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  1. is there someone out there that can measure the size and location of the naca duct on a vspec r34 gtr hood?
  2. much appreciated, cant find Castrol vmx here in the states, so i will go with Redline MT-90 GL-4 Transmission Gear Oil . thanks
  3. New ER34 skyline NEO GTT FS5R30A 5 speed transmission/gear box what oil should be used for initial fill?, and what oil after that?
  4. can some one tell me if the hood width is the same on a ER34 gt or gtt when compared to a gtr bnr34 hood?
  5. hey all, I looking to replace my water pump, timing belt tensenor, and idler pulleys on my 98 r34 skyline gtt. my question have to do with belt options. what do each brand type offer what benefits over others. for example yes a Kevlar belt may stretch less and last longer but will it be nosier then stock, etc? I am looking at hks, tomei, stock nissan etc, what are each brand/type pros and cons ? thanks
  6. I have a 98 er34 with the stock RB25det engine, and stock turbo setup etc. (has after market intake, exhaust and front mount intercooler.) my question is if I bypass the stock 5-7 boost function, regap plugs, can i change out the BOV with a atmosphere vented version and change out stock actuator with hks adjustable turbo actuator on otherwise stock setup? would it run well or be beneficial or would other changes be needed? thanks I have been restoring 50's cars for decades, and only a few supercharger system, new to anything turbo.
  7. what is the stock fuel injector cc/size on a 98 rb25det er34 skyline gtt thanks
  8. is there a difference between a R34 GT 5 speed push clutch slave cylinder hose and a R34 GTT 5 speed pull clutch slave cylinder hose?
  9. Chids34, Its not always worth buying a GTT instead of modifying a GT if you want it build it, do it how you want. i too have a GT which i have built into a GT/GTT/GTR what ever you want to call it, its a R34 skyline that i built to suit my wants and needs. in many cases using a GT car as the start up build platform may be better for what you are building, as i too did not want to buy a GTT just to get a turbo engine then to have to eliminate many other parts and functions that makes it a GTT, example i didn't want like 4 wheel steering, traction control, etc. and if you come across a good deal, or a rare gt factory color like i did , dont pass on it hoping to find the same but in a GTT. well worth it to buy or stay with the GT and modify. if you want to do that, do it. there are situations where it is worth it to do it the way you originally described. as far as this list: a) replace GT engine with GTT engine/ would be a nice upgrade and way easier then putting turbo on a RB25DE b) replace GT transmission with GTT transmission/ not a must as the stock GT trans are fine c) replace GT brakes with GTST/356mm BBK/ not necessary for your application, yet, easy if want to do it upgrade brakes d) replace entire suspension setup/ certainly not necessary get coil overs and add rear sway bar, then functionality same as GTT e) replace exhaust (the GTT one aint great but lol better than the GT surely) /you probably going to mod the exhaust anyway f) replace fuel pump/entire fuel pump wiring (its terrible in GT)/ this i would due not cause GT are terrible but because of the age g) replace diff/ even if it was a GTT, these have vis diffs, which your gonna want to change to a mec. LSD and way, which are available for a GT rear diff main recap build it how you want , and dont let any one tell you its not worth it, factor in what you want to spend on time and money. then do it the way you see fit.as long as you dont do anything illegal or try to sell it as something its not. who cares, build it the way you want.
  10. I did not check Tridon as i never heard of them and I'm in the US, so I go to brands I use and have heard of like Anco, bosch, rainx, Michelin, piaa, Acdelco, etc brands that are available locally. I guess I should have asked it like this: what size wipers are you guys using on your R34's? and much like my other cars the "factory" size is not always the best: for example my Chevrolet S10 says to use 20 on both sides, driver and passenger, however if one does so the passenger side hangs of the corner of the windshield and driver side hits the windows seal when using, so I run a 18 on one side and a 17 on the other, the over lap is better, less wiper noise and they don't hit or jump off or hit any windshield surrounding components. additionally they don't look so over sized as 20's do.
  11. I don't have the car in my possession to measure, online says anything from 18-21 for everything. looking to find someone here that has a r34 that actually knows the correct sizes. and all the online catalogs I have found do not list the r34 skyline https://www.boschautoparts.com/en/auto/wiper-blades/microedge-wiper-blades
  12. also the fronts are both 21" right?
  13. what is the size and style of the rear wiper on a 98 R34 GTT skyline? thanks
  14. I was curious if any one had modified a R34 GTT front hood lip by incorporating it into the top edge of the front bumper, then trimming off the leading edge of the hood to give it a hood/bumper style closer to the gtr r34 ? I don't like the large gap under the hood lip to the front bumper. this way the front lip would close the gap between the bumper and lip, and the lip would fall "below" the hood edge. I love my current body kit and everything else about it, and I cant find a similar front bumper that has the upper portion built into it, so my thought was to remove the hood leading edge lip and attach it to the top edge of the front bumper, then cut off the leading edge of the hood. wondering if any one had done this?
  15. true but looking for a high quality version that is similar material to stock GTR emblems
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