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  1. Thanks for the pics, they don't make those specifically for Fuga but based on that I'll have a closer look at them. Anyway, enjoy the extra zoom
  2. That is a great outcome considering the easy mods. Do you have single or dual intakes? I'm waiting for the uprev guys to release the update to support HY51 and will then start with something similar, I had assumed I would need to address the headers as well but you've got good results without that hassle
  3. Are you trying to replace the steering wheel or get the horn working? If only the latter you can just add a momentary switch somewhere to connect the 2 horn wires to the steering wheel. It also looks like you've lost your HICAS steering wheel angle sensor but perhaps HICAS is disonnected
  4. Possibly...there were differences across R33 air cons and I'm not sure what they were. Late R33 and Stagea are *apparently* the same. The mounting is the same, the wiring is either the same or interchangeable (1 wire) but the fittings to the car can vary. I'm sure others know better than me. You can confirm the exact part# using your VIN through FAST or parts websites.
  5. I recently went through this with my w34 stagea and was unable to find new genuine or aftermarket options. I ended up taking a punt and buying 2 used ones off yahoo japan, and the first one I fit worked so I have a suspect spare. I suspect AC compressors are going to become one of those impossible to find parts over the next few years until someone works out a non genuine alternative including mounting
  6. sorry, I should add....yes the relay is an easy test/fix because you can just steal one form anywhere else, swap in and flick the headlights. but also be aware it is getting pretty common for these switches to fail, the full current runs through the switch and they have 30 years of use on them. They are available brand new from nissan
  7. Yes, the lows go off when hi is on, either stalk back or stalk forward.
  8. Yes, with the original factory wiring, when the Hi comes on the Low goes off. And yes, the flash function (stalk back) uses the brown relay in the engine bay (can't remember off the top of my head if it has a different fuse, but I don't think so). The hi on function (stalk forward) just uses the switch and no relay is involved
  9. I can't agree with that; there is nothing wrong with a PowerFC's ability to meet the needs of 95% of cars. Why spend a couple of thousand on an ECU and tune when the PFC can do the job fine While you should get a workshop to look at it, the issue is much more likely to be electrical or mechanical than an issue with the tune.
  10. I've got a Hardrace rear inner lower control arm bush and a Just Jap sump baffle?
  11. Not in our experience. In our current place we need to optimise for morning sun in winter (heater) and afternoon (AC) in summer. Pretty much all year round in the middle of the day to mid afternoon the battery is full and we are getting 5c to export which is a waste of time
  12. Definitely write it off. In an unrelated point, I'll give you $20 each for the tail lights, boot and rear bumper
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