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  1. If the page links doesn't work, please manually enter the page number into URL for the corresponding page. This post was updated on: 01/06/2017: This thread is here providing information on our high flowed or built turbos as well as installation and trouble shooting. I'm happy to help or assist with every one who is currently using or looking to purchase our products or services. Brief Introduction about our selves: We are Australian based turbocharger manufacture in Melbourne, We worked with experienced and skilled local engineers to produce our goods and we've been doing that since Oct 2007. We constantly update our production turbochargers and will do our best deliver value to our customers. My name is Stao you can PM or contact 0413457185 if any assistance is required. For our High flowed RB25 Turbos, they comes in 21U or OP6 from factory. The 21U rear housings are smaller can capable of 430HP after high flowing, and larger OP6 are capable of doing around 460HP. PU high flow option is available for any one chasing for 450 to 500HP. They are built with a larger .82 internally gated turbine housing with Nissan OEM bolton pattern, braided oil feeding line and a high pressure actuator. Below is the Rb25det Hitach turbo high flow catalog with few dyno sheets. ATR43SS is a OEM replacement powered up turbocharger built for RB20/25DET R32, R33 and R34 GTST and Stegea models. They are T3x based with OEM dump pipe pattern. This series is specifically engineered for speed with smooth street driving ability. ATR43 is a OEM replacement powered up turbocharger built for RB20/25DET R32, R33 and R34 GTST and Stegea models. They are T3x based comes in .63 and .82 turbine housing with OEM dump pipe pattern. Power is rated from 450HP to 600HP depends on profile chosen. Initial release date: 24/08/2009: We also carry out turbocharger repairs, housing/CHRA modifications and high flow services for All Garrett, HKS, Mitsubishi, Toyota, KKK and Made in China turbochargers. Do feel free to PM / contact us for free assistance. Check (if you live in usa): Costco Weekly Ad, or Supercheap Auto Catalogue. Important Installation Notes for RB2xdet Highflowed and PU units: Sleeve bearing turbochargers requires higher volume of oil flow, are sold with 50cm long braided oil feeding line line that replaces the standard oil restrictor in side factory oil lines, 12mm benjo bolt, and a M12x1.25mm speed flow adaptor. The adaptor goes onto the engine block, benjo bolts goes into the bearing housing with hollow screw supplied. 3x copper washers are required during installation, Which we can supply them for $9 additional or can be purchased at local auto stores. Factory water lines: T3x bearing housing used are 3mms shorter then OEM Hitachi's bearing housings. Means water lines needs to be very slightly bent / forced backwards. Stock actuator: We normally modify the factory actuator's fitting bracket allowing it for a bit of preloading. The actuator bracket bolt wholes has to be filed 5mms towards the turbine housing if not received with the turbo or getting fitted by others. Once done it can be adjust and pre-load ensuring the waste gate is 100% shut. For PU high flowed and ATR43 units with larger Diameter turbine housings, the engine side water line needs to be slightly bent / altered around the housing area. Installing ATR43 turbocharger: ATR43 units generally runs on a round 3inches inlet and round 2 inches out let. It is highly recommended to run a metal intake pipe. How ever if you wish to bolton to stock gears you need: 1x 3inch straight hose, 1x 2.5inch metal sleeve, 1x 2inches 90 degrees hose, 1x 2inches metal sleeve. We can supply all those parts for $100 extra. Tip for a easy installation would be removing the actuator with bracket pre-installation, that would allow lot more room for your tools to reach the manifold studs, and install the actuator and bracket back on after the rest of the installation is complete. Make sure the actuator is preloaded by roughly 3mms. Since larger turbine housings are used, due to larger physical size most of them would be taller then stock pushing the exhaust back by roughly 15mms. Most cars would be running an aftermarket exhausts, depending on the angle of the pre-made dump / front pipe, check the clearance between that to the Air-con water drain pipe. If fouls, simply by pulling it back with zip ties and secure it on the chassis. ATR43Gx/SS2 DIY with photos ATR43SS1xx DIY with photos and video Easy Induction pipes: http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/261613-hypergear-hiflow-service-continued/page-78 http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/261613-hypergear-hiflow-service-continued/page-89 Couple of extremely important factors: 1. After turbo installation do check pressure leaks ( I can make you a simple plug with a hose nipple for $50). Turbo will not perform if there are leaks. 2. Most of our turbos are installed with a 18psi high pressure actuator. by pass all boost controlling devices on test run, Boost gain from EBC based on stock actuator will cause massive boost creep. 3. Make sure the car's got a at least 3inch metal induction pipe with pod filter. Do not run those metal stuffed stock intake pipe. 4. An good exhaust system should restrict no more then 10KWs (My HKS silent power made 3KWs restrictions on a 316rwkws application). So Dyno tune with cat and exhaust dropped, (front pipe only). Do a touch up run with exhaust on after tuning, Get a better exhaust if you see a massive power drop with exhaust. If above procedures are followed you will definitely get the desired power goal. Also people with RB25det R33s. pay attention to those 20 years old valve springs and valves. Mine were all chewed out and worped possibly from valve float. That will act as boost leak, causing lose in power and response. Recommend stronger valve springs. Order, dispatch and mechanic services: All turbochargers are specifically built to suit customer's orders. We need in average 3 to 5 working days to have the order complete. We normally send with Australian post registered post with insurance, which generally takes 3 working days for delivery. We have 2x clients workshops in Melbourne which can carry out the installation service for $200, or onsite service for $250. For tuning, I personally use and recommend Status, and Dr.drift. ECU: For R33 RB25det I've personally used Adaptronic Plugin ECU and highly recommend it. The RRP price on this mode is $1499, We offer $400 discount of total if it is purchased with any of our turbochargers or high flow / rebuild service. Discount also apply for any customers whom is currently owning one of our built or high flowed turbochargers. Please check ECU features, results and discussion in page 113~116.
  2. Rb20det Holden Rodeo Hey Guys I'm new to this Web page, I purchased a 91 Holden rodeo about a year ago now and have been working on it for about 6 months and its heading off to the shop this week for final parts e.g ECU, Tune and timing. just thought id give you guys a look and wondered if there's any other people out there with converted Utes, plenty more work to come, and will upload threw the process and hopefully get some videos in the end, also happy to answer any questions about the build
  3. Hi All I've done a lot of reading on here about what people are doing for turbo replacements and 99% of the time people have or are looking at upgrades - exhaust etc. and the discussion seems to revolve around that. I'm a little old-fashioned and my car is stock and prefer to keep it that way so am looking for a turbo to suit. I want a bolt up solution and I noticed a lot of you lads talk about the CGC high-flow. I just rang them and they said that if I were to do that, the car would require a tune and would not run right without. Is this accurate? Am I to understand that the stock ECU cannot be tuned so this is not a solution as I don't really want to stuff around too much. Has anybody here done this i.e bolted a CGC high-flow to an otherwise stock car? What were the results? Did it run OK as is? Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Thanks all
  4. Hi guys So Ive been building a fully forged rb20 with kelford 272 cams g4x ngtr plug in bosch 044 pump out of a surge tank It’s getting chucked into a s13 drifta Engines gunna be back from the machine shop in 2 weeks and I’ve been getting a turbo sorted 420-450hp is what I’m aiming for I was originally going after a 3071 gen 2 off pulsar but after talking with some people who’ve done it before they said a 2871 would be better but might not make it to 450 But there’s a new turbo that kinagawa have done called the TD05H that’s bolt on for rb20/25 that I got told is the way to go but there aren’t many reviews on it Ive been told it’s got basically no lag and can easily do 450+ but will need low 20’s pound of boost I’m going with the 8cm rear 20g billet Compressor wheel 9 blade sts turbine wheel so im just after a second opinion if anyone else has run this turbo? cheers
  5. Hey Guys, First time posting let me know if I've done something wrong. Does anyone on here have the HyperGear ATR43SS3 Ball Bearing Turbo fitted to their rb25? I'm looking for anyone that has had an rb engine tuned with this turbo. What is your turbo response like? max hp you have put through it? any vids? just need some info. I see alot of the SS2 but not much on the SS3. Thanks
  6. 2003 Nissan Stagea AXIS AUTECH, 2.5ltr V6 TURBO, tip tronic 5sp auto, ATESSA All Wheel Drive, All Autech options. This car represents great value at $17,990. Engine - VQ25DET - Power - 209kW @ 6400rpm - Torque - 407Nm @ 3200rpm Reasonable Offers Considered. I have really enjoyed driving this car however it is now time to sell as I am moving overseas. This Nissan Stagea has a full service history available. Check out this well maintained car, always garaged and looked after meticulously. Genuine 120,00kms with the car having been in Australia over 2 years. Registration has been paid until January 2015. - The previous owner/importer of this vehicle had all the leather re-trimmed in a high quality off-white/ tan coloured leather which looks amazing compared to the factory trim. - GPS fixed to work in Australia along with translation of the computers menu from Japanese to English. - Reverse camera installed. - HKS coilovers fitted and guards rolled. - Reverse Light covers (pictured) Regularly serviced, well looked after and will be extremely missed. PICTURES
  7. Hi Guys, I have a Garett GT 3540 for sale, it had done around 70,000 km's on a FPV that had not been modified. i also have the exhaust manifold and a few other air intake pieces. Asking around $1,000 but negotiable on price. Make me an offer of the other bits Located in Taylors Lakes Melbourne Give me a call on 0411 310 515 Michael
  8. parts for sale have a look http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/armadale/engine-engine-parts-transmission/rb30-turbo-motor-n-mx7-5sp-and-rb30-performance-parts/1037577403
  9. WANT TO BUY MUST BE MANUAL +TURBO, sub 125,000kms and have a rwc or can get one R33 Skyline - R34 Skyline - S15 (JDM OR AUDM) -OR- 180SX I have cash ready to spend just havent seen anything that catches my eye I am located south of Brisbane but am willing to travel a little to have a look. Please post pictures along with descriptions. looking to spend $8000-15ish can go a bit higher for perfect car but would prefer not to. Once I get this hopefully I can stick around and become a useful member of this community Thanks Matt
  10. Hi all, Iv been looking around, and cant seem to find anyone having done this. My concern is, when I shut the car off, after a minute I can hear water start to bubble, not like sizzle at all but just pop away slowly. It did it with the garrett and with the new efr. The lines come from factory points, are free from blockage etc. Im wondering if a small transfer pump hooked into the line would be of benefit, to get more water going faster. Or if its not worth worrying about. So has anyone heard of it being done? What pump would work? Is it a problem? - more to the point of getting air in the system. Thoughts?
  11. Hey guys, I'm going to be replacing the turbo on my RB25, and was wondering if I could use the stock intake pipe even though the new turbo has a 3in inlet? It's my understanding that the stock turbo's inlet is 2.5in, yeah? I was thinking of using a 3" > 2.5" coupler directly on the turbo, then using a small piece of 2.5" s/steel pipe to connect that coupler to the stock intake pipe. Thoughts? Before anyone says it, I know I should just replace the intake with a 3" intake, especially if said intake was metal. However, I'm working to a VERY strict budget and just need to know if this will work (until I can afford to do it properly) and if there would be any issues. Thanks in advance.
  12. $200 NPC 400kW Clutch Plate - Barely Used, worn 0.03mm / Will fit any RB $200 Yellow Jacket Coil Packs for RB25DET S1.2/2, Stagea Non-Neo RB25DET (7x coils) - happily held 1.2 bar of boost $10 Alloy BOV Bung/Plug $10 110L/h Fuel Pump that fits in stock position $40 2x Falken Azensis RT615 225/35/17 with around 3mm tread $50 BRAND NEW Braided Oil Feed Line for Stock RB25DET Turbo $40 BRAND NEW OEM Rear Main Seal & Spigot Bush for RB2xDExx motors - 12279-5L310 $200 RB25DET S2 Turbo - no shaft play, exhaust wheel in one piece $20 RB25DET S2 Factory dump pipe & down pipe $20 RB25DET/RB20DET Factory Manifold $50 RB25DET S2 AFM $20 RB25DET S2 Stock Blow Off Valve $20 RB25DET S2 Radiator $10 RB25DET S2 Fan Clutch $50 RB25DET S2 Stock SMIC & Pipes $200 RB25DET S2 ABS Diff - minus ABS sensor $30 RB25DET S2 Stock Anti Roll bars / Sway Bars $20 RB25DET S2 Rubber Intake Pipe $10 RB25DET S2 handbrake boot & gear boot (1x OEM 1x Aftermarket) $10 RB25DET S2 HICAS Rack & Tie Rods $20 SR20DET S15 Radiator Location: Pick Up Canley Vale, NSW 2166 Contacts: PM or Reply Here Will happily trade for beer. Old Ads (Photos etc.): http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/441585-fs-syd-6x-yellow-jackets-r33-gts-t-s152-rb25det-r34-gt-r-rb26dett-wgnc34-s1-rb25det-ignition-coil-packs/ http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/440769-fs-syd-npc-carbotic-clutch-disc-near-new-rb25det-s2-stock-turbo-r33-rb25det-toshi-remapped-ecu-r33-stock-radiator-sway-bars/ http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/433062-fs-syd-r33-gts-t-part-brake-pads-subframe-collars-wheels-gauge-holder-misc/
  13. Looking for a manual non turbo manual r34 skyline, preferably in NSW but would be willing to travel out of state for the right car. Have cash already just looking for the right car.
  14. Hey all I have finally put my rb30det together and I must say I feel accomplished doing it, but the improvements I expected from it are not there. It still feels like my rb25det. I don't know if it is just me or my expectations were to high but everything feels the same. I expected off boost driving to feel better and have more grunt and low down torque and a massive increase in spool seeing as I went from a 2.5 to a 3 liter while using the exact same turbo and housing, but no such luck. To give a bit of background on the car: I had a rb25 with a few mods,forged pistons, forged rods, all bearings changed to acl bearings, freddy intake manifold, t4 twin scroll manifold with the collector for the wastegate merged so you only use one wastegate, hx 40 with t4 .58 housing, 850cc injectors, ford lightning maf, meth injection, walbro e85 450 lph in tank fuel pump all controlled by a power fc. Never dynoed the car but was making excellent power for me. Boost of about 15psi came on full at about 4000rpm in second from a cruise doing about 2000rpm then going wide open throttle. It lit up the tires doing that in second and pulled all the way to red line. In third and fourth I had strong pull all the way to my redline of 7000rpm as well. Needless to say being lazy I knocked the motor due to lack of oil, so instead of a full rebuild I decided to go rb30. I sourced all the parts I needed and built an rb25/30, used the rods and pistons that came with the block with a new set of bearings, rings, rod bolts, crank collar mod, oil pump gear mod and 1.2mm mls headgasket. Reused everything else that would have been on my 25 to finish build. So engine was exactly the same as what was in my rb25 except I now should have half a liter more displacement right?........... Wrong!!!! Car is up and running now and I have put a road tune on it and it feels no different from my rb25. As I stated earlier it feels just like my old rb25 and in some instances less responsive, was just being a bit stink with the less responsive statement, but I was expecting such a different drive that I meant every word of it. Same turbo on the car and the spool time is the same from a log I did full boost at 4000rpm flooring it in second, it doesn't light up the tires the way the 25 did. In fact it doesn't spin them nearly as much, don't get me wrong it pulls but just not as I imagined it. The off boost driving feels just the same as the 25. I figured spool time would drop at least 500rpm and I would need a new set of tires in a day or two from lighting them up in first second and third and off boost driving would feel like my old 25 driving off straight from cold start, but it doesn't. From the information I gave you what do you guys think? Am I just expecting to much or is my disappointment warranted? A little bit more information I forgot to mention. Car had oil leak around crank after fixing mistakenly put car timing out about a tooth drove round like that for about a week boosting and tuning noticed difference from taking longer to crank and loss of response. The car use to start basically half a crank but now it cranks longer to start ever since timing was out fixed it and since fixed the cranking hasn't improved and still feels a bit gutless on the power and response side of things.
  15. This car represents amazing value at $12,990. 2003 Nissan Stagea AXIS AUTECH, 2.5ltr V6 TURBO, tip tronic 5sp auto, All Wheel Drive (AWD), All Autech options. Engine Details in tabs at bottom are in-correct. - Engine - VQ25DET - Power - 209kW @ 6400rpm - Torque - 407Nm @ 3200rpm Complete Trasmission service with genuine nissan products - 21/02/2014 - Mechanic stated AT was in excellent condition. - New pads front and rear. - New front rotors. I have really enjoyed driving this car however it is now time to sell as I am moving overseas. This Nissan Stagea has a full service history available. Check out this well maintained car, always garaged and looked after meticulously. Genuine 120,00kms with the car having been in Australia over 2 years. Registration has been paid until January 2015. - The previous owner/importer of this vehicle had all the leather re-trimmed in a high quality off-white/ tan coloured leather which looks amazing compared to the factory trim. - GPS fixed to work in Australia along with translation of the computers menu from Japanese to English. - Reverse camera installed. - HKS coilovers fitted - Guards rolled. - Fibreglass reverse light covers (pictured) Regularly serviced, well looked after and will be extremely missed. (Swaps Considered - FD RX7, Type X 180SX, CBR600RR) PICTURES - http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Stagea-2003/SSE-AD-2583092
  16. Brand new, sold car, no longer required $200 pickup in dandenong 0452230470
  17. looking for some advice. Recently blew both sides of my stock r33 turbo (ceramic dump side, nylon compressor), which destroyed my engine etc etc now my life is ruined.. Anyway time to rebuild on a budget, have managed to find everything i need for an affordable price but this would mean the turbo that would go in would be the same thing that blew up on only 10psi with pretty much standard everything. note: replacement stock turbo is in perfect order but has 130,000 kms on it.. How do i either make this turbo more reliable, or can anyone suggest a replacement turbo that would be more reliable, something of simular size as i cant really afford a retune at the moment. preferably the cheapest and most reliable option (yes i know that doesnt really exist) cheers
  18. Regretfully selling my 1990 Nissan S13 Silvia as I'm moving overseas. This is the K's model with all optional extras and some light modification. This is a manual CA18DET model with 150,000km on the clock with motor still running strong. Rego until Aug 2014, but selling without RWC (won't be hard, had RWC approved 12 months ago) Factory features: ABS, LSD, Sunroof, Leather seats (I have never seen these on another S13 before), Glove compartment cooler box (another rare extra), WORKING airconditioning (omg!!), Remote central locking with alarm. Mods (off the top of my head): T28 turbo Bleed valve K&N air filter Front-mount intercooler Performance coil pack 3 inch catback exhaust Bosch 040 fuel pump with Z32 fuel filter Tein Super Street Coilovers front and rear with cambertops 17 inch Advanti Racing wheels (not sure of the specs.. 17x6 maybe?) SAAS boost and oil pressure guages (not installed) Also selling with some other bits and pieces including a second boot lid with stock spoiler and 3rd breaklight (to pass RWC) This isn't the cleanest S13 you'll ever see, but it's a damn good car throughout. It has some great features that are rare, as well as some good, tasteful mods already on to get you started. I had so many plans for this car that I'm unable to follow through with because I'm moving to Japan and unable to keep it sitting around for years. With the right care, this car will without a doubt hold it's value or even increase in value as more S13s are stripped and thrashed into track cars or wrapped around poles. Asking $6,000 ono. Low-ballers will be ignored. Reasonable offers will be considered. Located in St Kilda. Come check it out, and no time wasters as this will definitely sell. Call me or text 0-4-3-0- 0-2-6- 6-0-3
  19. Hi guys, Another group of parts, other post would have been too long. A few more parts that I was planning to use but have gone another way with. All items located in Brisbane. Photos will be posted below the list. 1. R33 GTR Front Bar with Lip and N1 Slots Comment: In good condition. The bar, lip and n1 slots are genuine plastic. The lip is in the best condition i've seen one in, has scrape marks and scratches etc. The bar unfortunately has had someone try to fit it on an R32 GTR ( X_X ). So the side mounting points have been cut a bit and also a hinge and bolt attached on the centre(Has caused a small crack). In the picture, there is one part of the bar that looks like has had plastic/silicon used and the bolted together. Considering the n1 slots and excellent condition front lip, i'm chasing: Price: $600 ono - Postage i'm unsure on, happy to assist. *Not willing to split unless I have buyers for each part or theres a generous offer from someone out there. 2. R33 GTR Airbox + Snorkel Comment: In pretty good condition, most of it is intact there is one missing metal clip, but it holds together fine with the remainders. No filter, cheap from autobarn/supercheap. Price: $250 + Post 3. R33 GTS-T, GTS 3" Jasma approved catback Comment: In pretty good condition, has been sitting outside for a bit, so may have scratches and marks from moving. I am unsure if this will fit a R33 GTR, I was told R33 GTST. This is JASMA approved, so I believe is below the legal DB limit Price: $450 + Post 4. R32 Nismo Lemans (?) Turbos - Has 0.60 on Front and Not 0.42 Condition: 14411-06U00 is the part number on both. I have had these stored for a long time, never used them. I'm not sure of the condition, a bit of shaft movement. Would probably safe to have them looked at/rebuilt. A/R .60 M24 Price: $400 + post 5. R32 GTR Standard Turbos, Actuators, Dump Pipes and Shields Condition: One is in good condition with a bit of shaft movement. The other got damaged when a motor blew up. The rear wheel was damaged and removed. See pictures. Dump pipes and shields are as standard. (No manfiolds). Price: $200 the lot + postage Photos If you need more photos, send me a message and i'll have it sorted. 1. R33 GTR Front Bar 2. R33 GTR Airbox [img[http://i1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff506/owgasmz/71FFAF48-0762-46CD-9357-E2E8C34A4CE7-15554-0000174E9FB43FE2.jpg[/img] 3. R33 Jasma Exhaust 4. R32 Lemans Nismo? GTR Turbo 5. R32 GTR Turbos, Dump pipes and heatshields - (MANIFOLDS NOT INCLUDED)
  20. P-Plater friendly 34 manual coupe for sale Cliffs; Year: 1999 Dec Colour: Black (GV1) Body: Coupe Engine: RB25DE NEO Transmission: 5spd Manual ODO: 117,xxx Location: Melb, SE suburbs Registration: Until April 2015 (nearly a full year) Major Service: Completed with genuine Nissan items (timing belt, water pump, etc) @ ~100,xxx Minor Service: Every ~5000km Replaced: - 6x New OEM Nissan Coilpacks @ ~90,xxx [end of 2012?] - Fuel Pump [2012] - HID bulbs (retains OEM Xenon HID set up) [end of last year] - Battery [last year] Wheels: 17" SSR Type C (fronts wrapped in KU31 225s, rears are Dunlops 235s) "Mods": - BC BR Coilovers* (8/6kg spring rates) - Tints - Sound System* (Pioneer HU, JL Sub, Alpine Amp) - LED parker lights Extras: - Stock suspension Negatives: - Underneath the front bar there are scratches, that were there from when I first got it from Japan; and then those added due to it being pretty low, haha - Left hand side has a few scratches (don't know if you can even see them in pics, but I'll try to take some close ups of them if needed / you can see them in person) that have been there since Japan also. - Wheels also came with some gutter rash, some wheels worse than others, see pics. Etc: So as you can see, have kept it fairly standard. In excellent condition, besides what is mentioned above. This was my trusty daily for about three years plus; and I was the first owner of the car in Australia (have import papers and what not). Great first car for a p-plater. Only problems I've ever had are standard R34 problems, such as the coilpacks; which, as noted above, were replaced with OEM items . Happy to get a RWC for the right price; tbh the only thing I could see it failing on is possibly something silly like windscreen wipers / possibly tyres but I think they're OK. * Could be neg on price with/without these. Price: $13, 650; negotiable. Note: I am NOT interested in swaps or trades. Pics: These were some pics taken last year, but can always message you other pics if required. - - - Contact: PM me on here or shoot me a message (oh-four-2-5-eight-seven-five-6-8-two). If you want to call best if you could text me first.
  21. Defi Style 60mm Gauges (BRAND NEW) With Peak Light Comes with POD,Double Tap , Screws every thing you need to fit them Oil Temp Oil Pressure Air/Fuel Ratio Exhaust Temp All for just $200 Pickup Deer Park 3023 Can ship Aus wide at buyers Expance . Express post $23, normal post $16 (With tracking number)
  22. Have a brand new GKTech Short Shifter for sale for a SR20 gearbox Suits SR20 5 Speed, s14, 180sx, Silvia More details here http://www.frsport.com/GKTech-SR20-5-Speed-Short-Shifter--_p_74399.html After $130 ono Located Sydney (can ship anywhere in Australia)
  23. Hi Guys, We made a short video that will be featured on our upcoming blog titled "Cars Food and Stuff". We wanted to interview people and their cars for their story so we started with one of mine! Its not perfect, but its a start. Please view it and share it (constructive comments are welcome in the forum). We really want to get this out there! Thanks so much!
  24. Hi guys I'm selling two items brand new,unused and packaged as i first got it from nengun japan, The 1st package is a Hks gt-rs turbo kit, 2nd is a hks extension kit to add to the turbo, I spend roughly $3500 with postage and I'll be happy to get rid of it for $3000 Nothing less than that.. the maximum output on the turbo is around 400hp and a straight bolt on to your factory exhaust manifold.. if your interested let me know and we can organise something regarding postage, my location is based in kogarah Sydney 2217..cheers
  25. 1995 Nissan Skyline R33 Series 1 RB25det FOR SALE Manual 212*** K's Rego paid 25/01/15 Selling vehicle that has just been traded in, for quick sale, some bumps bruises around the vehicle as you can see in the photo's Perfect for a track car, or can be put on the road, Car still has valid rego. $2900 Sold as is where is with no RWC Options: Sunroof Short Shifter Front mount cooler Front strut brace Contact me on 0432 413 556
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