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  1. I don't share the same view re gearbox. Having something geared such that the engine is kept more within its useable torque range, tolerates/demands positive/quick gear changing is going to be a better thing all round in a track/competitive environment. I'll stand up and say a CA running 200kW with a CR dog box will probably be (depending on track and driver) equal or better than a 250kW SR running a standard box. End of the day, motorsport and car mods aren't cheap. It's your choice, there's different views/perspectives. Keep us updated with what course you take.
  2. Cubic inches do count. I agree with that. But the effort + cost vs return on investment doesn't add up here. Following your build thread, I'd be tipping the coin into decent tyres (and often). And chasing down a proper close ratio dog box. Those two things would add much more speed.
  3. Operating either engine above the boost threshold for the turbo, yep the result will be largely similar. It's not like you've selected a monster sized turbo, and it's not going to be that hard to keep the engine spinning at 3500 even on the slowest corners. Turbos (ie airflow) make torque so the 2860 will make a world of difference to a stock CA. A 2860 won't make that much torque that you will strip the gears in your box. Track work on a tarmac circuit doesn't see shock load/unload situations like you will on a gravel rally stage. (that can/does cause problems). I find it's drivers that generally break gearboxes.
  4. -8 = fuel system bling Bulkier fittings and lines/hoses start to become a packaging/routing problem then. But I like.
  5. I started motorsport in rally, navigating in a R31. There's nothing wrong with a good NA. It's just that a 2 valve RB head is nothing at all special. The whole thing can be made better ie able to breathe and make the torque at higher rpm with a 4 valve head. Depends how much you want to go down that path, and what the budget is to make things less wrong. Big heavy NA RB won't go through twisty hillclimb stuff that easy, and you'll need a sun dial to time it for Time Attack. But you could certainly have fun. Fatz evidently had a whale of a time in 24 hour Lemons event with his R31.
  6. RB30E with a cam and extractors. If it made a genuine 120rwkW you'd have to be satisfied. Not far short at 108. Guessing it's all done at 5000rpm? It's a lot harder to make NA hp, and it's going to involve compression, proper fuel eg E85, lots of revs and light components that rotate and reciprocate. Toss out the 2 valve head and get a 4 valve. Multiple throttles inlet, and then find someone who understands inlet tract length, header design, and cam spec/timing. Presuming you're in love with NA RB engines.
  7. It's all about where the pistons finish up at TDC. As per Ben's comments, these won't be right if they're for a 25 build.
  8. This is a setup I'd like to see! I've felt that the S257 SXE is an untried hero for the RB budget performance crowd. Pics please, and show us the dyno sheet. Any idea what sort of timing this thing is taking up top? What does it drive like?
  9. Should prove to be a good combination Craig. Next stop, upgraded clutch to handle the mumbo.
  10. I have. Generically they are very similar to a 240Z fitment. Initial concerns about cutting the metal were there, but the result was worth it. Some people don't want to alter the original spec. I don't share that sentiment. Remember it's just an object made of metal.
  11. So who made the custom one then? Pics please!
  12. Definitely left field stuff. Love it. Give us more detail!
  13. Shortcut!! Is there bitumen on the outside of that kerb? edit - watched the video. Yes there's bitumen out there. Nice lap.
  14. Understood Unless you get something that has a fair bit of increased turbine capacity, it will tail off somewhere around 6-6500rpm. I may know of something suitable as a stop gap.
  15. You've probably got to get a firm idea of what you're trying to achieve. And at what cost/effort. What are you trying to achieve? There's nothing inherently wrong with the 2530, BTW. It just has limitations, same as any other turbo. https://www.turbobygarrett.com/turbobygarrett/turbochargers/gtx2867r-gen-ii You could use a GTX2867 supercore and install your existing turbine housing onto that. Relatively simple changeover, and it should make a bit more hp with broadly similar (but different) response characteristics. Not a worthwhile change IMO, on a $$/hp basis. Unless the 2530 looks like it's on its last legs. Home-cooked hybrid spec turbo just isn't worth it either, when there are plenty of tested/proven combinations for RB25 out there