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  1. Robocop2310

    That’s some nice streetable horses!
  2. Robocop2310

    Glad you’re speaking up mate and your boys thread has been comprehensive. In my opinion you should keep the Twins and focus more on engine mods.
  3. Robocop2310

    Right, you are (photo of flare on same spot).
  4. Robocop2310

    A lot of backstory I guess you wanted to let things out. Nice car and intersting look. What do you have planned for it next?
  5. Robocop2310

    Looks nice from the rear. Do you have any front pictures?
  6. Robocop2310

    Clean R33 mate. Those 350z wheels were never super nice to begin with but they actually look OK on the R33 in my opinion. The front bar isn’t stock is it? Looks different.
  7. Robocop2310

    I believe that's for a flare (not fire extinguisher) as required by law in Japan. Actually, now come to think of it...I think you correct. Then some people place fire extinguishers there but originally yes it was a small black flare.
  8. Robocop2310

    First picture is a boost solenoid which may have been connected some type of boost controller before it was unplugged. Second photo is a on/off for something as others have said - if you want to find out take it out and then follow the wiring. My guess is it was for something boost related but has since been removed. Very stealthy to have it mounted by the door. Third photo is a fire extinguisher holder. Most Skylines (all, if I’m not mistaken) came with portal fire extinguishers but most have been removed. Cheers.
  9. Robocop2310

    I see thank you for taking the time to clarify. Much appreciated.
  10. Robocop2310

    Amazingly clean engine bay that looks great!
  11. Robocop2310

    There should also be a Social Evebts guru role. No nominate Prank!
  12. Robocop2310

    Could be amp or speakers on the way out.
  13. Robocop2310

    Just my opinion mate. Nothing more.
  14. Robocop2310

  15. Robocop2310

    I applaud you fir liking the R33 and having individuality. I own both a R33 GTR and R34 GTR and must admit I find the R33 more aggressive and stylish due to the curves, flares and overall stance. Keep looking mate don’t give up and go for a stock looking R33 not ones with all the RICE which will get you defected sooner or later.