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  1. Roll centres are a budget thing, forgot to mention them.
  2. Project Cars 2 is said to be released "Septemberish" this year which probably means near the year's end. Just looking at Cars videos gives the impression that their dynamics are better than the other two, no unrealistic wobbling around although the graphics are not as good which is something that apparently will be much improved in Cars 2.
  3. I guess that suggesting MCA three way dampers does not fit in with the budget build concept, all I can say is that handling problems like severe understeer can sometimes be almost magically fixed by a couple of clicks of low speed damping. For my race car build the new set of coilovers will be sent to Murray to do his thing on before use.
  4. Have no idea how the S chassis goes with rear sway bars but my Z cars have always run with a heavy front bar and none on the rear at all. Of course using a Torsen type diff has something to do with that but in principle I just don't like the independance of the rear suspension to be interfered with by a bar as that reduces rear grip, particularly relevant to a powerful car. The front can still be made to grip with a heavy bar and springs but good dampers like the best MCA's help a lot there. Once with severe understeer I went with using two clicks of low speed damping to near neutral steer. Realise that a suspension business would rather sell two bars than just one and while two bars will give a better feeling flatter ride that does not necessarily translate into ultimate grip.
  5. This AEM one seems pretty good but CANBUS input only and most American dashes are overpriced compared with the Aussie ones. http://aemelectronics.com/?q=products/cd-7-super-bright-sunlight-readable-full-color-dash-displays
  6. No Project Cars players? Unless something changes this is what I'll be getting, with a PS4 Pro and a two pedal driving setup. My track car is a manually shifted auto.
  7. Bought near Goulburn eh, Wakefield Park?
  8. Maybe Project Cars, anyone got experience with it? And what is the best console, PS 4 or XBox 1?
  9. Projector, now that's an idea. Was wondering what Forza 5/6 was like compared with GT6, Forza gets lots of top game type reviews.
  10. Sounds good warps but the idea is to set up the system in the spare room complete with seat etc so I can jump on it any time without involving the home office PC. So a console makes sense, another PC would cost quite a bit more.
  11. Use to play a PC V8 SC game years ago where the car could be backed in to a corner at some sort of ridiculous speed and then gunned out. Really it was not too bad though but I had sort of hoped that things had moved on since then. Whatever, any one of the console games will help learn the circuit.
  12. Had a quick look on YouTube without noting which system, a couple of strange dynamics came up. One outside view showed the car apparently pivoting around the centre when turning and moving around, instead of moving from either or both ends eg car turns right so the front should lead by moving to the right and the rear follow, depending on slip of course. The other was very strange. The car went into various angles of slide in every corner with the front particularly sliding as if on ice without losing speed, in real life the tyres would last maybe a lap and usually the car would not recover from such slides. So I'm wondering if this sort of behaviour is optional and the cars can be tuned to drive like a real race car. If so, which game is best at that?
  13. Data loss, try again Thanks a lot blokes for the useful info and suggestions, my real track car has a LS3 V8, see avatar pic. So what the game/simulator must have is something similar, a rear driver V8. Maybe a Corvette or even a old school Falcon GT, that 7 litre Commodore special would be great.
  14. Most Realistic Console Bathurst? Have a G25 wheel and pedals setup, need to get the game and the console that will preferably work with said G25. Other than that, the first priority is the ability to do realistic solo laps in a V8 rear drive car that will help me in reality. What are your recommendations dear sirs?
  15. We have the dates, 16 to 19 Nov, sprints on Thu and Fri, regularity Sat and Sun. Entries will open July some time. Join our sensible driving Nissan/Datsun regularity group although we have allowed a couple of euros to slip in lol.