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Found 15 results

  1. Curious as to peoples first hand experience with the different brands, cometic, permaseal, OEM, durapro, tog, etc etc. As with most of the people in the world, one of my pet hates with my cars is something simple like the exhaust maifold gasket getting flogged out and have that infernal ticking noise and disgusting engine noise. Due to most people with skylines running big boost or big turbos, or pulling off the exhaust system to do maintenance, the gaskets usually get flogged out rather quickly compared to other "standard " cars. So I am curious to find out which products people tend to use and for what reasons. whether they be ease of access, price, performance, etc etc. Also curious as to other gaskets such as intake manifold, rocker covers and all others. So simply post a reply with which ones you use, how much they cost and why you use them and we will all be able to compare. Kind Regards, Michael
  2. Hi guys, I was on the road on Saturday and while on boost I noticed something fall on the floor at my feet... Its a small bit of rubber which I assume covers a vacuum line or something similar but I haven't had a look at it in the daylight yet. Now when I drive the car without being on boost it's fine and I can't feel or hear anything unusual. However, when the car is on boost I can hear (and smell) air leaking from around the area next to the pedals. It seems to be somewhere under the dash under the steering wheel. I know it's leaking from somewhere because I can not only hear it but i can also see it on the boost gauge dropping from 17 to about 14psi... The car is a 1993 R33 GTS-t. If anyone has had this happen to them I'd appreciate any help as to where this rubber plug sort of thing came from or what the actual issue is. Thanks in advance Nev
  3. So here's the deal guys. I've got oil spraying out of my dipstick tube as well as pushing my dipstick out of the tube about 150mm each time. so clearly im getting pressure in the crank case but ive tried all i can think of now im out of options, so far ive: -replaced the PCV valve with a new genuine unit from nissan. -checked all breather hoses to make sure they weren't blocked. -done a compression test to make sure i wasn't getting excessive blow by that was causing oil to spray out. (read 140psi across all cylinders) now thats where ive hit a wall..... i cant think of anything else to check =\ any ideas? appreciate any help...thanks.
  4. Hello everyone! i know I’m new to the site but I need some help. I dropped my differential to get to the atessa and found the leak at the wiring of the pressure sensor/switch. does Anyone know if this is a sensor or a switch? If a sensor, has anyone tried switch it with an oil pressure sensor or anything that might work as a replacement? i can’t find a replacement and looking at nissans parts catalog and countless researching I don’t think you can buy it separately. I also had no luck on researching suitable replacements.
  5. I seem to have sprung a leak. Gas mileage has gone down and I seem to hear a leak underload. When I got it tuned (401kw) I remember the tuner had issues with my BOV's and he resolved it but told me that they could cause issues. So if I order a Greddy Type R BOV (one big one) how do I install it? I should need to retune it or anything like that? Thanks Again.
  6. Hey guys, hope you’re all good. I have an obnoxious sounding vacuum leak somewhere under my throttle body. It’s very bad and throws out the car terribly, so it’s off the road and I’m addressing ASAP. There is no issue around the TB itself and I don’t see any kind of issue around the fuel rail or injector seats, so I’m assuming it may actually be either the upper plenum gasket, the lower inlet manifold gasket, or perhaps an idle control hose underneath the manifold somewhere. To the point of my thread - if I can not locate any obvious leak, I will be pulling off the intake to replace the gaskets. Should I get so far as to pulling off the lower intake, I was just wondering if anyone had tips or advice to share? Specifically regarding how and what to disconnect in regards to coolant hoses, vacuum hoses, etc, and if there are any tricks to any of the bolts? Ive searched extensively on this topic but most threads only cover the upper plenum and I’m looking for any general helpful tips to removing the whole thing. So far my plan is to remove the TB, the fuel rail, then upper plenum - raise the front of the car up and just see what I can attack from the bottom. Assume that’s the best method? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey guys I have a coolant leak and i think it's coming behind the turbo shell but i am not sure what the cause of it is. Think i have to take the turbo out to check the gasket or something but i got to wait for my mechanic friend till friday to help me with it. Anyone have any idea's and tips to diagnose this? "Video 1" You will see the water leaking from somewhere behind the turbo shell i think. It was this morning. End up not taking my car to work because i don't think i'd be a great idea driving it now while water is leaking like this "Video 2" was when it happend, i recorded late but you can hear the "tsssssssss" from the water coming out, but after 30minutes it stopped and i filled the radiator with more water to go put the car home. Ignore the language tho, uploaded the video just so u can hear the sound nextday.mp4 night.mp4
  8. I have had coolant poor down from behind the engine somewhere and passing down onto the ground generally when the car gets to temperature. . Rather than replace heater hoses which i think is the issue. I want to delete the heater all together. Is it a big job?
  9. Coolant leak at back of engine RB25DET Hi! Today I discovered a little puddle of coolant under the car when I looked underneth it. I currently have the car jacked up for the winter. Never noticed this leak until now, guess the coolant never made it down to the floor when I used to drive it and it managed to dry up before. Now the car has been standing for about 2 months so now it is visible. The coolant level is fine though so not a huge leak. I tried to follow the leak from the side of the gearbox and upwards. I belive it has dripped down from the coolant feed from the turbo by the looks of it behind the engine. Here are some pics I took, what do you guys belive? Will it be as "easy" as just replacing the nasty looking hose clamp? ? The car is a 94 r33 gtst btw.
  10. Hello, i've recently done a turbo brake conversion on an n/a, all seals replaced and caliper bores and pistons cleaned before installation. but when i took the first drive there was a sound in the rear like fluid being forced out, upon stopping there was fluid on the outer lip of the disc and fluid all around the wheels, not enough to be dangerous but eventually. so i put it down to a faulty caliper as it had a speck or two of surface rust and replaced them with better condition ones, these have the exact same problem and im so confused, im assuming its the piston leaking but im hoping its the new HEL braided lines i installed as the 34 gtt lines have a little bit of thread exposed from the caliper Any help would be really appreciated because i need to drive it and done wanna pay drug money for a shop to look at it
  11. Hello guys I need help identifying what this hose i circled red is called and what does it do, reason i ask is that this morning i drove my GTT on the highway and i instantly noticed a lost in power, my boost gauge shows my max boost today was only 4 PSI as before i ran 10 PSI all the time, i presume this hose is the culprit as it is teared a little bit a while ago to which i wrapped it around in that yellow sticky tape and clamped it together.
  12. Battery acid / paint damage / Negative cable oxidised Obligitory I f***ed up and now i'm paying for it. A year back i went interstate for about 3.5 months and left my car in a mates back yard with a tarp over it. I'd left a lead acid battery connected thinking that i'd just jump start it when i got back. Came back and i had a big star shape of rust under the bonnet above the battery and further surface rust below the battery area. Wonderful. Fast forward a bit, change of address and saved some cash, and firstly, can't find a competent person that can actually tackle this engine bay damage properly, and neutralise whatever the hell it is on the paintwork. I am assuming it is battery acid/vapor damage but i have no idea what happened. I've paid a bloke 900$ in Dandenong (Vic) to crack at it and all his paint is just bubbling up and peeling off again. On their warranty card it says they don't cover rust and he doesn't want anything further to do with it particularly. I've put a brand new lead acid from repco in there and the thing worked for about two weeks and now it won't hold a charge at all. Alternator is giving me 14.4 when i jump it, fortunately i had the alternator reconditioned only 20,000 km's ago. I've noticed some oxidisation on that main negative lead thats soldered and screwed to the chassis but unsure if this can prevent a battery from charging. At the end of the day, i think i've got f**ked battery and it has been leaking down its back all over my engine bay again, no idea why, it's 5 weeks old. I plan to replace it with a dry battery if i can find one that fits. I'll note that on this R34 the battery compartment was really tight and i pulled out a white tray that used to be under the battery. Is it neccesary or no? I know for example my Falcon has its own plastic surround for cooling. This one On the R34 is just sitting on the chassis held with a clamp. Questions i suppose, recommend a type of dry battery thats correct for 34 Gtt? Can a bad negative connection prevent a battery from charging? Why do these lead acid batteries keep freaking bubbling over ( amplified sound system in car too much strain?) Know someone in vic that knows how to tackle rust/acid or an auto elec familiar with fault finding electrics in skylines. Thanks for your time. I'm aware i f***ed up. cheers
  13. R33 Gtst No boost. Hello! Just got my R33 passed inspection this week and finally got her out on the road! Today I was washing the car, on my way home I went full throttle for a short moment and backed off at 5200rpm, then the car literally had no boost after this pull, maybe like 2psi at max. I stopped for a brief period with the car still running, then I drove off and it boosted like normal again!? I got home left some things and went for a drive again. I eventually came to a straightaway and wanted to see how the car would behave so I hit full throttle and it boosted fine, I let off at aprox 6500rpm. Then SAME THING AGAIN! no boost and this time it didn't come back. So I drove home with no boost. The car is fairly stock, it got a bigger exhaust, pod, Fmic, Splitfires coils, and Electronic EBC (Greddy profec B II). I was driving with the Boost controller of. It usually boost between 7-9psi, so not alot. The wierd thing is that the car idles fine, sits at 800rpm and sounds normal. If it were to be a big boost leak the car would run like crap and very rich, right? my Wideband Readings showed 11.2-10.9 at WOT Before this occured. You Aussies seem to have good knowledge in these cars. Have any clue what this might be? Cheers!
  14. small oil leak Sup guys, I got a small leak happening. I never realised until my brother called me up and said he didn't want me to park my GTR in his garage anymore It's been parked for 1 month in my bros garage and there's maybe like 15drops of oil. So I'm guessing it drops a bit when warm and then stops. I parked it in the driveway with cardboard under the car. If i guess with where the oil lands (the drops are slightly spread out, maybe like 1 inch or 2 apart on the carboard) it seems to be right under the pulleycover (big cover with the big rb26 writting on it in front of the engine). I checked under the hood and everything looks nice and tidy. Under the car there isn't much stuff this far up front, maybe the front diff? I' m getting it tuned this week and mentionned it to the tuner. He's going to have a look at it. What can it possibly be? I checked the engine oil and everything is fine there as well.
  15. So... Does anyone have advice on how to best attack replacing this hose? I guess I just start pulling things off until I can get to it
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