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  1. 260DET

    Not sure if this is a + or a - but John Bowe will be there dispensing free advice LOL. Wish I was going this year ☹️
  2. Challenge Bathurst weekend 17,18 Nov 2018, cost $1690, 2:36 minimum lap speed, log booked and road registered cars eligible, share garage. More info at the Challenge Bathurst website, the Z Car Club Q being an original contributor is allocated a number of places with one entry being cancelled hence this offer. The club's contact is David d1770@tpg.com.au for EOI's, this spot is only available through him. A great well organised event you will get plenty of laps with a mostly well behaved group of Datsuns and quite a few other makes too, it's Bathurst and will never be cheaper.
  3. 260DET

    Thanks Blue, that helps.
  4. 260DET

    The final decision for my project is to go with a management system that supports OBD. So my question is, what OBD compatible dashes are worth looking at?
  5. 260DET

    The hardest thing I've found is accepting that in spending money on a race car means basically saying goodbye to it. That's OK when it's just a few dolla, it's the big chunks that hurt but if those big chunks work then over time then I'm pleased with making the right choice. It's usually when I've tried to compromise that mistakes are made. My philosophy is if the money is spare then spend it, if motorsport really is your thing then do it while you can. One example for you, go five stud and get a really good aftermarket brake kit, two piece floating rotors, the lot. You S chassis people are spoilt for choice.
  6. 260DET

    Basically you can't afford what is needed, this is probably why some commentators get frustrated. There are heaps of things that you could do like big wide wheels, MCA suspension but if it all comes down to the $ then it gets to be a personal thing. You just can't expect to compete with the $ cars, what you can do is keep tweaking what you have and enjoy the challenge of different circuits. Race against yourself, you can always do better.
  7. 260DET

    Of course optimising what you already have will cost you more and thoroughly investigating weight and cost is part of that process. What I find is that most don't do this thoroughly but instead take the easy well known option which is not always the best. Let's take brakes. Have you searched every option available? There are online sources such as Ceika who offer a wide range of kits, their stuff looks to be good quality but I have not used mine yet. Their downside is that the adapters are made of steel and can be heavy depending on how big they are. At least you choice is clear, optimising what you have or go with a heavier more powerful car that may or may not be faster, depending on the circuit. On the subject of circuits, go to as many different ones as possible. How about Bathurst in November?
  8. 260DET

    On people airing their opinions, that's OK if they are on topic but can be quite annoying when posters air opinions that in reality are what they would like or prefer and have nothing to do with the OP. It also helps some people when trying to make a decision to write down their thoughts, relevant responses help in that process. Only comment I have is not to forget to check things like can your present box type can be upgraded, same with the brakes eg better cooling, better pads, better calipers, etc. You have a low weight advantage that is quickly going to be lost if heavier bits like a 32 box are fitted. There is something to be said for optimising what you already have, it's the package that's important, maximum performance with minimum weight.
  9. 260DET

    Bugger being fair, with a race car you are putting your life and others on the line.
  10. 260DET

    Dan has all the skills to be a worthy world champ, I fear that he will never get the car to match those skills. A pox on Renault.
  11. 260DET

    Aim have an local office, they will likely get my business.
  12. 260DET

    It depends on a few things including how much spare time you have but it sounds like you would be better off buying a suitable track car at the right price and going through it in between races. One thing I have learnt with a modified car is not to trust other peoples work unless you are familiar with the quality of their work, the things some people do with a race car is unbelievable.
  13. 260DET

    Just found the attached list of compatible ECU's for the Aim Strada and according to Demon Tweeks suitable cables are supplied with the kit. This seems to be a much better option for me rather than being stuck with Haltech only. http://www.aim-sportline.com/eng/download/ecu-connections-racing.htm
  14. 260DET

    Have asked Demon Tweeks if this https://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/data-logging-dash-loggers-loggers/aim-motorsport-mxs-strada-dash-display will talk with a Haltech Elite. Five inch TFT display and optional satnav for speed readings which I believe to be more accurate than the alternatives.
  15. 260DET

    Nice looking display that MoTec, my ECU is a Haltech Elite and Haltech seem to be all over the place with what works with what. I'd prefer to get something other than a Haltech dash that will still work with the Elite yet be more universal in case I want to change ECU's. Buggered if I know what though.