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  1. Apologies for the late reply Dash vents gone BMC available
  2. Motor, gearbox, tail shaft, ECU & loom Sold What I have left are the brakes, half shafts, and other bits and pieces
  3. All those parts have been sold. Apologies for the late response
  4. Motor and Gearbox are out of the car. I think slightly cracked the sump pan when removing the motor so that may need to be replaced. Happy to sell as a package or to separate. Video of the motor starting and running is on the first page of this post.
  5. Stock Diff. Sold yesterday. Also sold: Strut braces rolling shell Aircon vents
  6. I'll send some pictures when i get home but they are just normal seat belt buckles. $20 each
  7. Yes mate. I've got all 3 seat belt buckles
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