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  1. Dale FZ1

    Flares looking great!
  2. Dale FZ1

    If you're not brand-conscious then consider Garrett, Borg Warner, Precision, Master Power, Kinugawa. If you want one built specifically for you, Melbourne based then talk with Hypergear. As to sourcing them, there's plenty of comments throughout this forum where to look. Possibly won't be a lot of direct experience with Porsche engines on a Skyline-centric forum, but if I recall correctly those early spec 70s - 80s air cooled engines were (by RB standards) lower revving and fairly low compression pumps. But they did run a solid hit of boost and performed strongly if you could keep them in a boost friendly rpm range. If you're looking to boost a high-comp donk, best be speaking to people with Porsche experience, and considering how you're planning to fuel and tune it. Could be a great experience, would like to hear more as you go along. Being Euro the engine will no doubt have some demanding requirements, but the turbo choices will be broad.
  3. Agree RB26 is over rated. Those results very good numbers, depending on what level of responsiveness (thinking about EFR crowd). Real message I'm seeing is "nothing fancy" can make good results. Make sure the bases are properly covered (turbo, mani, gate, exhaust, inlet, fuel system, tune) and it's possible to achieve the goals. Not revving the tits off the stock engine might keep it alive longer too.
  4. 3082 + 0.82 will do what you need on track. As Bob suggested, you've got it, should use it. It's the rest of the car setup that will be the challenge. Getting that 34 into and through the corners efficiently is much harder than getting it to pull off the corners
  5. Is that like free beer tomorrow? The options being talked about aren't exactly dogs of things, and I agree with Lithium's comment re: having all things fitted and operating properly before turning the torch on turbo A vs. turbo B.
  6. Dale FZ1

    Well done! Presuming CEA? Split pulse or single scroll? Post up a couple of pics of the installation
  7. Dale FZ1

    Keep the job on a roll!
  8. Dale FZ1

    So more accurate ignition control paid huge dividends. That's great news. 98 fuel is the current limiting factor, and to run more boost you will need to pull timing to keep it together? Mid range torque looks like it should pull hard off corners with awd traction capability. Very good - must be very satisfying to drive. Wonder why torque drops so noticeably around 62-6400? Very similar trait to RB25. Be interesting to see what EMAP looks like
  9. Dale FZ1

    Would be an interesting little package. No desire to go with a complete YB engine for cylinder head flow efficiency? 2 valve Pinto head would be a sticking point in chasing hp if you got really serious. By sticking with existing manifolding / turbine / wastegate you're definitely making life easier with the change over. Boost would be the preferred way to more hp than revving the engine harder IMO so the thinking is fairly sound if you're wanting a 40-50hp increase. Be interested to see the before/after results of this upgrade.
  10. Dale FZ1

    Probably not the case of getting the best out of whatever turbo. Wants to run 9s, less lag than T51S
  11. Dale FZ1

    Drag application? What does the maths say you need for hp/weight to achieve the 9 second goal? Not a lot of info on how hard you're intending to rev the engine, or what's happening with trans etc. For direct bolt up, forget it. Accept you will need to make a few alterations to the dump pipe to make things fit. Fact of life, nothing comes easy. I'd aim at the 6466CEA for mid 500kW, so V band inlet means you get a 0.82 housing. But I'd sell off the current manifold and get a T4 split pulse, run a 1.15 housing. But before I did anything, I'd speak with a person who knows and plays in this area. Call Boost Automotive in Launceston.
  12. They're not introducing more new tech with these combinations. Nothing comes for nothing - of course they will behave differently to achieve the flow.
  13. Dale FZ1

    Welcome Tom! I'm sure you'll get a lot of enjoyment, and a measure of frustration from your GTR. There's a wealth of knowledge on this forum, and very few questions that haven't been answered. More than a few views about making a good thing even better too!
  14. Dale FZ1

    Jumping between this and the EFR thread comments. What is it that you want/hope to achieve? More torque off-boost? Better driveability into boost? Improved low load fuel consumption :) ? Using less boost (and therefore turbine rpm) to make similar power figure you currently have? That seems to be the thrust of what to expect - none of which is a bad thing IMO
  15. Dale FZ1

    Try changing to a different oil. HPR30 Penrite ought to give very different values on your gauge, even if it's standard OEM one