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  1. Hi gtsboy Yea that right. Cool cheers 🤙
  2. Hi Duncan The Sandwich plate is a mishimoto one which my tuner supplied/recommend so that what I've got and the port is in the side of the plate so should be ok to use.
  3. Hi guys I'm in the process of buying the sensors for my rb25det track car and I'm looking at get the Bosch motorsport pressure and temperature sensor 0261230340 which I'll be mounting to my thormostatic Sandwich plate is the location of the oil temp sensor ok to use or is there a better place to mount it to get a true reading? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. Cheers for the advice will defantly move it back 🤙.
  5. Cheers man, any advice is greatly appreciated 🤙. When you say move it back do you mean all the way to the front of the arch? Your work is awsume, looks clean and tidy 👌. One day ill get to doing some carbon parts 🤤.
  6. [email protected]#k yea that the biz mate 👌💪. I'm building a r32 as well.
  7. It must if you got to be a smart ass when somebody is only asking for advice. Next time dont bother unless you have something helpful to say.
  8. Was ask for asshole opinions, was only asking if any body has dont it before. 🖕
  9. Im going to be using the factory loom so wont be doing any of the wiring.
  10. Nar I was meaning the left side engine loom.
  11. Was thinking of putting the ecu on the gearbox tunnel and cutting a hole on the drivers side of the motor.
  12. Hi guys Was toying with the idea of shift the engine loom to go through the firewall to protect it abit more than running it along the drivers side has anybody done this. Cheers
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