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Found 1,168 results

  1. Hi all Starting a good old build thread to help keep track of the things I will be doing. Kind of like a car diary So Before the GTR I had a MkV Golf GTI. Great little thing. But being fwd was not for me. I was making a respectable 160 fwkw. That car gave a lot of others a run for their money . She had some good stance So after growing weary of loosing traction for all of first and some of second. I decided to go shopping for a different car. I looked at R32's, for the life of me I could not find one in my price range that didnt look neglected. So then I was all over carsales trying to find out what my next car would be. What I wanted was to get out of the Euro scene. GTi's were/are everywhere. I did not like that at all. I couldnt find any other car that I wanted to be in and I wanted a GTR. Then I decided to start looking at R33's. Just for the record I looked at all of the ones that were in my price range in. They looked so sad. Rusty, dinged up, holes in the dash, high km's which translates to even higher km's by judging the interior. I remember looking at a series 3 GTR that had the worst Idle, and rust starting around the doors and in the engine bay. A supposed 60xxx km on the clock, dash was in a horrible state, and the seats were torn. Luckily I became a memeber on here prior to entering the market. It became clear that, that car definately was wound back. So after searching and searching I found a freshly imported '95 GTR, near stock, original paint job, no rust, no dents, imaculate interior, straight as an arrow. The guy who imported it was a stand alone importer, no workshop nothing. So I gave him a ring, he gave me his address. Off I went to go look at this car. Too many times have I gone to look at a car and be severely dissapointed. Seeing as this was the only one I havent scoped out I was crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. As I rock up, I see a BNR34 x2, Mazerati, and a car under a carcover. I was drooling or the r34 white with black wheels. Looked hawt. Then shook hands with the seller and he uncovered the car for me. I had a detailed walk around it. Could not flaw it, except someone being very careless with a buffer. But that was nothing I couldnt tackle. The car looked amazing. At the time it had 85xxx km on the clock with full service history. I was so happy. He fired it up, and she started without a hiccup. I jump in he goes for a little bit of a warm up drive and asks me if I would like a spin. It caught me off guard, every other dealer or seller either wanted a deposit to show that I would buy the car, or receive some of my persuasion techniques. But not this guy. We hit it off very well. I drove through a nice windy area. It drove true, it ran smooth, sounded great, idled on the dot. I knew this was the car for me. So after 2 weeks I met him at the local VIC roads and we made the payment and got the new plates for my new pride and joy. I was so nervous driving it home. It's the biggest car Ive ever owned. And very well can be the most powerful. . With some fresh oil and a quick wash, this was her a few months back. This is what she looked like when I got her. I knew she needed some love. And I was willing to give it to her. So after taking a crash course in GTR's from this forum. I started scoping things out. Checked my exhaust = MINES. Checked my ECU = MINES. Read up on the MINES ecu found out it is not really for us Ausies. So I got myself a BNR32 ecu and gave toshi a ring. Got him to give me a nice "safe" tune on 13 PSI. The result? Note it did hit 250 on one run. But I was happy. Toshi said the car must be in good condition because of how easy it was to set up the AFR's. Made me even more happy. With the stock gauge being as gay as aids, I got a defi imitation, shadow boost gauge. So happy. And the car is on 13 psi everytime. i love electronic gauges . Then I started takeling the other things that were annoying me. The facia had scratches. That rubber coating stuff wasnt made for durability was it? haha. So firstly I painted it black, then I CF wrapped it. I also did my valley cover a nice red. Then just on the weekend I finally tackled the paint properly. Clay bar and premium wax. Could not have been happier with how the paint job came out. Dont worry I didnt use the brush at the local car wash. Bucket and wool wash mit . Whats next? Get rid of the rear wiper. Its so ugly! haha Find out what turbo's I have. Seeing as Im hitting full boost at 4k, I dont think I have the stockies bolted on. Car is going in for a good service next weekend. Cant wait to find out what tubbies are pushing her. Fingers crossed for n1's. Yes I will be putting the boost up haha. Getting new wheels. Enkei RPF1's 18x9.5 +15. Dose that spec sound good? The overall idea of the car is, get some nice power out of her and enjoy for a while until I saved up the money to get a engine rebuild and then I know Ill be power hungry and we shall see what I would like to do. With my current image in mind, I would the GTR to be a majority street car with the occasional track day here and there. Not chasing power figures just want the car to drive the way I want it to. Will need to get all supporting mods before I take the power up too far. Stock clutch no good for launches haha. Dont know if I want a twin plate. Seeing as Ill be extracting more power out of her Im not left with many options. But I dont like the fact that a twin plate will wear away quite quickly in stop start traffic. Any recommendations? Thanks guys. And Ill make sure to keep updating. Also sorry if its too long winded. Cheers
  2. BNR32 GTR 90 WHITE BNR32 GTR 1990 (White) 17psi (Garret 2860-5’s) Full engine rebuild at EAS Performance KM’s: 125,000 km’s on body, < 25,000km’s on Engine. Price: $32,000 firm. Location: Victoria. PM me if you’re genuine and financial. Dreamers and scammers ignored. This R32 GTR was purchased from JSA exports in Melbourne/Preston over 10 years ago. I was the first to register this car in Australia when it had 87,000 kms on dash. There was slight amount of rust occurring within the inner drivers side rear guard when I went to purchase this car. Which I had them cut out rust and fixed professionally before purchasing it. I can see a slight amount of bubbling in paint from more rust in the same lower part of the guard 10 years later. Since owning this car there has been a lot of money spent on it. There has been no cheap parts put into this car. As I have purchased all the top of the range parts when rebuilding this motor. The motor was rebuilt by EAS Performance in Melbourne/Airport West, the engine machining and blue printing was down at Williamstown Engine Rebuilds. I have added three new electric 'Mirror Drift' gauges to the original cluster on the interior console, the original 'air vents' have fallen apart. I will arrange for the three new vents to be replaced before purchase. Apart from that the interior is pretty good. Ok, so after owning it around 1 year. I blew the ring landing within a engine cylinder, Which then it required a full rebuild. I spent around 20k so far. And still haven't finished it. I Have done this so far. Engine - full rebuild by EAS Performance Airies Pistons Eagle H-Beam Rods ARP 2000 Head Bolts Stud Kit ACL Race Series Engine Bearings (Big End/Main) NISMO Racing Oil Baffle Plate N1 NISMO Oil pump R34 JUN Crank Collar Splitfire Coil Packs Garret 2 x 2860 -5’s Twin X-Force Split Dump Pipes X-Force 'Varex' Electronic Cannon Muffler. 92db - 110db (3-stage remote control) GTR Stock BOV's Stainless Steel 3.0 Inch Exhuast System Engineered NISMO Rebuild-able Twin Plate Button Clutch (Pop Riveted Clutch Pads). JDM Smoked Side Indicators This GTR is not quite finished as yet. But it is one clean R32 GTR if anyone is interested in finishing it. I'm not interested in offers or swaps. Can supply RWC. Running lower boost. Things to do on this car. New ECU + Fuel System CAM's and Gears Strengthen or replace noisy Front Wheel Drive Shaft/s. Suspension Brakes + Wheels Inter-cooler + Piping. If interested in this car, contact me via email at, [email protected]
  3. GTR PARTS R33 GTR power steering pump and bracket $350 R33 GTR engine loom $350 R32 GTR engine loom $350 All items located on Brisbane northside, will post at you expense
  4. RB26 issues Good Afternoon everyone, I've finally had time to start repairing my GTR. I had a vacuum leak from the intake manifold in the past and have changed all gaskets. Since putting it back together, two issues exist: I've lost the brake booster I have a fluctuating idle...When I start the car, it idles and sits at 2000rpm for about 10 seconds, following that it idles between 1300rpm-2000rpm (fluctuates) I have taken the car to a mechanic and they have tested for leaks with a smoke machine. No leaks were reported. Does anyone have any experience with these issues or have any ideas as to where I should start? Thank you, comments much appreciated!
  5. Gtr digital G-sensors I'm looking at upgrading my g sensor for a new digital g sensor has anyone used the midori/do-luck/Tarzan digital g sensors ? what do you think of them ? Worth while upgrade ? Are they Realy much of an improvement over the stock analoge sensors ? feedback would be much appreciated before I make a purchase ps. What's the difference between the normal street version and race model ?
  6. FS - 1995 R33 GTR Vspec Hi, Up for sale is a 1995 R33 GTR VSpec with 122xxx KMs. It is a little rough around the edges. And, full disclosure - It has some history. I'm keeping it out of the post but will happily reply to PMs. Recently registered and expires 25/10/2017. All fluids changed just before re-registering. It's due for an oil change - six months is nearly up. Started weekly, maybe driven every second or third week for 100 - 200 KMs. Red Line Lightweight Shockproof in the gearbox, all other oils/fluids per specification. It had a misfire. This is now long gone - see my posts about this. Fixing this, the ignitor pack and plugs have been replaced/changed. Issue was with the coil packs. Another set was bought, cleaned up and dielectric grease sealing them. It has a leaking injector. Second hand set purchased along with a rebuild kit. Injectors replaced with new o-rings etc - no more leaking injector. Bridgestone Potenza RE003s fitted mid December 2016. Mongoose M80S alarm installed. No bells and whistles, just arm/disarm with an impact sensor. All round wheel alignment done October 2016. New battery New radiator and top hose (bottom hose was A-OK) This car was my daily for a long time, then became a weekend car. Oil changed every 5000 KMs, or six months with maintenance and problems done by myself or a mechanic. I had plans for the car and like many others lost interest and just enjoy driving it as is. Mechanically it is in great condition and drives well. It is a little rough around the edges. Scratches, dints and gutter rash sum it all. It isn't a show car. Odometer recently stopped working (it occasionally ticks over) with high 121xxx KMs when it stopped, it is now 122xxx. Haven't gotten around to fixing it. I started to collect parts to swap them out, but only collected and swapped nothing - this be your job. No major modifications. Exhaust and dyno at 245KW - old school Racepace days. Buy the car and get: Spare injectors Spare ignitor pack PowerFC with hand controller Nismo AFMs A collection of front/rear floor mats Spare coil packs Parts of a Series 1 steering wheel - the car is fitted with a Series 3 wheel What I think is a complete boot set of carpets Left and right hand door cards Replacement passenger side tail light. A drivers' side (or two?) tail light. Whatever else I find that belongs to it Conditions vary of the listed parts. All included with the sale, will not separate. I'll say it comes with a RWC. I expect no issues and will start the ball rolling only with a serious buyer. Price $32,000 ono located in Altona. I'll happily drive you during an inspection and there will be no test pilots. VIN - 6U900BCNR33001030. And no, I didn't wash (vacuum or dust) the car before taking pictures - WYSIWYG. It was raining all day today and I ran the gauntlet. PM me if interested.
  7. Selling a pair of 32 GTR Ikeya formula upper camber arms for the front. They should give around -3 negative camber. Hardly used, great condition (see pics) these have chunky rubber bushes with inserts, not like other weak shit on the market! $495 (postage within Australia inclusive)
  8. Hi all, Long time no see! Got a set of R32 GTR wheels with some A048s to get rid of. They have center caps and valve caps, but they are by no means showroom quality (perfect for motorkhanas which is what I use to use them for) No idea how much these are worth these days.. suggestions? Offers? Ps. just read the rules - this isn't an EOI, but I really don't know what they go for these days.. So for the sake of not breaking the rules - ballpark: $500?? Cheers, Zennon
  9. Skyline ER34 GTT Turbo - TE37SL Tenis Coilovers Wide Bodykit Nismo 1998 S1 Nissan Skyline ER34 GTT RB25DET 2.5L straight 6 cylinders turbo charged Very good condition overall, very well looked after, a major service has been recently done at 130000kms. Only GENUINE Nissan filters and fluids used. Changed engine oil, transmission oil, diff oil, coolant, brake fluids. And Oil filter, air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter. Mechanically A1. Starts every time, engine runs smooth, no smoke no knock no weird noise. Ice cold air conditioning. Everything works, no issue. Interior condition is very good, clean and tidy, very few scratches and wear. - New Supercharged battery $190 - Replaced rocker cover gaskets $200 - New set of NGK platinum spark plugs $130 - New genuine ignition coils wiring harness $160 - Serviced air conditioning $90 - Replaced all belts $140 - Complete set of factory floor mats - New windows switches surround $100 - Factory Nismo body kit - Reverse parking sensors - Black factory weathershields Upgrades: - New wheels Rays Engineering TE37SL 18x9.5+22, Falken tyres $3900 - New Teins Superstreet coilovers, height and damper adjustable $1200 - GTR style wide fenders kit front and rear $1000 - 52mm alloy radiator and new hoses $290 - Front dimpled slotted brake discs $280 - IPR BOV blow off valve $130 - HID 5000K headlights $150 - Clear side indicators $80 - Series 2 boot lid spoiler $170 - Factory alloy pedal covers $140 - Pioneer MP3, AUX, USB, Bluetooth hands free head unit $170 - Kenwood door speakers $90 - Carbon fibre vinyl wrap center console $50 The imperfection: Paint condition has seen better days. A few scratches and dents is very usual for a 19 years old car. Front wide guard and boot spoiler is in flat black, rear wide fender hasn't been put on yet but will come with the sale. Oil sump has minor leaks, but nothing serious at all, maybe a couple drops a month that's all. I have been very honest with the condition of this car, I'm a car enthusiast, countless hours and dollars spent on her, I will be very sad to see her go, but due to some reasons life has to move on, I wish her can go to a good home, put on the rear wide fenders and a fresh layer of paint job, and she will be the best R34 you have ever owned. $18000 ono 0432299922 Shaun REGO till May. RWC is not supplied! Price is quite firm, low ball offers will be ignored. Any onside inspection are welcomed, test drive only allowed when you can proved you have the adequate finance, or I will take you for a drive.
  10. R32 HKS Glovebox Panel + Trust/GREX Oil Block Hi All, Have decided to sell this as it looks like i wont be utilizing it. Bit of a regretful sale as i really like the piece. its old school and is in great condition bar one pocket which have been cut a little bit. barely noticeable one in really. Your chance to own a historical, discontinued period piece. Price: $400 + post here it is fitted up; Trust Oil Block Type E: Hardly used, -10 fittings, built in thermostat. $120 + post stock photo, this is it basically
  11. R33 GTR from Alaska New member here. Been lurking the forums for some time researching about a lot of stuff regarding the rb26 platform and the BCNR33 chassis. Currently stationed in Alaska. I have an r33 gtr on the way from Washington. It's damn difficult to get a skyline here in the US, so when I was presented the opportunity I jumped on it without thinking it twice. Anyways, happy to be part of the forum.
  12. Would love to see everyone's GTR's So i'll start it off. hrere's mine "99 BNR34 in Bayside Blue
  13. Upgraded to higher amp so have this as spare.Works fine.Pickup from Blacktown or can post at buyers expense. $125 neg.
  14. Rays Impul RSII wheels (18 x 9.5" +12 +15 all round) Selling my Rays Impul RSII forged/lightweight wheels (twin valve) 18 x 9.5" (+12 +15 all round) Excellent condition, one small mark on one rim less than 5mm in size Achilles 123s semi slick all round with legal tread (18 x 265 x 35) $2300 Will ship at buyers expense
  15. So i have recently purchased my first GTR and still being pretty new to the turbo world i though it would be helpful to post a thread to keep track and get info for my build. I have had numerous N/A imports while on my p plates as well as a CA turbo 180 and a 32 GTST, and currently am lucky enough to have a 425HP Chrysler 300c SRT8 as my daily, But still haven't had anything like this BNR32, not to mention the fact that its a Tommy Kaira Edition and the work that was carried out by the previous owner. As it sits currently ENGINE & DRIVETRAIN - RB26DETT fully rebuilt at 150,000 K’s - CP forged oversized pistons - Engine has been bored out to 2.7L - HKS Intake & Exhaust cam gears, Tuned for street - Stock Turbos - Yellow Jacket coilpacks - SARD fuel regulator - NGK iridium spark plugs - Injector been service & replaced with new filters and O-rings - ARC intercooler - ARC Air box with a K&N filter - CUSCO Master brake cylinder Brace - NIZMO Front and rear strut Braces - TOMMY KAIRA billet engine oil cap - Custom dump pipes - 5" Round body high flow catch CAT (highest flowing on the market with 200 cis metal insides & 706.2 CFM) Thick walled 3" Stainless cat back - Custom aluminium catch can with bullet cap FUEL & CONTROL - APEXI powerFC tuned for street use - APEXI PFC hand held Controller - BLITZ SBC-R DUAL Solenoid EBC - GREDDY Fully Auto Turbo timer - WALBRO 400 L/PH in tank fuel pump SUSPENSION & BRAKES - OHILONS Springs - GTR stock brakes - Slotted Rotors - Bendix Ultimate pads. BODY -TOMMY KAIRA Front Bar with engraved Metal plaque -TOMMY KAIRA Adjustable Rear wing with engrave metal plaque -TOMMY KAIRA Front grill with -TOMMY KAIRA badges -TOMMY KAIRA Front bonnet lip -TOMMY KAIRA side skirt -TOMMY KAIRA Rear pods -TOMMY KAIRA Rear Badge -TOMMY KAIRA Decals on both side of car - BBS RS II Wheels 17x9+20 all round running 235/45 tires - Original paint, in very good condition INTERIOR - TOMMY KAIRA 300km/h complete dash - TOMMY KAIRA centre triple gauge cluster - TOMMY KAIRA Gear knob - TOMMY KAIRA footrest - TOMMY KAIRA key - GTR seats - 3 point Immobilizer with remote central locking and tilt alarm - Full sound system with pop out DVD screen, has aux, Bluetooth ect. The previous owner spent thousands on the rebuild and mods to only drive the car 3,500 k's over 2 years then it sat in his garage for 5 years until i came along im in the process of registering it now but because it hasn't been regod in NSW since 2007 im having issues with getting the blue slip because it doent have the compliance plate (which i think they started making after this car was imported) but it does have a QLD mod plate from the last owner who was in QLD. i live on the boarder of NSW QLD so ive decided ill go QLD rego for the moment until i finish most of the mods that will need engineering then go get the NSW engineers certificate and swap to NSW rego. going QLD will just be cheaper and easier for the moment as well as having the benefit of NSW cops not wanting to touch a QLD plated car while its in NSW. ive got the QLD RWC booked in for Thursday, if it passes it will be on the road that day ill keep updating with my progress and if anyone has any information on Tommy Kaira 32's hit me up
  16. R32 gtr clutch probelm Hi guys. I've got some problems with my clutch. I keep getting air in the system. I've bled it 3 times and each time after about a day I can no longer select a gear. I've checked around the clutch master and inside the cabin and found that there is no liquid leaking. The only known problem that I know of is that the vacuum booster popped a while back but I have plugged up the tube so it doesn't make that air noise every time I press the clutch. My question is that I've driven the car around for around 4 months with no vacuum booster without any trouble and now I keep losing the clutch. Could the vacuum booster be the problem or is it something else like the master or slave cylinder?
  17. STOLEN: Silver R34 GTT Tommy Kaira Stolen from Malvern East: Admin - feel free to move this if it can be in a better spot for peeps to help me out. 1999 R34 GTT genuine Tommy Kaira REGO: WGF 296 Silver with red/pink TOMMY KAIRA Decals on the side. Totally badged as TK all round with classic turtle badges. Massive Tommy Kaira Aluminium wing If any one spots my car cruising around, or parts for sale (GTX3067r, TK digital dash, EVC 5 controller, tommy kaira seats, TK branded titanium exhaust....) going cheap on the open market please call me or the police to report. Contact Marcus - 0413623517 Thanks for the help my dudes
  18. Hi there I have up for sale my 1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R its an October 94 build which is in crystal white, the car has been sanded back by the previous owner ready for new paint. $12000 Negotiable It is in pieces as the moment as I had plans to put a weld in roll cage but just dont have the time for such a big job and would love to see my dream car go to a good home, the car can either be put back together before sale or bought how it stands, im very happy either way as I love working on it. Happy to help get it over to the mainland at buyers expense. Its a very straight car and Im a very fussy owner if your interested please feel free to make me an offer. Thank you very much. Regards Brock
  19. Respray prices Hello all, I'm planning on getting my r32 resprayed in the coming months, I've had quotes between 10k and 15k for a respray in the same colour windows out, bare metal job. So I'm wondering what people have paid for the resprays along with the work that you had done. Thanks
  20. New R33 GTR Owner Hi Guys, Just a quick intro. My name is Kevin and I took delivery of my R33 GTR V-Spec only last week. 'Been admiring Skylines for a long time and finally took the plunge'. The car is in great condition with only a few minor upgrades. Recaro Seats HKS Muffler Inlet Pods Everything else is standard. - even still has the restrictor in the boost line. My plans are to keep it standard as much as possible and try and resist the urge to modify. Will hopefully catch up with some of you guys at the next meet. Kevin McGilvray
  21. R34 25gt-four to R34 GTR Just thought I'd share this side project we have . Never seen a R34 25g-four . So when we saw one in a car yard for less than 8 grand. We couldn't resist. Actually quiet an enjoyable little project so far Check out our instagram #james_mech for this & other projects we got going on
  22. Looking to Buy R32 GTR Need advice so I have been in the market for a R32 GTR for the past few months now and and still undecided on what to do. would it be better to buy a gtr that is in need of some work and fairly stock for $20k, or buy one with new paint, built motor, 300kw at wheels etc for 35k? doing rust repair and gettting a new paint job wont cost me much a am close friends with someone in the trade. how much would it cost roughly to get 300kw at the wheels? 10k? thanks a lot in advance for your replies
  23. Opinions Since i'm fairly indecisive and not sure which way i want to go, i was after you opinions on what i should do, the car would be used occasionally for track and drag work. I'm going to be selling of a few projects and cars that i have so i can focus on just one (having too many really is a pain in the arse) My thoughts are: I have invested time and money into the GTS-T so i might as well continue on that and have a solidly built car. GTR would be an investment of sorts, alot of fun, and the ultimate R33 I have had a massive love of wagons and the 260RS combines the best of the GTR and wagon body
  24. Hi all, Some of you may know me as i have been kicking around these forums for the past 10 years I have made my way through a few RB nissans amongst several other cars. My first skyline, my 31 TI converted to manual and slammed, i LOVED this car! My second skyline was my first turbo car, 32 gts-t running around 220rwhp and many issues, I had a very love hate relationship with this car, it did however start my love for the 32. i moved onto the 34GTT from there and i did enjoy the 34, but always hated the silver and hated the auto. shame as it was such a nice car. The price i picked this up from prompted me but im glad i did. so on the hunt for manual parts and maby saving for a respray to white i came across the stag. RS4-S pearl white manual stag, so i moved over and again i loved this car.... maby should have kept this one... but oh well not an RB but i do like this one too, my 2014 SSV ute tweaked up and slammed, i do like the ute anyway onto the point. I have always loved the R32GTR being the best looking skyline, and always wanted to own one. as allot of them are pushing there 25th birthday i decided its time to own one before its just too hard. so i started my hunt which included every single one on the net and a few trips interstate to drive and view, often dissapointed. after flying here and here to drive a few i realised how old they are getting which is upsetting. without spending over 20 and pushing $30K a nice example is hard to find. i looked seriously into importing one but my future plan is to import an extream example of low km vspec 2 in white and keep it locked away. but for today i want something i can enjoy driving regulaly, do i opened my colour options up. luckily i did find this one, in sa so no roadworthy to deal with. confirmed original Ks and decent condition with a reasonable amount of history and mostly stock, it has its flaws but all in all a good base. so i drove this home my plans are to clean it up mainly. drive it and enjoy it, find whats wrong and slowly fix things. as its not a special model or build im not specifically sticking to total concourse original parts but i want to keep it mainly clean and correct. as always i will have MANY questions so this will also be my place to ask and pick brains so all help is always appreciated. more to come!
  25. R32 GTR air con compressor rebuild? G'day, looking for recommendations for an air con rebuild for an R32 GTR. Asked for a leak test before finally getting a regas, turns out it's leaking from the compressor. The shop says it won't touch imports though because the parts are going to be hard to find. Now I'm looking for a place to help me out. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks