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  1. Sequential would be rubbish in traffic but for a bit of track time for someone who likes a sequential this Bremer shifter makes a lot of sense. A dog box sequential is something else again, in outlay and in use, it certainly would be more awkward to use in traffic. Don't know about Nissan boxes but for Tremecs there are shift enhancements available including carbon fibre syncro rings so box life with them should be good. There is nothing fake here, it's an option which would make sense for some.
  2. What has a H pattern got anything to do with it, all depends on the driver. With a dog box the shifts have to be hard and fast as the video above showed, with a syncro box it's easier on the syncros if the shift is made a bit slower which can be done using that sequential conversion. Drivers bang through shifts on a H pattern box all the time, the syncros don't care which pattern the shifter is. Too much bandwagoning and not enough thinking going on here.
  3. Lots of negative here, if you don't like a sequential then fine but plenty of race pros prefer them and when watching in car videos you can see why. Depending on driver skill then the syncros will be a serviceable item just like the dogs are in a dog box. Phil in the mighty 280ZX with a Quaife sequential dog box.
  4. Just did some googling, Haltech list the IQ3 street dash for $1,199.
  5. Have ordered one of these Reveltronics Utcomp Pro programmable dashes https://www.reveltronics.com/en/products/universal-trip-computer-utcomp which will be connected to the required sensors rather than the Elite. The idea is to highlight speed and revs for the track car , the supporting info like temps will be scrollable. A oil pressure alarm is required, might do this separately or through a Ecliptech 2 shift light system which has that feature. Physically it will all be set up above the steering column with a shift light like the Ecliptech sitting on top of the Utcomp Pro.
  6. Nah, that was the old Grand Cherokee, the Mercedes job. My Cherokee is not Grand lol and the recent Grand Cherokee's are a great tow pig according to a couple I know of.
  7. Yeh my Cherokee is rock solid towing at any speed including braking down hill, the PB Challenger diesel was a POS compared. The C's long wheelbase with the rear wheels close to the towing point and generally good dynamics helps a lot.Engine just needs a chip.
  8. Wow, so much advice, I'm overwhelmed lol. Anyway from what I've learnt the Haltech dash will only read from the ECU, no outside inputs. Which would be fine for a lot of users but not my older car with an unusual feature. So what else? After googling around Racepak came up, they are sold by Haltech here which is handy. For my unusual purpose the Ultradash Extreme Replay at around $1450 seems the go, much more readable on the fly plus it has a 10 minute replay feature which could be handy. It's stand alone and works off the usual sensors and is not ECU dependant. And it is not ugly.
  9. That trailer looks like it weighs a ton but of course it depends on the distances you tow and the load as to how relevant weight is. My 500kg Tilta Trailer is brilliant, solar panel keeps the battery charged, from Qld it's been to PI and Bathurst twice, slight buckle in one alloy wheel after hitting a monster pot hole at speed.
  10. If oil pressure is good particularly hot when idling then go with 2, above all a track engine needs to be reliable and not drop shit.
  11. AIM Australia sell them on line, think I'll go with the Haltech dash for $1100 including GPS. It's not very pretty but it is big and plug 'n play and cheaper than the alternatives.
  12. Recent Z club from Qld to Bathurst expedition produced a variety of tow bitches, couple of Land Rover diesels, Audi Q5 V6 diesel, Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel plus my Cherokee oiler, Jeep petrol V8. Ford Ranger diesel. and a few others. General consensus was that the modern type SUV is much more suitable than old 4X4 technology for comfort and lap time with good economy., even for the petrol V8.
  13. AIM have got back to me saying that the Strada and Haltech Elite will do happy talk together and that no extras are required. AIM now have a larger sized Strada so that looks to be a good choice. Any links or tips on hooking these sorts of systems up would be appreciated, I have no idea.
  14. So what happened here, anything of interest? As well as the Microtech dash I'm considering the AIM (not AEM) MXS Strada which seems to tick lots of boxes http://aimsports.com/eng/products-car/mxs-strada/index.htm If anyone knows how one would be connected to a Haltech Elite ECU that would be great, am going to ask AIM about that too.
  15. It will be interesting to compare PC2 Bathurst with the real thing 8 days from now, by that I mean lines, throttle control and relative corner speeds particularly. So far comparing PC2 with real footage of Bathurst it's pretty damn good, one of the things I've learnt is that corner speed is still very important for lap times even given the long straights at Bathurst. When 'driving' the IMSA 300ZX which is a 2min + low teen lap car backing off a bit on the corners lost ~10 seconds. I have no clue what the other games are like but PC2 gets a big thumbs up from me.