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  1. Perhaps, but everyone who bought one is still trying to get home from the dealer because they are so slow.
  2. Didn't we just do a version of this thread over there? xJZ is not a great swap for a nissan chassis, everything is on the wrong side. Of course it can be done (anything can be with enough time and money), but unless you are doing it for your youtube subscriber numbers, don't do unnatural things with a nissan!
  3. Yeah looks good, but now the long wait until I actually find out if it's OK
  4. The thing is, it might be cheap for that motor but it's not a good deal. Even if you genuinely have the kind of mates who are totally reliable, will work for free at your timing and have the tools and skills to do your fab and wiring, even the raw materials to do that swap will cost another couple of thousand. Not to mention if you succeed in all that you will have a low compression turbo motor that makes terrible power. Most likely it will be 40% complete at the back of the garage when you get off your ps. RB25DE is a good choice, easiest to fit, cheap to but and easy to turbo later on. RB30DE even easier but they might be getting rare since everyone wants the blocks
  5. Not sure how far out you are willing to consider, but there is another Japanese manufacturer that makes straight 6 engines that it is worth considering rather than Toyota or Ford. A bunch called Nissan have made a range of motors that would be easier to fit in your Skyline as they bolt in, intake and exhaust on the correct side for the chassis and even the wiring is 80-100% plug in. Suggest you look into those.
  6. Yeah I've used Amayama a lot and found them to be good (nothing orders sometimes get cancelled after they check with Nissan). International deliveries are a disaster at the moment but Fast Track are local and if they have the package there should be a tracking number available.
  7. That is not right somehow, and shimming it won't fix it.
  8. to be honest, I think you are best getting someone to do the install for you. The process is reasonably straightforward but I guess you aren't confident to do it so best get some help rather than get it wrong and blow your motor up The connection from the PFC to the solenoid is 2 wires, but it is not plug an play. Any auto electrical person should be able to look after that part. You also need a pre throttle boost source for the map sensor, which needs 3 wires back to the ECU too.
  9. I guess we are probably getting to the real question now. PFC does not do boost control directly. You need to buy the boost control adapter, and a solenoid, and wire the 2 together anyway.
  10. Well, only to say that aint it. The standard wiring is 2 wires to a plug plug with the terminals in a t shape.
  11. well, hope they are OK, picked up one at auction today for 1.5M yen second nissan I've had now inspired by Camry's designers, check out my C34 Stagea
  12. The nut is dead easy to replace anywhere. take the bolt to bunnings and screw it in their thingy to check what it is. Grade should be 8.8 (high tensile), but they almost never say this on nut packaging. Buy steel (zinc or cadmium coated) not stainless steel, it is stronger but more brittle The bolt is very specific, but it looks OK. For next time. Use a 6 point socket not a 12 point socket on tight bolts. 12 point sockets grab half as much and only exist because they are more convenient to use, not better.
  13. lol, won't he tell you to f**k off, he's drunk
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