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  1. Duncan

    Well...the wire and the bolt are almost certainly just an earth from the chassis to subframe...follow the wire to confirm. The ABS sensors have a bit of sealant on them. Twist to break the seal and they will slide out (assuming you also removed the bolt first...) Otherwise, if the rear mount bolts are undone (possibly hidden behind hicas), the tailshaft and driveshafts are off and the diff front mount is undone that is it. Might just be well stuck to the rear subframe bushes so try a bit of pry bar
  2. Duncan

    you could....but I cant see a dangerous amount of bare metal there. If you look at other places like the spot welds where the chassis rails meet the floor you can see how a touch of surface rust can start over 30 years. It's not a dangerous rust risk like some places where water can pool and really eat into the metal. If you are worried underfloor sealer (tarlike stuff) is available in cans, it resists stone chips better
  3. Duncan

    That is one of the straightest chassis rails I've ever seen on a 32.......next time put the stands where that seam is (forward of where you used), or spread the load a bit with a piece of wood along the rail
  4. Duncan

    This doesn't often happen....but GTSBoy is not right. There is a long metal bracket that goes the length of the glovebox, it's confusingly shown just to the left of the glovebox in the diagram you posted. Let me know if you can't find one, I've got a spare since the "truck ran over my dashboard" incident
  5. Duncan

    Contact number was Contact: 0407 195 378
  6. disc looks like it will clear OK. probably want to leave the caliper off though
  7. Duncan

    2 randoms who won 2wd
  8. Well, Liam and Larry have added the inaugural Targa Great Barrier Reef trophy to their pool room this weekend. While Quinn/Catford were super unlucky, breaking down on transport back after the last stage, Liam and Larry had been super all weekend on a brand new course and were running comfortably second when the porsche stopped, moving them to first in the largest class. These guys have been quietly racing their 33 GTR for years now, battling some bad luck at times but being overwhelmingly quick and careful, resulting in some great finishes. Well done guys Here's the Cairns post front page from yesterday (and no, that's not them in the race suits...)
  9. Duncan

    Well if they are good enough for Marty and Blair....
  10. Duncan

    I haven't used the floor style one, but on the hoist style one which is effectively the same but taller...yes you can still rotate the box to clear that hump. Just need to undo the safety chain or leave it loose. The 4 fingers that stick up are also adjustable or removable if they get in the way. That style of jack is a lot more stable that the regular small pad floor jack.
  11. Duncan

    Whereabouts are you?
  12. f**k it is boring to watch a slow car at that track* *sorry if something interesting happened in the second half of the lap, I fell asleep just after honda somewhere
  13. Duncan

    also.....you are about 20 years too late to get a cheap car with an l26 so you would have to pay 000s for something.
  14. I see. Someone else can enjoy it....
  15. how much woosh does that size make mate, I need something for the rb30 stagea