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  1. already cleaned the connectors and ribbon at the back of the clocks but no change, where is the unit powered from? any wiring diagrams available?
  2. I imported a 260rs Autech S2 to the UK back in June all was well, the car had a speedo converter fitted (behind the cluster) by the importer. In July I had a Sat nav & dash cam front & rear fitted by Halfords (national car accessory shop) all was well The car was garaged for 5 weeks, when I went to take it out for a spin the speedo/rev counter/temp/fuel gauges did not work Instantly thought the fault was caused by the addition of Sat Nav & dash cams, which have since all been disconnected, which made no difference, after running the car for 10 mins the clocks all came back to life, so I thought all was OK, but no, the next time I started her up none worked again, it was below freezing for a time, perhaps this had something to do with it? After several attempts to check the wiring and check for problems I decided the start the car and let it run for a while, all of a sudden the clocks started to work, took the car for a spin and all good, thought I must have disturbed some lose wiring and all was good, but no, since then nothing has worked. While the car is in this state I have not used it as without fundamental engine information it is unsafe/asking for trouble Since then there was no life in the clocks, I have spoken to the electrician who fitted the converter who said it was very unlikely the conversion was at fault but suggested I removed the clocks, carefully take out the speedometer and reconnect the ribbon inside, did all this but nothing. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? or has anyone experienced similar issues ? I have wanted one of these cars for the 18 years, and having owned one for almost 6 months am frustrated as I have only managed to do 300 miles since I got her The picture is with the car not running, the usual lights go off when not running (could not upload video) but the info on the speedometer is the same. Any help from will be much appreciated VID_20181019_201523.mp4 VID_20181019_201523.mp4
  3. Here are a few more pics
  4. Hi all, I have a Stagea 260RS S2 , and am grateful for being allowed on this forum, I live in the UK but need the help from you guys as there are not may Stagea's in the UK and from what I have been told only 1 series 2 260RS :) I have rebuilt a few RB25's in my time so hopefully will have some positive input in the future
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