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  1. Could this cause any trouble with your transfer case? I know it doesn't hurt the R32 box much, (something to do with preload on front drive shafts with R33, R34). Good luck with it all.
  2. See if this can stir the pot. BNR32 GTR 1990 (PAINTED WHITE, no idea when). 17psi (Garret 2860-5’s) Full engine rebuild at EAS Performance KM’s: 125,000 km’s on body, < 25,000km’s on Engine. Price: $45,000 Registered with RWC. Firm. Location: Victoria. PM me if you’re genuine and financial. No test drives, until I have cash in pocket. I can drive you though! This R32 GTR was purchased from JSA Imports in Melbourne/Preston over 10 years ago. I was the first to register this car in Australia when it had 87,000 kms on dash. There was slight amount of rust occurring within the inner drivers side rear guard when I went to purchase this car. Which I had them cut out rust and fixed professionally before purchasing it. I can see a slight amount of bubbling in paint from more rust in the same lower part of the guard 10 years later. Since owning this car there has been a lot of money spent on it. There has been no cheap parts put into this car. As I have purchased all the top of the range parts when rebuilding this motor. The motor was rebuilt by EAS Performance in Melbourne/Airport West, the engine machining and blue printing was down at Williamstown Engine Rebuilds. I have added three new electric 'Mirror Drift' gauges to the original cluster on the interior console, the original 'air vents' have fallen apart. I will arrange for the three new OEM vents to be replaced before purchase. Apart from that the interior is pretty good (2x small holes in drivers seat plus some passenger seat stains). Plus one small dint in bonnet. Engine - full rebuild by EAS Performance Arias Piston Stock Rebuilt Head Oil galleries filed down or bolts for better oil flow in bottom end also. Eagle H-Beam Rods ARP 2000 Head Bolts Stud Kit ACL Race Series Engine Bearings (Big End/Main) NISMO Racing Oil Baffle Plate N1 NISMO Oil pump N1 NISMO Water Pump R34 JUN Crank Collar Splitfire Coil Packs Garret 2 x 2860 -5’s Twin X-Force Split Dump Pipes X-Force 'Varex' Electronic Cannon Muffler. 92db - 110db (3-stage remote control) GTR Stock BOV's Stainless Steel 3.0 Inch Exhuast System Engineered NISMO Rebuild-able Twin Plate Button Clutch (Pop Riveted Clutch Pads). JDM Smoked Side Indicators Tinted Windows This GTR is not quite finished as yet. But it is one clean R32 GTR if anyone is interested in finishing it. Things to do on this car. New ECU + Fuel System CAM's and Gears Suspension Brakes + Wheels Inter-cooler + Piping. If interested in this car, contact me via email at, [email protected]
  3. I'm buying a R32 GTS-T to use as a every day driver. I could sell you my 1990 R32 GTR with 125,000 km on it. Registered running 17psi, motor is capable of running 30psi, built and tuned 25.000 km ago. Look at my post. I will not be selling it for my last asking price.

    Give me an offer.



  4. How much you want for the your R32 GTR that needs work mate?



  5. Looking for R32 GTS/T to purchase. What ever you have. Travis.
  6. that's actually not bad for a clutch. But took my twin plate 'Nismo' clutch to a specialist. And he made it into a decent clutch. Good luck with a cheap clutches. Good ones start around 2k.
  7. No harm in asking if it is for sale. Hope you get it cheap. AKS Service City Smash Repairs 28 Burrows Rd, St Peters NSW 2044 akssmash.com.au (02) 9519 5911.
  8. This is so sad as I am a 'parent'. Enough young people die without idiot drivers taking other peoples lives. If you going to street race. Think about the people you could kill! Just take the time to think about it!
  9. Bad R35 crash. No good crash here. http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/09/09/08/44/three-people-killed-in-fiery-crash-in-sydney-cbd Anyone know anymore?
  10. Hey Will, Is that 'Heathcote Drag way'? I'm in Bendigo.
  11. I will have the car fully stripped and de-rusted and painted white again for $42,000 registered! Let me know if you are interested. Motor is awesome. No price adjustment!
  12. Ford Coupe XA / XB / XC Looking for any old Ford XA / XB / XC Coupes. Rust buckets or good things. Let me know price.
  13. BNR32 GTR Street/Track EIO swap. E.I.O on swaps for this car, $38k, appreciate no comments regarding price tag. Thanks in advance.
  14. I had an issue with a V8 CAS, it sounds the same. The contacts stuff up in them. If you tip cold water on CAS at front of the engine. Does it start sooner?
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