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  1. If the page links doesn't work, please manually enter the page number into URL for the corresponding page. This post was updated on: 01/06/2017: This thread is here providing information on our high flowed or built turbos as well as installation and trouble shooting. I'm happy to help or assist with every one who is currently using or looking to purchase our products or services. Brief Introduction about our selves: We are Australian based turbocharger manufacture in Melbourne, We worked with experienced and skilled local engineers to produce our goods and we've been doing that since Oct 2007. We constantly update our production turbochargers and will do our best deliver value to our customers. My name is Stao you can PM or contact 0413457185 if any assistance is required. For our High flowed RB25 Turbos, they comes in 21U or OP6 from factory. The 21U rear housings are smaller can capable of 430HP after high flowing, and larger OP6 are capable of doing around 460HP. PU high flow option is available for any one chasing for 450 to 500HP. They are built with a larger .82 internally gated turbine housing with Nissan OEM bolton pattern, braided oil feeding line and a high pressure actuator. Below is the Rb25det Hitach turbo high flow catalog with few dyno sheets. ATR43SS is a OEM replacement powered up turbocharger built for RB20/25DET R32, R33 and R34 GTST and Stegea models. They are T3x based with OEM dump pipe pattern. This series is specifically engineered for speed with smooth street driving ability. ATR43 is a OEM replacement powered up turbocharger built for RB20/25DET R32, R33 and R34 GTST and Stegea models. They are T3x based comes in .63 and .82 turbine housing with OEM dump pipe pattern. Power is rated from 450HP to 600HP depends on profile chosen. Initial release date: 24/08/2009: We also carry out turbocharger repairs, housing/CHRA modifications and high flow services for All Garrett, HKS, Mitsubishi, Toyota, KKK and Made in China turbochargers. Do feel free to PM / contact us for free assistance. Check (if you live in usa): Costco Weekly Ad, or Supercheap Auto Catalogue. Important Installation Notes for RB2xdet Highflowed and PU units: Sleeve bearing turbochargers requires higher volume of oil flow, are sold with 50cm long braided oil feeding line line that replaces the standard oil restrictor in side factory oil lines, 12mm benjo bolt, and a M12x1.25mm speed flow adaptor. The adaptor goes onto the engine block, benjo bolts goes into the bearing housing with hollow screw supplied. 3x copper washers are required during installation, Which we can supply them for $9 additional or can be purchased at local auto stores. Factory water lines: T3x bearing housing used are 3mms shorter then OEM Hitachi's bearing housings. Means water lines needs to be very slightly bent / forced backwards. Stock actuator: We normally modify the factory actuator's fitting bracket allowing it for a bit of preloading. The actuator bracket bolt wholes has to be filed 5mms towards the turbine housing if not received with the turbo or getting fitted by others. Once done it can be adjust and pre-load ensuring the waste gate is 100% shut. For PU high flowed and ATR43 units with larger Diameter turbine housings, the engine side water line needs to be slightly bent / altered around the housing area. Installing ATR43 turbocharger: ATR43 units generally runs on a round 3inches inlet and round 2 inches out let. It is highly recommended to run a metal intake pipe. How ever if you wish to bolton to stock gears you need: 1x 3inch straight hose, 1x 2.5inch metal sleeve, 1x 2inches 90 degrees hose, 1x 2inches metal sleeve. We can supply all those parts for $100 extra. Tip for a easy installation would be removing the actuator with bracket pre-installation, that would allow lot more room for your tools to reach the manifold studs, and install the actuator and bracket back on after the rest of the installation is complete. Make sure the actuator is preloaded by roughly 3mms. Since larger turbine housings are used, due to larger physical size most of them would be taller then stock pushing the exhaust back by roughly 15mms. Most cars would be running an aftermarket exhausts, depending on the angle of the pre-made dump / front pipe, check the clearance between that to the Air-con water drain pipe. If fouls, simply by pulling it back with zip ties and secure it on the chassis. ATR43Gx/SS2 DIY with photos ATR43SS1xx DIY with photos and video Easy Induction pipes: http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/261613-hypergear-hiflow-service-continued/page-78 http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/261613-hypergear-hiflow-service-continued/page-89 Couple of extremely important factors: 1. After turbo installation do check pressure leaks ( I can make you a simple plug with a hose nipple for $50). Turbo will not perform if there are leaks. 2. Most of our turbos are installed with a 18psi high pressure actuator. by pass all boost controlling devices on test run, Boost gain from EBC based on stock actuator will cause massive boost creep. 3. Make sure the car's got a at least 3inch metal induction pipe with pod filter. Do not run those metal stuffed stock intake pipe. 4. An good exhaust system should restrict no more then 10KWs (My HKS silent power made 3KWs restrictions on a 316rwkws application). So Dyno tune with cat and exhaust dropped, (front pipe only). Do a touch up run with exhaust on after tuning, Get a better exhaust if you see a massive power drop with exhaust. If above procedures are followed you will definitely get the desired power goal. Also people with RB25det R33s. pay attention to those 20 years old valve springs and valves. Mine were all chewed out and worped possibly from valve float. That will act as boost leak, causing lose in power and response. Recommend stronger valve springs. Order, dispatch and mechanic services: All turbochargers are specifically built to suit customer's orders. We need in average 3 to 5 working days to have the order complete. We normally send with Australian post registered post with insurance, which generally takes 3 working days for delivery. We have 2x clients workshops in Melbourne which can carry out the installation service for $200, or onsite service for $250. For tuning, I personally use and recommend Status, and Dr.drift. ECU: For R33 RB25det I've personally used Adaptronic Plugin ECU and highly recommend it. The RRP price on this mode is $1499, We offer $400 discount of total if it is purchased with any of our turbochargers or high flow / rebuild service. Discount also apply for any customers whom is currently owning one of our built or high flowed turbochargers. Please check ECU features, results and discussion in page 113~116.
  2. Hi, see items below for sale - all items are used All items are negotiable - can freight at the buyers expense or pickup Located in Griffith NSW 2680 Photos Attached Standard R33 GTR Turbo set - includes manifolds and heatsheilds, only has 1 stainless down pipe. Minimal shaft play Manifolds do have holes in them due to EGT sensors being fitted previously - one hole per manifold Looking for $120.00 for the pair R32 GTR Drivers side A/C Vent - was removed to fit a gauge $25.00 Standard RB26 Valve Springs with Retainers Came out of a Nissan reproduction engine so not many KM's on them $40.00 Standrad RB26 Camshafts intake and exhaust Came out of a nissan reproduction engine so not many KM's on them No Picture Looking for $80.00 for the pair R32 GTR A/C Condesnor Fan Tested Still in working order $65.00 CUSCO Radiator Cooling Panel R32 GTR Like New , has a few minor scratches and a rub mark in the RH corner $45.00 R32 GTR Speedo Cluster 340KM Bad Points - KM Count has gone crazy/ Not reading correctly , speedo works fine and Front Torque gauge dosent Work $70.00
  3. Why are all VR38's with aftermarket turbos still twin turbo when everyone in the RB and 2JZ scene converts their cars to big single turbos? does the V6 configuration make twin turbos more effective when it comes to top end power vs responsiveness? I noticed that its not just drag guys keeping it twin turbo but also Chris Forsberg in his formula d VR38 powered 370Z and time attack cars.
  4. RB20 Turbo selection (twinscroll housing advice) Hey all, To start, this is not going to be another "i just bought my mates R32 and it had stock turbo can you plz reccomend an ebay turbo for 300kw maxx plz thanks". I started this topic because i couldn't find anyone or anything on this forum close to what i want even after searching and reading the whole "RB20 turbo upgrade" thread. The basic info/Supporting mods > Completely standard RB20DET Silvertop (with the possibility of doing valve springs) > NIStune with flexfuel setup > ID1000's > 3" straight through exhaust > 45mm divided turbosmart hypergate > RB26 inlet manifold including ITB's > Hypertune FMIC > Gibson Motorsport GTS-R T3 twinscroll exhaust manifold This is in an S15 that will be my (secondary) daily and 90% drift 10% circuit car. My goal is to make a minimum of 230ish kw on 98 octane fuel, while keeping everything as responsive as possible. Yes i know that responsive and RB20 don't belong in the same sentence and i know that it's never going to happen, but anyway. There is plenty of results all over the net for highflows/GT2871/TD06 in 18 and 20G formats, but these are all using either the stock manifold or various brands of high/low mount open T3 manifolds and standard intake piping with generic intercoolers and long piping. Basically nobody as far as i can tell has ever gone to the lengths that i have to give the RB20 as much of a fighting chance at making some decent power as early as possible. So my question is what turbo setup should i use. Keeping note that any turbo i will run will have a twinscroll manifold and twinscroll rear housing to try and keep as much response as possible. I can use something like a GTX2860/63/67/71 or bump up a frame size to a GTX3067 (Note: 67 no 76). Originally i had canned the GT28 series idea because i was under the impression that there wasn't any twinscroll T3 housings available for GT28's so i had basically accepted that i was going to have to run a GT30. But i found that ATP have this housing available that is exactly what i need. So now knowing that i am back to the drawing board to try and decide what best suits my application. Things of note, 220-230kw minimum on 98 octane would be ideal, but i will be running E85 and a 45mm turbosmart hypergate off the exhaust manifold and i am happy to run big boost (20-25psi) on ethanol to make some decent numbers. Hopefully the 45mm gate should relieve some pressure on the turbo if i decide to go with a GT28 based setup. GTX2860/63/67 with twinscroll T3 .82 A/R housing or GTX3067 with twinscroll .83 A/R housing. Hopefully someone like Lithium/disco/darren can chime in and give me some insight into roughly what power these turbos are capable of on an RB20 that has been given every chance haha. Thanks (INB4 why the fark is some idiot wasting his time and money on an RB20)
  5. Hello everyone. my names Shanny.?‍♀️ I am new to this page and I am Im super duper in need of HELP on my build.? I have a R34 GTT neo6. I am wanting to get about 600hp or so out of this stock motor. I am thinking with my budget of $4000.(for now) 455 fuel pump kit? 1000 or 1300cc injectors? Borg warner s362 SXE A/R .90 turbo? (any thoughts) maybe Garrett turbo? front facing plenum, manifold? PLEASE HELP!?? Any thoughts?
  6. I have a few parts to sell after upgrading my RB26 to s single turbo Maatouks MR700 build. Twin turbos 7's still plumbed on the manifolds. APEXI 3" twin dump pipe & full stainless, 3" exhaust with (CAT??) mufflers & Dolphin tail pipe. Intercooler & twin cold side pipes, all ran 300KW for 2 years and all only taken off for a RB30/26 build. original MINES ECU Everything $3500.
  7. Ken's z31 I wanna go fast build I am Ken from the Seattle area USA. I bought my 1985 300zx GLL non turbo 5 speed in 2011 with the impression it had blown head gaskets which only an RB swap would remedy. I replaced the bad thermostat and drove it for 4 years. Opportunities arose and I purchased a wrecked 87 300zx with what I assumed was a stock rb20 silver top and 5 speed swap for $800 usd. Car had been sitting for 6 years after the owner wrecked.
  8. Hello! Nothing is wrong with my car, all gauges read correctly, the car fees responsive, and it overall is functional and great. However, with the cold temperatures, I noticed there is smoke coming out of my hood (the hood is vented) but I thought it must’ve been my valve cover filters that are venting to the atmosphere. I checked and to my surprise I found a whole substance on the exhaust manifold and turbo flange. I’m guessing it might be a leak? What do you guys think?
  9. For sale I have my 2002 Mitsubishi Evolution 7 GTA. The car has 84***kms. The car has the following mods/features: Carbon Fibre Bonnet Coilovers Black Tail Lights Exhaust K&N air filter Walbro Fuel Pump GFB (go fast bits) fully adjustable BOV GFB electronic boost controller Carbon Wrapped interior parts Rare Black Leather Interior Auto (can put into tiptronic and shift via buttons on wheel or gear stick) Tuned by Ben at Benchmark. Has 2 tunes saved on Boost controller Low (14psi) and High (22psi) And much more... I have loved this car and it is a quick car with some get up and go and handles like a dream. Also comfortable enough with the leather interior and practical being 4 door. Have owned V35 , Soarer , Legnum in past and this is by far the quickest car out of the lot. I am chasing: $14 500 ono Car is located in Newcastle NSW Please txt me on: 0404 519 365 Or email on: [email protected] I will consider swaps for the following cars : V35 , Aristo , Stagea , LS400 , Celsior , E38 , R32 GTST (Pretty much any luxury cruiser) (R32GTST is because I have someone who wants to trade an aristo for one for all the potential trolls)
  10. Howdy, I have a car taking up room in my carport as well as a heap of other bits and pieces so everything must go ASAP to make some room!!! It's a white R33 skyline series 1 1993-1995 with series 2 1996-1997 parts also available as well as random RB30 bits which I have collected over the years!! All prices negotiable, but please no time wasters, if you need anything just post or PM! I dont bite!! Located in Blacktown minutes off M4, M7 and 10 minutes from M2 I can post at buyer expense depending on what it is. Prices listed below, will post up additional pics as soon as I pull everything off, all bits are in good working condition unless stated otherwise, if you have concerns please just ask. GT3071R Ball bearing Turbo w/ internal wastage and actuator Kit which includes: Includes braided oil line Custom 4 inch intake pipe with provisions to match all factory R33 intake pipe BLITZ pod filter Adaptor plate Xforce high flow dump pipe and o2 sensor Great condition perfect blades and no shaft play 10 000kms old - spools up great no lag on RB25 - good for 290rwkw $1,500 Turbo specs verified by GCG - Ball bearing Oil & water cooled T25 turbine inlet flange 5 Bolt turbine outlet flange 400hp - 450hp 0.86a/r Turbine Housing 0.50a/r Compressor Housing 4" Compressor Inlet 2" Compressor Outlet HKS GT2835R Equivalent [ Manual box R33 Turbo 5 speed box - great condition shifted perfectly - $1,100 R33 Engine RB25DET, long motor with no bolt-ons - 150 000kms - ran great - $1,000 HKS Genuine Super drager muffler 3inch system inc hi flow CAT and 2 mufflers mid way - excellent condition - sounded tough but not too loud - nice and quiet, can be made louder by removing muffler - $500 Series 2 front Bar - slight dent on front and pre cut for cooler $150 Series 2 headlight left good condition $300 Series 2 headlight right good condition $300 Series 2 reo $100 Wolf ECU - $500 Blitz 850cc Injectors in stock rail - $450 GFB Blow OFF Valve with RB adaptor plate - plumb back or trumpet changable - volume adjustable/plumback adjustable at the turn of a dial - $220 16 inch R32 GTST wheels and tyres 90% tread $450 Series 2 Bonnet - straight as - perfect - $400 17x7 inch wheels and tyres 80% tread $300 HYBRID Front mount intercooler kit - needs a clean/polish $100 UNDERODY - brakes suspension etc. Front callipers $270 Rear 5 stud hubs $120 Handbrake setup $150 Manual LSD 4:11 tight $200 Driveshafts $180 Stock suspension $150 Rear callipers $140 Front strut brace aftermaket CUSCO? $100 Front lower control arms pair $100 Front rotors $50 Rear rotors $50 Castor rods $50 Front 5 stud hubs $50 Rear lower control arms $50 BODY Spacesaver $40 Side skirts custom $120 Rear pods $100 Front windscreen $100 Left foggies/blinker $80 Rear windscreen $80 Front guard left $60 Front guard right $60 Door Rubbers full set $70 Series 2 Grill $50 Rear wing series 2 style but a little taller aftermarket? $50 Quarter windows $50 Front door windows $50 Mirrors $40 Tail light left $40 Tail light right $40 Rear garnish $40 Bootlid $40 GTST Badges $40 Genuine Nissan Scissor Jack $40 Mirrors $40 Left Door $30 Right Door $30 Rear bumper $30 Wipers and motors $30 ENGINE BAY Manual Conversion bits $200 Air con compressor $120 Polished Surge tank setup with Bosch 040 pump $120 OEM Coilpacks $100 S1 engine loom $100 Steering rack $100 Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR with gauge $100 Power steer rack $80 Radiator $80 Tailshaft $80 Engine mounts $70 Alternator $70 Brake master cylinder $60 Radiator shroud $40 Power Steer bottle and hoses $40 Washer bottle $20 Radiator overflow bottle $20 Fuse box lid $20 RB25 Exhaust manifold $100 INTERIOR Dash cluster 150xxxkms - worked perfect $120 Drivers side window motor $100 Jap steering boss kit and AUTOTECHNICA wheel $100 Boot trims complete - need a clean$100 Instrument cluster with vents $80 Seatbelts $80 Floor mats front 2 only in checkered series 2 style $80 Ignition barrell and locks $80 Drivers side window switch $60 S1 Door trims and quarter trims - slight marks $50 Passeneger side window motor $50 Series 1 Front seats $50 Steering column surround $50 Gear selector surround and boot $40 Center console $40 Climate control unit $30 Rear seat $30 Rear parcel shelf/child restraints/factory speaker grill $30 Indicator switch $20 Wiper switch $20 Cheers!
  11. Original, Never boosted and accident free M-Spec, with import papers. Have Original Keys + 2 spare keys i made. M-spec front grill which was an optional upgrade. Serviced every single 5,000kms. Tha paint is in excellent condition for a car of its age, has been polished and buffed to resurface that brilliant shine, however stone chips on the front bar and bonnet lead me to re-spray both the front bar and bonnet. (The factory black colour is a one tone black, this makes it possible to achieve an identical colour match to the rest of the paint. - trust me, i made a big deal about this before any painting happened). All receipts for mods and services have been kept. -New brakes, both discs and pads (even reconditioned caliper internals for smoother and responsive braking) -New tyres all round -Splitfire coil packs -18inch Speedy Racing wheels (weigh 6kg each) -Excedy heavy duty clutch -BC fully adjustable coil-overs (set to just below standard height, the front lip is scratchless) -Greddy hybrid front mount intercooler (Standard intercooler also included with sale) -Greddy Turbo timer -Tanabe Hyper Medallion Turbo back exhaust with stainless steel muffler (Reputable for its quiet yet aggressive note and its impressive Torque and power gains - Original turbo to cat piping included with sale) -Apexi air intake -Mongoose alarm -Sony Explode deck with convenient USB front port -Really crisp Kenwood speakers and twitters (wiring for sub and amp still intact) -Clear Nismo side indicators (original indicators also included with sale) An all round outstanding car, drives so effortlessly, so original and Complete. Great and bloody expensive mods, still delivering that 'stick to your seat' type of acceleration and power whilst maintaining its standard original quality. I am happy for any inspection however I kindly ask if your interested in some of the cheaper skylines, looking to spend and restore it then please skip mine. Price = $13900.
  12. selling my garrett t51r. 76mm comp wheel and 1.05 exhaust housing. it is ta flange modified to suit t4 flange. twin pulse manifold with v band to dump pipe. will include v band clamp and cut off section of dump pipe with other half of v band flange. also included in the sale is 60mm exteranal wastegate and k&n filter with 3.5" 90 degree bend. turbo made 702.5 on my rb26/30 at 28psi. was an absoloute blast to drive. full boost was seen by 4350rpm and pulled all the way through. any further questions text me 0427852404 or pm location is toowoomba qld. will post at buyers expense or can arrange local pick up. chasing $1400 for the whole package, very cheap for big hp. only selling due to upgrading to gtx42 and new turbosmart gate
  13. hey guys my plans have changed for my car so need to get rid of the following items garrett gtx4508r - brand new, never even been test fitted.. 1.01 rear housing - 3k firm stack 8130 dash - excellent condition has all loom, oil pressure and one temp sensor.. needs one more to complete it. 1.5k firm both parts are located in mackay north queensland, postage is at buyers expense please msg or call me on 0413347774.. pm is also fine
  14. Hi guys, I'm dreaming up a list of next mods once the weekender is sold. I've checked several threads like this and this but many of them seem quite dated - I'm looking for 2012 information. The car is an R34 GTT with basic upgrades: FMIC, full 2.5" turbo back, high flow cat, TurboTech V2 manual boost controller and Nistune. It's currently pushing just shy of 200 rwkw. I'd be aiming for a reliable 250-280 rwkw in the next stage, preferably without too much lag. I like the idea of a high flow as it bolts straight in. Is this power level possible with a high flow? Are there other companies besides GCG doing good high flows? Besides high flow, what are the other options when staying low mount? Something like a HKS GT-RS? Also I assume the basic supporting mods are a Z32 AFM, 040 fuel pump and injectors (what size?). What else is needed? Also I'd be retaining the Tiptronic auto, would it cope? What kind of overall cost would I be looking at? I'm not keen on doing engine internals, cams, or running E85 etc. Any feedback and recent experiences welcome. Thanks
  15. Bnr32 gtr front bar, recently removed from my 32 4 door prior to sale. Resprayed around 6 months ago in skyline metalic red and matte black lip. Very very good condition. $500ono Call or text only! 0401485975 Emails/PMs will go unnoticed
  16. The perfect example of a reliable and well-maintained Australian delivered S15. The last model built by Nissan Australia in July 2002. Your chance to own one of the last of the last. I am the 3rd owner after originally being purchased by a Qantas employee under a corporate fleet program. I have used the vehicle as a weekend car. The vehicle is a 6-speed manual with 129,800kms and registration until 13th December 2012. The vehicle has been serviced every 5,000kms using top-shelf oil from Royal Purple engine, gear and differential oils. The performance of the SR20DET engine has been improved using quality aftermarket parts and all of which have been installed professionally to maintain a standard appearance; • Front Mount Intercooler (Greddy) • 3" Turbo-Back Exhaust with twin tip muffler. Very Stealthy.(Custom) • Cold Air Intake + Pod Filter (Apexi) • Lowered Sports Suspension (King) • High flow fuel pump (Walbro) • Coil Packs (Splitfire) The vehicle also comes with a few interior extras including; • Genuine GT Spec Leather Seats • Kenwood Head Unit for CD/MP3 Playback, Auxillary In + Front Usb Port • Kenwood 6x9" Rear Speakers & Clarion 5" Front Splits • 3-Point Alarm with Immobiliser approved against Australian standards The vehicle has also received the following brand new parts; • Exedy Sports Organic Clutch w/ Single Mass flywheel • 2 brand new tyres • RDA rear brake rotors + brake pads I am only selling this vehicle as looking to invest in the property market. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for an inspection. Price $16,000 ONO Please contact Brian on 04 two two 789 078.
  17. Hey all, I have a fair amount of R32 GTR gear in my house that I no longer need so want to try and get rid of it all. All prices are just a rough estimate and I am negotiable on all of them so make me sensible offer and I will probably say yes. I don’t mind posting the smaller stuff (at the buyers expense) but some of the bigger/heavier items I would rather have picked up. Need this stuff gone a.s.a.p. so will be very negotiable on prices. Location: Townsville, 4810 Standard R32 GTR AFM good condition $40 the pair Cam covers polished, in average condition $50 Exhaust Downpipe, unknown make or age. Slightly damaged $75 RB26 standard camshafts $100 Standard R32 GTR ECU. $100 Standard RB26 cam gears $40 Apexi Power FC with hand controller. Bought but never fitted. $850 Standard RB26 coil packs $40 Brand new in box Gates racing timing belt to suit RB26 $100 OEM 3D Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap 1520mm x 5000mm $50 RB26 Fuel rail $30 Standard R32 GTR BOV's and pipe $50 RB26 'Twin Turbo' pipe $50 I can get pics on request. If I find anything else I will add it on. Can get hold of me on 0406188865 or send me a message on here. Thanks
  18. Hi guys, Up for sale is my 1996 S2 R33 GTS-T, very well looked after. The car has 157xxx km's on it and has been serviced by me around 3k ago. Has rego till 15/11/2013. List of fluids I use on the car: Mutul 8100 X-cess Red Line MTL gearbox oil Royal Purple diff oil K&N oil filter The car has the following modifications by the previous owner: Lowered suspension 17" Advan Tri-spokes (front 235/45 falken, rear 255/40 toyo proxes t1 sport) GTR wing Front strut brace CRD FMIC kit K$N pod with enclosure Full 3 inch Fujitsubo turbo back exhaust Walbro fuel pump Turbo Smart manual boost controller with a flick switch in the cabin between 7 and 10 PSI Car was tuned by Toshi to 186rwkw (stock ECU remapped) Autowatch Premium alarm system JVC touch screen DVD player Boston split system speaker front Clarion speaker rear Kenwood amplifier and subwoofer Skyline genuine mat sets Interior are good, all the seats are perfect condition. Exterior is not perfect, bit of clearcoat faded on the roof. There are few stone chip, small dings and scratches. The original paint is still very good. Reason for sale is that I just bought a house and thing getting difficult and I have a bike to travel to and from work. Very regretful sell. Price is $9,000 ONO. Located at Chester Hill NSW. SMS on 0403 201 566.
  20. After a flywheel to suit a rb20 or rb25, don't care if it needs machining. Can pick up in Melbourne. Cheers
  21. Have bought another car so time to sell my pride and joy of 2 years. Alot of time, effort and money has been put into this car. Easily the best price for value r33 for sale at the moment. Modifications as follows. Rebuilt head Cometic 3 layer metal head gasket ARP head studs Greddy strengthened timing belt N1 water pump New thermostat Clear timing belt top cover Extreme 900kg heavy duty pressure plate Extreme ceramic cushion button clutch disc Garrett high flow 2871r turbo Adjustable wastegate actuator Braided oil feed, coolant feed/return lines Deatschwerks 550cc injectors 255 l/hr walbro fuel pump z32 air flow meter z32 ecu w/ nistune Drift pod air filter Blitz SE type front mount intercooler HDI electronic dual stage boost controller Splitfire coilpacks Bosch double platinum spark plugs New cam cover gaskets and half moons Turbosmart blue intercooler pipe joiners Re-conditioned power steering pump Engine torque dampener Blitz ZS type 40mm racing aluminium radiator Gates blue silicone radiator hoses Radiator air guide cover Power steering and brake master reservoir covers 3" combined dump/front pipe 3.5" K.L.S. Power spirit cat to diff 4" K.L.S. Power spirit diff to muffler w/ 5" rear muffler and tip Cusco coilovers Hicas lock bar Front strut brace Nismo rear parcel shelf strut brace Locked diff 19" gmax wheels black w/ machined lip Re-sprayed front aftermarket fibreglass grille w/ black mesh Re-sprayed duck wing spoiler from vivagarage Re-sprayed fibreglass rear window spoiler from japan Nismo clear guard indicators 4" deep dish steering w/ red line on top Black hand brake drift button Tuned at Jaustech Makes 214.9 rwkw at 6200 rpm on 19psi Will easily make over 300rwkw with a bigger turbo Extremely responsive car Will not disappoint. Walk-in Rego, Not defected its just expired. Price: $10,500 or make a reasonable offer. Call or txt, 0433 736 100, anytime. *Bride seat and rail are no longer in the car and are not for sale*
  22. Selling all of my RB25 parts, including the engine itself, all the parts listed as a package made an easy 300RWKW on pump fuel, all parts are in excellent condition, i'm only selling to complete an engine swap, ps before you ask NO STINKING LS HERE. RB25 motor no looms or bolt on accessories: $2000 Bottom end is nothing special just a stocker, doesn't breath or anything though, head was rebuilt approx 2 years ago with new valve stem seals, guides and seats relapped. Currently has a set of Tomei Poncams installed, i cant remember the specs, but they were the drop in ones that didnt need springs or anything. Also has a Spool high volume sump and genuine Nissan harmonic balancer which is also approx three years old . Garrett GT3582R, Tial 44mm wastegate, 6boost manifold package: $2200 Turbo has a T3 flange, external gate 0.82 housing, it had a new core around 2 years ago but has only done around 5000k’s, comes with a 90 welded onto the outlet of the compressor housing and all fittings and braided lines to suit an RB25, each line has fire/heat shield tube, I’ll also send the heat sheidling for the manifold that I made up too, The dump pipe is included but not sure how I’ll go freighting that due to its size. ID1000 injectors and alloy fuel rail, $500 Tial blow off valve with new steel weld on flange and vband clamp $200 OS Giken twin plate clutch, sprung center, it was rebuilt buy NPC approx. 3 years ago, heaps of meat left on it, drives like a standard clutch with pretty much no rattle $1000 RB25 Power FC with hand controller comes with some pretty awesome looking purple paint on it, thanks to my mate who got carried away with the paint gun, works great though $800 Nismo (I think???) R33 Copper radiator 52mm thick, looks average but works awesome I’ve never had any heat issues or leaks even on 35 degree days at the track $200 Just jap intercooler and piping, 600x300x76 3 inch inlets excellent condition, Plazmaman alloy pipes to the inlet manifold $300 Custom aluminium oil catch can to suit R33, somewhere around 2-3 litres maybe bigger has two inlets and an outlet to plump back into sump $500 RB25 Clutch fan $100 Gizzmo Boost controller $100 HKS Turbo timer $50 Items are located in Gippsland, Victoria and am willing to freight at the buyers expense. For anyone interested please PM or email me <script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>,
  23. Due to a change in circumstances I'm looking to sell my r34 gtt. Black Coupe manual with 91400 kms. Full-service history and went over a full inspection at Canberra pits in May 2014 (for those who know how strict Dickson Pits are). Turbo replaced with Genuine OP6 turbo at 84000kms. HKS Silent Power 3.5 inch exhaust, HKS boost gauge, oil temp gauge and water temp gauge. GFB Boost-T running 9psi only. Enclosed Apexi pod filter, FMIC, cusco coilovers lowered to legal height, Volk Racing F-Zero challenge 18" rims sprayed Satin Black with Pirelli P-Zero Nero tyres bought in February 2014 (near New condition). Full Alpine Type R System (6.5" front+rears with 2x12 inch subs 1000 watt mono block amp and 600watt 4 channel amp) headdeck with navigation and phone connectivity. Car negotiable without sound system. PRICES AS BELOW $15,999 with no sound system. $17,999 with full Alpine sound system All offers considered All receipts provided with sale. Please txt only as i work 6 days a week currently. Thankyou! Zero 456 One86 One61
  24. hi guys, i just got my boost controller. i have a k&n drop in filter and 3''turbo back exhaust. i want to tune it for 12-13 psi for the high boost. i have come past the article on evo forum about how to tune it. but i was just wondering if any one is who has the same set of mods and is running this boost controller as well give me their settings it would be easier. thanks for the help.
  25. 1994 R33 GTST -5 Speed Manual Custom Painted by Icandy Customs Full bodykit 400r Rear, 400r sides, new Gtr Front (PICTURED ,FITTED NOT YET PAINTED) Genuine 18 inch Rays LMGT4s Front slotted Discs ROLIN Front mount intercooler BLITS Adr Approved Bonnet Sunroof Full Exhaust System Full Sound System Carbon Wrapped Dash Gtr Floor mats After market 2 way alarm with immobiliser 8,500 ono Located Gold Coast WANT TO SELL ASAP contact arthur 0400137388
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