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  1. It's pretty straightforward to deal with a bad workshop experience, post up what happened as fairly as you can but don't name the workshop in the post. People can ask you by PM if they want to. Anyone is welcome to setup www.alternativeuniverseSAUwhereyoucansayanythingyoulikeaboutbusinesses.com because then they are taking the financial risk, not Christian. His site, his rules. BTW....there was nothing good for skyline enthusiasts in that video, I saw my grandmother with her walking frame trying to get across the road at 14:43, glad they missed her.
  2. Go the pair of wires from the box plug into any other part of the system? I guess it just turns something in the system on/off, eg the 4wd for burnouts
  3. 250 is a bargain for drilling 10x holes about 200mm deep each, straight, through cast iron. It probably costs them that much in drill bits!
  4. I'd have to say, other than having seen the brand on an awesome race car I've seen and known nothing about them. I have no idea what part of the market they are trying to cover between the basic oil makers / local oil makers and premium/overseas oil makers, or what the reason is that we would use them?
  5. Just swap it for anything that fits for a few hot days, even something crappy like a micra. It also could be a leak that is only obvious under pressure (which it doesn't get to on cooler days) which you could check with a pressure tester.
  6. I know you said you changed it....but it sounds exactly like radiator cap not holding pressure....
  7. Did you end up having any problems with the intake?
  8. Thanks Rhys....do you know approx retail cost? How long was it on and how was the paint afterwards?
  9. Vinyl wrapping Has anyone had their car wrapped? Were you happy with the job? what did it cost? how did it last? My cima is the wrong colour but I don't think painting it is the way to go....
  10. Not sure why I never got around to posting in here since I've had an RB30 in the stagea for 8 years now....just got it back from Unigroup after they sorted an exhaust restriction so I thought it was time to post up This is from my rb30 stagea * Rb30 bottom end with forged pistons and rods * Standard stagea head * eboost 2 @ 19psi high boost * Garret GT35R with 0.63 housing (the baby one)...I think! * Generic front facing plenum and stainless high mount manifolds * Larger injectors but stuffed if I know what size or brand. It makes 200awkw @ 4000rpm and [email protected] with 19psi. Comes on nice and early which is what I was after.
  11. Yes, either the switch or the headlight relay has failed. Can you tell if it is regular or high beam that is stuck on? The relay is easiest to start with and only impacts your high beam flashing. Under the bonnet near the battery is a small black fuse box, find and remove the headlight relay. It is probably brown. If the headlight goes out you just need to replace that relay, and everything is fine to drive in the meantime if you can't get one straight away. If that makes no difference, or if it is the low beams that are on you need to remove the steering column surround to get to the wiring for the headlight switch. Once you get there unplug the wiring from the switch, if the light goes out you need to replace the switch. If that's the problem people like Just Jap keep them in stock because they are failing more often as the cars are 30 years old. If it's not that....head to an auto electrician
  12. I don't know....but I do know you don't need to know the diff ratio to change the engine. you just need to re-use your current sump to keep the current front diff ratio. If no-one knows the answer for sure the quick way is to turn count how many times the tailshaft turns for 1 full turn of the rear wheels. More accurate is taking the rear cover off the diff and reading the number of the diff's pinion gear. My guess is that it's 35/8 ie 4.375. It could also be 37/9 ie 4.1111
  13. BTW if someone has a spare ashtray for a 32 gtr I need one! have to keep my maccas change somewhere
  14. And the first button is connected directly to the left hand seat