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Found 25 results

  1. This is based on my own 2630 swap, so some things MIGHT not be covered. PARTS SHORTLIST: Rb25 harmonic balancer, ancillaries and brackets (even AC, if you want it), power steering bracket will likely need to be modified (google rb30det guide) Rb25 OR rb30 sump (either will work fine, though from memory the rb25 sump needs modifying, I've used rb30 sumps multiple times without issue) R33 Rb25 engine mounts (the metal brackets) SHORTENED by at least 15mm (15mm was just enough for my top mount turbo to clear the bonnet without spacers, 12mm would be fine if using a low mount). Be careful as removing any more then ~12mm from the engine mounts will have a factory rb30 sump pan start poking down lower then the subframe. R32 gtr rb26 engine harness (don't need the whole engine bay harness + fuse box etc, engine harness is fine) gtr injector resistor pack (if keeping stock gtr injectors, they're OK for ~280-300rwkw) If you have rb20 coil packs and ignitor they will plug in and work fine, mine did - and still are. WIRING: Pull out the old engine harness, disconnect every plug it goes too gently. Run the rb26 engine harness the same way around the bay and connect everything you can (should be a few connectors in the passengers footwell, wiper motor, etc) Near the factory airbox location, there will be 1 plug on your body loom that fits one of the 2 plugs on the rb26 loom, connect it. The other plug will have 8 pins, 6 of which are in the same "segment", those are all of your injector "power" wires. If using high impedance injectors, just run power to these 6 wires, obviously switched with ignition - if your keeping the GTR injectors you'll need to wire in the resistor pack. the resistor pack will have 1 white and 6 black wires, connect the white wire to an ignition switched 12v source, then join each of the black wires to one of the wires in that remaining plug "segment". Everything in the dash works, no need to swap in a GTR cluster, and the speed dependent power steering also works
  2. Has anyone fitted these recaros from an evo 5, into an r32 gtst ? I’m afraid they might put me up too high in drivers seat /against roof if they’re on rails as I’m 6 foot 4. Any input / advice would be great 👍 thanks
  3. Hi Im Matt i bought an R32 gtst a while back, I'm looking for parts to get it running Eventually i plan to do a barra swap
  4. Guys, Selling my long term project of 10 years which I've finally concluded I will never finish and have lost all motivation to finish aside there is very little to do to be complete - Life just got in the way. 1990 HCR32 Engine: RB20DET - Stroked to 2438cc RB26 GTR Crank RB26 Eagle H-Beam Forged Rods 84mm Wiseco Forged Pistons Tomei 84mm 1.25mm Head Gasket ACL Bearings ARP Head Studs Port and Polish Tomei Solid Lifter conversion Tomei 272 9.25mm Cams HKS CAM Gears Nitto Oil Pump Crank + Cam Trigger setup Hypertune Custom Intake Manifold Hypertune 90mm Throttle Body Bosch 980cc Injectors Billet Fuel Rail High Mount turbo manifold 3582 JP Turbo Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo SpitFire Coil Packs Body: Black Respray Coilovers Half Cage 18" Wheels (New Rubber required 10+ years old) Front Mount Intercooler 50mm Alloy Radiator Blitz Fibreglass ADR approved bonnet Electrical: Haltech PS2000 ECU Haltech Wide Band IQ3 Digital Dash zLeds Rear tail lights Battery Relocation to boot Fuel Pressure Sensor Oil Pressure Sensor Walbro Fuel Pump After Market Fuel Level Pickup MAP Sensor Crank + Cam Hall Effect sensors Flex Fuel Sensor Wiring Wiring Specialties Wiring Hardness What's left to do? Really not much, - Set base timing on ECU for Crank trigger setup. - Mount Fuel Pressure Regulator - Mount Catch - Setup Fuel Level Input for Haltech - Tighten bolts on half cage - Interior tidy up (Cars been sitting in the garage for 10+ years) - Tune - Enjoy Located in 4300 QLD - Pickup only, Only genuine interest and obviously no joy riders as it needs a tune. Pictures will be supplied on request only.
  5. R32 GTST conversion/Kits Hey guys, I'm an extremely new skyline, just finished paying for my GTST type m sedan and will be picking it up when I return from military service to the states. For the past few weeks I've been researching body kits and have really only found 1, which is an aero. I personally think it's ugly, and after doing see more research I honestly think I like the GTST to GT-R conversion the mosy. The issue is I have no idea where to start with this because I've read a lot of co flicted info. Stuff like, it bolts right on and looks great, to I need to cut stuff up and it may stick out a bit. I Honestly just would like some info on being able to do the conversion while still keeping the car flush, and beautiful like they are intended to be, and what exactly I'll need to do it. I really appreciate anyone's time. Thanks -Chris
  6. Walked into Cash Converters the other day, and what did I see? just an Apexi AVC-R for $20!!!!!!!! pays to keep an eye out I guess. now to install
  7. As the title suggests i am looking for a either stock or aftermarket exhaust camshaft for a r32 rb20det engine, needs to have the locator pin intact in the end of camshaft for alignment to the CAS, I am located up in Darwin Northern Territory so will need someone willing to post, Of course i will cover postage costs. Otherwise if needed i will buy a set of 262degree 9.5mm lift camshafts if someone is selling a set cheap.
  8. WTB r32 gtst stock exhaust and a steering rack, prefer west sydney.
  9. Hey guys Im after a nistune (or another tunable) ecu for an RB20det. Please pm me if you have any available. Cheers
  10. david69

    R32 Gtst

    After a mint dashboard for r32 gtst,no bubbles or heat damage.cheers dave
  11. so after checking the forums for this problem in most cases it was the switch that has burnt out. went out and got a second hand one and went to install it. problem is the wiring plug that plugs into the switch itself is all nice and burnt. anyone know where i can get these from or will i have to buy a whole loom for the plug???
  12. Come and get this cr@p it's taking up space! R32 and R33 Gtr and Gtst hubs, subframes, steering racks and more. Valley Heights Sydney, pick up preferred R32 Gtst front strut brace, brand new $40 R32 Gtst hicas lock (with rack and rod ends) $50 R32 Gtst front hubs $50 R32 Gtr rear subframe $50 (also have a front subframe $50) R32 Gtr front hubs (uprights included) $50 R33 Gtst rear subframe with steering rack (has one bent tie rod end) $50 R33 gtst front hubs $50 R33 Gtst front steering rack $50 R33 Gtr rear hubs $50 R33 Gtr front hubs (includes uprights) $50 R33 Gtr front and rear steering racks $50 each
  13. R32 GTST boost tee Installing R32 boost tee Hey so I'm trying to install my boost tee. All tutorials online show cars with the solenoid or external wastegate. The 32 GTST doesnt seem to come with a solenoid so that method doesn't work, now people say to connect tee to the line from turbo compressor to wastegate but there is no line from turbo compressor to wastegate. Only line is from wastegate to intercooler piping ( as seen in image ). Would this one be okay to use?
  14. Hi all, having a shed clean out. Want to have this stuff gone by the end of the April, if not it's going to scraps! I'm located SOR in Leeming and would prefer pickup where possible. Otherwise i'm happy to ship or deliver at an additional cost. Contact: 0405448186 (Prefer sms or call, at a reasonable hour!) otherwise post in the thread. All parts are from an R32gtst unless stated and all prices are ONO. I am also advertising these parts elsewhere so get in quick! Cheers George HID Kit with full wiring, H3, 6000K - $50 Brand new R32 GTR Bonnet (little damage from transport) - $150 Aftermarket Grille with mounting points, suites R32 GTST with GTR bonnet or an R32GTR - $70 Brand new ARC Sidemount intercooler - $100 about 10cm thick (can measure if required) and fits in the standard IC mount point. includes additional pipe to fit stock holes. Stock intake pipe. - $15 Coilpack cover - $10 6 x Wheels all 5 stud - $150 for the lot, otherwise $75 each matching pair. 2 x R32 gtst wheels - 205/55 R16 (no tread) 2 x S14 wheels - 225/50 R16 (no tread) 2 x Random wheels - 245/45Z R16 ( a little meat left but not much) Oil Pressure 52mm (i think) gauge - $25 (Brand new) Oil Temp 52mm (i think) gauge - $25 (Brand new) DIN gauge panel for 3 gauges - $10 (Brand new) 6 x Stock R32 injectors. Require cleaning & flow testing - $30 for them all, $10 each otherwise 2 x 5mm wheel spacers - $10 Random Jap cup holder - $5 Z442 oil filter, suites RB20 - $15 (Brand new) Aerospeed adjustable CAM Gears, Brand New! - $50 the pair, $40 each if separated Stock AFM (i think, the numbers worn off) with mushroom pod - $25 R32 ECU Chipped (i think) - $20
  15. r32 mspec forsale $3000 $3000 for sale straight 32 with rb20 with a knock in motor but drives etc coilovers good project car was going to build it from ground up. ofour3one4three48o8 msg or call
  16. Hi everyone, been searching forums & Google for a while now struggling to find detailed info on my question... I have an r33 gtst (engine out currently) hks 3037s top mount & many other mods including a genuine greddy plenum. My question is how do I go about gaining the midrange loss back from the plenum? A few posts in various forums said a spacer between the plenum & the head. So this leads me to my questions below 1. How thick should the spacer be? 2. Did it cause any fittment issues? 3. Can you use the same bolts to fit the plenum back on or longer ones to suit? 4. to people who have done this was it really noticeable dyno/road feel? I'm not here to get plenum choice advice or what somoneones opinion on my setup is or why plazmaman this & greddy that...... just trying to find info on the greddy spacer idea & if it works well.... To anyone who has done this please shed some light on this topic, tell us what car/engine u have & how thick the spacer is + what were your gains.... Thanks in advance Ps hope everyone had a merry Christmas & have a happy & safe new year!
  17. R32 GTST Coupe parts wanted Hi, I after the following, must be in good nick, no scratches etc All for R32 GTST type m coupe Drivers side door card Passenger door window glass no scratches Console stereo surround trim Thanks
  18. so after noticing two of my 6yo (prob 150000km's) g4 coilovers are leaking and being quoted 250 a corner to repair i will ask a simple question am i wasting 1300 if i buy the bc's??? these g4's are really back breakers but learnt to live with them, should i be expecting the same?? now that i can spend whatever really (finished uni) for "brand name" new coilovers should i? but for a street car (not a daily) that sees maybe the track maybe four times a year i am probably better spending the extra say 700 (i would be paying around 1900 for aussie spec tein super street) on replacing bushes etc think i am answering my own question though lol after your thoughts peeps cheers mick
  19. Hi, I own a r32 gts-t at the moment and I'm tying up between going for an exemption or selling so i wanted to come on here and just ask around on what would be the possibilities of actually getting it passed with the rta. The gts-t being banned though it comes under the 130kw/t rules does my head in so i was thinking would there be the option of getting the car dynoed + weigh bridge cert just to show some figures for the rta and prove that it comes under laws? Also its stocker then your mums prius so would that benefit me in anyway? Another option is im currently studying at uni and my dad ownes a company car whilst my mum ownes her own car and uses it for work so that limits me to the gts-t, would that be an option? cheers.
  20. hey guys, I have a r32 gtst drift car, and I have recently just bought some new wheels with a lower offset. After putting them on and getting a wheel alignment to make sure both rear cambers are the same, I've noticed that the passenger side comes out 15mm more then the driver side. Also passenger side camber and toe adjustment shows 15mm more thread then the driver side, not sure if any of that matters, but thought it might be worth mentioning. Both rear guards are flared, but with a bit of measuring in a few different places, I've come to the conclusion that they're both pretty close, so that's not the issue. Also when car is on jack stands the subframe moves up and down pretty easy (with jack) I've ordered some solid subframe bushes, but just wondering if there is anything else I should be looking at to fix this problem? I have googled this but I haven't actually found any solutions, besides putting a spacer on one side lol , and I'm not going to do that! Has anyone else had this problem? and what did you do to fix it? cheers.
  21. Hi all, So I have a 93 models gtst and have decided to replace bushes etc as being 20years old they would be thrashed out. I would love to do this myself at home but not having a press or access to one makes it hard for me to part with all the labour costs involved. Obviously I would need to pay for alignment. Was thinking I could however buy new parts ie front upper and lower control arms, a-arms, rear upper and lower links etc and fit them all myself without the need for buying new bushes, the need of a press as well as not paying labour. Nismo parts I can get from RHD. I would not know if my current parts are bent in anyway(im the only owner the car has had since japan) but the bushes are pretty much shot. How would you know if your arms etc are bent actually?? Your thoughts on buying nismo parts and replacing myself, or pay someone to fit new bushes to old parts. Cheers Mick
  22. Low impedance 850cc injectors in rb20det Gday guys im new to this so forgive any mistakes I might make. My situation is Rb20det r32 skyline basic mods fmic foward facing plenum nistune gcg highflow op6 bla bla bla... Now im looking at an injector upgrade and have some rb30 850cc injectors left over from a previous build. Rb30 uses low impedance injectors were as the rb20det uses high impedance. Can anyone tell me if the nistune will be able to run the low impedance 850 on my rb20det or will i have to use a rb26 resistor.
  23. 1989 R32 Gtst M Spec sedan RB20DET manual R33 high flowed turbo Front mount inter cooler Stock exhaust (comes with 3 inch exhaust also) Hd clutch Jvc head unit 195,000kms Re sprayed in electric blue Low k's replacement engine Full year rego Just passed rwc last week $7000 or near offer
  24. From the album: The Ride

  25. - 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 Gts-t - $12,500 Negotiable - 121600kms - Rego until 29/4/13 - Sydney Area - Number plate will be changed before sale. - Standard turbo with stock boost and front mount intercooler with Simota panel filter in standard air box. - Factory standard electric sunroof. - Factory standard 'skyline' lettering on rear lights up when lights are turned on. - 18" wheels. 9.5 Rear, 8.5 Front with Nismo centre caps. - Nismo gear knob, custom chrome rings around dials, alpine stereo with kewood amp and 12" pioneer sub. - Alarm and immobiliser installed. - Also advertised on Car Sales http://www.carsales....lo=Stock&items=[Make%3aNISSAN%2cModel%3aSKYLINE%2cBaseEnabledBadge%3aGTS-T%2cSeries%3aR32]&sort=default and GumTree. http://www.gumtree.c...ts-t/1010656522 - Phone number by ads in links or reply here thanks. Pics are big. Maybe mods can fix?
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