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Found 1,223 results

  1. BNR34 Apexi N1 Evo Cat back exhaust Selling a BNR34 Apexi N1 evo cat back. In very good condition. Purchased it new 4 years ago and has been on my 34 since it was imported into Aus in 2013. Piping is 80mm from Cat, then goes into 85mm to mid muffler, then into 95mm at the cannon. It's very quiet (quoted at 93db) and was good for around 300awkw. It does have the silencer step down in the rear cannon (like just about all of the Jap cannon cat backs do) So would be a restriction if aiming for 350kw+ These can be purchased from RHD etc. E.G Take it away $400. Located Sutherland Shire NSW. Not willing to post due to size.
  2. MAD SKYLINE GARAGE CLEARANCE Righto, long story short, sold my business and now I have a heap of parts to clear. SUBSCRIBE for updates cause this post will be regularly updated. Located in Fairfield NSW, small items can be posted, large items pick up preferable or can freight at a cost. R34 Cabin Filters - To suit all R34 Models, BRAND NEW aftermarket - $35 R34 GT-R V-Spec Differential - $900 R33 GTS-T S2 Grille M spec - needs mesh (Supercheap Auto has meshes, cut to fit) - $80 R33 GTS/T Series 1 Passenger Side Headlight, good condition - $150 R33 GTS/T Coupe Boot Trims Set - $200 R33 GTS/T Series 2 Front Fog Lights/Indicators - $300 R32 GT-R Parcel Shelf - $100 More to come as I dig through my house.
  3. R34 GTR Intercooler choice for 350awkw Hi guys, I've damaged the bottom 2 or 3 fins of my intercooler during a fight with a gutter, was wondering what you guys thoughts are in terms of replacements, have read a lot of threads on here with varying reviews so I though I'd start my own for my specific application. I'm also aware that the stock one is quite capable of my requirements but like I said, it's damaged and needs replacing. Car has -5's and was last dynoed at 343awkw. Open to all suggestions from Aussie made, ARE, PWR, Plazmaman, to Japanese ARC, HKS, etc. My mechanic is recommending ARC or HKS. I'm leaning more towards ARC as I really haven't read anything negative about them other than they're expensive, performance wise I've read they're solid. ARC has a couple of different types but I can't read japanese so I don't know what the difference is: There's an 073 and an 079, the 079 being quite a bit more expensive, so I'm assuming it's bigger, would greatly appreciate if someone could help out with dimensions as it's an expensive purchase and I want to make sure I'm buying the right thing!!! I believe ARC have a wide core version as per It would be nice if it was wide enough to hide the end tanks behind the front bar, purely for aesthetics. Also has anyone ever ordered through these guys? Been away from the scene for a long time, would I still go through Streeter or Import Monster for quotes or is there a new kid on the block?
  4. R35 GTR powered Patrol is awesome Hubba hubba.
  5. R32 For sale Hi guys, ive been looking to buy a 32gtr for a while now.. I'm in Victoria but I have found one interstate that id like to look into a little more. Just wondering if anyone has already inspected the car or has some extra info on it. This is the car in question cheers
  6. Nissan to Heritage List the R32 GT-R NISSAN JAPAN is going to Heritage List the R32 GT-R. NISMO is setting up a department for the remanufacture and redistribution of BNR32 parts. Thoughts?
  7. WHERE CAN I GET THIS SPOILER! Can anyone link me to an Australian website to dealer (preferably WA) where i can get this spoiler. (inb4 paul walker fan boy comments)
  8. R34 GTR - Misfire/Stuttering Hey guys, Over the past couple of months I have noticed an increase in misfires while coming on boost/just before boost. Initially it was mild yet when it happened the 4WD and A-LSD error lights would toggle on in most cases. Now every time the car is driven I experience the misfire. The coil packs and spark plugs were swapped out for new ones just under a year ago so my initial thought was that it could not be them. Boost is also very inconsistent in when and what boost it hits. I also noticed that in 2nd gear for example, there is barely any boost (0.4-0.5 bar) before 4.5k rpm and then at around 5k it hits really hard (1 bar) and causes the car to jolt suddenly. I do know that the stock turbos currently installed are in poor shape having a whining noise so I wasn't sure if that had anything to do with the problem but I am planning to swap the turbos out next week hopefully. Has anyone had something similiar or know of a fix? Thanks, Nick.
  9. Would love to see everyone's GTR's So i'll start it off. hrere's mine "99 BNR34 in Bayside Blue
  10. EOI rb26 greddy manifold + precision wastegate Might be selling my manifold and wastegate setup from my r32 gtr rb26 greddy/trust t78/88 t4 divided manifold, has been ceramic coated and comes with a custom made bracket that bolts to block to the t4 flange to support the weight of the turbo - excellent condition also had the old greddy wastegate removed and a brand new precision turbo 48mm wastegate installed, still have the box with springs and manual etc setup has seen 645kw at 34psi $900 for both still on the car running, if I have a buyer item can be removed thanks
  11. Must have a GTR Hey guys, Sam from Melbourne here have always loved skyline gtr's from when I was a kid. Never owned one for some reason, as I had plenty of opportunities to buy. I currently own a 2016 mustang GT. I have decided to sell to pursue a skyline gtr build. Hoping to get some research done to see which way I should go. Really looking forward to it.....
  12. My 1975 C110 Skyline Restoration A quick introduction to this build, I had an old build thread from 2012 but the image links were all broken so I've started fresh in an effort to condense years of procrastination, so here goes... A bit of a back story, in my foolishness (and excitement) I purchased a white coupe back in 2008 sight unseen on eBay. While the car looked OK the listing wasn't completely truthful and the car was really rough and full of rust. It had been patched up very poorly and a lot of the rust was hidden. As I dismantled the car, the more parts I removed and the more filler I stripped, the bigger the problems were. Sure it was repairable but it was not the base I was looking for and it was too incomplete. The floor pan, around the windows and the sills etc were all rusted out and there were better bases available back then. Whilst I owned this car I managed to get onto another 240K though a work mate. His friend’s father was into Datsun in a big way and had many Z's and what he thought was a 240K. It turned out he was correct and the owner also had a shed full of panels and parts. I picked up this car and all the spare parts in December 2008. It was a tidy looking car, It was filled in the usual places and had a back yard spray job so it was a bit of an unknown quantity but along with all the spares it made for a good deal. It was also running and registered. Between 2008 and 2012 I bought a house and part of a business so I became pretty weighed down, at one point I had both cars for sale. I was lucky enough to get rid of the white car and a lot of parts for a reasonable price and decided to keep the blue car, this was a good decision.
  13. R33 GTR 1000HP Parts Hi guys, parting out my R33 GTR 1000HP street car. Basically everything is up for sale. All parts have done no more than 5000 street kms and dyno runs. Reason for selling as ive been EPA'd.. again and i keep losing my license, and being a mobile mechanic is shit with no license lol Have deposits on os88 gearbox and clutch Also deposit on RB30 3.2 nitto bottom end and 26 head, if it falls through will advertise. Parts for sale: Plazmaman GTR intercooler, 4 inch outlets and 100mm. Good for 1500hp. Asking $1200 ono 1300hp CDI ignition system kit from hi octane, which includes everything, Asking $2000 ono Motec M800 Asking $3000 ono ARC 4 inch titanium exhaust from dump, Asking $2500 ono HKS oil cooler kit, Asking $1000 ono Hypertune single throttle body intake manifold and 100mm hypertune throttle body, Asking $2000 ono Genuine ID2000cc injectors x6 and fuel rail, Asking $1250 ono Two 45mm turbosmart gates with 14psi springs, Asking $600 ono Custom made 26/30 twin pulse, twin gate exhaust maifold to suit gtx4294 top mount, Asking $600 ono GTX4294 with 1.01 rear housing, Asking $1500 ono Two 044 fuel pumps and surge tank, Asking $300 Ross balancer and trigger kit, Asking $750 ono Quiafe front and rear differentials, Asking $3000 ono Tein Coilovers, Asking $1000 ono Probs a few more items to mention that ive forgotten, if you want photo's or have any questions, feel free to contact me on here or my mobile, 0423 756 123 All parts still in car, will remove all most likely this weekend. Cheers, Christian
  14. Gtr 34 series II 08/2002 EOI is my 08/2002 WV2 sparkling silver gtr series 2 non v spec skyline. Carbon fibre front lower lip, top secret carbon fibre rear diffuser, carbon fibre high wing stands, stock unmodified engine and drivetrain, immaculate inside and out, serial number is 14th last r34 gtr built on registry. Only extras is carbon pieces, wheels, hks hypermax coilovers , nismo side skirts and floor mats. Immaculate unmolested. Looking for around 80k have all books, keys and paperwork. Please don't call please text 0427459312
  15. R34 GTR MFD - Throttle Percentage Unstable/Erratic Hey Guys, I have noticed during the last few weeks that the MFD throttle percentage display has been noticeably erratic in which the readout is jumping +/- 3 or so percent (flashing almost) while the throttle is steady. I replaced the TPS and the problem continues. While the car is not running but in 'On'/'Accessory' Mode the readout is smooth and steady with no fluctuations at all. Does anyone know of a fix/solution? Any help is appreciated, Cheers Nick.
  16. Project Smurfette GTR build Well it's a big moment in a life of a boy. Deposit paid and date booked in. My R32 is finally going to get a proper build. After reading many threads and posting a couple my self, the plane is just about set. the engine will stay a 2.6L but the compression will go up to 9:1 (to help low end but still allowing me to run 98ron as a daily driver) Mahle rods (it's amazing how many rods are made in China and re-stamped as something else) wiseco psitons (come with a nice anti friction coating) Cams will stay around 260/10.8mm mark (depending on the final choice of turbo) will go to a single precision cea gen 2 turbo either the 6266 or the 6466 (still researching dyno graphs. Would love to have a streetable 700hp) after doing as much ready on the borgwarner turbos as I could find, I decided not to go that rout. It is indeed a top end product but the titanium technology is not yet proven and if these turbos cost a fortune to repair. Plus there are more and more threads about both water and oil versions leaking. With precision being air cooled, that's not an issue. As for Garrett, well they are just not quite there yet with their technology. I want to stress that this is only my opinion and I am sure it will differ from person to person. walbro pump 1300cc injectors oil and all the supporting little bits and pieces and machinery included. car already has a twin plate clutch, adjustable cam gears, power fc d-jetro, trust drag intercooler, super stiff coilovers all around, bolt in rollcage. Currently a kitty has been started for an R34 6 speed box conversion. Hopefully I can through that in as the car is being finished of. currently the car runs a light blue paint which is identical to a Smurf. Hence Smurfette. All the spoilers will be removed and paint smoothed out and fixed up. I already have a set of very light weight 17/10 wheels but might see if a I can the graphite colour redone on them. Power Goal is to have around 700awhp on E85 and 600awhp on 98ron. Driving goals are to run high 9 at the drags and see how close I can get to a 1 minute lap of the barbagallo long circuit (big ask). all criticism and suggestions welcome. will post pics over the weekend.
  17. Hello Thought I’d take time share with you my GTR. I’ve been a member on SAU since the early days – April 2002. Started on here as a young guy in my early 20’s – just sold my VP HSV and was looking to buy a R33 GTSt which were just starting to be sold at the yards around that time. After owing the GTSt, I moved onto Supras, Evo’s and various R33 and R34 GTR’s over the last 10 years. Although I loved the 2JZ Supras – the car that I always loved the most and always gives me the best memories – was my 2001 R34 GTR V Spec II. 2001 GTR V Spec II 1998 GTR Supra 2010 Shelby GT500 Being without a GTR for a number of years I decided I would start quietly keeping an eye out in Japan for my next car. I am very particular about my cars – extremely fussy – so I was in no rush – browsing the yards in Japan is half the fun. I was after a car in Japan – I had to be first owner in Australia. I was after a quality modified car – standard or near standard cars was not an option – as had many and I was looking for something more hardcore. Wanted a car built in Japan, of the highest quality, genuine low km, etc etc. This car would be a keeper – something I will spend time in with my sons, enjoy, etc. I was actually looking for a 34 …. when I received an email from Global Auto in Japan (where I had purchased the Autoselect R34 GTR the week before)…….. Details of Vehicle of emailed to me from Global Auto ... 1997 R33 GTR V Spec Series 3 50000km 87o N1 piston Cylinder head surface training positive processing Engine block boring, honing surface Modification to crank, Konrod weight adjustment NISMO metal head gasket N1 Oil Pump N1 Water Pump TRUST Aluminium Pulley Kit TRUST T78-33D Turbine Kit TRUST Exhaust Manifold TRUST Racing Westgate TRUST Fuel Delivery Line TRUST 3 Layer Intercooler TRUST Intercooler Piping TRUST 16-stage Oil Cooler TRUST Aluminium Radiator TRUST front pipe TRUST TR Power Evolution muffler TRUST sequential 6-speed transmission TRUST PROFEC boost controller TRUST turbo timer TRUST boost gauge HKS super power flow reloaded Ted NISMO Fuel Pressure Regulator NISMO Large Capacity Fuel Pump BILLION silicon radiator hose SARD 650cc fuel injector Aluminium Suction Pipe Apexi N1 suspension OS GIKEN twin plate clutch OS GIKEN lightweight flywheel WINMAX brake pads AMKREAD AM-1 18-inch wheels POTENZA 275/35-18 tire HKS F-CON V-PRO NISMO 320km full scale meter NISMO-dash triple meter N1 bumper duct Pictures as sent to me from Global Auto... Just arrived at their yard – before they put it for sale would I be interested. Upon looking at the pictures and quick call to check over some details – I purchased it immediately. When bringing the car to Australia – I decided to ship the GTR directly to GT AUTO in Brisbane. As I’m in Perth – I entrusted Tim and Dave to look after the car for me - service, minor upgrades and tuning needed to be done. I cannot speak highly enough of the boys at GT Auto in Brisbane – who took nothing but amazing care of my car. Whilst at GT Auto - some of the improvements to the car I have made ... * HKS FCONV V-PRO ECU * HKS EVO6 Boost Controller * 1000CC Injectors * RADIUM Surge Tank with Twin External Pumps Bracket * E85 Fuel Line and Fittings * HKS Cam Gears * New NPC Twin Plate Custom Clutch 1000HP * Nitto Clear Cam Cover * Garage Defend C/F Cooling Panel * Tinted Windows * Polished Intake Plenum * New N1 Water Pump * Dyno Tuning GTR whilst at GT AUTO ... Results were 667HP at All 4 Wheels (497kw @ Wheels) Dyno Video --> Now at home in Perth with me .... AUTO SELECT Strut brace added. Braided Hoses replaces clear plastic. I will continue to update this topic to share with you my experiences - and keep a history of my GTR. Thank you for reading. Daniel
  18. Sell 34R for something Euro? Just looking at the moment, but what are peoples thoughts on these 3. I realise my 34 will suck the doors off all of those, but I'm looking at what's around for the money I'd get selling that's newer, comfier, quieter, etc. I have the Silvia for track duties/thrashing/that raw feeling etc. The GT-R is kind of in limbo for me so I'm just have a look around. I was warned off the 4.2L Audi V8 and the E92 M3 styling doesn't do much for me. R35s seem too expensive for the age/potential repair costs etc. Also there's nobody here that can deal with an R35s more complicated issues if they did arise.
  19. nsw/act 

    R32 GTR - T-shirts Hey guys - im planning to get some T-shirts made for me and my friends - wanted to see if any of you are interested to have it. I can take some orders - if you all are keen... Designs done by my photographer friend... Looking at around $25 - $30 depending on amount of orders... let me know if interested and i can get a confirmed quote... Once confirmed amount of orders and price - it will take about 2 weeks to complete... just letting everyone know in advance... Ill leave this here till New Year to collate orders - also let me know how many you are interested in... pieces and size...
  20. Garrett T51R - 6Boost Manifold - Turbosmart 60mm Wastegate with Screamer Pipe Hey guys, selling the following setup out of a GTR. - Garrett T51R with 1.15 rear housing. The turbo is in near new condition no shaft play or leaks of any sort. The front compresser housing has a 90 degree elbow welded on it and also polished chrome. I have welded a 3.5 inch v-band to the exhaust outlet which is still new it comes with clamp and second flange for dump. - 6Boost Manifold - 60mm Turbosmart Wastegate with Screamer Pipe $2800 ono - Vik. SMS: 0466 605 513
  21. FS: Wedsports TC105N So I have impulsively bought new wheels which means my current ones are up for sale for the right price. Otherwise I'll keep them as a spare set. Semi rare size of 18x10.5" +12 offset and currently have 265/35 tyres on at the moment with about 35% tread left and some inner camber wear on the rear. The wheels themselves are in excellent condition with virtually no blemishes besides current brake dust - which will be cleaned before sale lol. Looking at $2,300 (slightly negotiable) and can post but at your cost, otherwise pick up from the Hills District in NSW. PM me on here, or text during business hours 0400-529-930
  22. Assorted r32 parts- air con, complete front cradle, c34 stagea tein coilovers Okay have accumulated a fair bit of random "should be easy but kind of hard" to get parts which need to sell and free up some space. R32- complete GTST interior dash loom, including interior fuse box. $180ono Complete steering column assembly, telescopic and height adjustable. $100 R32 sedan centre c pillar trims (the ones between the doors) $50 sedan door seam rubber covers $50 original R32 side mount intercooler, including shroud and mounting brackets $100 original R32 GTST/4 airbox SNORKEL, not the funnel looking thing, but the bit that is beyond that going into the bar. $70 Complete GTS4 engine subframe and associated arms, includes knuckles, drive shafts, steering rack, some power steering lines. The subframe does have some rust, which is an easy fix. Arms will need new bushes. $200ono r32 sedan boot lid, one corner is bent. Easy fix. Includes the lock. $50 GTS4/GTR alloy rear knuckles $80ono complete R32 skyline air conditioning set up. Including bracket, compressor, condensor and associated lines. $600 RB26 power steering pump $100 gts4 early model dash cluster $70 STAGEA Tein super street coilovers to suit C34 stagea. Good condition, only selling as id want some standard suspension for it.$700ono other omori mechanical boost gauge, includes original plugs and wiring. $120 ono all items located in Lalor Victoria, freight is available, buyer organising it is preferred. Happy to package it for you. please message me on 0411421097
  23. R32 GTR oem wheel price? Hi guys, just a quick question.. im looking at selling a set of R32 GTR OEM wheels and tyres soon and im just enquiring to what theyre worth these days? Ive heard on the grape vine that the prices are also back on the rise? They're not showroom, but in good condition considering the age. Good points: 3 have original paint still and are not buckled or bent. Bad points: sitting on 205/45/16 3 need replacing 1 near new. No centre caps and 1 has a minor crack on the back (quoted $100 to fix) Any info would be appreciated... Cheers guys.
  24. Name those wheels! Hello everyone! I have a question about the wheels I have on my R32. All I know is that they are 17x8 Speedlines, but I have not been able to find any information about them other than that. Thanks!
  25. Mohsen finally bought a GTR. So, as some of you know, I had built a pretty stout little r32 sedan, that had been riddled with problems, four years in, The veneer had worn off, and I had kind of lost the will to continue with it, I had toyed with the idea of putting it away for a while, to put it short, I grew to hate it. a few weeks ago, while searching for some parts to buy before the Americans made them insanely expensive, and stripping mine down to store etc, I had come across an R32 GTR shell, most of it was there, but it had a pretty serious front hit. a bit of chit chat with the owner and I now own a TH1 dark blue pearl R32 GTR I freighted the old girl from Brisbane and here she is! The damagage is quite severe, but I have the running gear and all the repair parts needed so it was a no brainer! more soon!