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  1. Targa Tasmania It's on, no Neesan interest? OK, check this Datsun out then.
  2. Paddle Shifter Electronics It's complicated to explain but basically involves alternative shifting between a overdrive unit and an automatic transmission using just a paddle shift arrangement. Usually such shifting is done using a sequential manual shifter for the trans with a button controlling the overdrive unit, the sequence being manual shift, overdrive shift, manual shift, overdrive shift and so on. Paddle shifting is not essential it's just that with a manual shifter there can be no gaps in between for the overdrive unit to shift. I'll have to solve the problem myself but tips and sources for made up circuits that may be useful would help a lot. May have to educate myself on basic electronics too.
  3. Pretty sure that in the US it's common to use varying width slip on spacers, think Porsche did too at least at one time. See pics of some race cars with long studs sticking out.
  4. FYI the Z Car Club Q block entry being organised by David email [email protected] will with a bit more support, which is well on track, be able to buy a block of entries. This means that the block run together in Regularity, plus have lock up 24 hour use of their allocated main pit garages with groups eg a SAU group, being able to share the one garage plus have camping advantages. But you have to go through David who is authorised by the organisers to accept entries, you may email him now with a EOI or for more info.
  5. Good work in not cutting out pieces around the gearshift lever chassis hole, that's all structural and reinforced for a reason.
  6. If you end up needing more front grip then you have the option of using spacers there, it's a handy option to have.
  7. Thanks, if there are problems I'll ask for advice.
  8. 3 mm should be OK providing it's properly done and everything measures up OK including stud length.
  9. What will be interesting is that the S14 rack is being fitted to a Z31 300ZX, the S14 is a touch wider there.
  10. The GK Tech ones have a tensile strength quoted and GK seem to do their R&D so they will be the go, hopefully.
  11. GTSBoy That GK-Tech stuff looks pretty good, particularly like all the R&D that has gone into those rear suspension bits. Will be getting a set of their dropped tie rod ends for the project car.
  12. S14 Rear Roll Centre Firstly, is there any simple way to calculate the roll centre? My problem is with a transplanted S14 cradle setup, the rear ride height is too high but I don't want to adjust it down less than with the lower control arms (LCA's) sloping down a bit towards the wheels which would approximate stock I guess. As far as I know to raise the centre the cradle would have to be raised higher relative to the car which is not practical or else raise the LCA's inner pivot points or lower the outer. First things first though, how can I work out the roll centre height?
  13. Dropped Tie Rod Ends? Impulse bought a set but am concerned about reliability, saw a new aftermarket one break at Lakeside, the result was not nice. Really they should be made from cromo or other high spec steel but there is never any info on that so what's good and available? How about these G Tech ones https://www.gktech.com/high-misalignment-64-degrees-tie-rod-ends-12mm-14mm.html
  14. Great info Anfanee, thanks. Makes it a tough choice between Cars and Forza for my purposes.
  15. Is the Thrustmaster T300RS significantly more realistic than the G29? Don't mind spending a bit more if the value and performance is there.