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  1. If it becomes a problem for the cops my semi educated guess is that they will apply to amend (correct) the notice. Everything is weighted in favour of the police who make mistakes all the time.
  2. Anyone know what interchanges between the two?
  3. Got them out, if it was to be done again this is how I'd do it. Use a ~15mm drill to drill holes through the poly close together around the perimeter of each bush, rock the drill sideways to break though the holes so the centre can be removed. Some poly will be left stuck to the outer wall of the bush housing so clean that out with a coarse file or something. A butane torch can then be used to melt away what's left. Easy peasy
  4. Thanks blokes, the subframe is out so accessibility is no problem.
  5. Thinking of using a reciprocating saw to cut them out from the inside but have yet to check if suitable thin blades are available. Burning does not seem to be a good idea, or is it?
  6. Thanks for the offer Andy, wonder if the pinion is repairable, will check that out.
  7. Hit me up with an oldie but goodie, PM best, I'm at Warwick Q. By 'gear set' I mean crown wheel and pinion, cheers, Richard.
  8. I've gone through something similar but at the diff end. Because I am not in a position to grab hold of a bunch of CV axles to try to mix and match I've decided to change the LSD to 29 spline to match the CV axle. Those were my two choices which actually ended up as one choice.
  9. Bloody book of faces ☹️
  10. Another OBD2 option I'm told is to get a wireless connector that plugs into the OBD2 port and a car orientated Android screen device with GPS for relatively peanuts eg 9" screen device on ebay for $133. No data logging of course but all that's presently needed is a in car display of a fair size, the above solution sounds almost too good to be true. Anything to look out for, anything in particular that the Android device should have? Thanks, if there is helpful interest I'll do pics and details in due course.
  11. 260DET

    Good Tow Cars?

    Can't argue with Fatz' Audi, be a lot more satisfying and comfortable to drive on tarmac than some last century ladder frame.
  12. Not sure if this is a + or a - but John Bowe will be there dispensing free advice LOL. Wish I was going this year ☹️
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