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  1. I appreciate your responses and much of my original question has been answered by either you or nissan.epc-data. It seems you have some reservations towards the RB25 setup, as do I towards the VQ - particularly the earlier ones. Really, the car just needs to be fun and reliable - I'm not after earth-stopping performance. It's not necessary for weekend track use. As for USD, it's the global reserve currency and easier for people to convert mentally. A Z06 isn't a viable purchase in Japan. Just for some background: I'm from the UK and work in Automotive R&D (ADAS development) in Nagoya, Aichi.
  2. Cheers pal! Thanks, hopefully I'll actually be able to contribute soon. Brakes, diff - probs 1.5way w/5 bolt shafts - and suspension will be first on the agenda, plus roll/flare arches to fit my TEs. Maybe bushes depending on the state of the stockies and I would need to get my Recaros in it. I would hope to not swap the engine within at least a few years; I hear some absolutely banging RBs around here.
  3. I think a budget of 5k USD for drivetrain issues over a few years of use is okay, provided the car is worth it. That said, I would absolutely hope to be able to push a year out of it without doing any major repairs - things like suspension bushes, vacuum hoses, ignition coils are expected to go. As for the Z; it needs a built/new engine, you're right. More specifically, it needs new rod bearings and oil control rings. I intended to get the engine replaced as that's around 3k USD (engine + labour) but unfortunately, the car has some moderate rust around the pinch welds and rear arches which is pushing the bill up. Your input is appreciated, and your remark about it being an HR34 is a concern. Another thing I need to clarify is, how rare are these things actually? particularly in a good format at a reasonable price: 12k USD.
  4. Thanks for the input, the sway bar is is pretty crucial and it's good to know it mounts up, along with the brakes. I've found that the Z brembos will fit on a 33 with some minor modifications. This is probs a BBK option to explore. You're probably right on the Z, I've got the suspension setup pretty good now but I'm looking at about 6,000USD in repairs. With Skyline prices on the crux of oblivion it's either now or never to live this Gran Turismo fantasy.
  5. Hi all, I'm a Z owner based in Japan and am in the market for Skyline. Today I went and looked at an HR34 with an RB25DET swap and manual conversion. The car is in brilliant shape, with little to no rust, however it's an HR34. I'm a relatively abusive driver and attend the track frequently but my Z is getting a little tired and I think it's time to switch cars. I want to know, what, other than the engine and transmission, will be weak on the HR34: - I've read that these cars are non-hicas - fine - and will have other implications when it comes to suspension setups such as GTST coilovers will be incompatible; I will need to use ECR33 variants. And also, the car doesn't have a rear sway bar. Is this as simple as buying a sway bar and installing it, or am i going to be missing mounting points also? - brakes: puny sliding caliper brakes were used on these. Is there anything else I'm missing here? Am I going to have any other difficulty sourcing and/or installing parts? Any help would be much appreciated. Oh, and here's a pic of my Z:
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