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  1. Ceika sell online and have a good cattledog with various options. Just like all the real brand alternatives they come from Taiwan and even offer carbon fibre rotors. I have bought one set and will buy another for a non Nissan, they are good shit. As far as rotor diameters go on a 1450 kg FERWD car I'm going for 345x32 front, 304x22 rear which according to calculations should balance well.
  2. It's easy to run too much brake, think of the extra unsprung and rotating weight. Super big brakes seem to have become a bit of a fashion statement together with large diameter wheels that also add weight. Pads and cooling are the key, using the best pads can in effect mean that less brake weight and expense is required.
  3. 260DET

    Engine loom

    Putting a loom through the firewall means cutting a new hole of course but the problem then is 'will everything fit through the hole'? Cutting new holes through the firewall is generally a bad idea anyway, particularly if the aim is just to save a bit of wiring length. Ignoring any re plugging that will be required, eek.
  4. Mechanic got motivated and has a set of seals and bearings on the way, yay.
  5. Still stuffing around with this, caught between local mechanic who does my tricky stuff and actually getting something done. Dale has offered to help so he is being stuffed around too, thanks for the offer Dale.
  6. My diff is, I think, out of a S15 and has a shimmed solid pinion gear spacer. Others have a crushable spacer which does not need shims. My first question is, can the crushable spacer be used instead of the shimmed solid spacer? Second question concerns parts availability, I've been told that one particular bearing is a Nissan special which is only available from Nissan and has been unavailable for months. A complete kit is needed, bearings, spacer and seals. Any reliable sources?
  7. 260DET

    Good Tow Cars?

    The future is the future, right now electrics don't have anywhere the range to do a full day's towing. Bigger batteries are no where near the answer, it will require another revolution in electric storage to get there. Meanwhile good ole petrol does the job.
  8. 260DET

    Good Tow Cars?

    A friend of mine has a petrol Cherokee now up to 130,000 k and absolutely no problems at all.
  9. 260DET

    Good Tow Cars?

    Have a CX-5 2.5 turbo AWD now, rated tow load is 2000 kg and it tows like a bitch, seriously. Great overtaking power and very stable near the 2000 kg limit. Technology has moved on, another left fielder is the Jeep Cherokee V6 petrol but only a 60 litre fuel tank and it's thirsty.
  10. For CCC a race Excel would be the go wouldn't it?
  11. Nah, enquired Monday, plus an Aussie which had advertised them. Maybe they all have the groanervirus.
  12. Neither RHD or Nengun have got back to me yet, I guess that they will contact OSG. If all else fails I'll take a punt, I've found that the stub axles to suit the CUSCO helical measure the same as mine and CUSCO list their LSD for the same model S's as OSG do.
  13. No response from any of the sellers contacted to try to confirm that 30 spline 6x1 hole stubs will fit. Pffft, its only a couple of grand, why bother?
  14. Could be a S15, have had it for at least 10 years, memory. The 30 spline stubs I have are the same length.
  15. I've been looking at the linked OSG page where they indicate that their D-NA402061405-S replaces the S15 OE helical using the helical stubs, see https://www.osgiken.co.jp/pro_lsd/nissan.html Am asking a few sellers if that LSD has 30 splines, my head is spinning.
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