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  1. Robocop2310

    I think you make a good point. One time, a cops were at the lights and I was already across the road and the red lights came on so they didn't to turn on their flashing lights to go for me and I "respectfully" stopped. They caught up to me and then checked my licence and said because you've been a good driver and respectful they're not going to waste my time and bid me farewell.
  2. Robocop2310

    They actually look quite very nice. Where did you get them from? Nengun Performance has them for a crazy $1,700 plus postage. Wow.
  3. Sure is different. I mean, can you imagine cutting up your GTR and putting these "bolt on's" on. Yuck. Like the previous post nicely put it...these bodykits are aimed at rich people with more money than brains!
  4. Ha ha ha...I loved and cannot agree more with your comment...yep, people who put on these hideous abominations have more money than brains...that's one thing for sure! lol
  5. I don't even think they exist but too Boxy anyways. With the R33 GTR, I think the standard series 3 with probably some sideskirts and it will look nice as is. I hate cheap bodykits on them.
  6. Robocop2310

    It looks good mate. Probably add some wheels with better offset for better stance and then just enjoy it.
  7. Robocop2310

  8. Thanks for educating me. I watched some videos as you guys suggested on YouTube and why the whole process is an art form no wonder CF (proper high quality ones anyway) are so expensive.
  9. Fair enough, but still hideous in my book. To me the lines and curves of the R32, R33 and R34 GTRs are tough and nice yet so simple not all this big flarey-airey look which I'm sure will die out sooner or later. Anyway each to their own.
  10. Hey mate, yeah the rear diffuser is nice and would probably at some performance gains at high speeds but unless you're driving on straight roads any type of elevation would cause issues. The R33 in my opinion needs those intercooler "nostril" ducts which is a signature look for the R33 and without it looks kinda odd but each to their own nothing wrong with having your own flavour (see below).
  11. Robocop2310

    Really nice key. I got one and paid around the $600 mark so price is very reasonable. Unfortunately, there are too many fakes on eBay which spoils it but just like my badges and stickers - I always buy genuine.
  12. Robocop2310

    Hey guys, I have not been defeceted for about 5 years (touch wood). I rarely drive my R33 GTR but when I do it's fairly modified and is loud but the cops just drive right pass me and some even compliment my car. So thought I'd ask if the scene with the cops have been a bit more relaxed in recent years? Cheers, Alex
  13. Robocop2310

    HA ha ha ha.....I reckon!