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  1. I went solar vents on mine, lots of hot days with no wind. Still too damn hot to work too hard today (shame I have to turn the car around after Bathurst yesterday to the rally next weekend...)
  2. Agree. M35 is a much newer and more refined car. Suck if you decide to modify them though....
  3. Shed looks awesome, will be nice to be inside instead of our in the sun over summer
  4. Yeah I don't have a specific recommendation but it was pretty common to weld a reinforcement into the early model doors back in the day. I didn't realise it was still required.
  5. Given you have just changed the clutch there are multiple things that could have been done incorrectly....but most likely is you need to adjust the clutch pedal back down (did you adjust it up when the clutch was worn?) Could also be an issue with the fork not being installed correctly with the pivot, or the release bearing being the wrong height (did you change it?)
  6. I think it is weird we have assumptions about some sales being fixed price (eg bottle of milk) and others requiring a negotiation (eg a car or a home loan). You can't bargain with web sites, fixed prices (which the seller succeeds or goes out of business with) are the future. Definitely doesn't need government to set specific rules for selling cars. The industry is on borrowed time anyway, we will all just rent auto driving cars for a trip in no more than 20 years so a car dealership is not a good long term investment.
  7. Assuming you can prove you've owned it for 2 years overseas, you can bring it in as a personal import which is the least restrictive import scheme. It is probably still worth using an import broker who is familiar with the procedures
  8. Yeah that level is way high. But that is a moot point since it looks like you need to replace those lines which means you will have to refill it anyway. Hard to be sure form the angle but I believe the leaks are from the 2 lines that go to/from the reservoir, you can see the other end of them in the boot pic. It is pretty tricky to get to them but I'd see if they are available from amayama or similar in factory parts and replace them. If not just measure the hard piping diameter and use some regular straight hose which should fit OK (there are no tight turns in those hoses). Nothing special, they don't carry pressure.
  9. I believe they are the lines to the attessa pump so it is probably auto trans fluid (very thin/slippery). Is the level in your boot Reservoir low?
  10. You can either source parts from a wreck, or if necessary have them made up. Making hard lines does require specialist tools and knowledge but not rocket science They shouldn't really be rusting unless you car has spent some time underwater at some stage, or on very salty roads. Do you have other rust underneath?
  11. hmm that's almost exactly the same as mine on 98, 395akwkw. Hopefully I'll have more luck with the box. I guess it depends how much you need to run daily, for me a box that is easy to live with is a priority (ie, factory, or at least a helical/synchro box)
  12. lol, not ideal as an improvement.....are you making enough power to make it worth upgrading the gearset? a stronger box can make it a pain if you drive it daily, unless you are sticking with a helical gearset.
  13. I strongly doubt the oil is clean. if you drop it there will be sparkles of copper all through the bottom of the drain tray. I've very confident the bottom end needs a rebuild to replace the spun big end bearing, measure for any other damage (eg rod), cleaned thoroughly and reassembled
  14. 100% absolutely. stop running it and park it until you can fix it
  15. Yeah, pretty much. If the issue is in 1 cylinder you'll only see it on one plug (one injector or one coil pack), but if it is general like fuel pressure, bad tune etc you will see it over all. Failed o2 sensor not necessarily so simple because they only normally are used at light/constant throttle
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