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  1. This project still going or what?
  2. Car is looking good man. I'm looking forward to more updates.
  3. Gear box sold. Motor still available. Need to make room in the garage.
  4. Hey folks. I have an SR20DET complete motor including loom and ecu - $1600 I also have 5 spd gearbox - $500 They came out of a 1995 S14 which I bought damaged. Unknown Kms on motor but it started and ran fine when I got it home. I have a short video on my phone showing it starting and running which I can send to those who are interested. Located in WA but happy to package them up (shrink wrap and place them on a pallet) for a courier to pick up. Cheers
  5. Car looks great mate.
  6. Looking good mate
  7. Doesn't matter who did what. Car looks great even when it's still not complete.
  8. What's happening with this car? Would like to see some updates if there are any....