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  1. was this directed at me?
  2. curiosity more than anything mate. i am sure the ass end of both turbo's would be interchangeable so if the 6466 struggled too badly with a .8 ass we could throw the 1.0 on and do some more testing. As you can see in this post there are cars making more power with a smaller turbo though i am led to believe the 6766 isnt best suited to an RB which may be our issue. It flows a bit more air but doesnt like the rpm side of things.
  3. can anyone tell me where the best deals are being done on a 6466 nowadays? I am wanting to try a 6466 on our engine and see if it makes more power than the 6766 we currently have fitted to it. Would a 6466 with a .8 rear make over 500rwkw? The 6766 is a 1.0 rear, T4 split pulse on a genuine GReddy exhaust manifold. The car is tuned by Unirgroup and is currently making 460/480rwkw at 30psi. Runs 138mph consistently
  4. I don't want to do Terry out of some work but if you plan on making 450rwkw I would seriously be looking into a stronger box, or at minimum the OS 1 to 5 gearset. The RB25 box in my car broke years ago and I had Terry install a full OS Gearset and touch wood no issues many years, and many passes down the drag strip, later. Terry knows very well what is required to fit the OS Gearset and could most certainly fit one for you.
  5. How did it go? I am quite interested to see how much difference a manifold makes. I have a 6766 on a T88 Greddy manifold and have access to a 6 boost if the need arises. The car makes 460 odd rwkw @30psi on Unigroups dyno and traps 138mph but I still want more. Have been told I should have gone the 6466 as its better suited to an RB26
  6. Yeah you read right, 4.9s We use the 4.1's normally but swap it over when we race it. If it would get off the line it would run some decent times but it does trap 138mph all day every day Live life a little, run high boost 500rwkw is fun!!!!!
  7. That's fair enough. I guess all you need to do is ask the tuner to turn the boost back up we run an old Link G4, no +, and our boost is controlled through the ECU. Turn the air con on in our car and it doesn't loose power, it gives it another 15psi of boost You should try some 4.9's We use them for drag racing but on the street they are insane. You runs out of puff pretty quickly though. Its an RB26 S14 hence the reason we can run such a ratio.
  8. Curious to know why you would think an engine like that wouldn't live with 500rwkw on a daily basis? the power is all in the right foot and the boost controller We have been making 450rwkw+ on a stock block and crank for years no issues. Your combo should be good for considerably more on a regular basis
  9. Even identical mods wont help them. I have taken an entire running gear out of one GTR and put it back into another and it needed work on the tune. When I say everything, I mean everything. Wiring harness, fuel system, cooling parts, engine, box, diffs. It was amazing how different it was
  10. Yeah i knew the 32 and 33 had 4.1's, got one in the car now as the 4.9's i had was only used for drag racing. The 4.9s we had were out of a Serena or something but i broke the crown wheel roll racing. I was hoping i may be able to buy a complete centre so i don't have to stuff around with getting Award Diff's to build another abortion centre
  11. WTB - R32 GTR Rear Diff morning all I am trying to chase down a complete R32 GTR rear diff. I want one that has at least 4.6 gears in it, if not 4.9's. Would prefer something with a decent centre in it but a shitty limo centre will suffice. Sydney much preferred as postage would be a killer due to weight Brad
  12. Any chance of making something like this for RB26 that includes the ability to run the adjuster bolt on the end?
  13. Hey mate, any rough idea on what it may cost to put together a badge for the bot of a 200SX? I want to replicate the factory badge but have it read 260SX. Been wanting to do it for years but just haven't bothered.
  14. does not surprise me at all mate. that's got to be one of the roughest tunes I have ever seen
  15. geebus, that's not the finished tune is it? whats that squiggly line?