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  1. Ha, my broker tried to push me that way too, he is running a 200 crown hybrid But I don't bat for the other team Looks like no owners around here, it is the battery that concerns me most in a 10yo import that might be hard to replace here. So I'm just going to get battery heath checked over at a dealer in japan prior to export. I would rather have non-hybrid after 10 years old (plus I mostly do highway so hybrid system wont get much use and just adds weight) but no alternative atm other than going V37 skyline
  2. F40 are so called because that's the ferrari they were originally on. Probably lots of cars since with the same caliper, they were just a large 4 piston caliper with radial mount so they could be moved out more easily with adapters Your problem won't be clearance to the outside of the wheel, you can fit at least 330mm discs under there before you need to remove wheel weights..... The issue is thick calipers hitting the spokes if they curve in at the outsides
  3. you can go a fair bit bigger under 17s diameter wise, I run 324mm GTR discs under 17s. But, as you can see the caliper is close to the spokes so caliper design (height) could be a problem. The ATTKD calipers are pretty low profile so that is one way to go but I suspect R32 GTR calipers will fit too as they are very similar to what you have height wise. Kind of hard to be sure without bolting them up, and you always have the option of 5mm slip on spacers if it is too close
  4. did you go better today Christian? I did the trailer bearings (4 of the bloody things) and brake rewiring, stagea fluid check, fire trailer refill and water transfer done so it was better than average. Even got to start the race car for the first time in a few weeks, even if only to move it back to the shed.
  5. lol yep busted. 2 years old, 4 problems to check, and a cracked part? you are clearly meant to throw it away at the end of warranty and buy a new one
  6. Exactly! What amazes me is that people were able to do new stuff before youtube videos. I never would have got anywhere without AvE's solutions to every problem.
  7. lol, sounds like every day I try to work on a car Everything seems easier when it's a new day. Especially if it's not cold and rainy Plus, plenty of problems get solved in the sub conscious overnight that you'd probably never work out if you didn't take a break
  8. Yeah that's why I was interested in experiences here. Looks like they were added to SEVS about 12 months ago so there must be some by now even if they were dealer imports that didn't sell well. http://rvcs-prodweb.dot.gov.au/sevs/D38-00 USED ELIGIBLE.htm. 4 RAWS available and not all in Vic which is handy right now! I actually think they are a little awkward on the outside but I'm driving it so won't notice Unfortunately Cima compliance stopped in 2004 when they went from DD to DE motor, and I am looking for something newer as it is for regular highway driving. Fuga is next best thing for that type of driving but only to 2009 (Y50) unless you go hybrid, so here I am.... Thanks Bob, yes I'll import but I've got that part under control. Was tempted by their free tank of fuel on Thursdays though Looking to keep the price a few thousand cheaper by importing as I'm not in any particular rush.
  9. I'm looking into replacing the F50 Cima as the highway cruiser, it has been excellent but is a bit tired at 300,000klm. Are there any Y51 Fuga owners on here? Happy? Issues?
  10. Well, there is a blank right above it in your car that looks suitable for mounting something. Or, if you always want to use the remote starter disconnect the factory button and either leave it unplugged (if remote works) or bridge the 2 terminals (if it doesn't work), then put spade terminals into the back of the factory switch for your kill switch. Personally I have absolutely no idea re the steering wheel, mine is a C34 which is all rb compatible where your M35 is renault era
  11. well, if your preference is to have to buy all the hardware, whether you use the features or not, Haltech have that now too: https://www.haltech.com/product/ht-195000-nexus-r5-vcu/ And they've done some smart product development lately with the new CAN dashes and button setups But I reckon horses for courses. Almost every car doesn't use more than the basic ECU features so just use whatever your tuner prefers in your budget. I've got Link in the stagea, Haltech in the GTR, Uprev in the Titan and no ECU at all in the patrol :p, they all do what they need to.
  12. That turns off the optional factory remote start system. Dealer fitted accessory, mine was mounted at the top of the driver's kick panel. Comes with about a mile of addition wiring under the dash too for maximum clutter
  13. with the caveat that mine is on an rb30 in a w34 not r34... there is heaps of room to the ABS module and lines. The turbo is not parallel with the engine it is angled inwards at the rear/outwards at the front. The dump is close to the AC lines (insulation added) but nowhere near ABS. The turbo compressor housing is forward of the strut tower and pretty close to the PS reservoir. Basically...it's been made for that setup and uses the space well.
  14. Ahh ok. We used to be able to do that back before the apocalypse too
  15. toyota 86 to harley in a year. you've changed man
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