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  1. I think it's a little unfair to call an engine unreliable because it can easily make 200-600% the power it was engineered for...remember these came out making about 160rwkw brand new. Anyway, just top it up and monitor weekly for a while. If it's not leaking where it's parked and it's not visibly smoking when running (particularly as it comes on boost) then into the coolant is the only other place a major leak could be. But you'd be surprised how much oil you can burn without it being obvious to the eye (or nose)
  2. sounds like a wheel spoke problem, and changing them may well be the cheapest way out. you mean the spokes hit the caliper as they curve into the hub, right? But I saw you have the option in your WTB thread to space them out, that might get around the issue. BTW be careful when looking at second hand brake setup prices. When you take into account known pad and disc thickness, and possible brake line issues, the G4/Attkd/D2 etc ones have always looked like better value to me, brand new in a full set....
  3. you just can't guess mate, there were too many versions of r200 diffs and they are not interchangeable. Plus someone has been inside it. To be sure you need: * markings from crownwheel (to confirm ratio) * pic of the diff centre to confirm LSD-ness * count of the output shaft splines
  4. Agreed, you need them to take the back off. no matter what it left the factory as, someone has been in there since. I'll bet there were some R33s that had shorter ratios than 4.11 for instance gts4. The numbers will be on the crown wheel to tell you what the ratio is (needs to be opened) Also, I note there are no ABS sensors on either the tailshaft or driveshaft outputs. from memory 33 gtst has 3 channel ABS with ABS on the tailshaft so it may not be gtst. I don't know where the gtr abs senders are on a gtr, but I would have thought they were on each driveshaft like r32....
  5. I don't know how manageable you would expect a 1100HP gtr to be? As well as the diff centres, I'd be making sure every bush and ball joint was new, particularly in the front. every little bit of slack adds up Also, wider front tyres increase tramlining too.
  6. Not that I have a spare...but are you after 33 GTR or W34 Stagea?
  7. heya Duncan , i would like a copy of the stagea workshop manual please.

    my email is as follows.

    [email protected]

    cheers Oxford1327

  8. Perfect, makes sense
  9. Thanks for closing the loop for autos BTW I confirmed that 32 GTR driveshaft is the same as your 33 one pictured above (32mm/40mm), and both of the spares I checked have their balancing weight the same distance from the head to clear the clutch slave cylinder on a manual. My stagea is manual and the gtr driveshaft clears everything including the clutch slave, although there is only about 2mm to the clutch slave bleed nipple. I've not had a clearance issue in 10 years.
  10. lol amazingly it does....I'll see what I have. Do you know where the type is stamped? And is the top of the page in your diagram the front or rear of the car?
  11. Do you have more info about exactly what you need? Are we talking gearbox cross member? What is a B or C type and which bolt holes are the issue?
  12. Yeah sorry, I should have said...the legal towing capacity is the least of: The manufacturer's rating for the car The towbar manufacturer/towbar engineer's load rating The tow ball rating The trailer's load rating
  13. I understand the towing limit is set by the car manufacturer, which in the case of a SEVS import is the complier? Or if someone has nissan's info on stagea towing limits that would be interesting to know
  14. I've towed a lot with my stagea. It's 4wd but I don't think that makes any difference 99% of the time. When you are towing you have the regular weight plus 200kg over the rear wheels which gives plenty of traction in most circumstances. I never got stuck anywhere, but consider if you might need to go on muddy grass or gravel at times when loading or unloading. One thing I would say, is that if you are towing heavy with a stock, auto stagea you will need some patience on hills. It won't be the slowest thing out there but it won't be a rocket either. Over the years I upgraded mine to rb30 with a small aftermarket turbo making about 250kw which was enough to tow the GTR up everything.
  15. can do...just pm me your email address