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Found 57 results

  1. Hi guys I’m after RB26dett complete engine with gearbox or without, must be in good compression no smoke or leak. Cheers State: vic
  2. Hey guys, I have a bunch of bits and pieces for sale to suit R32 gtr's that are no longer needed. Located in Adelaide, but more than happy to post ifeel free to pm me or message my mobile on 0412 618 558 f you have any questions. Open to reasonable offers as well guys. APEXi Power FC D-Jetro to suit R32/R33 GTR $1250 - Brand new , just not needed now that I've decided to go in a different direction. Includes complete D-jetro wiring kit (harness, sensors, and nipples). HKS AFM Replacement pipes $250 - Brand new, was to be used with the d-jetro ecu above. Will do the above two for $1400 if sold together GReddy twin 60mm A pillar guage holder $100 - To suit R32s Genuine R32 GTR N1 boot lip $300 - Primed and ready to paint, the original threads to bolt it down are still there as well. Nismo G-MAX Spec 1 twin plate clutch $250 - Pull type, to suit late model R32 & R33 GTRs. Still 3.3mm of meat left on the plates (limit is 2.7mm according to nismo) so still a bit of meat but may be better suited to just rebuild it anyway. Any Questions don't hesitate to message me
  3. 1989 R32 GTS4 RB26DETT - Western Australia I have owned this car for over 10 years and now it comes time to move it on. It is a real shame to have this just sitting in the shed, but I rarely get to drive it any more. Originally from factory as a GTS4 (so already AWD), pearl black, automatic, RB20DET. Only know this from a break down of the VIN. So a few things have changed. The RB26DETT and fairly much most of a GTR drivetrain and suspension had been fitted before I bought it. Things I have done, or had done.. Resprayed ~10 years ago in silver. Replaced transfer case, and then whole gearbox with a new R33 series 3 unit. ORC 709D Twin Plate Clutch, with new slave and rebuilt master cylinder. Garrett 707160-5 twin turbos fitted, new. Equivalents to the HKS 2530's. 700cc SARD injectors. Apexi PFC. Nismo AFM's. R34 GTR Brembo front brakes with DBA5000 discs, reconditioned R32 GTR rears. APEXI pod filters. Tomei Poncam 'B' camshafts. HKS Drager exhaust, Mine's dump pipes, Apexi front pipe. Evo 8 recaros with drivers on Bride rail. GTR rear seat. Genuine Nardi steering wheel. VOLK Rays LE37 18x8.5 with Federal 595RS tires. Koni adjustable shocks with Kings low springs. Adjustable caster arms. Reconditioned steering rack fitted. Price $16,000 ono. Can either PM or phone/txt on o417 961145. No Lowballs or time wasters thank you. Not interested in swaps.
  4. One of the hoses on the rear of the engine(drivers side) are leaking coolant. I can't see any other way then to pull the plenum off (I've heard it's a fun job). I guess I should replace all the hoses I can when it's off. What are recommended, OEM or silicon? Are there any kit's with all hoses needed? Anything else that would be wise to replace when the plenum is off(except gasket)?
  5. BNR32_

    Looking for pistons for rb26dett, preferably bore size 86.5mm, that can ship to UK.
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a set of rear quarter fender malls for the R34 GTR. Here's a picture of what i'm talking about. I believe the terminology might be different however this is the part i'm looking for. The arching piece above the wheels. Does anyone know a manufacturer or shop that sells and ships these parts internationally? I'm located in Canada. Thanks!
  7. Which should I go with GTX2863, 2530, or 2860-5 Before I have my r32 tuned on a haltech, I want to install new turbos. My goal is 600-650hp. Currently making 530hp on R34N1 turbos. Cant decide between gtx2863,2530 or 2860-5. Current setup [email protected] 2.8l (supposedly tomei stroker) tomei cams tomei manifolds nismo intake manifold 700cc injectors nismo fpr/pump N1 oil pump and water pump R34 N1 (AA403) turbos hpi elbows mines frontpipe Decat HKS exhaust tomei ecu
  8. See if this can stir the pot. BNR32 GTR 1990 (PAINTED WHITE, no idea when). 17psi (Garret 2860-5’s) Full engine rebuild at EAS Performance KM’s: 125,000 km’s on body, < 25,000km’s on Engine. Price: $45,000 Registered with RWC. Firm. Location: Victoria. PM me if you’re genuine and financial. No test drives, until I have cash in pocket. I can drive you though! This R32 GTR was purchased from JSA Imports in Melbourne/Preston over 10 years ago. I was the first to register this car in Australia when it had 87,000 kms on dash. There was slight amount of rust occurring within the inner drivers side rear guard when I went to purchase this car. Which I had them cut out rust and fixed professionally before purchasing it. I can see a slight amount of bubbling in paint from more rust in the same lower part of the guard 10 years later. Since owning this car there has been a lot of money spent on it. There has been no cheap parts put into this car. As I have purchased all the top of the range parts when rebuilding this motor. The motor was rebuilt by EAS Performance in Melbourne/Airport West, the engine machining and blue printing was down at Williamstown Engine Rebuilds. I have added three new electric 'Mirror Drift' gauges to the original cluster on the interior console, the original 'air vents' have fallen apart. I will arrange for the three new OEM vents to be replaced before purchase. Apart from that the interior is pretty good (2x small holes in drivers seat plus some passenger seat stains). Plus one small dint in bonnet. Engine - full rebuild by EAS Performance Arias Piston Stock Rebuilt Head Oil galleries filed down or bolts for better oil flow in bottom end also. Eagle H-Beam Rods ARP 2000 Head Bolts Stud Kit ACL Race Series Engine Bearings (Big End/Main) NISMO Racing Oil Baffle Plate N1 NISMO Oil pump N1 NISMO Water Pump R34 JUN Crank Collar Splitfire Coil Packs Garret 2 x 2860 -5’s Twin X-Force Split Dump Pipes X-Force 'Varex' Electronic Cannon Muffler. 92db - 110db (3-stage remote control) GTR Stock BOV's Stainless Steel 3.0 Inch Exhuast System Engineered NISMO Rebuild-able Twin Plate Button Clutch (Pop Riveted Clutch Pads). JDM Smoked Side Indicators Tinted Windows This GTR is not quite finished as yet. But it is one clean R32 GTR if anyone is interested in finishing it. Things to do on this car. New ECU + Fuel System CAM's and Gears Suspension Brakes + Wheels Inter-cooler + Piping. If interested in this car, contact me via email at, [email protected]
  9. Currently having a issue with my new set of gt2860-5 Turbos hitting the the first runner of each HPI manifold. There was no fitment issue with the R34 N1 Turbos that were on before. The two pics with the exhaust wrap was the old setup. So should I cut the runners?
  10. WTB: RB26DETT out of an R33 or a front cut of an R33 GTR Will probably need to be able to post as I live in Portland Victoria, willing to travel if need be
  11. Double Insulators on injectors? So i took my fuel rail off today and we messing around with some stuff and when i went to put it back on i realized there were insulators still on the bottom of my injectors and also 6 still in my intake manifold.... Is this normal? Or did the previous owner buy the wrong size injectors and make them work by adding an insulator? When i remove one set of insulators the Injector does not seat in the intake manifold where its supposed to... heres 2 pictures of what i mean
  12. drunken0elf

    New R32 GTR owner Hey! What's up ya'll? My name is Antoine and I'm a proud new owner of a 1991 R32 GTR. Now unfortunatly I don't have any pictures for you all today but I would like to eventually post some. Maybe even start a build thread/fix thread?? dedicated to fixing the few things wrong with the car.. I currently live in Quebec/Canada and here in Quebec we are the only province that banned RHD vehicles. Yep that's right nor more rhd vehicles since 2009 in quebec. I'm lucky I managed to buy one road legal. I have a few things that need to be fixed on the car. 1. Horn doesn't work. 2. The back side windows are painted black. Makes it real ahrd seeing upcoming traffic. 3. Now it's not really an issue for me, but worth asking. When the engine is still warm and I start the car again, I need to give it some gas or else it won't start. 4. The sorta not big deal but annoying problem that I'd really like to eventually get fixed is this : Everytime I change gears it smells like burnt gas all over the cabin for a few secs then it goes away. It has HKS blowoff valves (external) and I think this might be the issue. I read somewhere that the car was factory tuned with recirculating valves?? Need your opinion on this. I'm thinking that the car shoots more fuel into the mix because it's expecting an air return but never gets one resulting in a crazy rich mixture. and to keep on the subject of burnt fuel smeel, I swear I'm not imagining this, but when I was cruising back home on the highway (motorway?? that how you guys say it?) I think I saw fume coming out of the heand break once and a while. Now the fuel smell doesn't really bother me, what bothers me is that I smell like arse when I'm done driving the car and need to wash my clothes and take a shower oh and that my GF complains about the smell lol. Cheers!
  13. Gaskets and Hoses Under Plenum Q's So my intake gasket is leaking like crazy on the #3 runner so I'm going to do the replacement with metal gaskets. I'm wondering though, since I'm in there what other gaskets and hoses should I replace while I'm in there since it's not a quick job? Also what other gaskets will I need since I know I have to remove stuff from the plenum? I'd like to have a list so I can have everything I get this done in a day
  14. Breather tank/catch can/oil-air separator plumbing questions Hi all, Sorry, yet more questions. So, one of the previous owners of my car fitted a breather tank. Just before I acquired it it was looked over and some of the plumbing changed by Unigroup in Sydney. Attached are photos to show how it's plumbed in. From my research on this forum (very useful as always, thank you all!) and comparing to stock engine bays, it looks like the two breathers at the back of the cam cover are as stock, and are linked on the passenger's side to one of the turbos as stock. On the driver's side it's linked to the breather tank instead of linking to a PCV valve or whatever that thing on the side of the engine is, which is now blanked off. Currently the tank vents to the atmosphere through a little filter. The first aspect of this is I need to make it legal to pass rego. It only needs to be or look legal for 30mins, doesn't need to be an elegant solution. I tried blanking off the hose to the breather tank, but that either causes massive blow by or is pulling oil in large quantities from the top of the engine, as at idle it made piles of smoke. So I'm assuming the solutions are either to find a stock PCV valve and hose to connect onto the driver's side, or to take the filter out of the tank, hook that up to the pipe into the turbo, and blank off the passanger's side. Secondly, I'm curious if this setup is actually done properly. What makes more sense and what a lot of people on threads here seem to have done is blank off the turbo inlet and hook the passanger's side vent into the breather tank after combining with the driver's side pipe. Otherwise surely the system is still going back into the inlet charge, which defeats the purpose? Thank you very much for your help and time as always!
  15. WTB - STEEL COOLANT PIPE, WATER PUMP, CRANK, CAMS AND CLUTCH Hi fellas, Trying to source the following parts for a RB26 (1995 R33 GTR): Steel coolant bypass pipe that screws into the side of the block (See photos) Water pump (See photos) Crank Poncams or Procams with assembly (Valves, etc) - preferably 270 degree Pull type clutch good for 450 hp (new or used)
  16. Hey guys, i'm a bit torn. I'm looking for a RB26DETT car for my next ride and i'm stuck between R33 GTR and a Stagea 260RS. This is going to be my DAILY and it will have to run a 11 second quarter mile They use the same engine, most of the same components, both AWD and same power etc. I was going to go for the R33 for the weight but I found out it's actually not that much of a difference(about 200kg I think). I like that the stagea is very unique and uncommon (sleeper) but the GTR has a sportier look and feel. Now i understand this is completely personal choice but I wanna see what you guys think! All opinions and thoughts would be appreciated Here's the link for the poll. fire away!
  17. Hey team Posted intro on newbie area but start off with my background anyway. It all started at 17 with my first skyline, albeit a mighty gte lol had always been a huge fan of four door 32s so started with a car the parents didnt think I could stack. 5 years of thrashing later finally got the funds to slap running gear in from a s2 r33 gts25t...... stolen and found stripped a week later, dirty little welfare bludging grommets. Here we are 5 years on from that point and finally got another 32. This time started with something a bit more respectable, obviously a 4dr32 again but this time packing full gtr running gear. Also got lucky in the fact someone had gone to the trouble of rebuilding turbs (n1) and dropping in some 555 injectors, wolf computer and other bits nd pieces. Car is chucking out 370 rwhp which was warp speed quick for a couple of months but is now mind numbingly boring a year on. Guess iv got the bug as im sure everyone else here does, so now I find myself on the build page. Plans at the mo are pretty modest as cant really afford to crack open the old girl. So for now bolt on bits only 2860-9's Tomei cam gears Apexi avcr New dumps, front pipe and 3.5 exhaust (Want tomei but looking at xforce due to cost thoughts?) ID1000's Oil cooler and filter relo kit Also doing some non performance upgrades with before and after pics to come. Looking for max response and about 315-330 awkw. thoughts, tips or anything needed/missed pics 2m
  18. Sarumatix

    From the album: Purple GTS4 4-door with RB26dett

    The engine out of the car after the rear turbo failed lunching the motor. Sad face.
  19. poohkies

    From the album: Stagea 260rs

    took the car to willowbank while in brisbane on holidays ran a best of 13.2 at 103 with 1.8 60 foots, mods, trust front pipe k and n filter
  20. poohkies

    From the album: Stagea 260rs

  21. RB26DETT Rebuilt engine nasty valve train noise on start up I just replaced the head gasket on this engine. I accidentally started the engine without priming it. After the start up, it immediately developed this nasty valve train noise. Does anyone know where is the noise originated from and how to fix it. Here is the you tube video:
  22. Weird Noise at Idle 1991 R32 GTR/RB26DETT Hi guys very new to these boards as well as to the RB26. I'm located Inn Las Vegas and just imported a 1991 R32 GTR. I've noticed a slight noise coming from the engine at idle(like a woomp woomp woomp). Sounds like bad bearings or something of that sort.The sound is present without the A/C on but not as loud. When I turn on the A/C it gets a little louder.Was curious if anyone could help me pin point the reason I'm hearing this noise and if I should worry? As I drive the car it doesn't get louder so I'm not sure if it's mechanical issue. I posted a link below to a video clip I took. Thank you in advance! YouTube Video of the Noise
  23. Looking for various upgrades for my r33. Apexi power fc djetro with commander, map sensors and harness. A plus if it has the oled commander and boost controller also. Garrett gtx3582r or similar spec turbo with low mileage Injectors around 1000cc, fuel rail, matching clutch etc is also of interest. Let me know if you have some stuff you'd like to get rid of at a fair price.
  24. WTB RB26DETT engine block with crank and cradle or short motor Let me know what you have, would prefer NSW pick up Have lots of other GTR parts if looking to swap something Karl 0407931302
  25. Stagea 260RS Autech Version Reluctantly up for sale is our 1998 Nissan Stagea Autech 260RS, boasting a factory fitted RB26DETT, R33 GTR gearbox, Brembo brakes and Autech bodykit. Nissan did not spare a cent on these and it shows! The fit-out and quality is second to none. We were the first owners of this car in Australia and have owned it for the last 9 years. It has always been garaged. We are only selling it because I have purchased an R32 GTR which must be garaged and the Stagea is too good to park on the driveway. My wife and I have been struggling to part with this car since the GTR arrived. This thing handles and drives like new and gives a big smile when you hit a twisty road. GTR performance with wagon practicality. It is just at home on the race track as it is on a long distance camping trip. It has the following quality modifications: • 3.5” Fujitsubo stainless exhaust with Apexi front pipes, • Vipec ECU tuned by Godzilla Motorsport with a mild 13psi of boost • Innovate Motorsports wideband O2 sensor • DBA slotted brake rotors • Whiteline rear swaybar • Eclipse stereo with Bluetooth and iPod connectivity. • Autowatch car alarm professionally installed • Additionally it came from Japan with Stagea series 2 tail lights and a series 2 Momo steering wheel (same as series 3 R33 GTR) which is quite rare and in great condition During the past 9 years it has been meticulously looked after. I have full service records for the whole time we have owned it. A year ago I did the second 100,000 km service. The car only had 157,000km on it at the time, but I needed to replace the radiator and decided to do a full service while I was at it. This Stagea will give years of hassle-free driving. In the past year the following maintenance has been done: • 100,000km service done 5000km ago • Brand new Bridgestone RE003 tyres • Brand new DBA cross drilled brake rotors with QFM pads • Koyo radiator • Starter motor • Replaced all fluids It has never seen a racetrack and has been looked after. The fact that it still has the factory clutch is a testament to this. She currently has 162,000 km on the clock, but is in fantastic condition. The photos speak for them themselves. You won’t find much better.