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  1. Hey Guys, Selling some parts. Nistune setup to run a R33 (RB25DET) Vct working. Uses a RB20DET ecu, USB connection port (not consult). Tuned for Z32 afm, 750cc injectors and a 3076. Plugged it into my R33 with 750cc inj, and a Z32, and it started and ran well, got to the tuner and he didn't have the correct nistune licence, so ended up changing ecu's. Nistune, $350 Z32 afm, genuine, confirmed working with plug $150 8 off S15 injectors (440/480cc?). $150 Can do the lot for $500 Located Nowra/Wollongong
  2. Ebay silicon one, as previously tried by Tao. Pretty much a drop in 14.5 psi actuator, boost control is a 3 port mac valve controlled by the vipec (ecu).
  3. Hey guys, just sharing a result. Stock RB25DET, recent ( late last year) 21u highflow. 98 fuel. Vipec plug-in. 240rwkw on 14.5 psi. 264 on 17.5psi. In the interest of stealthy looks, still running airbox, exhaust with functional cat and 2 mufflers. CES split dump, and a generic China cooler with custom return flow pipework. Engine bay looks stock. Putting more boost in gave more midrange, but tapered off to 17-18 up top, obviously either/ all due to airbox, cooler setup and exhaust. But happy with the stealthy looks for now. Fairly happy with the result, car drives great.
  4. As topic suggests, after a set of drop in side feed injectors for a side mount rail (rb25). 550cc or bigger. Cheers
  5. Man I really need skirts and pods for my 4 door, yours looks awesome!
  6. I'll also meet at Albion park. R33 is off the road, but will be there in our 370GT
  7. Selling a set (4) of R34 gtr wheels. 18x9 +30, 5x114.5 PCD. (dur) Achillies 265 35 18 all round. approx 30% tread, some camber wear. Wheels are in fairly good condition, have a few small marks/scratches, but balance up fine. All center caps included. Located Wollongong/Nowra. $1700 with tires, $1600 without. No swaps.
  8. Hey guys, chasing a R33 series two AFM, (Pink sticker), working condition obviously Believe R34 are the same? Prefer Sydney/wollongong area
  9. Hey Guys, Selling our 370GT sedan, as my wife wants something smaller and manual, and I barely drive it. Its a 2010 type S (sports) model, being a 2010, that means the 7 speed auto, (with paddle shift). VQ37VHR. Basically the same engine/gearbox as an auto 370Z. I carried out a JOC before I purchased, and it is a 4.5 grade import, imported early 2017, and first aus rego was march 17. Can supply VIN if you'd like to check for yourself. 96xxxkm currently. It has the option front lip and rear spoiler, and is stock except for a Nismo cat back, and Nismo shock/spring combo. Infinity G37 Grill and rear badges has been installed, this was carried out in japan, as the pics in the JOC report show the badges fitted The car came with full japanese log books, the Nismo "certificates/documents" are still there also, as well as documentation for the front lip, etc. Small details, but I found the log books/nismo certs cool to look through, even though I can't read them One small scrape on front lip, (10mmx5mm), right rear tail light has a small barely noticeable chip, interior has a couple of small marks, barely noticable. Rego till August Its a great car to drive, handles well, and is quite quick, but as above, the miso prefers manual and something a bit smaller. I can take pics of log books, or any other areas, just PM me. Located in Nowra/Wollongong. Price: 20k negotiable.
  10. Hey guys. Thought I'd pop up a thread for my 33 sedan. Had a few cefiro's in the past (build thread in cefiro section), basically street driven drift cars. We bought this to use as a daily. It was pretty much dead stock, turbo auto, apart from a dump pipe and 3 inch cat. Daily'd it for 3 years trouble free. Was getting a bit tired of the cefiro (maybe getting old? haha), no air con, wheels too big, too loud, etc. That and the lack of drift days in NSW, led me to sell. So sold that with the intention of getting a R34 sedan. Drove a couple and realised they were not that much better than the 33 I already had, and in worse condition to boot. So, enter the R33 build (its really just buying bolt on parts, why I love nissans, haha) Plan is a nice streeter, with occasional track (grip/drift) work. Air con, and comfort being reasonably important, (showing my age!) What I started with First mods were fitting my nardi. Used a works bell boss kit, good bit of gear. Drivers seat was fairly flogged out, so replaced it with a S15 seat, with the rails modded to sit lower, and pick up the 4th bolt hole. Had S15 seats in the cefiro, and find the driving position suits me well, being a bit on the bigger side. Still chasing a passenger seat to match. Picked up a fujisubo cat back. I wanted this car to be quieter than the cefiro, and have a proper rear muffler (no cannon) I had to fit a silencer (bunch of rags+ tape) to leave the house without waking the entire street up in the cef. Was dumb. Exhaust was from a coupe I assume, so had to lengthen it 90mm, and tweak the angle of the pipe to get it to tuck a bit better. Turned out ok, and had the look I was after It looks angled down in the photo, but I assure it sits level Bought some coil overs, BC racing. I had these in the cefiro, did 90k on them (on some shit roads of NSW south coast) and never had a problem. Fitted them along with some rear camber arms. Also fitted my cusco 2 way center to the stock 4.3 diff, retaining ABS, No pics of the install of these, but fairly straight forward. Went with R34 gtr wheels. I wanted wheels inside the guards, and able to run a decent size tire. Currently have a 265/35/18 all round, and they basically don't scrub, when these tires are done, might drop to a 255, or 245 front Few other cosmetic changes, rear wing delete (would love a impul wing) and probably the thing I'd wanted to do the most, fit coupe headlights. These were not a straight fit, had to trim the rad support, and wiring had to be modified to suit the twin globe. But, love the way it changes the look. So things still to do: Fine tune heights/wheel alignment Carry out manual conversion. Have all the parts needed, picked up a box that needed a second gear syncro, so will do that before it goes in. Hopefully get the conversion done over my christmas break. Cosmetically will get the front bar repaired/painted, and would like to pick up some factory side skirts, although they seem to be pretty rare. Overall, so far, very happy how the car drives, lightyears ahead of my old cefiro chassis wise. Once its manual I'll work out what the plan power wise will be, (probably a hypergear bolton turbo, +associated mods) Cheers
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