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  1. exactly. you'll never remember where you parked your ute that drunken night until the dam drops below 2 metres.
  2. That is just about right. The thermostat is what Nissan use to set the normal operating temp, so 79-90 is great. I would not be concerned up to 100, and if it went over about 115 it is time to stop. Everything might survive over that but it is getting pretty sketchy. OP, any water temp gauge is fine, they are simple things. You don't even need to mount it really, just have a gauge somewhere you can see it to allay your concerns....because 99% there is nothing wrong with your car's water temps.
  3. yeah that sucks. I was lucky when I had a cam break due to an oil problem, was the second last journal and no piston damage. Did need a new head though. do you know the root cause of the failure yet?
  4. It's probably worth a separate thread, but I'd say that is very interesting. Lots of people running PFC, since nothing has changed about the fact they are a cheap and easy way to tune an RB for 90% of uses. Plus I think they will start to be desirable for the "keep the purity" crowd who want period modifications.
  5. does your left indicator dash bulb work? I suspect you have fried an aftermarket alarm. It is trying to go off (flashing indicators) when you open the door. Does the car start when the indicator is on?
  6. Do you by chance know the tooth count that gives the ratio? I'll have a look. Also, having your location recorded would help.
  7. Pretty sure no-one on here is doing serious endurance racing. I would use AP if I was, especially in your case as you've used them before. I run porsche 6 spots on standard size discs with winmax pads but mostly do sprint races and rallies. My understanding is all R32/33 stuff will bolt on, and R34 GTR is only different in mounting bolt diameter (14 instead of 12 which is no big deal to address); definitely for GTR and 33 GTST but I am not 100% for 32 GTST. Others here should be able to confirm.
  8. Without knowing how the thermostat works it's hard to be sure, but most likely like you said, oil won't flow through the lines or cooler until it is up to speed. Even when it does it most likely opens partly like a water thermostat so you won't notice it. Just check your oil level after your first 30min drive.
  9. The socket is for wiring a phone to the car (non bluetooth). Not sure if the cable was proprietary or industry standard, and whether it was included with the car or an option. Either way it is good news if you need to connect a Nokia 8110
  10. in any reasonably modern car, the temperature gauge does not actually show you a straight indication of the coolant temp. They have been setup so they show cold over on the left, "normal" about 80-110o will be in the middle, and then it will suddenly shoot up over say 110. Any variation you are noticing is not an indication of an actual problem. If you want to actually monitor the coolant temp you need to either read the ECU data eg via a consult compatible display, or add a separate coolant temp gauge.
  11. It probably skids better on it's roof than on it's tyres
  12. Yeah I think a real risk is that because all these electronic systems are complex, there are lots of parts to let you down over time which makes an older car risky. Pretty sure that is a deliberate sales technique from BMW considering how quickly the error lights start appearing after warranty runs out. I spent some more quality time in the Fuga last 2 days and some of the features are growing on me. Between the radar cruise control and the autonomous braking, the 30min traffic jam on the M5 was much less painful that it is on the stagea. Shame it only works 95% of the time, still have to keep alert and foot hovering over the brake pedal so I don't end up in the back of a semi like a Telsa driver.
  13. funny way for double wishbone or strut suspension to work.....or is that borrowed from a horse and cart?
  14. It seems to me pretty common across the industry to define different models at different price points, even if they have the same engine and motor, but it sounds like you got good value there too....
  15. Let me say I almost never use the park brake on my autos, but that is a very different situation to manual. Auto has a pawl which locks the gearbox. Manual is just using engine compression to hold the car which is not safe depending on the slope or unexpected extra load like another car or a person leaning on it
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