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  1. You need to check the resistance of the sender at full and empty to calibrate the gauge, I haven't checked how the IC7 does that yet. If it needs to be an ECU input you just plug the values into the fuel level calibration in the haltech. R32 GTR values are in the workshop manual from memory.
  2. Now that is much more you than the previous hairdresser car. Add turbos please. Apparently a pair of GT3582 are the go.
  3. Nissan dealers will be helpful if you need a genuine oil filter for a Dualis, and that's about all. Amayama is my first port, if I need to find something I can't I use Jesse Streeter who is an ausssie expat in Japan and is super helpful.
  4. Well, required clearance comes down to your willingness to run unbalanced wheels and accept gouges in the wheels when rocks flick up.... For race use both are usually acceptable....but I'm not sure taking that chance is a good idea with post-US-25-years-rule prices on genuine skyline wheels...
  5. I've actually got 330mm ksports under r34 gtr wheels on my stagea. (rough) measurements are: 410mm inner diameter of the wheel (18x9" R34 GTR standard) 40mm clearance either side of the disc (330+40+40=410mm) 20mm clearance from the caliper to the inner wheel (or to say it another way, they hug the disc nicely, only 20mm proud) Based on all that those 355s would fit fine - 12.5mm less clearance at the caliper still leaves 8.5mm clearance for a 355 kit. Of course, different 355 kits will have difference sizes, but generally you would expect a 355 kit to fit under 18s.
  6. For looks or performance? Good 355mm rotors, pads and calipers will work up to and beyond 24 hour endurance racing. Assuming it's for looks I'd check out R35 brakes, I know that 18" wheels can be used on an R35, so those brakes must fit under 18s
  7. Check out Lumley as well. My experience with Shannons is they were great with taking premiums, not so fair and reasonable with paying claims which I kind of thought was the point of insurance...
  8. yeah not cheap but the engineering looks excellent. the skid factory on youtube just put one on a holden v8 and even it was able to make power!
  9. Agreed, and this could almost certainly be made to fit https://www.harrop.com.au/shop/4x4-performance/supercharger/fdfi2300-nissan-y62-patrol-series-1-5-kit But, too much power to handle?
  10. the point is, getting the bearing remains out is irrelevant. The engine needs to be disassembled, measure and rebuilt or simply replaced. if the bearing has spun enough to weld onto the journal, both surfaces are almost certainly f**ked and need machining. Potentially it is too badly damaged to even put oversize bearings in, but you can't tell without disassembling and measuring
  11. Getting the bearing off the rod and crank is of no relevance, both will need to be measured and almost certainly machined before they could be re-used, let the machine shop sort it. BTW if it has spun that badly everything where oil goes needs to be disassembled and cleaned or replaced including any oil cooler and factory water/oil cooler. If machining/rebuilding is out of budget throw them in the bin and put a second hand engine in.
  12. shit mark, glad you are OK. But if an 86 is too much to handle, what possible option is there to downgrade to?
  13. Not sure where you are (no location in your profile), but just jap seems to have these in stock brand new https://justjap.com/nissan-passenger-side-air-vent-assembly-nissan-skyline-r32.html
  14. Well, what it originally left the factory with is stamped on the chassis plate on the firewall. R32 GTST came with rb20det not rb25det, although some late r32 gts came with rb25de no t. But I guess you are asking if you have an rb25det motor with a turbo removed, or an rb25de. One way to tell should be a compression test as the rb25det will have lower compression, not sure other certain ways because it seems some rb25de blocks had plugged ports for the oil feed and oil return instead of nothing at all (although, no oil ports would confirm rb25de) Quick search on here suggests 75T was the casting number for both rb25de and rb25det from R33 gtst, so that doesn't help.
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