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  1. JC71

    gtr spoiler

    still trying to locate one if you have let me know
  2. JC71

    gtr spoiler

    any one know or have contact with user JDMkid322 ?
  3. ok,. that would not bother me, thanks to all for the info.
  4. ok, so if it is from a Stagea, and not a skyline originally, what would be the internal mechanical differences between these engines.
  5. thanks all, I found a R34 I am looking at buying and the engine in the car doesn't have the traction control motor on the throttle body, so trying to gather info so I know what I am looking at.
  6. no idea on the ecu #, these are just pictured I goggled to show the differences by the intake, which you refer to as traction control... so the cylinder shaped casting has traction control and the other doesn't? or different generations/version of traction control? so either could have been used in a rwd R34 98 skyline 2 door that came with the rb25det? ...maybe one of these/version was originally from a Nissan STAGEA? or something to do with being from a 4wd or rwd version?
  7. JC71

    gtr spoiler

    looking to try to locate a good used r34 98-99 skyline gtr stock spoiler, color doesn't matter, thank you
  8. new to the RB engine series and skyline scene, my question is in regards to the RB25DET engines, I don't know if both of these are considered NEO version. I have attached two pictures, my question is what is the arrow pointed to in each pictures ? and why are they different from pic to pic if both engines are RB25DET. if so which would be correct from a R34 98 skyline gtt? thank you
  9. looking for a R34 Skyline 1998-1999 GTR stock rear trunk spoiler, any color, no damage, let me know thanks
  10. looking to see if anyone knows where one can buy a good, outside car cover that will fit a 98 skyline 2 door gt-t? thanks
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