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  1. Bride Low Max Fixed Seat (genuine) Hey guys does anyone have a fixed back Bride Low Max they want to move on? Must be genuine. Carbon or FRP is ok. Located in Vic. Thanks, let me know!
  2. Shoujiki

    Thanks to all the responded. Ended up with a low k's one from Japan. Via Ebay. Highly recommend if your in my position in the future!
  3. Shoujiki

    Bump! Someone must have one!
  4. Shoujiki

    Bump! Still in need of one! Please let me know what you have! Can be broken also.
  5. Shoujiki

    Mate, that sent shivers up my spine. What a sound. Well done! It's exactly what I wanted it to sound like when I do mine! And I said little rev .. lol!
  6. Shoujiki

    Sounds nice at idle. Any chance of a little rev to listen to the note change?
  7. Shoujiki

    Bump! Still looking! Looking for that cheaper 2nd hand option before dropping the $1600 on a new one! Let me know ASAP, cash waiting.
  8. Does anybody have a R34 GT/GTT/GTR or R33 GTST CAS (Cam Angle Sensor) (black plastic Hitachi type) they don't need? It can be faulty or old, no problem. Would love to pickup ASAP! Please let me know!
  9. Shoujiki

    Done, Please close!
  10. [WTB] [VIC] RB25 NEO Splitfire Coilpacks As title suggests, need a good working set. Definetly need pickup so Vic is a must. Please let me know what you have! Cheers! Kurt.
  11. Shoujiki

    Bump! Still looking! Need a untouched RB26 head! Stock as a rock. Does anyone have one! Let me know ASAP, cash waiting.
  12. Shoujiki

    RB26 Head Hey guys. After a head for a new build. Must have cam caps. Cams not needed. Prefer a stock untouched head. No cracks etc. And Victoria please. Let me know!