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Found 1,508 results

  1. Greetings from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Just took delivery of my GTR this past weekend after waiting over 10 years to buy one. Every time I ever searched anything related to Skylines, this site would always help answer my questions. Figured now would be a good time to join. The car is mint. 54,000 kms when I got her. Perfect original black paint, LMGT4 wheels, Ohlins coilovers, Nismo control arms, R33 Brembos all around, Mine's intakes, 4" cat back exhaust, Nismo side skirts, East Bear front bumper...Very excited to be part of the community. DJ
  2. Hey everyone, Looking to get back into a skyline after quite a long hiatus. Currently very little of interest that is available on carsales or gumtree. Located in Melbourne, so would prefer local, but will travel for the right car. At this stage open to anything. Prefer modified. Looking for a street registered track car, so the closer to that the better. Looking to purchase in the next 1-2 months for an honest price. Im not going to pay $65k for your r32 GTR. Feel free to also contact me on my mobile, 0457725577 if you would like to discuss further. Thanks everyone! Michael
  3. Just chasing the rear stock strut brace for the R32...
  4. For Sale: Genuine R33 GTR Front Bumper Genuine R33 GTR Front Bumper Lip R33 GTR N1 Bumper vents In good condition All parts are primed and ready to be painted Looking for $1200 Located in windsor area
  5. nsw/act 

    R34 GT-R V-Spec front mount Intercooler for sale - $200 (Comes with top mounting brackets) All in working order, selling due to upgrade in Intercooler. Can post out but at buyers expense. Please PM or txt 0424 056 507 for any inquiries cheers
  6. Hi All, I'm looking for an R34 GTR V Spec Lower Engine Cover/Stone Tray. PM me if you have one to sell please
  7. So I bought this gtr plan is to stance it and enter a heap of shoe n shines has a log booked cage and some good bits but needs some work First thing for a stance car was to remove the gay stickers current plans involve a c4 and 1200kw
  8. I am after a GTR Shell, not much more to add... Preferably SA.
  9. rims

    Looking at a set of 4 tyre or not. $1000 or near. QLD
  10. Hi Guys, For a while i have been thinking about starting a thread, updating what i do to my GTR. As most of the performance stuff has already been done it will be pretty much all cosmetics. So first things first. A bit of History. Bought the car from a local guy here in Canberra. 3 Months later my engine went Bang cause: Dirty fuel caused massive detonation. Cracking Piston #2, did a bloody good job of it (it was actually split in half). And the Piston rings had melted to the pistons. Obviously it had a very lard life.....Here is was the compression test: 1/15 2/0 3/25 4/125 5/90 6/50 9 Months later i had it back with my full forged bottom end and completely new fuel system. Here is what the engine looked like directly from the rebuild for the run in. When the car was being rebuilt i had a look at the turbos (looked almost brand new) and took the gamble to leave the stock ceramic turbos in as i love my response. heinsight is a wonderful thing. 500KM into the run in phase i spat the exhaust wheel from 1 of my turbos into my cat. Sigh. Ultimate tunes where kind enough not to charge me for the labour to install new turbos. Thanks again guys. Decided to go with -7's to try to keep my response levels to where i like them whilst having a bit more power. Kept going through the run in phase. On the way to work i lost an AFM. Back in it went. Again ultimate tunes didn't charge me at all for the AFM! Can't recommend them enough. Anyway after that it has pretty much been smooth sailing. From there about 3 months after the run in and everything was smooth i decided to add a bit more. This time it went in for the following: New catch can Tomei Type B cams and adjustable cam gears Full Painting of the head (Bayside Blue) Z32 AFM. Also put stock BOVs in as my ones where ATMOS and i hated them. Since i had asked to replace the cams Adrian decided to pull the head off to make sure that everything was A OK with the engine. Since that was off i decided to pain the Plenumm as well. Here is how it came back to me: From there i decided to start to try out a few things. I managed to track down a set of Original stickers for my wheels (Took me 4 months of searching, 5 minutes for someone on SAU). Very happy i found these... Next came a bit of fiddling with the engine bay. Painted both the radiator overflow and the washer bottle: I also managed to track down a fuse box cover for $5 so i bought another one and pained that black as well. Next i decided on a strut brace. I spent probably 2 months thinking about what strut brace. Was going to go a MINES strut brace but decided that i could not justify the extra $1000 over the HKS Kansai. So i went the Kansai, and at the same time i replaced my POD filter element with a blue one and bought a Nismo vision cover: Now we are pretty much up to date. But i still have so much more to do. Plans for the not too distant future: HKS hard pipe kit Koyorad 53mm radiator Full braiding lines for the fuel system, catch can etc.. Re do interior with new dash, Nismo interior and other little bits and pieces and as i go restore parts as i see fit. I have literally just ordered another $200 worth to go in ASAP. So stay tuned.... If you have any feedback/Ideas input is welcome!
  11. Hi guys Trying to do some research but was unable to really find anything on the R33 GTR 320km dash clusters. Were they a factory option or are they an aftermarket only? I thought they came in all Vspecs but after looking online and doing some research I was completely wrong. Any information would be awesome
  12. Hi guys, got a few thing in the garage need gone R32 gtr stock dump pipes and y-pipe=$150ono R32 gtr HKS Intake pods=$150ono R32 gtr 3inch cat back exhaust mild steel, average condition =$200ono R32 gtr rear subframe whiteline nolathane spacers, almost brand new condition =$70 ono R32 gtr rear hicas power steering rack=$100ono Anyone want pics or questions, feel free to ask, cheers guys Located in Westleigh 2120
  13. R33 GTR 1000HP Parts Hi guys, parting out my R33 GTR 1000HP street car. Basically everything is up for sale. All parts have done no more than 5000 street kms and dyno runs. Reason for selling as ive been EPA'd.. again and i keep losing my license, and being a mobile mechanic is shit with no license lol Have deposits on os88 gearbox and clutch Also deposit on RB30 3.2 nitto bottom end and 26 head, if it falls through will advertise. Parts for sale: Plazmaman GTR intercooler, 4 inch outlets and 100mm. Good for 1500hp. Asking $1200 ono 1300hp CDI ignition system kit from hi octane, which includes everything, Asking $2000 ono Motec M800 Asking $3000 ono ARC 4 inch titanium exhaust from dump, Asking $2500 ono HKS oil cooler kit, Asking $1000 ono Hypertune single throttle body intake manifold and 100mm hypertune throttle body, Asking $2000 ono Genuine ID2000cc injectors x6 and fuel rail, Asking $1250 ono Two 45mm turbosmart gates with 14psi springs, Asking $600 ono Custom made 26/30 twin pulse, twin gate exhaust maifold to suit gtx4294 top mount, Asking $600 ono GTX4294 with 1.01 rear housing, Asking $1500 ono Two 044 fuel pumps and surge tank, Asking $300 Ross balancer and trigger kit, Asking $750 ono Quiafe front and rear differentials, Asking $3000 ono Tein Coilovers, Asking $1000 ono Probs a few more items to mention that ive forgotten, if you want photo's or have any questions, feel free to contact me on here or my mobile, 0423 756 123 All parts still in car, will remove all most likely this weekend. Cheers, Christian
  14. Looking for mainly midnight purple, dark pearl grey, deep marine blue. something a bit more unique than your average 33 GTR. Just seeing whats available at the moment as i've looked on carsales and gumtree and nothing really catching my eye. Closer to stock the better, i'm located in WA and local would be better but ill consider over east for the right car. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!
  15. GTR Prices GTR prices are just insane. Everytime I jump on Carsales to check the offer prices, I'm pleased / mindboggled to see a few grand added to the average price or the cheapest example higher than I last saw it. Yes, they don't necessarily sell for what they are listed, but if that average keeps going up then so does the average of what they actually do sell for. Especially R34s. I cannot believe people would pay 100k+ for a 20 year old Skyline. As much as I love these cars, they are still 10-40k cars to me. To maintain perspective I have to remember that people were / still are doing this with muscle cars from the 70s, which were once upon a time just old shitters and are now timeless classics. Guess I thought it would be at least another 10-15 years before 90s JDM fell into classic car territory and crazy appreciation in value. My explanation? The Fast and the Furious generation now earning serious coin and having disposable income to relive childhood (demand), combined with the rarity of these vehicles (supply) - Australia and NZ did a good job of writing off many examples during the 90s and 00s). It's starting to make sense... The questions for me now are: as a GTR owner who is keen on investment and would probably cave in to a good return, when do you get off the ride and sell? When will the bubble burst, if at all? Is it a slow passing fad? Are we at peak prices now or is there still a way to go, and will USA importing give later models another boost? Will it peak and trough like 70s muscle cars have done over the last 20 years? Could rarity turn into obscurity and one day leave you without a buying market (I own another rare car that is so obscure it's only worth about $1000)? Will scarcity of parts make them unaffordable to maintain and deter buyers one day (already happening for some)?
  16. Would love to see everyone's GTR's So i'll start it off. hrere's mine "99 BNR34 in Bayside Blue
  17. a mate of mine has an R34 GTR which he is thinking of selling. we were debating where to start with the price given what is up on carsales. so we all know nothing goes for the asking price but are all these 90k+ cars actually selling? his car is a 2001 non vspec with some tasteful mods. if so what are they selling for? 85, 75, 70? open to feedback from the group.
  18. Hi guys! Mr R32 GTR had a missing spare tire. I want to find a replacement but not a 16 inch that comes with it. Anyone used any 18inch spare that can fit in the trunk? OR any other spare temporary tire worst case in 16 inch size that fits the car? Can't find anything in USA but maybe under a different car would fit.
  19. Selling a set of original bronze LMGT4 17x9 +22 with centre caps wrapped in 235/45/17 YOKOHAMA Advan AD08 (90% tread) Wheels are balanced and have no buckles. Minimal gutter rash and no fading. Pickup from Newport VIC or buyer to organise courier Asking $3900 PM if interested
  20. WTB R32 GTR (in Melbourne) Have a budget up to $43000, Looking for something modified, Prefer it to have been professionally done. Anything below 130kms on the body, any color, body should be decent (please no rust on chassis). Clean history, maintenance log, and receipts, would be great. Contact : Josh : 0403677341, or PM me
  21. R32 Gtr Has Constant AWD Hi guys, 4WD light is on but my car is constantly awd, I pulled out both awd fuses and it was still sending power to the front wheels, (I had the car on a hoist). I have found that the awd bleeder connector in the driver side kick panel is there but there is no plug or wires coming from the boot into it. There is also a small loom cut before the pump in the boot. I noticed when the car was on the hoist on the front right wheel was spinning the same speed as the rears but the front left was stopped. Also when I took the car around the shop it would shutter when turning and if you accelerated a little and backed off it would clunk harshly. Any ideas?
  22. R33 GTST/ GTR & R34 GTR CARBON FIBRE REAR EXHAUST SHROUDS R33 GTST/ GTR & R34 GTR CARBON FIBRE REAR EXHAUST SHROUDS have them to suit both R33 GTS/GTST/GTR and R34 GTR OEM bumpers only. made from carbon fibre and finish in gloss clear coat. How you fit them to your bumper is up to you but recommended is to use quality 3M double sided tape, or 3M sikaflex for more permanent fixing. $100 posted anywhere in Australia, can ship internationally also. $90 pick up, Liverpool 2170 Thanks
  23. Apexi Power FC with Hand Controller & Greddy Profec B Spec II boost controller to suite R34 GT-R Hi all, For sale is my Apexi Power FC with Hand Controller & Greddy Profec B Spec II boost controller to suite R34 GT-R - $1000 ONO. All in working order, selling due to upgrade in ECU and boost controller. Can post out but at buyers expense. Please PM or txt via 0424 056 507 for any inquiries. Cheers, Glen
  24. Fairly self explanatory. R34 GTR intercooler, in good condition - $200 Came off my 34 as i went to a Plazmaman. Photos show condition Note: 34 cooler has the IAT sensor bung. So will suit any R series, but if you don't have IAT sensor you will just need to plug it up. Located Sutherland Shire, Sydney. Can post at your expense
  25. Oil - RB26 Hi Guys, After a confusing couple months as a new GTR owner, trying to seek information on the best oil to use for daily (and occasional spirited) driving on a stock as a rock rb26, i ended up with the biggest headf**k of the century. Basically this is what i got: Reputable tuner recommendations: Castrol Edge 10w-60 Reputable workshops: Motul x8100 or H-tech 10w-40 (or if you can afford it Nismo oil) Nissan track enthusiasts: Motul 300v 10w 40 Autobarn: Motul 10w-40, castrol edge 10w-60, Penrite 15w-50 racing SAU Forums: All of the above + penrite hpr, royal purple, redline etc.... (keep in mind some of these topics were from 10+ years ago, im sure there have been advancements since then) So i decided to do my own investegation and research on the oils and how they behave in my car. Firstly i eliminated the motul 300v/nismo oils from the list as it would have limited return on investment, especially if you change your oils every 2500-5000ks, in addition the 300v oils do not have the proper detergents for daily driving, From what i can see i believe the 300v is engineered for track use only. I decided to try 3 most commonly recommended oils: Castrol edge 10w-60, Motul x8100 and Penrite 15 racing. All 3 oils possess marginal differences in terms of lubrication qualities, espeically with daily driving. Things i tested was oil pressure (normal and spirited driving), oil temperature (25 degree day), engine noise, oil burned. Here are the results so far: Motul x8100 10w-40: Oil temp: 79 degrees normal driving minimal traffic Oil pressure: 2.2kg idle, 4kg @ crusing speeds engine noise (once warmed up): ? Oil burned(end of 5000ks service): None Castrol edge 10w-60 Oil temp: 81 degrees normal driving Oil presusre: Same as above Engine noise: Quieter lifter noise than motul - Viscosity or forumla? Oil burned: None Penrite 15w-50 racing Oil temp: 81 degrees Oil pressure: Same as above Engine Noise: same as Motul Oil burned: None. Fuel economy was the same across all oils. I tried keep the tests as consistent as possible, obviously its not the most reliable of tests but it can be used as a good initial reference to newbie GTR owners like myself .. One thing i found strange was that the oil pressure was the same across all brands and viscosity, unless theres some oil pressure regulator system im unaware of ,it is puzzling.. That being said by the end of it, i came to the conclusion that all 3 are good as they provide similar results. I have kept the bottle of the oils i have tested and will probably get some samples professionally tested and post them here to see which oil would be best suited for a rb26.