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  1. Stock (old!) CAS, It is very inconsistent. will try the timing check and see what I can find. Thanks
  2. Thanks guys, Yes I have a spare input and pressure sensor, will set it up for fuel pressure and see what its doing.
  3. Not over boosting, boost control is setup through ecu, but have a gauge with recall, I’ve seen 21-22psi before. When it pinged, didn’t get there, was around 17psi. Yep that’s the train of thought I’m on. (Fuel supply) Will sort out a fuel pressure gauge, I think my Defi meter has provisions for another pressure sensor, will also check voltage getting to pump. Thanks
  4. Hey guys. Have an issue with my r33. Lately (last 2 tanks) has been Randomly pinging/ knocking on boost. When I first heard it, backed off straight away. Temps seemed fine and was driving fine off boost, almost as it hit full boost, would ping. Suspecting shit fuel, put in some octane booster, and that seemed to fix it. Fueled up at a different servo, and was going better than ever, zero knocks. Put it down to shit fuel. Current Tank is about 1/4 full, rolled on in third coming home tonight and it pinged again. Car drives fine, and exactly the same everywhere else, no strange noises, temp is fine. Car has a Vipec plugin, deutchworks 255l/h fuel pump with 14v feed, splitfires, hyper gear turbo, pretty basic setup. 260ish rwkw, Tuned by Mitch (of haltech) Car has been the same for the last 2.5 years, parts were new (apart from ecu) at tune time. Both times it’s happened now, it’s been between 1/4tank and a 1/3 tank of fuel, unsure if that’s linked. Initially thought maybe a shit fuel pump, but thought that would be more consistent From what I gather the Vipec plug ins don’t have knock protection? Either that if mines not setup. Will have to head back to tuners I think. I’m guessing if I can hear knock, it’s probably already doing damage. After first tank with knocking, pulled plugs out (all looked normal) and did compression test, 165-170 across all 6. Top of pistons looked unmarked. Bloody intermittent issues! Anyone had a similar intermittent knocking issues/things I should check? Cheers
  5. Looks like it would blow the tires off at lower RPM. Excellent.
  6. Hey guys, feel free to add any info to the thread if you feel its relevant, thats the best part about forums. So, updating, as the box is back in the car, and to give the thread some closure. Much anticipation I started car, and slowly released clutch, aaaand the noise is still there. Bugger. Probably a bit better, but hasn't "fixed" the noise. So ultimately its got to be the gearset. I also put a new syncro in 2nd gear, and the shift into second feels better, so along with the experience of actually rebuilding a box, it wasn't a complete waste of time (pretty close though, haha). Plan from here is to keep driving/drifting with this box until it lets go, then probably buy new. I don't think "low km second hand" boxes exist anymore. And I'm not making the power where I think a gearset is warranted. Thanks for the advice/help guys
  7. Bit late to reply, But yeah, the CBC kit I got came with the sealed bearings, on which I've removed the seals. Just got it back together last night, hope to have it back in the car tomorrow. Pretty happy with the CBC kit, even came with 1st gear bush (which looked average on mine, burred on the edge where it looks like they've used an ill fitting pipe to drive it on). Someone has had this apart before and did a average job putting it back together. The needle bearings on 1st and 2nd gear felt terrible as I was pulling it down, and popped the seal off the (old) bearing in the center plate and there was alot of black deposit, and the oil in there was much darker than the oil drained from the Gbox. Anyway, will see if the gbox noise has gone soon enough!
  8. Well yeah, that's right, there are not many "cheaper" options. Most things across the board have gone up. Just means if I bend it in half I'll cry alot, not a little
  9. Guys I've got a used Velo GPT-2 fixed back for sale. (see Velo site for size chart, GPT-2 is XL) Its just too tight for me. Its in fair condition (one small, 5mm hole in material), missing the bottom cushions, which can be bought from Velo. Structurally its good. Comes with alloy side mounts. Located Bomaderry/Wollongong. $300
  10. You know, while I should be happy about the value of my car going up (way up!) I use mine as a street/drift car, and I've always had a mental limit of $10k for cars I take on the track (incase I bend it). I kinda have second thoughts thrashing the ring out of it now! Oh and to the OP, like others have said, double the purchase price of the car, that's what the true cost will be.
  11. Hey guys, so in the middle of pulling apart my R33 gearbox. It was noisy in first and second gear, third and forth noise pretty much goes away. I’m up to pulling speedo drive sleeve off, but have to modify my puller set to fit, so it’s not fully pulled down yet. The question I have for now, the input shaft bearing and the bigger bearing in the centre plate are rubber sealed bearings. Now, from all the googling I’ve done, I’ve not come across any pics of sealed bearings. I would have thought the bearings need to be open to ensure adequate lubrication. I mean, the factory Nissan bearing is open... The input bearing feels ok by hand, keen to see what the one in the center plate feels like. Any gearbox guru’s have any thoughts on the use of sealed bearings? cheers
  12. We use a similar flexible heatshield product at work. As you are trying to keep the heat in the manifolds, shouldn't the shiny side be facing the manifold?
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