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  1. Cheryl's not dead....she's just sleeping until a new engine comes along. Admit it Neil, she is your favourite child compared to Zoe. She has been so much more loyal and less trouble.
  2. There are multiple wires to the battery including 2 from the alternator, are they both connected to bat + properly? If you put a multimeter across the battery terminals when the car is running you can confirm, but it sounds like the alternator is not charging. Not charging will give 11-12v (probably) and charging will give 14+ volts while running
  3. Excellent, I'll take them, need a spare set. PM sent
  4. link sent!
  5. Oh and yes that auction sheet does have the VIN covered, and there is no valid reason to do that, because the only thing it can prove is that it is from a different car....
  6. Good on you for checking out the klm properly, and if you find a suspicious one from a deal please report it to fair trading instead of letting them get away with it. Those dealers are a scourge on all imports plus they end up putting the honest guys out of business because they can't compete. I'd be trying to get a copy of the full auction report independently. Normally when you're using a broker to import it they will obtain the sheet for you, and I suspect they can find any of them just from a VIN....so try Iron Chef, Prestige etc and see if they can help. The other interesting way to check is when you are in the car go through the nav menus. A lot of the vehicles of this age have a life to date klm, hours driven, average speed etc which the dodgies forget to reset.....take a photo if you find something wrong.
  7. Next up it needs a tune to deal with the new exhaust an intake. I bought the uprev tuner which reflashes the ECU, well proven solution in the states. Of course just after buying it I spoke to Mark over at Unigroup and it turns out they had just picked one up too....oh well. Happily the truck comes with wide band 02 sensors from factory so it should be easier than usual Also still got a bunch of electrical stuff to sort and the lightbar to re-mount now that lovely front bumper is gone
  8. Next up was another pre-emptive reliability issue. These things are notorious for cracking their headers and doing a whole bunch of damage. So I took the opportunity to pick up a well proven full exhaust and also a Nismo intake kit while I was shipping stuff over Got the mechanic to fit it all up because I've got no time at the moment.....also apparently the manifolds are a real bastard to swap out. All done with no skin off (my) knuckles While I enjoy a good v8 exhaust as much as the next person, it's too loud right now and so I'm going to fit up an extra resonator that was recommended....just didn't have time to get it all done at once. The nismo intake fit up perfectly and sounds great, typical nismo stuff
  9. Well it's been a while with all the life stuff going on...but I've got a few updates. The only tow since last update was to Ringwood at Raymond Terrace which was again no problems First thing was getting an ARB bull bar fitted up. Yes they make, ship and sell a billion of them over in the states, but it took some convincing over multiple calls that I knew what I was talking about and actually had a Titan in Aus. In the end it fitted up OK and now it looks just every other navara on our roads. I don't think it's a change for the better looks wise, but it's just too likely I'm going to hit something one dark, wet evening and be waiting 8 months for a new bar out of the states. At least it mates up nicely to the factory bash plate.
  10. Yeah I think the problem is the power output is too high for the nicest option which is a regular single plate clutch. you can get a single to hold that but only with a heavy pressure plate which will also affect day to day. Or turn the boost down and use a single
  11. well that's one of those times I'm happy to be wrong keep changing the oil regularly and use something with additives/detergents and there's no reason the noise would return...
  12. no, there is not. gearbox and diff choices are not linked. plus, r32 gts4 came exactly that way from the factory (4.4s and gtr box that is). I bet r33 gts4 is the same from factory as well
  13. Well from my point of view the hankooks at 1800 a set are still a better buy than the dunlops or yokos are 2500 a set since they perform better. They were are no brainer for the performance they gave at the old pricing but if you want to be at the front of a competition you would still have to buy them at whatever price since they are the best tyre. But now the pricing has shifted I guess it is worth looking again at the 888, v70a etc for general/club use where price is more important than outright speed. The 888 used to be poor under heavy cars like GTRs but I'm interested to see results if they have changed them recently.