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Found 1,139 results

  1. Hi all, Some of you may know me as i have been kicking around these forums for the past 10 years I have made my way through a few RB nissans amongst several other cars. My first skyline, my 31 TI converted to manual and slammed, i LOVED this car! My second skyline was my first turbo car, 32 gts-t running around 220rwhp and many issues, I had a very love hate relationship with this car, it did however start my love for the 32. i moved onto the 34GTT from there and i did enjoy the 34, but always hated the silver and hated the auto. shame as it was such a nice car. The price i picked this up from prompted me but im glad i did. so on the hunt for manual parts and maby saving for a respray to white i came across the stag. RS4-S pearl white manual stag, so i moved over and again i loved this car.... maby should have kept this one... but oh well not an RB but i do like this one too, my 2014 SSV ute tweaked up and slammed, i do like the ute anyway onto the point. I have always loved the R32GTR being the best looking skyline, and always wanted to own one. as allot of them are pushing there 25th birthday i decided its time to own one before its just too hard. so i started my hunt which included every single one on the net and a few trips interstate to drive and view, often dissapointed. after flying here and here to drive a few i realised how old they are getting which is upsetting. without spending over 20 and pushing $30K a nice example is hard to find. i looked seriously into importing one but my future plan is to import an extream example of low km vspec 2 in white and keep it locked away. but for today i want something i can enjoy driving regulaly, do i opened my colour options up. luckily i did find this one, in sa so no roadworthy to deal with. confirmed original Ks and decent condition with a reasonable amount of history and mostly stock, it has its flaws but all in all a good base. so i drove this home my plans are to clean it up mainly. drive it and enjoy it, find whats wrong and slowly fix things. as its not a special model or build im not specifically sticking to total concourse original parts but i want to keep it mainly clean and correct. as always i will have MANY questions so this will also be my place to ask and pick brains so all help is always appreciated. more to come!
  2. R34 GTR Intercooler choice for 350awkw Hi guys, I've damaged the bottom 2 or 3 fins of my intercooler during a fight with a gutter, was wondering what you guys thoughts are in terms of replacements, have read a lot of threads on here with varying reviews so I though I'd start my own for my specific application. I'm also aware that the stock one is quite capable of my requirements but like I said, it's damaged and needs replacing. Car has -5's and was last dynoed at 343awkw. Open to all suggestions from Aussie made, ARE, PWR, Plazmaman, to Japanese ARC, HKS, etc. My mechanic is recommending ARC or HKS. I'm leaning more towards ARC as I really haven't read anything negative about them other than they're expensive, performance wise I've read they're solid. ARC has a couple of different types but I can't read japanese so I don't know what the difference is: There's an 073 and an 079, the 079 being quite a bit more expensive, so I'm assuming it's bigger, would greatly appreciate if someone could help out with dimensions as it's an expensive purchase and I want to make sure I'm buying the right thing!!! I believe ARC have a wide core version as per It would be nice if it was wide enough to hide the end tanks behind the front bar, purely for aesthetics. Also has anyone ever ordered through these guys? Been away from the scene for a long time, would I still go through Streeter or Import Monster for quotes or is there a new kid on the block?
  3. what import company do you recommend? so im looking to import an r32 gtr to Adelaide, heard good things from iron chef and j-spec imports. what are your past experiences with importing? companies you recommend/ dont recommend. thanks in advance
  4. R32 GTR / NPC flywheel, strut tower brace, Std Cam gears + more As per most Home garages that have a GTR parked in them I have some parts that aren't needed. I have purchased some items previously that have been supplied with other items I don't need so they are now for sale. All parts are located in Melbourne but can post at buyers expense. NPC lightweight Flywheel, freshly machined. R32 / R33 (R34??) $190 Twin Turbo y-pipe (1/2 polished) $80 Standard RB26 Cam gears $70 Standard R32 GTR fuel pump (working when removed) $40 Cusco style strut tower brace $50 Standard R32 GTR Castor arms (bushes aren't the best) $30 Standard RB26 Air Flow Meters (1xpair / working when removed) $150 Standard RB26 exhaust manifold with heat shields $100 High-flowing K&N air filter Pods $150 Standard Hot Side piping (not sure if they are all they) $40 Troy 0438172461 *Note* All items will remain "For Sale" until full payment has been recieved or confirmed. Thank You
  5. Weapon X coil packs with M&W pro16b Guys I currently have an M&W pro16b CDI unit powering denso CDI pencil coils, coils are getting tired so instead of buying the same replacement denso coils, I've been told to get the weapon x equivelant coils these are direct plug and play for my setup, coil over plug, and more powerful im just abit confused as to which coil type I should order... im guessing the XCOP- CDI coil is the one I need, but I'm not 100% sure what's an INDUCTIVE coil ? What's the difference between the 2 and which one will work best for ultimate performance with the M&W pro16b CDI module thanks
  6. R32 R33 GTR Power FC D'Jetro - $1000 Brisbane R32 R33 RB26 GTR Power FC D'JetroIncludes MAP sensor Includes hand controller$1000 - Happy to get wife to box and postI can also provide a dyno or road tune, should it be required. Jase0428 849 062Nudgee Brisbane
  7. R34 25gt-four to R34 GTR Just thought I'd share this side project we have . Never seen a R34 25g-four . So when we saw one in a car yard for less than 8 grand. We couldn't resist. Actually quiet an enjoyable little project so far Check out our instagram #james_mech for this & other projects we got going on
  8. R35 GTR Brakes onto at R34 GTR. Who's done it? Hey Guys, I'm looking to upgrade the factory 34 GTR brakes. Currently i'm looking at fitting a full set of R35 brakes and i wanted to know; *If anyone on SAU has done it? *Did they have issues with the brake bias between the front and rear and if so how was it solved? *Is any modification required to make factory handbrake work with the R35 brakes? *Who did they get they get to make the mounting brackets (preferably in NSW)? thanks in advance.
  9. Whiteghost BNR32 Vspec Week end /track car Hi everybody ! After making my own presentation, it's time to make it with my (wonderful) Skyline I buy her in the first week of november 2015, after 8 month of search. I dreaming of that car 17 yrs, and i don't want to see it turning in nightmare, that's why i have making a loooong search when i finally found her in a pro shop in UK. She's have 58 000km, Vspec, White and have a lot of nismo options ! This is the list : - Nismo cluster 320km/h - Nismo side spats - Front and rear lips (hood and trunk) - Nismo floor mat set - Nismo downpipe and catback - Nismo front and rear strut bar (up) - Arc super intake box - Hks Gt max IV - Momo tuner steering wheel - R34 engine - and carbon front lips from carshop F1 this is some pictures, the day when i take her back to france :
  10. Respray prices Hello all, I'm planning on getting my r32 resprayed in the coming months, I've had quotes between 10k and 15k for a respray in the same colour windows out, bare metal job. So I'm wondering what people have paid for the resprays along with the work that you had done. Thanks
  11. nsw/act 

    R32 GTR - T-shirts Hey guys - im planning to get some T-shirts made for me and my friends - wanted to see if any of you are interested to have it. I can take some orders - if you all are keen... Designs done by my photographer friend... Looking at around $25 - $30 depending on amount of orders... let me know if interested and i can get a confirmed quote... Once confirmed amount of orders and price - it will take about 2 weeks to complete... just letting everyone know in advance... Ill leave this here till New Year to collate orders - also let me know how many you are interested in... pieces and size...
  12. R32 GTR Optima batteries good morning all. i have done some searching regarding the topic, just looking for some details regarding replacing my R32 GTR battery with an Optima drycell yellow top. From what i have read the optima yellow top are the go when replacing batteries, luckily for me i can get them relatively cheap. i have narrowed it down to what i believe is the right size which is the 51-T1. their are two variants these relate to the terminals, type and configuration, can anyone direct me as to which is going to suit the gtr?
  13. Hi All, Unfortunately i just had my GTR stolen. If anyone can keep a lookout for it, and call the cops if you spot it, that will be appreciated. Alternately give me a call or sms (04 two two 32 one 1 zero 4) Details: 1997 R33 GTR (S3) White Reg: SLOAZ Car was stolen from The Glen car park at Glen Waverley between 14:15 to 15:35. Was parked in the in the underground car park, just off Springvale Rd (Coles car park). Don't have much pics of the car, but below should give you a rough idea of what it looks like:
  14. R34 GTR Crossmember/Cradle required + questions Hi guys, I've got an R34 GTR, my mechanic has advised that I have a bent front crossmember/subframe after a small incident with a gutter. I've spoken to a lot of wreckers and no one has one. I have however found an R33 GTR front(engine) crossmember/subframe and was wondering if that would fit? Alternatively I'm sure someone would be able to straighten it, can anyone recommend anywhere in Melbourne that could possibly do this? Also any idea on genuine nissan part no as I'd like to get a quote on a new genuine item. Thanks in advance.
  15. For sale is my freshly refurbished trust/ quafie Dogbox. This is a 6 speed straight cut gearset in a stock Gtr casing. H pattern manual. You will need to supply your own transfer case and shifter. Many people have held big power with these gearboxes and they are a great option if you keep blowing stock boxes. The gearset can be taken out of the casing and installed into a rb25 casing if you wish to run it for a rwd setup. I am only selling this gearbox because I am purchasing a hollinger. Please call or sms me on 0422216160 if you have any further questions. No payment plans, no PayPal. Just cash in hand or bank transfer if i have to send interstate. $6,500 - slightly negotiable.
  16. looking to buy r32 gtr but prices are crazy now? so i am currently in the market for an r32 gtr. but the prices now days are crazy, i remember looking a few years ago and they were like 15k now simillar ones are 30k+ do you guys think the price will continue to rise?
  18. R32 GTR Front Seats For Sale Hi I have a pair of R32 GTR front seats for sale, good condition I brought them last month for $1100 and then had them professionally steam cleaned which was $75 a seat. Drivers seat has tiny cig burn from previous owner see pic, since being cleaned they haven't been used. 0*4*8*7*7*6*1*6*6*2 txt for questions located Melbourne ✳️$900✳️
  19. FS: R33/R34 GTR AUTOSELECT Front Strut Bar For Sale - Genuine AUTO SELECT Front Strut Tower to suit R33 / R34 GTRExcellent condition - currently on my GTR.$850
  20. FS: Wedsports TC105N So I have impulsively bought new wheels which means my current ones are up for sale for the right price. Otherwise I'll keep them as a spare set. Semi rare size of 18x10.5" +12 offset and currently have 265/35 tyres on at the moment with about 35% tread left and some inner camber wear on the rear. The wheels themselves are in excellent condition with virtually no blemishes besides current brake dust - which will be cleaned before sale lol. Looking at $2,300 (slightly negotiable) and can post but at your cost, otherwise pick up from the Hills District in NSW. PM me on here, or text during business hours 0400-529-930
  21. BNR32 GTR 90 WHITE BNR32 GTR 1990 (White) 17psi (Garret 2860-5’s) Full engine rebuild at EAS Performance KM’s: 125,000 km’s on body, < 25,000km’s on Engine. Price: $32,000 firm. Location: Victoria. PM me if you’re genuine and financial. Dreamers and scammers ignored. This R32 GTR was purchased from JSA exports in Melbourne/Preston over 10 years ago. I was the first to register this car in Australia when it had 87,000 kms on dash. There was slight amount of rust occurring within the inner drivers side rear guard when I went to purchase this car. Which I had them cut out rust and fixed professionally before purchasing it. I can see a slight amount of bubbling in paint from more rust in the same lower part of the guard 10 years later. Since owning this car there has been a lot of money spent on it. There has been no cheap parts put into this car. As I have purchased all the top of the range parts when rebuilding this motor. The motor was rebuilt by EAS Performance in Melbourne/Airport West, the engine machining and blue printing was down at Williamstown Engine Rebuilds. I have added three new electric 'Mirror Drift' gauges to the original cluster on the interior console, the original 'air vents' have fallen apart. I will arrange for the three new vents to be replaced before purchase. Apart from that the interior is pretty good. Ok, so after owning it around 1 year. I blew the ring landing within a engine cylinder, Which then it required a full rebuild. I spent around 20k so far. And still haven't finished it. I Have done this so far. Engine - full rebuild by EAS Performance Airies Pistons Eagle H-Beam Rods ARP 2000 Head Bolts Stud Kit ACL Race Series Engine Bearings (Big End/Main) NISMO Racing Oil Baffle Plate N1 NISMO Oil pump R34 JUN Crank Collar Splitfire Coil Packs Garret 2 x 2860 -5’s Twin X-Force Split Dump Pipes X-Force 'Varex' Electronic Cannon Muffler. 92db - 110db (3-stage remote control) GTR Stock BOV's Stainless Steel 3.0 Inch Exhuast System Engineered NISMO Rebuild-able Twin Plate Button Clutch (Pop Riveted Clutch Pads). JDM Smoked Side Indicators This GTR is not quite finished as yet. But it is one clean R32 GTR if anyone is interested in finishing it. I'm not interested in offers or swaps. Can supply RWC. Running lower boost. Things to do on this car. New ECU + Fuel System CAM's and Gears Strengthen or replace noisy Front Wheel Drive Shaft/s. Suspension Brakes + Wheels Inter-cooler + Piping. If interested in this car, contact me via email at, [email protected]
  22. Clearing out some spare parts 1. Power fc d jetro to suit r32 r33 gtr comes with hand controller and map sensors good condition $600 2. Ross crank trigger signal conveter part #306001 was wired to power fc. I'm unsure of what other ecu this maybe compatible with $100 3. Sard 800cc injectors removed from r32 gtr with plugs will need new pins only ever used with petrol $250 4. Tomie rb26 sump bafle only used for approx 3000 kms. One rubber trap door is a little twisted may be missing some bolts $80 5. R32 gtr 3.5 inch cat (i think 100 cell) and 3.5 inch decat pipe in good condition both with egt port $200 6. R32 gtr hot side intercooler hard pipe kit (just jap) with hoses and clamps. I purchased this for the cold side only $50 7. R33 series 3 std gear set and sandwich plate brand new. I purchased a new gearbox from just jap and replaced all these parts with an os giken 1-5 gearset $350 8. R33 gtr pull style gearbox front cover brand new with gasket also push style slave cylinder brand new $200 All parts are located at Schofields western sydney feel free to contact me on 0407701876 I'm not always available to check online messages. Chris
  23. Rays Impul RSII wheels (18 x 9.5" +12 all round) Selling my Rays Impul RSII forged/lightweight wheels (twin valve) 18 x 9.5" (+12 all round) Excellent condition, one small mark on one rim less than 5mm in size Achilles 123s semi slick all round with legal tread (18 x 265 x 35) $2300 Will ship at buyers expense
  24. My 1975 C110 Skyline Restoration A quick introduction to this build, I had an old build thread from 2012 but the image links were all broken so I've started fresh in an effort to condense years of procrastination, so here goes... A bit of a back story, in my foolishness (and excitement) I purchased a white coupe back in 2008 sight unseen on eBay. While the car looked OK the listing wasn't completely truthful and the car was really rough and full of rust. It had been patched up very poorly and a lot of the rust was hidden. As I dismantled the car, the more parts I removed and the more filler I stripped, the bigger the problems were. Sure it was repairable but it was not the base I was looking for and it was too incomplete. The floor pan, around the windows and the sills etc were all rusted out and there were better bases available back then. Whilst I owned this car I managed to get onto another 240K though a work mate. His friend’s father was into Datsun in a big way and had many Z's and what he thought was a 240K. It turned out he was correct and the owner also had a shed full of panels and parts. I picked up this car and all the spare parts in December 2008. It was a tidy looking car, It was filled in the usual places and had a back yard spray job so it was a bit of an unknown quantity but along with all the spares it made for a good deal. It was also running and registered. Between 2008 and 2012 I bought a house and part of a business so I became pretty weighed down, at one point I had both cars for sale. I was lucky enough to get rid of the white car and a lot of parts for a reasonable price and decided to keep the blue car, this was a good decision.
  25. ITEMS LOCATED IN EASTERN SUBURBS MELBOURNE ITEM: Custom dump and front pipes to suit RB26. These were taken off -5s so it should fit most applications. Bell mouth dump pipes into custom front pipe which measures 3" into a 3.5" Y-pipe into a 3" flange. These came off a 320kw GTR. CONDITION: As seen in photos. REASON FOR SALE: Bought these on a whim, never bothered to have them installed because I'm not making that much power anyhow. PRICE: $250 for both ITEM: Power FC L-Jetro (PFC GTR33L 020-0992) with hand controller CONDITION: Good; been bubblewrapped and stored away. Have not had it installed/tuned since I bought it. REASON FOR SALE: Not chasing any more power, not being used. Came off a 320kw R32. PRICE: $850 Please PM if interested. Thanks.