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  1. Another price drop, $13000, fairly negotiable
  2. Hey Guys. After years of driving Imports (as daily drivers) we were looking to upgrade from our V36 sedan. Something with switchable driving modes, as Miso (main driver) wants best of both worlds, comfortable and still fun/capable in the twisties. Picked this up, a 2013 328i msport. Its got a few mods, as life's too short to drive standard cars, haha. Goes pretty well for a 2.0L! First Euro car? why not make it a modified one for your first Euro experieince, lol. Still holding my breath for something to happen, but so far so good. Previous owner looked after it well Still can't believe it doesn't have a dipstick for the engine oil!
  3. Price drop, $15000 neg. KM now 127K
  4. Bump, Price drop, 17k negotiable. Bought another car, this needs to go.
  5. Yes still for sale. KM now around 120k. New pirelli tires fitted 5k ago. Bremtec pads all round 5k ago. Also has a set of HSD coilovers. Still have the nismo suspension. Fairly Negotiable on price too
  6. Hey guys, Chasing a good condition RB25DET 5 speed gearbox (no crunches/whining). Mine is on its last legs. Preferably able to test drive prior, or at least a startup warranty. Location Wollongong/Sydney Cheers
  7. Hey guys, I’m chasing front and rear stock shocks and struts to suit v36 sedan (2wd) We have nismo shocks and springs, and the roads we drive on are just too rough. Happy to trade for the nismo stuff providing stock stuff is in good condition Cheers
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