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  1. Rb20det Holden Rodeo Hey Guys I'm new to this Web page, I purchased a 91 Holden rodeo about a year ago now and have been working on it for about 6 months and its heading off to the shop this week for final parts e.g ECU, Tune and timing. just thought id give you guys a look and wondered if there's any other people out there with converted Utes, plenty more work to come, and will upload threw the process and hopefully get some videos in the end, also happy to answer any questions about the build
  2. Hey guys, I'm pretty set on getting a boost controller (might even go out and get one today actually- it's my Birthday after all ) As I would still consider myself a pretty massive noob with turbo engines I just wanted a bit of clarification on the vacuum lines I'm connecting up. I drive an S2 Stagea with an RB25 Neo engine, as I understand it, the solenoid valve hooks up to the vacuum lines in "A.". Is this correct? I'm also running a Blitz blow-off valve ("B."). Will this effect my final result/change the install process, or is this all sweet? If I'm feeling confident I'll document the process and do up a picture-based how-to for it, but we'll see
  3. Hey I have just bought an autometer pro comp boost gauge and it only goes to 20 psi. . I am installing a pair of hks gtss turbos on my car, just wondering will I be boosting my car over 20 psi? It has stock internal but all the other go fast bits and is on e85 sitting at 270rwkw
  4. Greedy T78-33D **Pictured it next to a T04Z for size comparison** Details: Journal Bearing T4 housing with 4 bolt outlet *Not sure of rear housing size **Used for couple k kms removed to go smaller turbo** Price: $1,500 Willing to post: Yes at buyers Expense Location: Wa, North of river, Stirling area Contact me (Brandon): 0415939482
  5. Autometer Procomp Ultralite Boost / Vacuum Gauge - PN 4403 - 2 5/8" (60mm) http://www.autometer.com/cat_gaugedetail.aspx?gid=3154&sid=11 Comes with everything you need; light, wiring, vacuum hose. Perfect condition. Reason for sale: bought a EBC with inbuilt boost reading. Location: Doncaster East, Victoria Price: $70
  6. I'm after a genuine old school Nismo boost gauge. They look like this: Prefer mechanical type. Am also keen on this model too: Will travel ANYWHERE in Melbourne! Please PM me or contact me on 0403544628 Regards Michael
  7. OK so turbod my r34 Rb25de neo car is half tuned as turbo blew and spent all my money on a new one haha OK so I'm not happy with the knock levels bad timing set 15btdc have set all timing in map to low but so bloody hard trying to get power without knock the load timing is hurting my brain haha most of my map I set to 18 load and rpm and upd injectors Correction from 1000 to 1400 barley any knock but just all feels crap so was wondering if anyone had a pic of there maps I can copy just for a base start for rb25+t 5-10psi and maybe injector map thanks people R33 5speed gearbox conversion R33 rebuilt turbo R33 turbo manifold Gtt injectors R32gtst4det fuel pump Power FC ecu and controller Big front mount cooler Turbo smart bleed valve New 3"pipe decat and r32 custom dump R34na 02sensor R34 na pink label afm ..
  8. Not needed as I only wanted the surround for double din. No scratches or cracks on it. Not too sure if the boost and torque gauges work as my car is an AR-X, but the voltage and illumination works. $40 posted Australia wide. Contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102
  9. Hi guys I have an R34 GTT and am concerned with the boost levels it's running. It has some basic bolt-ons including a front mount intercooler, full 3inch de-cat turboback exhaust, apexi pod filter and custom cold air intake. The stock 2-stage boost controller has also been grounded out. However I've been having issues with how much boost it's running. It's occasionally hitting the 1bar mark on the factory boost gauge, and it does not have a boost tap. I believe that was causing issues as the car had severe flat spots through the rpm range and was missfiring and spluttering occasionally on boost. I read up and unplugged the factory 2-stage controller and it now sits on 7psi constantly, which i'm much happier with. My 2 questions were, why/how is it boosting this much without a tap or controller, and could the missfire/break up I was getting on boost be because of the boost levels it was running? Feels fantastic on 7, and pulls properly the whole way to redline. Have checked and gapped my spark plugs to .85 too. Was planning on getting it tuned on a link ecu but just wanted to check for ideas here first about those two things. Thanks guys
  10. Hi Folks Has anyone ever seen anything like this before with boost spiking? Below is 4 small traces from 4 pulls. Run 1 was done with a vacuum line running from the compressor housing to the wastegate. Run 2, 3, and 4 were done running the line through the (Borg Warner) 3 port boost solenoid with it ENTIRELY UNPLUGGED ELECTRICALLY. I can only surmise that the boost solenoid itself acts as a restriction. In run 4 I stayed on the gas longer and you can see it does drop to wastegate pressure. Note: I've had issues similar to this with: a) 4 port boost solenoid (MAC, very old, replaced) b) 3 port boost solenoid (MAC, literally fell apart and returned) c) Borg Warner EFR boost solenoid If something else can cause this, what could it be? The gate was/is a 50MM Progate single. I am assuming the wastegate is fine, as a hose directly from pressure source to wastegate works as expected. I have had (briefly) a MBC which also works as expected sitting in the line in the past. I have replaced all hoses and shortened them to no effect. Is there anything else to check? I'd love to run between 10 and 20psi, but it really looks that if I hook up any boost solenoid I'm going to be dealing with at least a 20psi spike before settling down to whatever boost I specify (that part does in fact work).
  11. R32 actutor on R34 with gnd solenoid Hi guys, I've spent a few hours searching for this exact setup and haven't really found anything. I have a R34gtt with a full 3" exhaust. I have fitted the r32 gtst actuator. My question is, if I ground the original dual stage solenoid an have it connected what boost should I see? Has anyone done this? I have a afc neo and wideband to smoothen out flat/rich spots etc. Cheers for any info!
  12. Rb26 3.5 inch Front pipe & Turbosmart boost solenoid Big front pipes Custom Twin 2.75 inch - 3.5 inch front pipesNo drop downs, true 3.5 inch front pipe. I went through 2 or 3 different front pipes trying to find the best flowing itemOnly selling due to single turbo swapLocated sydney $250 make an offer Turbosmart boost solenoid Brand new, wasn't needed$100 make an offerLocated Sydney Send me a pm or comment on here, cheers
  13. [WANTED] EBC WTB: EBC, after either a ProfecB or AVCR (or something just decent) to go into my GTT. Located in Vic, postage preferred but can collect if local-ish.
  14. For sale I have a RD28 Nissan Diesel block for all of the guys wanting to build a high hp RB26. These blocks are good for applications over 1000hp and people looking to build a great stroker motor. The main advantages of running the RD28 block is that it has extra thickness in the oil galleries and water jackets are heavier gauge than the RB26 especially when boring out the block for stroker applications. There blocks have been known to be on engines making 800+hp on one bar of boost. Was going to use this block in my GTR but have another project going into it. Comes as a short motor with sump pistons and crank Looking for 500ono
  15. Hi guys, I was on the road on Saturday and while on boost I noticed something fall on the floor at my feet... Its a small bit of rubber which I assume covers a vacuum line or something similar but I haven't had a look at it in the daylight yet. Now when I drive the car without being on boost it's fine and I can't feel or hear anything unusual. However, when the car is on boost I can hear (and smell) air leaking from around the area next to the pedals. It seems to be somewhere under the dash under the steering wheel. I know it's leaking from somewhere because I can not only hear it but i can also see it on the boost gauge dropping from 17 to about 14psi... The car is a 1993 R33 GTS-t. If anyone has had this happen to them I'd appreciate any help as to where this rubber plug sort of thing came from or what the actual issue is. Thanks in advance Nev
  16. Hi i have a 2001 250t rx and it has recently begun to act a bit strange. The car has always driven great, and been a rocket generating plenty of thrust in the top end, however recently when i was coming up Mt Vic, it suddenly dropped power/boost and seemed to be only running at about 75% of it's normal output. I thought at the time the ecu may have dropped power due to things getting hot ? however my temp gauge was all good. I backed off and pulled over, restarted and as i went over the top of the Blue Mtns it seemed to come good and bounce back, so i thought it may have been a temp thing. Over time its started to do it more regularly, to the point i thought i may have had a blocked exhaust/ cat etc as i also noticed one of the pipes coming out of the muffler tip didn't seem to be flowing at all. I visited my exhaust guy and we pulled the pipe off at the cat and pre muffler and took it for a run and still no improvement, so i guess we can eliminate the exhaust. However a system scan of the car revealed a fault with the knock sensor. Could this be the culprit ? any help would be appreciated cheers
  17. $3,200 for the whole package. Not willing to separate at this stage. Looking to change my setup and wanted to see if there was interest from anyone for the following setup Currently on a R33 GTR... should also suit 32/34 GTRs however unsure it it will fit on a GTST/GTT. It is still on the car and I'll take it off it I get a buyer Garrett T04z... Will include the bigger housing not on the turbo to make even more power High mount manifold Waste gate (I'll get back to you on brand) Screamer pipe Custom intake pipe and filter Dump pipe Will include the following for extra to complete setup: Whole 3" exhaust - very nice RB rumble and it's not too loud so perfect for the street Power FC D Jetro Picture of setup attached. Will take a better pic and upload. PM or text me on 0448883633 if interested thanks
  18. For sale is my precision 7175 bb turbo kit. The sale includes... :Precision 7175bb turbo charger with ceramic coated exh housing. :turbo1.com steam pipe manifold ceramic coated. :twin tial waste gates with ceramic coated twin screamers. :4inch dump pipe ceramic coated. :cold pipe from turbo to intercooler with vband joints. :intake pipe with filter 5 inch :braided lines to waste gates :braided oil feed pipe. :metal oil drain to rear oil drain on block No cost has been spared. Has made 670kw on a built rb26. Reason for sale is never happy, always want mooorreee powerr!!. Sale price $6000 pick up liverpool sydney Will post Phone# 0410419495
  19. I have a C33 Laurel with an RB20DET, and the car runs normally, but there's been an issue bugging me since I bought it. Whenever I go full throttle(or close to full throttle) and start making boost, there's a noticeable burning smell coming from the engine bay. There isn't any smoke, and the turbo spools up just fine. I've checked the oil level often, and over the 4 or so months that I've owned it, it hasn't dropped noticeably at all. Is this likely a blow-by issue? It does have a pod filter, straight pipe exhaust, and external wastegate. I would think that a bad turbo would consume a lot more oil.
  20. Safe boost levels for -9 Equipped R34 GT-R Hey guys, I recently purchased a pair of GT2859R -9 turbos due to the stock ones having blade damage and needing a full rebuild. I was wondering since the new turbos provide more flow, what boost levels would be considered to be 'safe' on a completely stock RB26? I previously ran 1.00 bar on the stock turbos and the car seemed to run fine although I did notice the injector usage getting close and hitting 100% which makes me slightly concerned for the new turbos. Do you think the stock boost of 0.8 bar would be fine or possibly even less? Cheers, Nick.
  21. Selling a brand new, unused in box precision 46mm external wastegate. Purchased with the intention of going high mount but plans have changed. Comes in box wrapped with all flanges, v-bands, springs and banjo fittings. Cost $570 from titan motorsport. Asking $430.00 including express postage. 0419 856 391 for pics etc Located Alice Springs
  22. Hey my car has the usual mods and is 270 rwkw on e85 just purchased a set of hks gtss turbos and was wondering what would be the max boost I should push these too on an my unopened rb26? Btw it's in a 32 gtr
  23. Soooo, I have a s2 rb25 in a stagea. Power FC, splitfires, z32 afm, td06, nismo 550cc injectors, gtr fuel, tuned at 18psi. Has been running fine for 6 months until yesterday it has developed a misfire under load and full boost. Seems ok at very light load and cruising. Has constant miss when you stand on it and try and rev it out, also get a lot of black smoke out back. Knock doesn't go above 18 with this happening. I checked injector value in pfc and it got up to 90% just once, normally around 68-70% WOT. AFM voltage with car off is 0.42v according to the power fc and 1.72v at cruise approx. I took plugs out (bpr7es gapped at 0.7), and swapped with some other spares I had laying around (not new but known working) and made very little difference. I sprayed all the vac lines and hose clamps with brake cleaner but no change in idle speed. I did find 1 loose hose clamp after the turbo outlet under the air filter, but after tightening that, no change has been observed. It was dark when I got into changing the plugs so I couldn't inspect the coil packs thoroughly. Might get around to it on the weekend. Any suggestions.
  24. R33 GTR turbos no shaft play doesnt include the dumps and o2 sensors came off an R33 RB26 not really sure what theyre going for but open to offers. to abide by forum rules ill just put up a price of $400 Mohsen- 0411421097 please dont PM me, just message me.
  25. Waino99

    Boost Sensor

    hey guys, just did my coil packs last night and found that the boost sensor has been snapped away from the hose. and then blocked up. has been like this since ive had it, 2 months, and jut wndering if this is the course of the "shuddering" ive been feeling? tried to up load pic, but is too big a file!! cheers for any help
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