16x8 and 16x7 wheels AC kit for the car - Gets super gross in NQ over the summer. Recaro SR1 Seat out of an Isuzu Irmscher R - The Ti seats are very plush but you sit really high. R32 steering wheel - mostly to maintain the OEM look as I felt a cop seeing a deep dish nardi would raise eyebrows in a car that already is infamous for hooning. Defi Display unit The SR1 Recaro - Definitely needs a clean I plan to replace the gauges with the defi and have a head unit in there. Had some plush blue floor mats made to match the interior. The first step was to get everything mod plated, so it's a little more street legal and QLD has demerits and fines for defects up here. this required the me to remove the E6X for a stock VLT ecu, which I picked up for $200, stock LCA's, a smaller turbo, smaller wheels as they were too wide, a cat and a muffler put in, and getting the external gate plumbed up among a small amount of other bits and pieces Here is a pic of the car the previous owner sent me - 5 years ago to the day! My current plans for the car once it's mod plated include: Kinugawa GT3076 .82 - I feel this will be the best for response maintaining ~300whp RB25 Gearbox - For peace of mind knowing it will hold up at the power levels compared to the 20det box R33 GTST Calipers spaced onto 330mm GTR front rotors and R31 Rotors spaced onto a 299mm EL Falcon rear rotor with braided lines 5 stud conversion R33 booster and BM44 BMC stock LCA's - I don't need that much wheel track/lock on a car that will only see a rare skid pan day. oil cooler Wire speakers and a head unit in - It's primarily a street car I want it to be comfy. I'm hoping to have the car mostly completed over xmas leave, Ideally if the borders are open I'd love to drive it back up to Townsville instead of spending $2500 to ship it. Will post updates as I get them, the progress on the car is slow as Skyline parts are super expensive and I have 5 vehicles in total between cars and bikes so I'm spread thin aha. I would love to hear any suggestions on the build and finally thanks for taking the time to read!
  9. Short answer is more demand on an international scale and less supply from cars being stolen, crashed, parted out etc. I feel as if the current trend is more international, Americans can buy cars from Australia, less cars are being imported than there was 10 years ago into Australia, drifters have destroyed every 2nd and 3rd gear syncro in every RB25 gearbox. Everyone has 10k of super right now if they're foolish enough to go spend it on a car which is bringing up the prices. I also feel that a lot of these cars that people had as cheap fun daily drivers in their early 20s back in the 00s are now old enough to where they have gotten nostalgic and can afford the inflated prices. My mate bought his factory manual TRD JZX100 for 18k in 2017 and I thought that was pricey at the time, now you'd be able to sell it to someone for 35k.
  10. Evening guys! I am in the process of getting my R31 Turbo engineered. I have spoken to the local engineer about mod plating the turbo setup and have been told I need to take the car to NSW/QLD to be emissions tested for it to be mod plated as no one in Tasmania has the equipment required to test the vehicle. This would end up costing me around 5 grand in shipping alone and I have heard that the testing is VERY costly, with no guarantee that the car will meet the emissions requirement. The engineer has told me I have 3 options: - Get the car emissions tested - Find someone with the same setup who has engineered a 31 - convert it to VLT kit as it's a popular conversion that has been engineered plenty of times before. I have had a look at VL Turbo gear and the prices are crazy for what's essentially just being put on the car and then being taken straight back off as soon as I get the blue plate, this would be cheaper than getting it engineered but still pricey. So, I have come to ask, has anyone mod plated their RB30E with an E6X haltech, 750cc injectors and a 3582 turbo? If someone on here knows of someone who has could you please reply to the post? It would save me pulling the loom and the hot side out of the car haha. Thanks for taking the time to read the post, much appreciated. For those interested in the build, Here is the wheel with the horn button and some trim pieces back in, the gauges will be replaced with a cubby and single din in favour of a Defi display. I have ordered GKtech tie rod ends, new bushings and ball joints to put 31 LCA's back in the car to make it less drifter like. The car will have it's screamer plumbed up with a muffler put on it next.
  11. straight piped 20de... is that what the SV6 owners of today would have owned if they were 17 in 2005? My 31 is straight piped (with a resonator) and it's reasonable because the turbo makes it quieter than a straight piped N/A car.
  12. hahah thanks! plan to address all that. I was at the IGA underground meet on Saturday and was surprised there was no police attention with all things considered. Yeah I have no reason to be drifting/doing skids so I don't really have a reason to be up that way. Was thinking about it today and noticed a fair few cars that I know wouldn't pass a roady, always BA falcons... people want to make them look like their towing invisible caravans. Also going to probably get an immobilizer and AC lol. Have you had much issue with your cars?
  13. Hey team, In lieu of recent restrictions re: COVID lockdowns, I and a lot of others will be unable to travel down to Tasmania from Townsville to work on/drive my R31 as often as I have wanted to be able to. I am considering bringing the Skyline up to Townsville with me so I can actually enjoy the car. That being said the car is not engineered for any mods on the car. This has not been an issue in Tasmania even when getting pulled over in the car as they are very relaxed provided you are being sensible. I have heard that HWP here are far more strict with anything regarding modified cars (My stock SS doesn't draw any attention). I have been quoted $2200 to transport it up here. It would be a waste to spend the money getting it up here and be defected 5 minutes into my first drive. As far as 31's go I think it is a pretty tidy example. So far since buying it back I have had a mate in Tassie replace the silly mr drifta deep dish wheel with a 32 GTST wheel (crazy how expensive these were since the last time I looked, yes I have the horn piece), move the number plate back to the center of the bar. I plan to keep the shift knob, put a radio back in the thing and get rid of the aluminium plate I made for it and put the gauges in a single din pod above the head unit. I am thinking about getting a defi display in the panel to the left of the gauge cluster where all of the fancy Ti electronics used to work many years ago. obviously also replace the missing trim pieces around the ignition The car mechanically I plan to plumb up the screamer pipe and get a muffler for the straight pipe. I also plan to get a dual caliper brake setup (hidden by the steelies) as the stock handbrake did basically nothing before I removed it. I would love to hear some recommendations on mods/things I should do to the car to make it more "stealth". I would also like your imput if it is worth bringing this sort of a car into QLD at all. The last Townsville meet I was at there was modified cars but it was fairly minor stuff that could be easily reverted back to stock (I assume for RWC), I don't have the patience and money to go around finding stock everything for this car in the case I do get defected. Thanks for taking the time to give this a read!
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