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  1. AMR33

    no luck unfortunately mate
  2. AMR33

    I doubt it mate but I'll check the garage when I get home from work.
  3. AMR33

    Has this moved on to a new owner? If so, do they care to share their future plans (assuming they're a forum member)
  4. AMR33

    Agreed. It was a nice little track and the sprint series was good fun. Collie looks good with the extension. Which other track SOR?
  5. AMR33

    I remember seeing this thing at the at the RAC track a couple or so years ago. Very nice mate.
  6. AMR33

    Thanks for that. Will have a think about it. I'll PM you if I want to grab a set. Cheers
  7. AMR33

    What would a set of MCA blues for an e87 130i go for? Considering some coilovers for the old hatch
  8. AMR33

    Exhaust, intercooler, radiator and a bunch of other stuff still available. Would rather sell them dirt cheap than throw them away.
  9. AMR33

    Coolant bottle gone. Other bits available
  10. Car looks good. Good choice going with the Pro 200; it's a great seat. I had it in my R33 a while ago and it is very comfy for a race seat and holds you in nicely.
  11. AMR33

    Front seats, intercooler piping and rear hubs and knuckles sold. All other parts still available. I also have a bunch of other parts from an s14 I wrecked so feel free to ask.