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  1. It's still for sale, if anyone is interested. I just don't need to sell it, so it's not top of my priority list. However that said, I would honestly love to see someone take ownership of it and enjoy it!
  2. It's still sitting in my garage... I haven't had time to take photos and advertise it anywhere :(
  3. Quite possibly... I drove it a little to blow out the cobwebs and to move it between garages and workshops. It's definitely loud
  4. So here's a parts list that Neil helped put together. I added some things that he missed, and I'm sure there's still a whole lot of other mods and improvements done that I can't remember off the top of my head. Asking $45k for the car. I think this is incredibly priced for the parts alone, let alone the low km 1994 R32 GTR. It's just had a $2,000 service (fluids changed, mechanicals checked, injectors cleaned, new battery, etc) Engine ================================= HKS GT-SS Turbos ARC Intercooler Tomei Exhaust Manifolds Tomei Dump Pipes Amuse Titanium R1 Exhaust Tomei Adjustable Cam Gears Tomei Poncams 260 IN/EX 9.15mm Tomei 1.2mm Head Gasket NISMO Air Flow Meters NISMO 600cc Injectors NISMO Fuel Pump NISMO Fuel Pressure Regulator Tomei Oil Restrictor JUN Oil Pump Mines Rocker Cover Baffles External Head Oil Return N1 Water Pump Custom Header Expansion Tank Hi-Octane Sump Extension and Baffles PWR 55mm Oil Cooler/Radiator (combined unit) Spal 16" Electric Radiator Fan GReddy Oversized Lightened Pulleys Ross Tuffbond Harmonic Balancer Gates Racing Timing Belt and Tensioners R34 GTR NUR Spec Rocker Covers (Genuine) APEXi Super Intake Filters GReddy Type-R Blow-off Valve Drivetrain, Handling and Suspension ================================= Cusco Carbon Fibre Front Strut Brace Cusco Brake Master Cylinder Stopper Custom Braided Clutch Line Nismo Coppermix Twin Plate Clutch (Comp Spec) Custom Carbon Fibre Drive Shaft (not fitted) Bond Rollbars 6-Point Rollcage (CAMS certification documents ready) Tanabe Pro Coilovers Cusco -10mm Front Upper Arms Ikeya Forumla Front Lower Control Arms Ikeya Forumla Rear Lower Control Arms Ikeya Formula Traction Rods Ikeya Formula Tie Rods Cusco Front and Rear Sway Bars Cusco Tension Rod Brace Quaife Front LSD Tightened & Re-shimmed Rear LSD 4.3 Crown and Pinion Ratios Brakes and Footwork ================================= AP Racing CP5555 6Pot Calipers AP Racing 356mm AP Racing J-Hook Discs (Front) AP Racing CP5200 4 Pot Calipers AP Racing 343mm AP Racing J-Hook Discs (Rear) Ferrodo DS3000 Front and Rear Pads Hydraulic Handbrake Buddy Club Gunmetal P1 Racing QF 18x10 +12 Federal 595RS 255/35/18 Electronics ================================= APEXi Power FC + Commander Turbosmart eBoost2 Boost Controller HKS Kansai ET-S ATESSA Controller Defi Water Temp Gauge Defi Oil Temp Gauge Defi Oil Pressure Gauge Defi Boost Gauge Accessories ================================= C's Short Shifter Nismo GT500 Shift Knob Nismo Oil Cap Nismo Radiator Cap Seating ================================= Custom Chromoly Seat Rails Sparco Corsa Racing Seats Willans Silverstone 6-Point Harness Contact me at GTR AT ANDREWHO DOT COM if you're interested!
  5. Yep, she's been sitting under a cover, in a locked garage for a couple of years now. I visited my baby yesterday to see if she's still in one piece, and she looks just like the day I last saw her (just with a bit of added dust ;))
  6. Hey guys, So life has moved on, I no longer have time to do regular track days so I want to pass this car onto an owner who will use it as it was intended. There's 30 pages here of build tracking with photos galore and I'm sure you can see from the parts list, that this car was built with an open cheque book. Please email me ([email protected]) if you're looking to buy a track-focused R32 GTR! Cheers, Andrew.
  7. It's my old R32, as evidenced by the 1 inch layer of dust on that car cover ............ and the mould growing on my steering wheel.
  8. Apparently I subscribed to this thread, so I get emails when people post in it The car is in my garage, covered nicely and on trickle charge. Hasn't been started for about about 2 years and I'm sure the tyres are out of round now I've been busy with work and haven't had time to work on the car. I actually contacted Steve Thatcher back in September to enlist his help to finish the car so I can drive it since I don't have any time to work on it myself after starting my own company nearly 2 years ago. He said he'd call after he got back from Targa, but I didn't hear from him and I let it fall off my to-do list again. Unless someone wants to do a part trade for a Lotus Exige S or Porsche 911 GT3, I'm not selling the car... I still love GTRs and want to finish this, but sometimes life has other priorities As a bonus fact, I also learned that I have a smiley named after me? Brad - Are you the Brad from Autosports who had an S15 that knows Alan Smith?
  9. Registration plates removed as requested.
  10. I'll only sell it for a Lotus Exige S or Porker GT3
  11. Holy crap. People are still interested! I just remembered that I own an R32. I just sent an email to a trusted workshop to finish this bitch off, because I don't have time anymore these days
  12. I'm still alive... I have to admit that I lost motivation after I booked into one of the last Oran Park days hoping to get a shakedown, and having that clutch blow up on me.... It was fun throwing the daily driver around (literally), but I really wanted to give this thing a run. Ever since that massive letdown, work has been very busy and this has been gathering dust..... But I'll start coming back on here to get some motivation to finish it off
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