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  1. Hi, im after the middle section of the handbrake cables if anyone has any off a r32, a31 or c33. located S.E. Melbourne. Happy to pay for shipping. pic for reference cheers
  2. Hi all, Are R32 ecu compatible with A31 wiring loom? Seems that later series (S2/S3) compatible but early (S1) are not? Anyone able to clarify? Alot of mixed answers. Cheers
  3. Hi all, I'm after a manual a31rb20det manual ecu Part number 23710-73l00 If anyone's got one I'll be very interested. Located south east vic Cheers
  4. Hi there im after a turbo dizzy from a l28et or a l20et with a plug that goes into the ecu (so dont want point dizzy or matchbox dizzy with a vacuum diaphragm) located in victoria but will buy from anywhere cheers
  5. Hi guys, Ive got a Datsun Nissan Skyline MR30 L24 6 cylinder engine head Early injected MR30 head with great flowing properties. Kidney shaped/Closed chamber head good for high compressions Round intake valves and square exhaust ports with no liners Sought after and hard to come by these days Missing rocker arms and lash pads. Comes with efi and exhaust manifold $1000 negotiable Pickup south east vic cheers
  6. Want to buy r200 lsd 4.3 ratio 5 bolt flange abs model 4 bolt cover (s13/180sx/r32) located south east vic cheers
  7. Doesn't really matter if it's a DR30 or HR30, Iron mask or not. Any model R30 coupe will do. Is this the stripped down red DR30 Iron mask that is sitting in primer? selling for $6000? i believe i saw this one on facebook
  8. Hi, I’m after a straight r30 coupe rolling shell with complete interior. Prefer it to be in Victoria to inspect. Cheers
  9. Hi, having a garage clean out. Need them gone. Negotiable. Located south east Melbourne. 240k L24 inlet and exhaust manifold $100 L20A injected inlet manifold and fuel rail $250 260z flat top twin SU carburetor $250 Round top twin SU carburetor $400 L series 5 speed gearbox $400 Dr30 hubs and rotor $100 DR30 LHS guard $200 MR30 struts, springs, hubs, rotor, calipers $350 Mr30 tail lights $50 R32 centre console $100 R32 centre control surround (has a crack) $50 R32 rear bumper $150 R32 rear pods $100 R32 aircon condenser $150 CA18 starter motor $50 S13 rear tein coilovers $250
  10. Hi, after a r34 rb25det neo engine complete with all bolt ons, wiring loom and ecu. the lower the km and unmodified the better. Prefer for it to be in Melbourne for inspection and pickup. Thanks
  11. Hi, Im after a r200 3.9 ratio open longnose diff. Located in Melbourne but willing to pay shipping from elsewhere. Cheers
  12. Hey mate long shot but do you have HR31 rear brake setup for sale? Thanks
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