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  1. What hardware are you using Anfanee? With the PS4 pro I found the 240Z with the stock setup a pig to drive, high speed oversteer, low speed understeer. Yet a real racer friend on PC is having a ball with the same car.
  2. Can't see the point in using a race simulator without a wheel and pedals but anyway my new PS4pro setup will be finished soon so no personal experience yet. From what I've seen though the cars look and act real eg compared with Forza where the cars seem to float along without any direct interaction with the track. I've raced around Bathurst so the comparison will be interesting, there are a couple of Jap cars available so the aim is to tune the most suitable as similar as possible to my track car and go from there. The idea is to gain more Bathurst familiarity as relevant to my track car, will report back.
  3. 25psi cold is my default starting pressure for semi slicks.
  4. Anything new? Present shopping list is PS4 pro, Thrustmaster T300 and Cars, the new version if possible.
  5. New paint job would put me off.
  6. With you Harry, going with a set of the Nankangs. Pissed off with the advice I got, or did not get, about the soft Hankooks from the Q distributor. From what I know now for a track like Bathurst mediums are the go, they just take a bit more time to heat up but cycle way better than the softs which is irrelevant when you are doing 20 minute sessions.
  7. Bathurst in November will be my last run on 17" tyres so I'm a bit price sensitive having to buy a new set for only that event. With the Hankooks it looks like the price has gone up due to demand not to production cost, it's a bit annoying because it's always the club blokes looking for a bargain that first try out new tyres and so establish their reputation or not. Oh well, I'm going to try out a newbie and see how they go and keep quiet if they are good, stuff it
  8. miss take
  9. Good to see some input, there are quite a few tyres around described as semi slicks but which have road tyre type tread so that excludes them. Nitto NT01's have their fans as do the new R888's . .
  10. Geez, this thread needs a bump to keep up with what's happening on the semi slick club race scene. OK I'm bitching, a set of new Hankook 214 SOFT worked great at Challenge Bathurst 2016 but that was it, plenty of tread left but zero grip, wheelspin in top gear, no grip whatsoever at Morgan park a few months later. So I'm thinking mediums instead for this year's Challenge but the price has gone up of course no doubt as a result of their club popularity transferring to the propretend (TV exposure) lot. What was once a budget buy is now a greed grab in price, I'm looking elsewhere.
  11. Good to see the progress being made and some track time too. You got those GKTech dropped tie rod ends didn't you, how are they working and what's your opinion of the quality? I got a no brand set and am concerned about the strength of the through bolt part, have heard of them breaking too. When they are machined they should be rounded on the inside where the bolt changes diameter to prevent a stress riser, mine are not.
  12. No need for mechanics with my 2015 diesel Cherokee, well just to get serviced. Tows great, nice to drive, no problems.
  13. Bloody hell, we only need to tow a race car not tilt the world off it's axis It's a pity that Jeeps are currently persona non gratia, a friend of of mine has a Grand Cherokee petrol Mopar V8 that truly is one of the ultimate tow bitches, reasonable fuel economy too, 16 he talks about.
  14. Dan is wasting his talent at RB and he knows it, bloody Renault just can't match MB or Fez.