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  1. Reviving this thread. Still contemplating a full detail, tune and advertising mine properly, however hesitant of timewasters - Seems there are a number around. Anyone advertised and managed to successfully sell a Series 3 BCNR33 of late? Mines either going to a new home at the start of the new year, or its copping another big round of mods because I can't help myself
  2. This was advertised and sold in 2013, you're a little late to the party im afraid.
  3. Interesting topic. I am deliberating whether or not to put my R33 up for sale. What are peoples thoughts on the value of an excellent condition and genuine low km 1997 Series 3 R33 GTR? Has under 90,000 km's on it, backed by the auction papers when I imported it at the beginning of 2010. Also worth noting it has the works in the engine bay including a full house HKS 2.8
  4. Will be a shame to see this sell, but the new owner will be getting one of the most meticulously built GTR's, from possibly THE most anal GTR fanatic in the country.
  5. Whats the latest on SAU's involvement in this event?
  6. The steak house is long gone anyway - We are overdue for another feeding at Orchard Thai
  7. Good to see you're still around and well B-Man! You always had some interesting project cars. I think most of the old crew is still around, just not that active these days
  8. Blitz

    Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

    Saturday early before the masses get there, assuming you want to get some decent photos. Drop me a pm if you want Tom, I can meet you somewhere and show you where to go if you haven't been before.
  9. Yep, the Z Tune was there The festival was held a little over a month ago, there is some good coverage on speedhunters http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/12/nismo-festival-2014/
  10. Anyone from SAU heading to Auto Salon this year? I will be there Saturday and Sunday if anyone wants to meet. Nick
  11. flavzz: Shame the weather wasn't better! I was there - The GT500 R35's at full noise were something else!
  12. Nice feature guys! I picked up two copies while I was in Shibuya this morning (both spoken for) If there is some genuine interest I can try and find some more before i fly home tomorrow. Nick
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