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  1. so what are the differences in the transmission and rear diff?
  2. so what are the differences between a RB25DE neo 5 speed and a RB25DET neo 5 speed?
  3. I have a 1998 ER34 25GT 5 speed 2 door skyline. I have swapped engine for a R34 GTT RB25DET, along with GTT brakes and suspension, and triple dash gauge. plus other things like seats, steering wheel, shifter and a bunch of other items that are no mechanical related. my question for the SAUskyline community is what else is different between the 25GT and 25GTT R34 models I know about turbo engine, HICAS ,Traction control, LSD rear diff, and the other things I already changed like brakes etc. but what else is different? thanks please intelligent replies only
  4. like this one ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/132344218322?ViewItem=&item=132344218322
  5. or is this something to be considered with and best to swap entire trans at same time with a GTT trans?
  6. ok so the actual transmission (gear box, what ever you call it) is different from a RB25de 25gt NA model and a GTT RB25det turbo model, but any clutch will fit? so I can get a clutch kit that is listed for a GTT R34 and it will fit my trans?
  7. sounds like general consensus is that the stock GTT LSD aren't that great and an aftermarket setup would be best. this will be primarily for drift setup, little street use, so would a 2 way still not be the way to go?
  8. it tends to be the only place I can find parts from as I am in the US
  9. er34 25gt skylines with neo engine have the same 5 speed trans as er34 gtt skylines with neo turbo engines?
  10. looking for a good clutch kit, (pressure plate, friction disc, bearing etc) for a 1998 ER34 25 GT skyline 2 door. has the stock 5 speed trans and rear end but engine has been swapped from the stock RB25DE to a RB25DET looking at this would it fit correctly? CLUTCHMAX STAGE 2 HD CLUTCH KIT for NISSAN SKYLINE JDM RB20DET RB25DE RB25DET https://www.ebay.com/itm/CLUTCHMAX-STAGE-2-HD-CLUTCH-KIT-for-NISSAN-SKYLINE-JDM-RB20DET-RB25DE-RB25DET/132706570255
  11. ok, looking at getting this then: Tomei LSD 1.5 Way For 1998+ Nissan Skyline ER34 25GT RB25DE w/Open https://www.ebay.com/i/174006114594?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-213727-13078-0&mkcid=2&itemid=174006114594&targetid=4580840327039639&device=c&mktype=&googleloc=&poi=&campaignid=301076556&mkgroupid=1235851265215130&rlsatarget=pla-4580840327039639&abcId=1129776&merchantid=51291&msclkid=d59c82f8ac771746694cdc359779659b anyone have any info regarding its characteristics, likes /dislikes etc?
  12. so since this rear diff in the car is the stock gt version would it be considered the "open type" diff? so this would be compatible? doesn't list r34? I have emailed 8 different performance places that sell lsd, but none really can tell me what the car has. (had same issue with getting proper coilovers for a 98 er34 25gt) would some part of the vin tell me exactly what the rear is? https://www.ebay.com/i/372958523222?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-213727-13078-0&mkcid=2&itemid=372958523222&targetid=4580840327039639&device=c&mktype=&googleloc=&poi=&campaignid=301076556&mkgroupid=1235851265215130&rlsatarget=pla-4580840327039639&abcId=1129776&merchantid=51291&msclkid=3401dc74086f178299f382b3e5315970
  13. engine has been swapped and is currently a RB25DET (turbo)
  14. also would a LSD center carrier listed for a GTT fit in a GT?
  15. looking for a LSD 1.5 way for a stock 98 25GT skyline, any suggestions or anyone have one installed, likes and dislikes, better to go aftermarket or source a complete rear diff from a GTT?
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