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  1. I turned 69 last week. hehe...
  2. So nice! I would have bought this too! Congrats to the buyer!
  3. Some renewals are creeping through now, but with zero increase in sum insured.
  4. Latest word is that the Portfolio Manager's directive is this... * Nissans and Datsuns prior to 1989 can be covered * ADM GT-Rs (with proof supplied) can be covered * JDM GT-Rs from 1989 onwards will not be covered - with no mention of renewals being continued or culled. Sorry guys, but a few bad apples have spoilt the good ones.
  5. Yes, no new policies. One fellah told me yesterday that he was able to renew an existing policy, but get this, he wasn't able to get a new policy on another GT-R.
  6. Yes, and in Qld too I'm afraid. Ah well, Mercury is out of the picture now - unless they play phoenix
  7. GTR-N1

    Major repairs required. Let's see if NRMA VVC is professional in its dealings. It's taking a while ay!
  8. VVC apparently has been dudded by some extremely high HP 32R and 34R owners on the drag scene... ...spoiling it for everyone else. GT-R values over the past 18 months have been rising on the world stage along with rare Porsches. No such restriction on Porsches seems to be happening at the moment. Nor are Hakos or Kenmeris
  9. Hiya B, Contact Steve Phillips aka Steve's Auto Barn. He might take these. He hosted a Tech Arvo for us 3 days ago up at Blackheath. Phone# 0247877172 Regards, Terry
  10. GTR-N1

    Just Jap staff tell me that the largest complement of parts purchasers for their BNR34s are Asian - since they don't know what nationality they are, most of the time.
  11. GTR-N1

    I'm not a lover of why the Communist Chinese buy these things. * Many are materialistic * Many buy for investment or for collection value, rather than race them * Many just want to deprive others (esp in USA) from having things * Many are so power hungry that they want to win a WWIII by stealth - or use N Korea as collateral damage, whilst still supplying N Korea with coal, gas and oil * Many see themselves as better than other races ie nationally narcissistic and bigoted I have a much greater respect for the ROC aka Taiwan I guess with my DNA, I'm permitted to say these things. I see many Chinese lined up at ATMs at Casinos and it's pathetic
  12. GTR-N1

    Anthony is correct I think in saying that the 33R would continue to go up (or down) according to hanging on the 32R and 34R skirt tails.
  13. GTR-N1

    2016 through to 1st half of 2017, R33 GT-Rs have turned the corner and R32 GT-Rs along with R34 GT-Rs have gone up quite a bit, especially if they're rare. Rare Porsches have also climbed But all of the above haven't necessarily gone north to any great extent for the past 3 months except those which are extremely rare. Assuming they're good condition... R33 GT-Rs are going up steadily. R32 GT-Rs up to 1992 are being lapped up by the USA R34 GT-Rs are still in great demand because China has entered the market. The Chinese on the mainland have found a loophole, despite the fact that rules don't permit direct importation of RHD vehicles. So bidding at Japanese auctions are done from Hong Kong. Once complied and registered in HK, they then have to go through a second registration process to go into mainland China - carrying a second registration plate.