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  1. That thread you linked says that Potrolls have an external prop valve.
  2. Pretty sure that a Patrol has a one and 1/16" BMC so the one I have may not have a prop valve. Shouldn't be too hard to remove the piston and see what if anything is behind it.
  3. All I know is that the BMC is a 1 and 1/16" Nissan non ABS unit, need to know how to tell if it has a internal proportioning valve and if so how to remove it. See, nice short simple question
  4. Sprints obviously, bloody hell where does all that 2 WD grip come from, great lap. Any probs with the Tremec?
  5. How's this dash going for you? Haltech no longer offer the IQ3 display dash which I'd just decided to get so this DASH2 is of interest now.
  6. lol I got banned from PF for calling that ' f**k off if you know more than me' mod a dick head. No worries
  7. Have spent a couple of hours googling for a simple formula based on master cylinder sizes to total caliper piston sizes with no luck, that would be handy for both options. For the boosted option I do have some info on a MC size that should work, for the manual option nothing. Cost is not relevant, a new booster and MC is probably more expensive.
  8. True but I tend not to be a man sometimes although Porsche's have brake boosters and real men drive Porsche's.....
  9. Dedicated race car, the choice is between the standard type master cylinder, a booster and a proportioning valve, and, a non boosted system with one or two master cylinders. My main concern is that the non boosted system will require too much pedal pressure which will deaden brake feel, the boosted system on a similar car works well for me and is easy to modulate. I know that no booster is cool and offers more scope for balance with two cylinders but I don't want a heavy pedal. Experiences?
  10. Lol, what's this new trailer called, B Double? Solar powered fridge is good, the lift pump battery on my trailer is charged by solar power which saves a lot of stuffing around on a trip.
  11. It saves weight if you don't carry beer with you, buy it at the destination. My point is a modern medium/large suv makes a great tow bitch, way better dynamics, fuel economy and comfort compared with most ladder frame 4x4's. Particularly something with a V6 turbo diesel, struggling for power is a pain on a long trip..
  12. Most of us tow race cars not buses Fat car 1,500 + trailer 500 = 2,000kg. Actually my Z is around 1,200kg and that's a bit on the heavy side. I do travel light, no spare set of tyres etc, if you want to get that pro get a truck.
  13. Tyrepower sell Nankangs, they got me a pair. But there seems to be parallel imports too, check ebay.
  14. Go the Yeep
  15. Got to be careful what I say here but 'someone I've heard about' tows with an Audi Q5 Sport V6 diesel, at speeds acceptable on one of them autobarns. Well why not have some fun on the road when interstating, they are a disgrace safety wise anyway.