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  1. Dale FZ1

    Jumping between this and the EFR thread comments. What is it that you want/hope to achieve? More torque off-boost? Better driveability into boost? Improved low load fuel consumption :) ? Using less boost (and therefore turbine rpm) to make similar power figure you currently have? That seems to be the thrust of what to expect - none of which is a bad thing IMO
  2. Dale FZ1

    Try changing to a different oil. HPR30 Penrite ought to give very different values on your gauge, even if it's standard OEM one
  3. Dale FZ1

    Will need new pistons with bigger crown. Hopefully no issues with achieving piston to valve clearance. I don't think increasing static comp will offer a "silver bullet" solution, but it might be good in conjunction with a 1.45 turbine housing. I'd be looking for the cleanest/coolest charge in those chambers, and less EMAP the way forward.
  4. Dale FZ1

    So are you looking to fix some "deficiency" or got the bug to play a bit more?
  5. Looking forward to that. Would be cool if you can post up learnings/logs in an appropriate thread for EMAP/IMAP too!
  6. Would be good if you have a few pics of the work on your pump housing? And with the hp level, presuming you might have the right sensor setup to log oil pressure? Be good if you can post up a log run to show oil pump performance
  7. Dale FZ1

    Try with Kudos Motorsport, or Nissan. Cam belt is not a massively difficult job to replace, so if in doubt throw another one on.
  8. Dale FZ1

    Replace the gasket/spacer in your upper cam belt cover, ie hole where the CAS passes through. Stop contact/grinding on the CAS mount with proper clearance.
  9. Dale FZ1

    So this is a GTR thing then? If so, count me out. Is there drag racing type launches involved?
  10. Dale FZ1

    First question: who has cracked a RB block? And how/when/where?
  11. No fanboy. I'm running 6266. Slowly too.
  12. This is the good oil Dan. I hope people take the time to think this through. Many people get wound up about the detail and fail to comprehend "what went wrong". Often it's overlooking the detail, and how things work together. Either that, or the driving talent is under-developed :)
  13. Excellent initiative to put up this info about what is the critical point for tuning an RB. To me a few things jump out. 1. Crank trigger is going to be closer to the ultimate point of truth for actual crank position. 2. Cam mounted trigger always has to be the second rate choice (by how much being the point of this thread) due to drive slop, belt flap, harmonics, power pulse sizes, etc. And probably the number of teeth involved. 3. Hall effect sensor is not the ideal choice for signal reliability. 4. Depending on engine spec, output, and speed (and what is the target achievement), a cam trigger system may be a pragmatic/practical solution for those punters without the time and $$ resources to go with a proper crank trigger. I'd like to see the result if the re-windowed CAS was replaced with something like the NZ Wiring kit.
  14. Dale FZ1

    Did the physical bulk of this unit cause much packaging/fitment issues? What manifold? Pics would probably tell a lot for people contemplating the same unit.