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  1. haha I am no good at drag racing either so I will stick to being bad at just the one form of motorsport
  2. And my intention wasn't to cause an absolute shit fight, I was trying to stir the pot somewhat though. Dyno's are nothing but a tuning tool but sadly there are many out there that would use this thread as a bible and you really shouldn't. There are way to many variables that need to be taken into consideration which most wouldn't even realise. I cant wait till the drag strips open back up. Sadly Sydney Dragway is about to be torn up and isn't likely to be 100% operation until September which is pretty disappointing given it was shut down for last 3 months due to Covid. Shit happens though
  3. The S14 was always making over 400rwkw on the Advan dyno when I worked there. Took it to Unigroup and it struggled to crack 300rwkw.... Clearly if dyno's don't lie then it must be the operator. Its a little hard in this instance to explain the vast differences in performance isn't it? I am referring to mine and Hattori's cars Whats a GTR weigh? google is telling me 1460kgs.... so it has 60 kilos on the S14.... the S14 is a compete street car, doof doof and spare wheel all get left in place when I race it. its 3100 pounds on the weigh bridge at Sydney Dragway. Throw me in it and its closer to 3300 pounds. So lets compare apples with apples.... mates old GTR went [email protected] with a pair of low mounts on Bob Jane All Rounders lol It made 300rwkw.. Standard bottom end and stock box. One would expect 275rwkw to put on a tad more than 18mph.... the S14 went 20mph faster with 50rwkw difference.....
  4. And this is why i hate dynoes and the black top doesnt lie. If your car only manages to run 146mph with 620kw at the hubs i would be asking your tuner whats wrong with it. We have an S14 that makes 500rwkw @33psi with a 6766 and it runs 138mph all day on low boost.... low boost is about 430rwkw. I havent had it back to the track since we put more power in it and made the 500rwkw but would be expecting something like 144mph with the boost turned up. Correct me if i am wrong but power at the hubs would be worth what, 50rwkw gain? so your cars making close to 150rwkw more, comparing it to low boost on our car, but only runs 8mph more.....
  5. Have you raced it? what mph did it run if you have?
  6. What was the 6870 like? I know I could search this post but who the hell knows how far back I may need to go to find a post.... I have a 6766 with a 1.0 rear and I don't know if the lack of driving but its started blowing blue smoke the other day. highly unlikely to be the engine so it might be time to up the turbo a little
  7. ido09s

    Drag Tyres

    yeah well, everyone whinges and bitches that they get busted driving their cars and what can I say.... for the reasons above ET Streets aren't really a 100% legal street tyre
  8. ido09s

    Drag Tyres

    These are the ones I have (link below) and you tell me what the cops are likely to do if they see you using them? Its not exactly a conventional tread pattern is it lol They are DOT approved and we don't have a DOT, its an American thing. Like I said, I believe they have 3mm or so of tread from brand new which is the minimum tread depth that any road going tyre needs to have to be legal https://www.mickeythompsontires.com/drag-tires/et-street-r#sizes
  9. ido09s

    Drag Tyres

    some 300ZX or 32 GTR rims will work fine If you were in Sydney i could have sold you a pair of ET Streets but if my memory serves me correctly they only have about 3mm of tread when new so a couple of runs and they are pretty much done as street tyres.
  10. reliability comes from the engine builder and the parts used to put the engine together mate. I wouldn't say an RB30 is going to be more reliable than an RB25/26. My engine has been in the car for 15 years now. Its made anything between 350rwkw to the now 500rwkw. Its a standard RB26 block with stock crank. About the only mods it has are some GReddy rod and pistons and some head studs. Standard crank bolts are in it even and we used to rev it to 9200rpm. Its nothing special but it was put together properly and that's why it has stayed together.
  11. As Simon said, something doesn't look, nor sound, right. Though I have never used a turbo the size of yours, most PT's love it at the high side of 25psi and just keep making boost. I am at 32psi and no sign of the 6766 stopping yet As an example, my 6766 with a 1.0 rear end at 4500 is making an easy 19psi and 420rwkw. I dare say yours should be making more than 11psi and 110rwkwk
  12. Like I said, a standard exhaust is the only way you will get it passed.
  13. I honestly think you will struggle to get anything but a standard exhaust passed. We got done about 18 months ago. Its an S14 with an RB26 in it. Decent cams, PT6466, makes 500rwkw. Its normally got an old Trust TR race exhaust bolted to it and during the test for the defect the car was 106db at 4000rpm. I don't think the tester realised we had done an engine swap as it should have been 5100rpm. I tried packing the exhaust with exhaust heat wrap. I extended the silencer the TR comes with to about 2 foot long. To the ear I thought the silencer worked really well and figured packing the exhaust would make it even quieter, but not the case. Sadly I had packed the exhaust so much the car struggled to make it to 4000rpm and it was over 100db as it was so failed miserably on the first attempt to clear the defect. Went and got a stock exhaust put on the car and the car was 86db. The test rpm isn't the only issue, they also test the car on deceleration and its normally when you will get a spike which fails the car. When we were tested the mic was placed at about 45 degrees to the outlet at about 50cm from the tail pipe. I think the law states 2/3 of the power band as per the factory quoted figures. They will generally just do what is needed to get the test rpm. I was actually able to operate the throttle when we got tested so built the rpm up slowly so as to not rev it more than was needed. They then ask you to snap the throttle shut. So just jump off the pedal. This is all in NSW though
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