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  1. Cheers mate, Thanks for the information! Something il look into!
  2. Will I need different front quarters and headlights also?
  3. Yeah yeah I see what you mean with the front bumper- 2 options I’m considering. Still undecided 🤷‍♂️ 1- gtr bumper and getting new mesh and remove lights 2- going to type m with standard spot lamps
  4. I’m praying to the skyline gods that the build/mod thread for this car is nowhere near as controversial as this introduction 😂😂😂
  5. I plan to keep a bit of a thread of updates and changes I make along the way with plenty of photos hopefully.
  6. Few small reasons- 1 cost- insurance companies would laugh at me 2- I know a guy with an absolutely mint r32 gtr with a huge number of nismo and arc parts (will dig out photos) rotting away in a shed because he won’t drive it. Fear of someone damaging, fear of affecting his ‘investment’. I made up my mind that I wanted to enjoy my car and not be too worried about it. Gtst is a nice alternative and a good balance for me and still to me a legendary car. 3- rwd is extremely fun
  7. not too much sun in Ireland, but the sun has done its damage to the bonnet.. needs a respray 😏
  8. thanks for the reply. have you any recommendation of which one to use?
  9. hi, newbie from Ireland here. iv recently imported a 1993 r32 gtst (rb20det) from Japan via auction. the last few years iv spectated at the Irish drift championship events and seeing 32's galore really got me excited about getting my own. thankfully its not a daily driver for me and will be making some upgrades/ restoration work along the way. recently, iv found Amayama very useful and cost effective buying OEM parts such as trim ect. mine has seen quite a few kms - 250 thousand and showing signs of interior wear and tear. im replacing parts as I go and look forward to making it a good example. its relatively standard with the only mods being- apexi exhaust badly installed radio blitz boost gauge and vacuum lines and what I think, is a GTR front bumper piaa spotlights on front bumper
  10. has anyone installed a Clifford arrow 5:1 alarm into a skyline. my main confusion is around the central locking part of the install. will I need a central locking relay or a motor to physically push the lock in the door? if anyone could shed any light on it, it would be a massive help. thanks
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